GMA LIVE! (01.15.13)

Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer and Sam Champion on miracle berry weight loss power, Newtown kids' song.
3:00 | 01/15/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.15.13)
Between understanding of what he had -- IBM mail were on that. GMA -- fat prize you can see right part of fines if you've found us congratulations because it's GMA dot Yahoo!. Dot com slash live action -- And -- we make it market slash slash. OK so we're live which -- -- -- -- not live and we literally we got out of the -- it's so exciting but under a -- this is I think the -- money and start the ideal. Okay this confusing -- twice the dubbed the miracle bare majority -- start since it takes a while you're. -- it -- up this morning so there's America ready essentially eliminated I should -- from the diet doesn't make sour things taste sweet. I get it this morning five -- and as well there I am gathered just it just sort it -- to did you do it now -- -- -- There's really have had a thirty seconds and young and I can't you -- top. -- thirty seconds yeah. If it is slightly Barry like every inch yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- cannot do it hang onto it -- Sam tried it now here's the deal we didn't squeezed. Lying in eleven into my -- right. And Sam Kennedy I will say Sam bond at warp speed link if it does eliminate -- -- Yeah I mean -- that if that's the game planning does I'm not sure how that works for guiding but I know there's a whole book involved so -- -- water bottle. No I don't the police closer -- that -- their alliance is supposed to -- yeah. -- regular albeit thin I didn't want to write anybody I really don't line up that is the way the miracle Barrett very good this is that this is god -- Shockingly -- accident -- How -- -- -- power gonna stop me from means -- that is either. Think it's the -- -- -- -- -- you can eat the linemen won't he's been you keep talking I'll do it again. Part of the learn more time here tonight -- America and I have a Snickers. We. He would there's a poll -- that would have America -- that it cast your vote right now. And where is it it's over there is that it ripples in the bottom of the screen -- right -- -- out of their right talk right now. Think they think -- right here by means -- is nowhere -- -- it's actually up here let me it's really today so hard. A night to complete a line yes OK for you don't you -- -- -- a little bigger -- article on resident and I'm just speculative to say I mean the guy that I was going to invent he taught -- and then he's got a book about -- sure if that I'm sure -- Calories it is -- calorie. Budding but there's no sugar that's coming but we're serious about dieting I wouldn't -- -- popular here. Here's what happened is we have our displays right I'm told there's no sugar in any of -- me is that there's none until I ate this. This chicken model of how the market -- is now. Indiana sauce on it that got no -- teriyaki sauce with the hope Barry. -- It was still got a I'm assuming -- happy you could make cupcakes not and the reason I'm -- here's that they that you could make now back somehow or other -- comparing its. And then your cupcakes to be -- huddle hurry because. Then. -- -- however these have lots of sugar. You know what I don't know I don't know what where you know give us anything and -- terror part -- Here's here's the I don't know I don't know I don't like I have I'm still a little. I don't know how so I sank about having any applicant can't hear about quite just ask the question of America couldn't really -- now yes American haven't trouble teaching -- I -- -- Paris time training right now. The -- the America is that you've missed. And back apparently. It -- elect because computer engineering student built a bird sized robotic car break African great red pepper. It. It's even. Operated joystick that may be a euphemism. Or what but what lives. Wouldn't do this good -- he admitted to keep tapper from constantly swimming. Doing it and I could it be why did you buy it because that's what parents do manage yeah. But Barbara and -- driving a tank yeah offscreen has to stop him from screaming and and it may work for children I'm not sure. They worked for adults and kids alike can -- I think you can play you can do with your you know the little -- -- Do they do they didn't happen. You've got rid -- parenting -- daughter is screaming -- Do capture and -- latest development and do anything nearly as fun as pepper the tank driving Paris. Please send it to us and you may lie in Baguio put it on the air war. -- dispensing time he's -- -- area. And that it would take hours via ice you know how is continuing now that caused the chicken -- -- out alleged actually a case of this. Is this true and families should -- that you should it. Doesn't. This is sugar free. Chicken teriyaki sugar free chicken teriyaki -- take a bite from the. Opposites and I talked about dogs that's Wexler what I'm not gonna tightly -- his. It's delicious -- -- to -- -- -- Assailant standing. This. We have another animal story. -- moving from -- a parent who. Two dogs -- they -- dogs are man's best friend in this morning we talk about that in. About one blaze new buddy. And how he's making his life much easier Bob year old mark felt that lost decided to sex and always wanted to dog. When his mom took him to an animal shelter over the holidays mark I had an instant connection with -- shepherd mix and Claire also and they too have been inseparable. Ever things. Really really nice and I applaud them for rescuing and I -- on the jacket is where. I know I know I start a war every time I do this but -- a -- do that. The M just saying -- you know I haven't had a cash starts a war and Lara and I'll take the side of the -- I love all animals including -- the president. -- palace and Sam's point you know. But essentially. Hanging out until the deal is better next door and doesn't look at. Ashley Knight can -- my my three rescue it's not one not -- but during that when a picture. There's. Outweighed their -- that -- -- on top there's nary an impact her picture of the newest member of the -- clan there she is covering all rescues there aren't other ones yeah in the time that we -- And did you -- the -- -- strategy. Another dog. -- to stop yeah it's like BP mouse yeah it's like if you do kind of rescue shelter and 7-Eleven just like a good showing. You -- get a hot dog that's the new -- animal hoarding the -- to -- aleris that extreme animal or animal harder. -- not a problem the cup has -- out -- the patent and wouldn't that we get a look at our. The beautiful audience. Weighing -- behind the scenes went -- and did you look beautiful crew that you're looking yeah. And he looks down on me that no matter what -- -- just eleven minutes everybody I. -- -- Know that these are the folks that make sure we have everything we need to actually do quality television programming like -- -- their little -- except that table only to see us room and it all better at bottom up. I still don't know -- actually actually eaten got a good point that's why didn't learn email and we'll come get a shot I would hope. All of well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know that really isn't that really is behind the scenes -- -- Actually to review the controller -- -- -- -- running civil out of control room I don't know reducing -- -- -- He's fired they don't know who I met again yesterday yet and we met him but all -- little rat that was oh live. He was just he was -- here he isn't theater Tracy isn't here. And thank god for you how old now -- else. Can we -- -- -- Gerald and we get the picture I had -- five fake shows and that would be terrific. Austria and all right so play in the -- to -- yeah. You know sometimes I'm some that we -- plan available. And the carbon -- with the arm that was a good photos -- -- rescue pet parents and Sam army to try to make you look yes. Well. -- you know and the cat Kelly shot. I can't watch this watch. Come -- no -- gang yeah. It. Not really -- Yeah tastes you don't believe that once again -- and battling around her parents. Yeah. Come mind Qaeda -- I don't know reminds. No expand. Yeah. That works that were. -- yeah we got a. Got to bring this panel can only guess that we really can't act like we haven't come my -- to look -- let's go live we'll ask you owner of the cats it's the Internet. Asking we have your cat -- -- shell game Florida and Hawaii -- -- -- -- -- might not get it back. I thought from -- -- people in my life I actually I don't say who. -- -- -- -- Welcome back to -- -- -- and a you will you work. Fantastic. The -- globe sit there and I actually was fun to be there was a it was freezing cold but it was it's just a finite and everybody nodding saint you know with a fine -- -- everyone's drunk yeah. That's the truth because they actually do serve food and alcohol red carpet right everybody gets there's there's vats of champagne just lying around -- is different from the the like known. -- people were hit somebody but let me ask you this is that we now because I was -- -- -- -- the -- in September so what it was like a 107 degree I was -- so what was. This was like people where she -- Yeah you have been aware hardy bunch of east coasters so I was -- has all but not least I know what we got there. Great it was great I'm do you like to thank you very much and happy new home cheers my family -- -- actually I'm going to -- -- -- -- But this is openly a couple of extra bit of a baby -- to tell you about saint James palace and confirming that -- -- and Kate's royal baby is due sometime in July all right we already know that's what's the racing park a I don't get it. -- or there's a race between her and reality queen can grab yellow -- Radler ran Kanye they're expecting their first child field. A British gaming company believe it or not now offering odds if you want to -- Kimmel give birth on the same day as the documents. The