GMA LIVE! (01.14.13)

Josh Elliott and Sam Champion discuss Robin Roberts' good news and Miss America's big win.
13:17 | 01/14/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.14.13)
I live. There is she -- -- -- GMA -- I live -- you really -- you live your life a view I. You know you've heard it devolved from. Let's welcome back -- Jared Sam. They're nice to be here but I'll tell you the biggest announcement of our day to day. Was from our own Robin Roberts this morning case you've this admits that he was the big moment this morning on -- We're talking now a matter of weeks not months I should get back sometime in February. Now I have a date in mind and. All of -- weeks if not months down again -- in the and I don't -- you and I've talked about this. Wind. She went away. You believed in your heart soul that she was coming back -- you. -- you didn't mean and I don't think we let ourselves really. Taste the return until she -- until this day happen. Those words. Were spoken on television -- and a far apart from how phenomenal she loved how phenomenal sound. This is so good to have. -- and it's also you know it's one of those things I'm almost everybody's face it when somebody you care about -- and well. And we didn't want to give her the pressure of when she come back -- just to say whenever your back your back. And in deep down inside you know every time you -- -- you wanna say we come back when he coming back but you don't you just you just go how are you Harry doing so. This really was big news for all of us in the way that you know you just you just want to let people get well. As soon as they can get well so here's what's gonna happen again very soon she is going to start essentially a dry run. Of anchoring the show which does mean giving up by the crack of predawn before welcome back at -- that it doesn't mean -- -- she'll get up shall come and surely been that the end of the -- actual start -- make up -- -- yeah he said. You know every every treatment she had it was like a chemical -- so there is there are issues like -- sensitive to light. So she's gonna work her way back -- but again. Weeks if not months that was interesting for me to when she pointed out that something that I hadn't thought about as much as light how sensitive your skin can be when you've undergone something. As completely re doing an entire interior renovation. Really knocked up brand -- bomber and so against will be back. And we love you won't be Watson between the post editorial here -- Just don't be like. -- don't like a test drive next week where she actually won't be on the show but she'll be in -- just CL lights and why don't we why don't we try to sneaker sneaker on -- and a -- -- and tell -- was another Saturday yeah. Have the Twitter and the FaceBook launch and well -- and Robin Roberts here on GMA I'm happy for you meanwhile. I know. When I get up I -- you check Twitter it's part of one of the first things we do now really starting all weekend long. Really this morning the -- was building and social media we've heard from her and then -- springer social media guru she broke Twitter she didn't. -- -- -- -- -- When is we do every morning as we are constantly watching Twitter -- monitoring feedback and we're doing reports we measured over 4000 tweets. And the last two hours alone about -- That's the kind of volume that we see on a morning we have a big concert that's like Helena -- that's how big wildfire. We got some tweets we -- to share. Hi Judy -- and Robin looks great her son as a fifteen year bone cancer survivors. So -- Judy we're thinking about you and your son's. Many -- and good thing I remember I was complaining this morning with so that's so early -- people complain and FaceBook about waking up we should be more grateful calf and right. I think that reminds us this morning of that and then -- until the next alarm clock and. The exact -- and -- are friends are dead and -- it and -- Was so great to see Robin but judge she -- -- -- apparently. I thought I did she is -- she and let me Diana if anybody is -- Zomorodi. It is our Robin Wright -- I'm not. How -- -- thought is that correct spelling above all I believe -- does believe that isn't yeah. That is the correct value and also Sarah -- in. GMA super fan Robin. Robin bank's view and -- very specifically. One of the great young adult. Literary. Lions a hard time today he said thank you everybody needs to please call recruiter -- something called half of the day. Pet goat that oh please -- will add though that day yeah that -- Because people I seriously I asked. Should your pet be -- today we get a hundred -- but we have a very special -- of the -- Our friend Mario Vitale -- it and -- I don't know. -- really did not die of I can't not to Nevada Nevada Idaho I didn't feel all the way you got to it and very last night here's what -- -- love that. Thank you major in as he did the -- handle the steady. As we -- -- -- -- -- what that is Miss America. Right here -- dead right yes you'll hear the whole time -- just. Johnson I I mean yeah. Beginning did this a new what you do does it now earlier we didn't. I don't hear pleas it's an old boyfriend he has -- you have OK -- I would I want this to hear about it. And congratulations but hey Samuel. He -- great he asked some really and really tough. Question to ask some very good situation -- questions like if you were Miss America and Europe but in this situation what would you do. And I thought that cap and it was a great judges took it very seriously and that's very important that the law. Tough job I'd I spoke to them -- but -- a couple -- up their Las Vegas and as Sam said. And he knew it was a comprehensive thing but. Sit -- this -- -- two full time jobs at this Bunyan and still has long in week so it's. It didn't feel like the culmination of a remarkable process we -- it did on the hot -- I shared with a few people ice started -- I was thirteen hemispheric organization itself. I did four years of their -- program that meant to feed into the -- program. And I did four years in the men's programs I'm really on the embodiment of what Miss America Organization will do for young women and -- The video here and I'm. One of the things that I thought Josh is so amazing and Mallory already knew this about the organization but I didn't. 45 million dollars in scholarships to young women last year the world's largest. Deliver script that -- -- -- my network of scholarships to young women I mean an end your education. Frank my education is now officially pay for a -- from now on I got 50000 dollars things and -- his official sponsor so. After this year I'll be able to finish my education and then move on to Mike Richards and you spoke about. -- -- very passionate about your platform right. Is -- -- make it stop it now child sexual abuse and the reason that I'm so passionate about that as it's something that the fact that many of the women my family and fortunately it didn't happen to me about it. It's something that has kind of surrounded our lives and so I really think it's important to educate children on the ways that they can be proactive in the ways that -- it. Understand what's going on their household and they can speak up if something's not right. He's just like 2000 -- -- is the. I don't care nothing about -- -- he also have to be a magician yeah it will do that was part of our interview well honestly how does it. The secret but it's there are a lot of clips but you have a couple of times I thought it was the last six and Clinton and Bob need -- Look seriously -- about one more time ladies want to go back to we have the picture. Because this to me and I know this is the first time I was a judge on extra special about you the picture of when she won. Or the video when she won. Her -- we don't have and again we can't run -- your face to me was so Chrysler. Genuine in that moment do you remember anything about that -- -- and a giant board I -- Are thinking that. My life wasn't gonna change for average fares mean there -- highlights on several -- saying. Clinton if America has so many opportunities opened -- for -- so many doors and knowing that I get my education has paid -- it was just remarkable feeling and I could have been -- house again I would say none has been your -- in the will be the same. That there are so many young lives won't be the same stop but now what a wonderful thing you're doing here congratulations. There's this. I don't Miss America -- Okay -- come on -- Place a greater plays plays this up Joseph -- -- -- believe we just keep batting. OK so I gotta say Sam and I William for most of the -- you didn't see Libya from Louisiana got the money she got going there for thirty seconds to do that thing that I think. All of us always wanted view once not -- which is going to a money loser trying to grab my. She can pack and that she has like -- Sharon Johnson. I have never seen. He was ten months pregnant cash from. Including -- I will read all morning -- like -- -- -- -- -- This opportunity and you get something that -- never ever seen in the money grab a force to explain how you use your advantages. He in the Booth. I did well I had a great audience that -- kind of coaching along little had a couple has shared Sandra like the holiday -- -- don't let got -- adding to Hollywood. That's correct but I think so you just here on vacation here ER -- Got out of the -- they -- the girl they can do it when it bought anyway they usually drink yeah I'm -- That is -- well and I think become predominant spent some time that's really appreciate element as -- -- -- of. And it's primary continue to -- -- -- -- Well congratulations what they are. I see you guessed it did you does -- -- that was Golden Globes happening meanwhile last night. What do we have. What are we have -- teen about it at all anymore -- they were terrific. I want to say this. I was worried about the Golden Globes but his Ricky Gervais usually has made it -- me -- so incisive and fighting and actually delicious and wonderful but we need not worry. The -- Vera -- came and killed -- and there are we have some of the winners Abraham Lincoln otherwise and understandably Lewis. So many great winners so we want to hear from you which star. Do you think if you -- watching gave the best beach. Some of the Golden Globes we have some choices for it was a -- testing. It was a Jodie Foster speech nobody's ever gonna forget was -- and -- Ben -- -- Dunham or Jennifer Lawrence we want you cast your votes right now it's the right of your screen so I guess of where your screen now. It's that right it's gave him generated on it's this free but -- circumstance like this -- to death. So right down here over here drafted and -- quick quick up -- extra. Buddy doubted -- come. I'm -- handyman at all. The. But nobody is more excited to pretend to be back in this little -- -- -- can be changed. Yeah. -- Not that I'm yeah. Yeah. Talk talk -- I'm not but Sam Janet. Okay. -- -- -- -- He or she will now actually -- like -- -- with the -- contacted us. I believe you and I got a Twitter conversation with her on Twitter really -- her dog can't if she she goes all to pieces went on today I can you blame. -- blame her biggest the annoying tone of my voice may be at the terrible yes yeah something value to try to forget during her here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- you enjoy your cash -- all we want to thank. Miss America Mallory and her crown for being here this morning here on GM alive and welcome back to you big Fella Fink and hey let's do welcome back in advance. Through our own dear dear Robin Roberts today.

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