GMA LIVE! (01.28.13)

Lara Spencer, Sam Champion, David Muir on January Jones Hair Loss, Bubble Wrap Appreciation.
14:35 | 01/28/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (01.28.13)
Should get -- You know here comes -- I'm -- down that well. Just in -- life saying there was Cummins and this. Other shows you -- -- -- -- -- -- what happens behind the seen us live. Josh is still a vacation. Last weekend anchor and -- even wait -- not they're not getting attention but might. This morning was really tense he has -- telling you that this morning trying to get his liquidating its it's early on Monday after -- -- -- anything. Yeah you know -- in -- -- and Brazil when that we can start. I guess now I'm Jim and I guess now it's not needing a little wild. Really well outside of the bubble -- Hope we should probably explain there's something about the bubble -- he had a right national mother application that is where incidentally also on this morning we have some kind of concept -- a -- -- confident we -- we have people design things got a bomb or yeah yeah yeah. So if you if you have hopeful football bowl -- This could go wrong -- -- battleground is you know very wrong there's sharp implements and take back -- -- -- Primerica. Appreciate your -- -- Because that's what today's all about bubble -- -- Tom what else is happening today January job you have to hug her engine and this morning so -- -- she's a beautiful -- -- Draper stunning. Things have to be frightening for her because -- she's coming up talking about the fact that her hair's coming out not. Just in bits and pieces but he clumps she says she had to go short for. She's had -- for so many different movies and I think the point is that or what she says is insolvent dying. And I think over processing us economy and fallout himself. We actually she was -- cut off last night was not yet it looked it looks super short last night and come because you got to the -- thing but it looks like -- had a super hot. Yet well she's having Terry town there's nothing you can -- to -- you can -- January jones' head and she still has -- has been circling your hairs are taught -- we were showing -- video -- you're like playing I don't know if it was like intensely if you were thinking about it I think about my -- lax and wanted to herself an all out credit counseling and not this week. Also today you may have noticed that we had this thing that was I sometimes things just happen on television on GMA and so this young. Where is he worried canary -- -- -- I cannot tell me the story exactly because. -- -- -- Introduce yourself so -- -- to everybody is here. Mitchell Mitchell bark and bark and Mountain View our -- these younger brown younger brother okay now cat -- boyfriend. Notes are coming here it he says he'll give you what hundred dollars. Now it's an ice cream. Yeah don't underdog but yeah -- -- this works out to be honored at 200 -- If -- -- make a sign and ask your sister to the problem for -- not for answer that right after yet to show -- zionist is awesome. Do you you do all that this is delivered right this is message delivered but we weren't sure with a -- he was awake yet. Right so no really we were really concerned at first we thought you were Andrew and you better you ended at seven we were like seven great promises like -- So we have to folks on the phone right now this is GMA life is going nuts right now on the expensive phone bills we have. We have to -- we have -- and -- on the phone both. Do you -- in the littlest and I think that's a good morning Andrew -- under arrest and then you know send someone to do the work. We're just doing a lot of on GMA alive right now do you want to ask have to go ahead -- I -- -- it -- it doesn't matter to me okay do. -- -- what you you don't you've probably. Okay. Yeah. Did you know that all of this -- all this trouble was you know happening around you going to problem. Yeah I had a bad like one big problem. -- -- It all -- I would like to say good morning and congratulations you would you guys do with the -- and -- just one great picture you guys going to the prom together and we'll make sure we've put on the that you are our first. From couple by the way -- the broadcast -- I'd like -- to thank you guys you and and I didn't hang out here you'd like we're just into the residence -- All the little revenue yeah. I don't have fewer than my friends -- -- what exactly. Did you post here -- because we have a bubble wrap appreciation David -- is ready to -- CNN live residents of this. And I sort of -- openness is susceptible to -- -- here and -- I don't I don't know myself purple bubble when I talk to here's the deal it's not a bubble wrap appreciation -- invented in 1960. That's padded wall paper apparently headed to next week's bulletin and -- -- it didn't take off until -- to every purpose again in the packaging material -- who used to separate. That's kids -- -- -- caller I gotta be honest I the only one who has never seen the color actually work. All this isn't new baby this is it ran it got so little this this is -- today. So you've got a cast he's coming out of that we brought in for people from outside -- you -- -- gathered outside. Never come to Good Morning America again if you look at it and so you've got -- bubble -- here we're gonna do you know we didn't the fashion at the sag awards today -- -- -- -- -- all the beautiful -- your -- war. So we want you to outdo each other bubble -- -- about Putin how many minutes we have left -- pac ten. Connecticut you've got a good ten minutes to wrap your -- in bubble -- It is morning television -- If I ever to come back to you and see how you do -- and little problem with any. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Heard this is you know I think it did their sharp objects and just you know anyone under age please don't do this at home. Without parental supervision -- -- the -- -- announced that -- three had been characterized past Kennedy it's just make it all happened. High end up meantime while there are designing its spring I don't think I don't think social good morning and I got about one in pentagon itself and -- I just say for the record that I I know we didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hundred myself a note with a two and I just don't see because I like Muni bonds. And you think what is taking years you're an exhibit that Burger King made in America has made America that. Yeah. What -- -- -- yeah morning sit urging all the ABC news products by the -- I don't know I didn't get a magical day that's an. Right hander got there all at one I want you to shout out to our friend Rebecca who pleaded on Friday and it's leading up this morning she watches every day he change -- -- She's no longer watching that other live show for fifteen minutes vause is watching us but we asked people what did they do this weekend. Let's take a look. Pop -- outs and Minnesota they -- -- not a -- are remarkable invasion on. Not our friend Sarah went skiing in Colorado -- Alice. I love this place whom are out and -- -- -- Casper Wyoming we don't even talk about Wyoming on the -- -- the com area shout out. To our friends and -- what did you guys do this weekend. -- Long -- to Florida visit my mom with my sister's weakening. You tell us something else to go right to ask you into your mom's like club right nasty -- -- -- friends mean you guys actually played clue will be put him being. No matter -- -- day -- night. You're never regretted it but I assume you're ready to Scarlett -- you want it now I must diet and your mustache colonel mustard and yeah I -- that here we have a murder -- Renewed reason trying to let somebody gets killed and I really know what to make a -- and -- this is nobody better than it sounds because you have to imagine Larry a small. Who went -- out maybe maybe you've seen on television and your sisters my -- Our breezy together like went all of them are together this is like very still and there may or may not have been celebratory beverage is involved in being. They might want to -- man may or may not have that. So good time was had by our on -- on the your recurrence yes that's what I did acknowledge some of what David was working you know and it's not really fair question and from do a great job on the evening news you have to yeah you're island how much we don't -- While I can hear a lot of squeezing and -- going on behind -- I don't really even want to know what's going novel legal pot in his extra. While the right what we -- the big gorilla fashion rescued. Come all this weekend. I shot brand new episodes of sea rescue off in Orlando which is why I have a giant -- Just don't -- travel in and out of the water and let's not only to the most. -- -- take three three -- Italy seven straight days beginning today. His -- you have a little extra -- pop music you don't thousand. Cox news data and yeah okay. Well yeah no matter whether they're at a desk and I -- this morning we have a double those thank you I double those of cuteness this guy. Yeah you're -- he won't play anywhere without his favorite. CNN they didn't check any -- anywhere. Problem. -- -- want to go there but he did a lot of I -- tell your friends. -- -- -- -- Okay. Yeah. How they'll -- I did an army and -- just got. This one time. -- -- -- -- It's a -- you're all well. -- -- Long known anything -- shots for the Obama he had -- And rationale I'm not sure it is yeah. It was a lucky and it. Candlestick but I'm not -- -- anyway. Demanding golf course in the -- were shot for the every episode and it was just I was still close to -- to but it is still closed. And yeah. That's amazing. There -- no way -- on marxism and he's calling. That wasn't on purpose not sure the -- That -- game I'm thinking I don't. Hopes again I want you might have been and I didn't come to believe we we need better and better every way all I had a I was real I -- if you look closely at. I don't think my and I don't know. I'm not as. Q did you watch the whole thing. Right. You know when you when you aren't we -- -- -- -- Plus a moment just get over here and got yeah -- got judges now now I'm. This this now we have -- how we judge wrote in reading -- yeah -- talking -- right David go ahead here for the it. It's a give us your name they didn't just command didn't just get me I have feeling it feels -- -- about -- fashion here. We'll get a lot of inspiration from the previous segments and we've gone wrong inflow into it was a world. The different colors and got -- clear up here because this is I think and we show -- of the Mississippi couple number one of evidence -- -- 11 got hurt and don't -- and Brendan Brendan and you did did the duty here I did -- did -- -- -- -- she has guided by this could -- together to. It has -- you have belt doesn't always even got close to exist I'll keep that -- going wow went along with -- and Emory here. Got to earrings red hearings got -- some straight for the battered. So let's Hillary saw -- give is that. -- -- -- -- Both have left the boat that what really makes it could both legs I did after the vote here abode here and put the -- yeah. -- -- disappeared under that. And let me -- and Titus has really been updated to -- -- -- -- here couple number one. Right over the mainstream -- And. -- mean he's out so I almost think we should let you guys decide on the one or couple number two. Yeah -- -- comic reference. Now are one and number -- All right I yeah. Hello this decision and yeah I really -- -- the blues and could miss having this is almost better than the -- we saw during his show this morning velvet. They're really really don't like this can you pop the -- your area. I think I can. Got no better way to wrap up this GMA alive today thank you for your bubble wrap faster -- now and we -- It's -- back from vacation I'm down -- Clara nets got David you learn we'll see -- tomorrow tomorrow. Find -- got right. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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