moms to be are more last at this -- stages of their pregnancy can you imagine how calico fancy graphic to -- that magnetic. When that magazine cover by the way we spent a lot of money on GMA life to make that graphic for this story. Now I -- it would -- carrying -- today in the pot and it really actually -- -- -- -- literally. You mentioned that she will be taking the week a month off which are from royalty these Obama no I just want to ask the question -- How -- we know -- she's actually. Not for Courtney because they're still will be pictures of Kate every day walking. Yet -- -- -- -- R&R YR royal duties well now you know she does a lot of -- -- -- yet -- she did -- -- there's a lot to -- after a chance to -- you won't just be working the phones she might be worked in the. -- fundraising yeah. -- it's I and you don't got it let me tell you pregnancy is exhausting it on a good day and it had -- morning sickness. Really -- right kinds of neon -- he's got all they -- not. -- I know I know you know gotten out of eight people they beat our I actually know you got it I just having given what she went through the early stages plus the media scrutiny. Did you not want to hide a little -- -- next month. We'll see last summer will -- -- her with well about what old pictures of her like every day she could all right just because I've probably on -- I'm betting you -- Bob news idea may we have a picture of Kate -- -- should do what you're saying we're not gonna have a picture of Bob is for a month -- I -- -- I would be happy you've gotten give her her space. Obama -- hurt him for I would be very rapidly got out of want -- from -- to another. -- now I don't know I don't know what's coming up but I'm read this is -- do you know what's coming up. It was a great new take on one of our favorite movies to high school students and what are the -- -- I I don't know how well we're about to find out together half Salt Lake live action remake of Toy Story that's -- -- -- our shot. Four shot remake took them two years to make over a 150 friends and -- -- help with a project. Actually love this story which cost them about 1000. Dollars -- -- -- shot by. I shot Toy Story -- -- The bottom of the page. -- -- -- Sentencing for. That episode is is this it was that exactly like the -- -- we -- a little bit about what's in it. -- -- so -- here we're watching -- is this just like the movie -- -- -- the remember it is. So you think this that this was an this was a terrific thing to them yes yes. Sophia whose job she wants whose job it is not fun on Good Morning America after just -- -- whose job do you want on Good Morning America -- here -- -- -- Well I gotta tell you. Analyst job on Good Morning America when you. Yes yeah obligated -- -- -- biggest -- we'll have a nice day trade completely. -- let me update you now. Very much why didn't you music from the. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's basically. It always value is a clear message via a let me ask you how are you he rescues -- those -- has a good. Example we wish the best of luck in your future and. Besides. -- good presently isn't actually taken on -- -- and yet he has taken care. We're bloggers I'll come on up America voted there's certainly Johnson Larry did SLI and by an overwhelming majority of the -- who did nothing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- doesn't look good. And another between Egypt camera we now let's take aging community can you know that you cameras that -- How good you aging can you do it can you do it here you are outside -- Shogun -- whether breast -- you know what the weather was like here in New York. You know it was like the last -- you glad he ham and attempt that would attempt to how to feel cold. -- can you do -- signature tossed. When he says when he comes back to me inside. That. -- -- still get it and you'll get it and now back to -- This is not so lucky -- -- -- today. Yeah. Do you think you very much Daryn thank you awesome I'm back here. Okay. You can step that we do you want to see one I want to just get this so quick before we -- -- this is -- take a look at -- little little rat. I mean if you with the Internet doesn't have cavities in its -- right now I don't know what will bring that is just he was just so dear. Definitely is doing is enabled him to lose broccoli yes that's right I did until meat is -- he'll -- is tells me. Also read I hope you're listening. We do you want and know what a moment today on Good Morning America -- The children of Newtown. Have come together to the new -- music project it of course. Came to us in the aftermath of the tragic shooting at sandy -- elementary school 1 month ago this morning a group of kids. From that community came together with Ingrid -- -- great. To seeing it somewhere over the rainbow we want to give you -- was. News Sunday. Okay we're. He has. The eight. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.

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