GMA LIVE! (01.17.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from "GMA" and "GMA Live!"
3:00 | 01/17/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.17.14)
Back how is -- week ended. -- that -- may have peninsula students are you know just a couple they haven't yet not that -- now overall you've had quite a year and yet 2014. Picking up as it should forget. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- actually it is -- birthday get up and. Okay. -- -- -- -- I just -- -- picked up. Not at all and the air comes over and the downtown crowd they do it compresses for compresses a lot of -- another person and -- if you look at my -- there we -- are in short he. Yeah we call the -- together and remember what that means that 81 today Malibu. And it is your sixteenth birthday when he is just and from one of my favorite place is how do you say the city -- -- -- it -- is catching Canada. I love it looks like it I can't say it. I was so beautiful she looks so cool I have made. -- what she had who have my favorite -- the right thing. What -- you said you. -- pretty an actress really. Thank you hear it might help them. -- -- What I'm company. -- -- -- -- -- Calling in the late Bob baseball -- GMA viewers the real question. You -- is currently on your iPhone -- -- -- use camera. Is now can. The -- your rolls around while they cleaned now -- neutrino. There. The question we -- means that it could inhibit the Beaufort that I do at home with the help. What is the other is back home -- -- -- I have never. It plays that I was gonna go rollerblading and then started cleaning is -- what we know. The I don't. -- -- -- Two days after it started on weekend a couple of years ago funded dead. Those guys could not write -- crazy Portland but has since -- which interestingly sister Serena got assistance for Serena. And I tried to explain because I remember loving students. Please give -- terrified them. Like she. -- without -- -- briefly field as a -- yeah. When I put it on my name -- Is this I guess we don't do you don't use it to do -- spend pocono -- at the teacup yes they did self contained because they -- bonds. -- -- -- -- -- You know I can't put the -- I'd -- do we have to be ready Michael OK so CEO of teen jobs. Michael Del Mar 065. Right. -- -- -- Michael I promise you fame and fortune when -- came aboard him. That boy did I deliver. Think about it that's got tons of Americans united -- I don't mean leaving Saddam journey -- Now it's on Thursday and you know what I thought when joins ask me and I doubt about sharing doesn't -- journey. Like man I miss him one like that you know that you got to -- right -- let -- really dirty. And I I'm not gonna say any amount -- and -- I'm hamas'. Atlanta when you leave Cleveland -- -- like yeah. -- didn't -- -- got to see. More action until Sunday but look at the past -- GMAC -- -- as it was his treatment by the way -- -- -- it gets on screamer and enjoy looked at -- have a different opinion apps but it wasn't. For the show a look at -- -- very -- for the ad mentioning Alley -- him. Burning calories. And that's how bad it got for me seldom. Do it what is it originations look at by the very fast moving. Corporate -- every night the other industrialized loving and it's usually light says some moderate all -- -- you know blowing. Me about ginger and maybe not on CNN join non native Mac hello I'm -- -- -- That's flat opening -- of the Manitoba mild learning as badly need knowingly selling. Really no more out. I don't know -- back you set bachelor's degree murder killed. Laughs it's a screamer so it looks like we thought it. The other way at a guy at -- Bob you know it's easy some this -- your filthy and you -- -- Save the Internet researchers say Kathleen. Also giving your memory a -- A new study prizes 200 milligrams of caffeine. Equivalent to about two cups of coffee equivalent to roughly what effect it might alienate can help your brain recall images more vividly which explains -- Enhancing your memory for up to 24 hours -- of course you'll need more time to once again enhanced wash rinse repeat. They're out of its own legacy be happy yeah. I'd be -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Through the production meeting the group but virtually anywhere and you decide who -- the adorable video -- governor -- and -- that. What might have my wallet he do that -- -- me there's not much as 6. Call this morning. Producer -- everybody. And I heard -- -- -- I don't know that I like to think of myself for the blue I had no idea how I'm a little -- how this would be so yeah I know I when I heard you. I think I really -- -- in the -- I felt that you. Who had been on you about something -- look at Q -- you -- you got up from Virginia who is younger than me. Now that she looks cute you know I'm more competitive television and really interesting in Jamaica and -- great -- -- you make and he had a political profit -- Tyson and I want an out of the entire report. -- life. Yet we'll and -- -- -- -- then look at me I'm might have had an advantage yeah and I'll. But what you want that's my claim I think fame and it's and found it let me. -- it's doing an activity while we're just now I think we're going to be Hulu I. Yes I'm yeah. -- here. -- yes it's gonna be all of those those hash tags it's going to be. Everything you can more and more -- head back you. I think it's packed so ginger I don't have that only -- shouting -- my. You might be you know -- priorities -- Committee well there -- And we got its foot thirty seconds on the clock thirty. And already is that -- all -- -- -- -- -- We got one for -- one Virginia. -- -- -- -- -- She goes to receive the employee. -- -- We're calling -- it's unsafe. The most reliably. -- -- -- -- -- So that's a result. Well it's not all right we got ago. -- -- -- -- I don't know you. I don't know its exit from I -- about it.

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