GMA LIVE! (01.14.14)

Ginger catches up with Lara after her West Coast trip to cover the Golden Globes on "GMA Live!"
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.14.14)
Get ready for some GMA live through it all starts now live backstage in GM -- I'm -- -- museum and I've collected. Chicago hi this is that this is pizza I guess from Chicago sergeant from -- valley what you think the people of seeing your thousands of somebody that lived there for along -- the very particular about the deep dish but this is gold -- -- -- you -- saying if -- given eating healthy. We can't talk about -- it was really that I was of the golden gloves as you may now it was an incredible show. But you know when you're tired. There's been some -- up to feed the beast -- And he had you know our -- everybody has these glamorous. Foods set up backstage and ours was like as she was like some some glitter and -- -- -- -- RAI Fincher and GMA form I was like handing out pencils. I'm trying anything like that the baseball cap as the golden ticket and that that's the best gift you again yet no meaning -- -- -- thank you so much my dresses from her job. That was how much to 125 dollars -- -- -- -- there's the just how I'm so let me tell you really funny story I don't into the Booth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I need to walk to my high heels are by Kimberly -- these ideas can walk with you. To make sure absolutely it's -- meets Sabrina it's -- the producers and myself while walking on the street in Beverly Hills your seat they're about to -- again yet my pencils to hand down. It's desperation. And and it Sherry apple made from girls. -- and who is like my new Powell there's there's yes. With -- matching kind of alphabet and we -- together and became instant friends and she's got a huge should -- -- -- in the -- -- and the very first scene in this and the very you know the girl was off. Right on I yeah he was without our way out to do so horrible -- yet so licensee -- A great work and a half -- getting scenario I wanna just walked on the sidewalk and you -- I don't everything was really cool I was such a nice and that economic and backstage usually find in not McConaughey. I'll look at a lot of you know how do you want. Your man -- in Miami and allow logging in just a little too long he was uncomfortable. An independent and I'm just glad I don't even know what I that is staring him innings -- a green velvet tuxedo on. And I. And all I can think about -- magic Mike and I think I know it's wrong and I'm not gonna even bring it up. It did not think of -- buyers like no I did because the goal is incredible but I was I was -- about -- I was thinking that's -- and -- in Iowa and and -- also -- and I am happy about -- -- he's so Smart it was amazing -- I also think back to gold -- for the -- -- -- and the nothing attorneys say so we also had like Reese's peanut -- -- -- out of desperation Himalaya like champagne in their beds and -- and -- are generous closet thing we -- pencils and nom and Reese's Reese's peanut butter cops. Hainan. And so but you know what we just people came as they love GMA so that was really great we did not admissible which was we had -- fish always a question thank you guys for sending question that was awesome and we got we got to hear things from viewers that I mean from celebrities that you would normally. Here that I let out of that city had a -- and Michael Douglas now I don't -- you appreciate -- -- it but reading it from a viewer they were so like well Katie that's actually an interesting question. It was really fun but beyond but yeah I think -- 48 least. Now that's a whole Wallace -- that. We ended up not having give anybody -- -- -- we dismayed at how and that's an entirely and we got them morally itself on thank you pull -- For that he -- I'm trying -- you gonna drink a lot of wire -- -- I'm gonna work out actually on the show coming up about twenty I don't know what has. He had on his his trying to deny how Whitfield -- iron Mike I'm sensing a bit of a rival starting to happen today in the game show -- ginger his only some of my former techniques with. With encouraging our her contestants have pushed by the -- -- I was really China's cheating well yeah you know I am stansted -- -- and then I heard that you will cooling loops. And I don't have you know what I -- -- didn't think of myself -- a -- I had no idea -- the little off how this would be so I -- -- I would -- you thing I really see that in the way I felt that you -- telling you about something look at -- you -- -- nothing from Jay Anderson is younger than me -- that she looks -- -- you don't know I'm more competitive so did you get really interesting in Jamaica and sixth grade I went to Jamaica and he had a political profitably despite -- and I want -- out of the entire resorts. How life yet blood and adults may have then now little -- side might have had an advantage now being twelve and all. But what you want an okay that's my claim I don't think fame and it's and -- sentence let me fits on its Ponzi. It -- -- -- -- In firms are pop back extract it sound latest news from Pizza -- they're gonna start selling by the slice. I is that exciting interesting period I'd thought they'd that I airport no -- a -- doesn't know you'll always have to have your personal pizza yeah. It gets personal. I'm going to