GMA LIVE! (01.15.14)

Josh and Ginger chat with Amy about her new, shorter hair cut and get a taste of some gourmet pizza.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.15.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live backstage at GMA. Okay. Com. We kept coming up here -- a has -- of course will do just a moment ever -- ahead but it's also necessary because I needed my faith restored. In the foodstuff because is this happened on the big show today I don't know if you were -- earlier today it -- -- Medicaid -- candidates no that's. Home -- hill. -- up the good folks -- You know got -- business partner. Apparently you can actually get pizza by the slice there now which is also hey if you just a month -- the but please don't ever do that. Any of us ever -- -- well yeah cover your face and hand look at that it's. I mean honestly I mean this literally I hope I never look. That is disgusting -- anyone that -- -- that Jessica is coming -- you got it actually at a high it was he was it was a -- I. What -- it's. What George -- his hair was beams. Which was. -- -- because I had some weird Twitter did athlete who -- -- and it. I don't know -- And again can we can we pull -- Robin get to that I want you -- of -- few verses race. The issue is if you've ever wondered what Robin Roberts looks like as a white woman there -- Yeah you know -- as a white woman with an all of -- by the way they -- Especially not just fail at re creating one's hair but didn't make it look like a -- and all with all lives. -- -- -- And say such things -- -- and Perez was pineapple hair so I think it. It was just not it was a -- it was it was after that and then make mine this old man. Did you that's you do get to jobs are and I'm I'm sorry not you're better weather for maybe the -- Saying you're actually MP -- -- of Obama and locks on the show today. We and tomorrow this great fun stuff -- this -- your first time. It's the Oscar nominations when they come out. So we are just some of the movie well. Which is good loans which is always helpful. -- that would discussing nominations but it's great because we get them in real time out here seashore it's the written react and it's it's big because -- -- you've seen a lot of the -- him. There are we have we are actually they are not enough slots for a lot of deserving performances this year not like one is just blatant -- there's so many. -- out across the board and -- There -- be good going to be very good. Also very good. This -- how good is that we -- be honest. And spirited pretty. All of this is that I haven't yet I have one centimeter. Pilot error is okay -- hairstyle out what went before we started Trace. So Tracy and remember she did the big reveal. For the revealed it's getting bigger by the day getting a -- day a little ghetto -- yeah. And she posted -- but I will dare I say trades. Probably our most watched and -- show ever denied think that's not now I think that drowned. I thought I heard a mattress okay and that's that's an account -- I canvassed. Neighborhoods. Now but congratulations to -- I didn't Elliott which I didn't realize that -- he he showed the baby bump I didn't -- -- told -- well ahead of they had at hand CNN live I'm a journalist -- -- you know. -- breaking news ran into -- -- middle name. Yes and tried putting got on -- -- Rodrigo. From big if you're walking down the street the. I don't this what I've read about it items -- -- relaxed with -- Internet that you -- an unintended stroller you hear a baby crying in the good samaritan. It is all four are -- -- Coming film. The devil's -- it opens this weekend so they just decided to get out here you know way to promote. Yeah I love thank you so just so we're clear very nice guy and -- 9 AME TV. I just want to reintroduce. The Internet -- -- Gorgeous and talented team -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So anything you yeah. Enough I got a little tramp I'm -- -- -- listen first of all but I'd -- to recuse myself from that of the as a guy. Who I mean you cannot -- I didn't fully appreciate the difference between being a man -- TV and maintaining its allies until I got here really and saw. Think the death chair I sit down. You spackle what you can -- you hope for the best but I'm in about ten minutes and it looks and it's just not the same burdens for -- from. Well I -- the montage of all the big -- you know I can't let you know that I started in the ninety's and the out of the hair wouldn't say it was all about the -- -- keep pulling back and -- and I don't push -- I'm -- you thinking that I can sleep in at least thirty minutes now more than I had before so that's -- to this certainly -- said we should tell -- the EU decided he took control. In year in fighting breast cancer you've decided. You're gonna determine how the -- -- because he is so much of -- Control is taken away with this disease and I think the mental aspect of battling cancer is the hardest part -- physical I mean honestly I just feel like. So what if I -- up so what -- I feel weak and sick and I heard a little bit I can handle all that it's the mental thing of just this thing that's. Continuing in its in its eating away -- just feels awfully good to have these needles -- you when they're pumping -- -- -- -- that the whole mental aspects -- and so. I know would travel with cello but you know -- one of the first questions I asked my oncologist was am -- gonna lose all my hair. And every patient is different so they can't tell you you're you're gonna lose it all yearly some -- it. Com they thought because I was young they said on ecologically speaking and the baby -- -- -- up. So that I had a better chance at keeping some of them but -- I'm going to be honest what you do have isn't gonna look really good at Kennedy dry it can be -- it's gonna be relevant. I don't wanna Holler at the -- three additives I would -- -- it has my hair. And then like after ground -- I started to see more and more falling -- just a slow process your hair -- -- cycles and I just like this this whole. Its -- -- near weeding with the titles like how much is gonna fall out tomorrow and I just thought I'm sick of this I'm just cutting it. And it when it when it -- out it won't feel is dramatic you know and I am I'm likely to really keep some of it you're like I don't know really -- the halfway involved in this. Although -- -- leg you know. It's and I have a boy you like it's so funny actually give a pony -- I have but I don't know welcome I -- He can I tell you got beat that's gonna play is an innocuous stuff you tell me a couple weeks ago that you're thinking about doing that and then -- had some inspiration which was nice that yet there is an inspiration out there yes I realize exactly I'd -- Jennifer Lawrence -- -- hair and then I also love Robin Wright. So when I when I said can -- have a cross between -- law. And Robin Wright and that it's what we've had and it's and it looks it looks it feels it's freaking actually and it really like I said I got emotional but it it's like. Any time I actually covered people getting their hair cuts coming out of -- -- the us. The first thing they did was cut their hair because it was such a symbol of their imprisoned in a way. And there's a freedom when you let go of something and -- in a weird way you like I know it's just hair and it's gonna grow back but there is a freedom. An and I had an empowerment and just cutting so I mean when you look up like -- WC because of the and I haven't heard a pony -- so I like that -- longer an affront and an imminent economic -- It'll take some time to get used to but I like it I like it I feel -- and I feel freer literally. I would go to jail because I that I got up and leave the calf yeah. -- again just as as a colleague and you look and then you hand me -- I didn't. I just want you feeling good and I'm not -- -- multi by saying this because I I can't see an epic every day -- -- -- my office and there are letters and letters and I read every one of them and I get emotional because I can't believe -- you see the number two point eight million women living with breast cancer right now. People who write me at my sister my wife my daughter my mother and -- me. And they're all you know in this fight for different stages and I just felt like I want him to. Let people know the way they've let me know that you're not alone that there are so many -- -- -- fighting this disease and were winning. And I just want -- I just want to let everyone know that's part of why did it on camera to -- I just wanted people to feel like. -- that I am in the same exact position and it just feels good to know that you're not. By -- it's an incredible. Public service in dealings and and I need your help me to without I was in California. You were you're -- -- with David. And I can test every single day and listen. However unfortunately. Everybody here at -- -- the crew everybody we have some muscle memory of what it's like. Walked this walk with -- -- but just as with Robin. I mean I could not take a step it up to last me about you and wanting I mean people -- almost need to share like. The -- did it I didn't Cassini did it I didn't have any at a press. Love I -- let me make it made me so much more aware because you didn't have a history because I think a lot like you have a similar -- I feel like I'm healthy and a look at do the right thing and having us a talk with you watching we've done and air makes me so much more vigilant and much more. Aware the I wasn't I don't I you know and that's is said it doesn't -- as a matter -- your background as a matter nothing matters. Everybody passed me. Vigilant yes speaking of what matters will truly matters to. Anyone that money -- take us to national dress up here you had everything noted everything you did have that I knew it was going to be. -- -- -- I did Anaheim's -- the -- and the Internet apparently a part of it -- -- is that your business and we sort of still -- -- It's cold outside not really. You really just I thought CNN SAI says this but you know the dead until then of course I've never addressed at a 712 inches -- sentiment never -- but he sits up and help -- -- I -- -- -- Sweden so willing to be he's really just old and ugly and obnoxious. It's. Yeah. An elegant bag. Yeah dad in that can we became this -- in the imagine my idea my warning label -- yes that's it that's Traci -- -- so put upon the catch. All the action news listen. On