GMA LIVE! (01.22.14)

Ginger and Linsey check out one group's creative way to inspire children battling cancer.
3:00 | 01/22/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.22.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live -- stated GMA. Yeah well yeah. Welcome to GA -- that is more GMA all day we're showing here of some of our favorite moments of the morning what goes on here behind the scenes we are waiting for the lovely and talented ginger easy to arrive as the -- Any time any I don't you're gonna be my cohost of the morning yeah. Million -- -- -- come just keep the seat warm Virginia she got out in the cold all day in Central Park what what are you drinking not. I'm thinking actually some room temperature water -- in -- -- moderates is generous but we. -- so we got -- earlier from North Carolina right. -- yeah. Yeah. Not that much warmer North Carolina now it was -- day. -- -- -- Happy birthday to you think you mix oh yes ma'am and celebrating in New York City is what nine degrees here at GMA the only place -- -- -- -- -- -- give -- -- -- I have some problems a lot of yeah. I don't think it's thank you Thomas is like some comments from the breakfast of champions. They're representative. -- -- yeah I think you'd dipped on Good Morning America yet. Tips. And and ginger is here. So weird is -- -- At this -- yeah it. The extreme weather staying in the back in the air stripping and -- -- -- -- thank you write your now you know give us it may get hot and negative negative hot in here. And -- -- -- knowledge that I didn't tell you yeah I don't if you want to let me really don't -- clothing I have a and if we went telling all your players and they each would not say that I -- now. Each pocket has. A hand norm which is necessary so this'll be like a ticking time -- when I start sweating right at him. Bedroom and comfortable right -- you're able to stay warm -- pretty much to -- his -- you know. -- delighted and playing outside in the snow -- you don't really difficult it is an adult -- colonial. Plan -- -- yeah that would. But you know like if you if you keep your hat on it's actually -- we have some guests. That you're you're gonna see actually right -- love your -- we're gonna we're gonna hear from them a little bit -- you actually kind of be matching. But in the meantime -- -- is getting her earpiece in sensibility here. From the installed around me my -- this isn't my aunt Alina kind of -- we are in business. We got cats -- Yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You don't seem partisan stuff yeah we have some new thought North Carolina in the house Wisconsin this year as well look beautiful well thank you I -- I cannot imagine if -- I ever have a BB. But I will not be a house immediately and you get it feels like Hannah house the one good thing is actually have to say I feel like a much hotter like and keeping a lot of extra. You know also during the winter months it and I can't shoot. As usual and it's it's it's true it sounded. But you know good -- my shirt is really kind of too small created in everything but you know given from him go with the. Currently gets it where we yet so we're really -- candy crush I'll read this heavy duty -- Gator and I don't play the game because I heard -- shouldn't -- -- getting it's as addictive right personalities I can't go to Vegas either but that. This fortunately it's as a sweet deal for one person and not so much for the rest of the world so you -- candy crash side it's actually trademarks now. The entire word candy. No other video game. Not excluding items that doesn't make sense is I really incredible -- -- anywhere if you didn't I don't and good -- that to -- right some judge said you know what you're right. Candy is all yours. So like I can't have a shirt. That says he and -- you sure right just not an -- I think that's really it has right clothing everything -- or according to the US patent or Gaza -- and crushing below -- that made him. Mac mini crash -- already has is the most downloaded free app installed over half a billion times so far -- its developer Eric King. Just under one million a day an -- -- -- -- enough they said I don't want anyone else to have candy. -- -- That would be terrible I I really actually wanted to -- some background research into the -- because how -- -- come early they got a patent on candy. And you know -- something it. -- really there's a song member of the song. Like candy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Hoff was clearly not happy with the disturbance of what might be their -- and speeds. Right by getting dangerously close going through almost a 120. Miles per hour I didn't even -- the hawks could go that testing do you -- -- Paul. I is there -- yeah if -- so I went to Nepal two -- -- -- island. Repair lighting off foothills of the end isn't Paris and -- -- -- southern Colombia for that. I -- as time okay where a -- world and still as. Parent lighting and then you go -- you you hold -- like. Buffalo meat in your hand and the hawks and defend vultures come and -- from your hand oh why oh and that's all it is in to save vultures basically and different birds of prey so they do they -- very fast they can keep up with us the way -- spin. And they used just like parent fighters they use the terminals of -- -- that happening on the ground and you follow the birds because they know best how that's really how you -- -- -- the adventures of junior Zain. You know you just listen to your story is okay -- not it went in the fall good. It's so we have speaking of pets great Nelson that I had the Altoona if I would've -- -- -- Wesley daily 21011. And hope what does it 175 pound African lions. The -- stir -- that what I'm reading mania. Help from -- on farm bill in Nova Scotia I was frequent that -- -- Recently discovered that he does love playing ice hockey. That's great that I'm sure a couple of scenes that take I. The sub zero temperatures caused the pond insert -- closer to freeze over so they decided -- Look this mess around some stakes in the pocket obviously it was a huge hit from the fifteen months old -- -- -- -- -- -- rambunctious. And this summer he does enjoy playing soccer