GMA LIVE! (01.13.14)

Celebrate Ginger Zee's birthday on today's edition of 'GMA Live!'
3:00 | 01/13/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.13.14)
GMA live. It all starts now live backstage at GM. Back how would -- week -- It was -- event in May have peninsula -- -- You know just a couple thing -- -- -- not that -- -- Ronald you've had by the year and yet 2014. Kicking off as -- -- -- happy bird day. -- -- -- it wouldn't be too little and one mark another -- and I think what they need to go and cash from -- does not birthday get out and it's. You. Don't be good news here is. After years and decades and back a long legal struggle was in fact one can count and -- 2013 and we're gonna take advantage of her right now. Because normally somebody's birthday would happen and on the show with like a five dollar budget we would have -- spoken word happy birthday to you but now. The song album is owned by leave the people who operates. And so did you well let me Y -- Q3. Happy. Day -- you really -- Villeneuve who have -- -- today -- and okay. -- -- -- There's actually a personal page of the -- and. Glue is there's some Ben and -- who's in the control room today -- -- -- in the control yet here. Is -- to deal with handles in here like isn't that in mind just MI don't -- -- weird that we all have I gotten no fire -- -- Is -- and I don't fire itself to sell -- their way. Do you see this -- There was first -- imagine this is fire. -- what is built what OK -- you can. God we -- it -- cushion yet but Shannon's no -- way -- now let's get that good light what is happening here -- -- -- god. Well -- and dancing and helped -- the university -- best I'll see you Warren dance girl Birnbaum. A. It went right through it could be -- -- you I -- the year after a -- -- right. Because while one has teaching about and -- -- -- urology department. He is again -- That's amazing I didn't tell him how do we not know this about her snacks. I didn't back out Max they're not having -- go backstage and video that we're we're now that he had been some tunes somewhere and -- and ignite I am asking for you can imagine I'm putting -- Exclamation points on the end -- -- because you Max out serial abuser of the information. The main thing about the what happened but that this -- you work with -- we wonderfully well what are all the you know -- well I will cut it. Eventually somewhere we do you want to thank everybody we want to thank the good folks at Carmel. Because this is -- these are all ice cream cakes that deadly an ice cream cake because it's free on the -- that they never made something like that before. Probably not but it's gorgeous they really like his he has taken passing adapted pagan paths taken past so this stuff yeah Italian and it's about a guy I -- I -- -- -- back -- the reason they found that is because at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll post a bit like them into -- health. Well which one it looked exactly like this for the white -- over and I said Miley -- O Reilly is a lawn on New Year's -- -- -- performing here itself and could. That that's an inspiration I get it and a -- nine Iowa hate congratulate and -- brokerage and when he giving him casinos a gender also newly off beyond its. So did bed and it was -- some I want that it's a very early wake up for us -- look up with. Three dozen roses in the back him how -- it benefits. Pelosi. And Billy -- then that crash -- -- The day. The crash grace is that show off some. The very -- I also want. I want to welcome men. I'm I'm I'm not can they can come get -- -- I just want -- -- I want to welcome management. Wife what do my dearest dearest friends my desk best friend from college. From the -- Santa Barbara that he had an affiliate -- Chris Chris -- Brian Saddam. He did not cruel and -- seriously I -- I think -- your -- it's great this. It's also -- CEO and I didn't give it I hope is there's a 52 delay because we cannot ask -- there are no you cannot answer any questions and all right I saw Robin hit me up earlier and there is no that we as a moratorium. But I do just -- -- saying. I love you and so on the -- let me see. And here. All that artistic growth as I would agree you know what I grew -- -- in college this -- -- I did -- -- college its export. United -- like six fun plus finish yeah. Good question and biographical information yet to that -- just yet. And not just because we probably have forgotten most of the stories you want an up and how happy are we that Twitter -- -- porno mind. Okay seriously not to be old. People can you imagine how the media exists and -- in college. No its Bruce almighty god that would be terribly do not want to see