that -- you rest your pet. Yeah Chris -- some like it looks like yeah. On -- on Moody's on little dogs when you -- where there's snow in the salt and they'll tell us no other than backs. You. I didn't I don't long losing on ginger is seen as debt and it's not like get behind him and I'm not -- that. Kelly and and that's why can't I did tennis sweater on my dog when it was three degrees I -- -- like I felt like he was -- And then I took not everybody call -- three degree I don't take your dog and three degrees and just -- about being given out you know back in command don't -- -- I let myself code. And it's cheap chic when she's outside she's now wearing a coat OK and I hate to put out when she gets three and commands that was hard dogs or likes it access. That lesson tells me she says if you separate sweater she will bolt across the room to go and stay and we need to put it on she wasn't -- you -- -- -- he's going to she wears it on time I didn't care yes. And -- Let us move this bill will refuse treatment and -- warm and this matter. God. How -- -- its -- Dutton did not sorry yeah. Thank you you -- And because games at least what got back -- supports me look at the beautiful audience we have -- So yeah on the big show earlier as we mentioned. We were -- and we. We saw out. -- pizza goes horribly horribly wrong. -- -- at how well above Maureen how -- masterpieces. Zoo. And in the war excess and we welcome -- Bruno this spot below. Equipment often true classics. Mama it's -- let's -- -- take us through take us through again you're the -- pizza shop there on jobs. And we try eighties is -- on the Super Bowl Sunday with Obama -- which is awesome having competed and having defeated. Cameron mathison on John I don't know I would say. It remains a favorite to forget -- so the New York style we don't hear about the styles -- we know Chicago's -- -- the initial -- is New York in Chicago. -- we have Romano that's making its its way in every major US city and of course Neapolitan seven he -- fired on him. Well that's enemy Naples and Italian. But -- -- that I. You look -- -- imagine and adding -- the hotter the better. Did you get that little so are there outside but it's -- it's hard to educate a romance is on it because you know there is a charming people think that only pizza might be Pontiac it's a wet silence of the man. You have to get used to. But it's it's one of the best -- out there pockets of working across a let's further monitor is mentioned is still this pizza Romani is cloaked in peace -- pan. And if if you guys did not steal Israeli and a lot of public companies right now are designing their decks -- cook on steel cut. This DT here is it is that is a very very flavorful Christina. Very digest an Intel is that so what this is here is this is this is a mother don't but I -- that kept alive for about a year some about the -- geeky on you right. -- -- -- per year well it's you have defeated -- why -- -- check this sense. What I did was always in that I was in the wild and I and I came across this alchemy plant. And I did the linen cloth -- to get -- due out. But it has a while he -- in there that feeds. Now that night. Creates carbon dioxide which gives the -- rise so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stumbled on this and that's been alive for year -- take a little bit of that each day alive to me like how much. How much would make this beats so I take a little bit -- this and I put in a new mix. -- and then I just keep feeding this one. -- -- that's different then it's it's much more flavorful what is what it is also create dancer Chris -- but -- I -- stability we don't talk about better -- in the United States you know. If anybody says -- use of fresh dull yes. Forget that you want each don't you want the -- to -- a have a chance to bring down these complex marches. Which makes it easier on your -- I mean how many times have -- gone to sleep. And you had pizza kettle he led belong -- -- right. This kind of PT here is very very light very digest the -- that's what I'm trying to preach as I support independent peacemaker. Here we are. We got the New York pyrite they are now who doesn't know how to grab a New -- license -- -- it piping hot against Tito you know what you can eat as much energy Chansi old -- the -- you know. Dozens -- party man. -- -- didn't a lot of let go and nausea around the way he he went by before and it's not going nine you know it's not don't like people and hold them ten month old is important yeah. Your tongue Hannity dance me exactly. Here is start. -- are. -- now. Good at Detroit's finally from Michigan the Alley with the Detroit ask -- Detroit's home and got chunks it's cooked in a pan that's that has an edge to him. And I do it burns -- -- around the edge of the pot doesn't that she's comes all the way out -- the extremists in Detroit so I figured -- -- -- about why will say again I mean it all in all good. X -- clear. It's not burden that it's just good it's been -- is good brain that you think are to be sure it's it and its -- on the Food Network it's Super Bowl Sunday. Bruno is the special guest judge. -- -- -- -- Yes -- yeah. He might have.

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