talk about when he finishes and I need to he has a Saskatchewan screening of -- a person. -- -- So it -- locations. In New York Nebraska and and one in Rhode Island they're gonna sell slices and -- they tally how close. And they feel like they need to do it to stay competitive. They even there did you know that there was a perfume scented yes a scented perfume last year I I did remember. -- -- And I -- every -- I don't -- that. -- -- -- -- -- I think -- have another set -- -- Americans united and I don't mean many things it sounds dirty and melatonin is Wednesday and you know what I thought when George ask me and I doubt about sharing center and it sounds -- Hey -- like you never a list of one like that you know that you got a timer right -- listen really dirty. Not a -- I'm not gonna say any amount of Italian trouble I'm about his bike lane at Whitney unit Cleveland flanker like yeah. This is assessed until -- -- So they don't want an end are actually lying tell us look at that look at the Gottesman seem have to say -- it as it was screamer by the way -- -- -- -- -- That's -- screamer and when George looked at me I have to say this when he looked at me and asked what it was at the top of the show. All it that they negotiation and that patent mentioning Alley in him burning calories. No that's how bad it got for me -- wouldn't -- anyway what did is that originates -- -- Atlanta very fast moving. -- -- -- every casino -- screeners are laughing and it's usually lights to moderate Albano and many are blowing out. And the -- And instant love me about ginger is being -- you bet you -- -- pay this back Colombo upstairs. Max that's happening. In the Manitoba Mueller -- that -- it means now he's telling. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He didn't laugh it's a screamer so it -- clinic does not get. The other way at a guy yet but -- need is not. The blog you know what he's used some -- this. I'm -- -- filthy and you ballet trying to save the Internet. Think PO. Let's let's did that because we did talk about it in the show we organize photography sad that we showed you earlier about this kids aren't. Yeah I suspect -- -- About it all starts at. At an upscale Chicago rest -- you that's that's picking at her for help he was trying to decide if you should ask the couple to leave because their eight month old baby. Wouldn't stop crime except ended up not asking -- to leave Kenya did all start a debate -- details but we want to ask all of you development in May flash poll on the issue. Here's what he had to say. An overwhelming. 80%. Say yes they should be asked to leave -- -- -- percent of saying now ethnically what do you think. -- -- -- -- Yeah they wonder about 80% was parents using -- -- gallery apparent. He really that I'm yeah I mean I think I can't sell -- in investor and you also in reference to give out. -- -- -- -- he can enjoy a meal with a baby from. I mean. -- -- -- -- As the mother of the day I thank you later I was in a restaurant that fancy. -- -- we really long time for an pay for -- you know it I don't know I it's tricky it's different than Applebee's is what percent would you would you do you think they should leave. You do and how. I think patients and viewers have spoken. So to analyze what you thank. And that doesn't matter if -- no it does -- does not and in through this broad ginger I love you so much -- ginger is whether a disease. -- for tomorrow. Tomorrow -- right now though we have a new trend from the world of bored teenagers it's our play the Dexter. And never thought she now -- It's now going again that doesn't sound like -- either life as you know most certainly yes it's where you -- marshmallows. Into your friends not on how would they haven't guessed that -- -- -- -- Brian they have -- -- that she now going was whipping marshmallows in his someone's mount this morning. Like I understand and smelling but I wouldn't. That happened there was. There has to do outright. So I -- an -- an amount yes yes anything -- and doing -- and doing things in the you have to get. -- into your friends -- in which mean Brian our producer decided it was a million idea. To have my -- Sabrina yeah with marshmallows into. I'm mouth and -- anxiety and their do you and we will try warming on hundreds of who gets more and I think so -- and are -- doing an activity while we're just now I think we're going to be -- -- yeah I guess I'm -- -- Get a millionaire explained -- high and miss Jamaica yeah. How -- yes that's -- -- be all of those those hash tags it's going to be. Everything you can more and more than had sent him and I I think it's packed so who ginger Ireland had to have a woman might -- going on my. Your MySpace you know are trying priorities six. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Soledad and we got its foot thirty seconds on the clock thirty. And ready set go -- I'm ready -- waiting. -- -- -- -- We got one Virginia -- -- ginger Larry is that -- -- trying to catch up. She goes to receive the employee. -- -- technique I don't. Worked on it it's unsafe. Those who violate your. All right five -- seconds. -- That's all that's what -- all the outside. We gotta go. Good student and Hasbro didn't even know about -- and again -- gotten I don't know I don't know it's an -- -- the winner Friday. Hat and I.

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