a -- of what happened there you know actually definitely. -- let it happens well yeah. Bob and I and we do have a lot to get to -- yes they do Elliott did we have expanded. Eighths pets because -- I don't know what what what we -- you on the -- -- -- -- then that's another question for another. Can line though between pets. And small children -- I -- exactly what this does come to watch this with -- Internet Michael and Amanda Barrington. Oh come on the -- -- -- But the original of course Dennis adds I mean that seven month old -- I'm assuming this is the best day of his life. It's still there that we just -- them here that's what happens when you rhetoric. McCain sits on the -- -- -- there. Look at them but also why so much as there are certain speed you can only -- -- -- -- and yet it's bad have to. And more Atlantic sit and spend which interestingly -- Serena got -- it has been for Serena. And I tried to explain it because I remember loving the -- been. Free -- terrified. Like she freaked out violates -- brief lead failed as a parent. Yeah I put an unlikely is this I guess we don't do you don't is that she's due this is then -- -- -- the teacup yes they did self contained -- currency paper bonds got a statement a couple of asking. You know I can't put that Bob -- -- do we have to be ready Michael OK so. CEO team Josh. -- -- -- It's five right on my Michael Michael. Didn't didn't I didn't read Michael I promise you fame and fortune when -- came aboard and boy did I deliver. Well think that that mostly -- -- -- -- similar. They had been vacuumed and and then and -- -- -- and -- -- so that was parents of Atlantic City. We get it so it's literally yes I think we threw the production meeting the the production where you decided in the adorable video of Lugo the Ruble and that team that that's world where. What might inadvertently walk me through that entire me there's not much to say it's different and have coffee this morning. And -- little him in my room producer -- everybody -- And you know what. If Denise Denise -- -- -- picked -- come up on the camera so that I can actually is. Now can't do what you -- saying can we don't have a person year old around while they -- founding trio of -- patriots. They're okay. Is the question we will use them to inhibit the both fair that I do at home with myself. With his -- is that a home. That's how I met I have never -- -- that I was gonna go rollerblading in and started cleaning is happily on your house. -- the eyes. -- push in on the I think two days after -- started on the weekend a couple of years ago found they said. Those guys could not write this crazy eyes and all he has -- But you can't imagine unless I get goose is then taking that photo yadda spend time catching me in the moment of -- tendency to save time. How are allocated to do we can we just a year I want your entire place just can't let -- -- just in case and I want to see that now it's. Quite boring actually we do have to deal had of the day but what Pat's death -- -- of the morning -- as combination. Of dribbling and drumming. A kitten -- lets see at. Let's see it. I think we're gonna have friends come as a newly -- critical mass on my fifth on the on on the -- animals doing animal thing. -- got more impressive. Now. I'm glad that have these -- I think what that -- right. He he would he -- she don't know it what it just that he would do that all day because this thing would just keep coming back. And that's like saying -- cat from itself. Like removed the box. Seriously though she habitat that -- that -- -- -- exhibit negative come back eight days later it hasn't eaten. It's still doing -- hydrated box that's got us. Com pay what do you know how about a -- over because apparently will be canceled -- we don't have animals to make fun let's take a look at some musical theme I guess we've been. Dust and dust flew. Back -- OK Britain it's not -- this is again taking advantage of a cat being attacked. And a kitten being adorable I will say that or. If I can give notice exercise that way and he would follow that he just would not care. There's a light up what I would argue his Otis is an old dog in much different than -- can even when he of the past him again and -- yes how about this is that cat is actually catching them. And they're still not there. Once again take you don't have to have -- had. How we how we do want to -- the hula moves involved everywhere -- -- -- it actually you know what who you are happy birthday. I'm happy birthday. And gender and you know what -- isn't that perfect way to say goodbye -- lovely studio audience happy for. Yeah.

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