so it is making sense than expanding into winter sports probably getting ready for you and yet we're gonna see him in -- no -- camp. No doubt about that so okay so we're talking -- you keep your Hannan to announce rather apropos today. Because we have a story here that you guys are gonna it's really actually heart warming and it'll also had warming your -- -- -- as well loving your melon. Originally started as a school project for two college students who wanted to help others with their work. Feeling inspired Zachary Quinn and Brian Keller decided to do something that allows people to support pediatric cancer patients. -- selling and donating -- They've been braving the weather on a national bus tour of colleges and children's hospitals to spread the love so please welcome from a warm welcome. Two who love you and. Okay. Yeah I do look at the -- Mom -- this -- muscles don't know. And we just up for the kids in the hospital to make -- -- a little better and rises bring in professional athletes or musicians to death. Just put smiles on the faces of kids in need them. This started out this is a college project. Yes -- started entrepreneurship class and Saint Paul, Minnesota the university of saint Thomas and it's evolved into what -- this today we're going across the country cannot tour bus and going to hospitals in order -- -- amounts for the kids let's go to the most touching things that just happened so -- -- the kids stories or something. There's this sort of hidden in Dawson that the nurses said haven't talked in a really long time we came into his room and now found -- bad. We start talking them about a one you have to do anything you have planes. So -- -- able to organize a plane right -- and he's finally lit up as a smile across his face for actually taking the two of us -- -- Montgomery Alabama and actually. A few weeks here I'm honored to -- -- If you want it and has you don't need a plane you can just tell yes and -- Yeah it haven't hasn't even able to donate so far so it donated over 3000 -- so far. And we -- -- given 2000 on the rest of the stewards. College could look at some of these little kid's -- and how did they react typically when you're able to give them. It's fans who love it some -- gossip -- -- in -- Hospira to see today and now this small boy. Tom tell you this kind of winner on this and we brought in a bag hats and -- Face just lit up in his eyes got all big and he just point and I want that water so we -- Manhattan and a gallon for his mother -- just hit an incredible experience to be able to share that with its. Kids want for one right somebody buys a hat and you shouldn't have. So the way were able to do it is for 25 dollars -- able to buy -- -- south. The minute sound in the hospital also receives a happy and that's what makes this -- school -- people in their own communities are strengthening. He's ties themselves they're able to fund. The process of getting fat away and we invite him come in and do with us has to say says we're actually go to find it like how did people support you -- -- watermelon dot com that's at one now you can see. On the -- -- -- but it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is there no way people can support you as well. -- people can donate people can set of events for us in their community give us a -- phone numbers right on the website we've of that that. We saw that you've been wearing a hat that he -- whether. We want to ask you at least for the next week to where -- -- Okay. I -- -- -- -- He had no I would -- let me let me trying to begin again and they're all made in the USA throughout -- under Hussein content. We are safe tonight yeah yeah so he and Wright didn't complete bringing in Tuesday's entire -- Yeah yeah. I'm very -- probably -- his seat he's here in the -- remains. And god daily for turning up he. Actually stopped on the films go first semester so that he could come along and do -- -- thus. And we are going to be saving it said today -- again. Or another way that -- meet its support is an event like that than right -- A -- sharing deal. I've I feel good he had -- have -- shaved head before now. There really are not even a -- -- is like us you know -- -- -- a little bit shorter than they asked me he had. We've got it wouldn't know what this you have -- -- currency recounts her I nervous at all if you want to run your hand -- -- time. Yeah lots and love. -- right there yeah. -- -- -- Yeah. Look good. You see yourself -- you look at the monitor. You have made for that -- I have endured. That king you can -- you can't buy you can come up to one of our event that a college campus are curious fascination. And savior had fits within the provision of understanding what kids have to go through when. That's true than nine minutes if it's something to relating a lot of families do that my family couple people of -- -- -- few people had campaign really does mean a lot. For the kids for the adults whoever it -- Remember his vehicle hit a free ad did you come out so -- London and then that way if viewers all -- -- show and we hear that there. They're normal again in the facility rather covered -- one he. And then you can you're gonna need it -- -- -- have to today you're gonna knock happily unmarried half and could. Yeah I feel like a little cooler air time -- and ordinary. They're -- another get a little things a little. You guys so much for what you're doing it's really -- -- -- I have I love your -- got if nothing. That I can help. You can either way -- -- you really it's not who Wear out fast on that that is able and I never come up. You have -- thank you all for being here. Okay. Six of the -- -- that time you guys look spectacular -- -- likely to be that security for the rest within my friend. Lindsay I'll be sure to join us tomorrow morning -- forget loading dvd. I'm glad thinner warm and they haven't managed to melt away now least double layers near -- and Sunday -- close. We'll sweaty and -- that that would never be another idea Eilat. Could take you don't often a little bit and I aren't so we'll see guys tomorrow I can forgive me alive DNA Ed. 9 AM tomorrow. A.

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