GMA LIVE! (02.04.13)

Sam, Amy and Lara discuss the Super Bowl and International Crepe Day.
15:53 | 02/04/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.04.13)
-- this. But honestly it badly like you did that day you can. Lara holds this that he might like this -- really. Tenacity and -- president you'd be standing right on -- typical. He can just point out I -- I don't -- -- and -- her but he isn't really. Yeah -- not a real -- that the -- of styrofoam. But don't let you know that Ben and Johnson I will never admit now because to us it is real -- it is powerful what the critics have gone on here what yeah. Yeah. We'll -- good Larry Spencer who is getting. The behind the scenes -- -- illness you know all that -- -- iPad and add my voice I thought about an -- last week I had my dad and era you know -- -- the show progress today. Yeah I started getting channels -- my -- started watering through like burning behind so. So I'll have all come up with little comments. About creep like what Craig what what what victory going on here I'm -- -- you guys see how it ends. That's you -- you -- yourself yeah we know they -- do we know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- email notice. Not happy and didn't law has they're right on the lot we love -- hurry right here in Times Square where I love the third grade. I'm I don't know I'm Josh is by the way missing all of this if he's on his way back from New Orleans -- employees that he was getting some heat on Twitter that he was tired. Yeah -- he's tired. Yeah he's tired of course these party of the century do you honestly -- he had to -- Jihad that are friends -- I think he enjoyed it. But he does actually have to down right -- -- and here's the thing everybody everybody in the TV business the sports world everyone in every -- at Gmail obvious by the way. Okay. So. It's going on and you really can't say notably you really have I don't talent to it. I'm and then you have to get up in the morning at its central times -- up an hour earlier today in the ridiculous hour that -- normally but what it what an event it was I know we're not cry don't -- -- -- I don't yeah. -- -- alignment would be. That might give you a couple of -- in the -- I'm just -- I'm well we can't let -- managed so in Elgin sure I'm and they just -- -- with the -- when they you don't know very well. So let's talk let's -- -- honestly beyoncé I think we can -- Finally put the whole -- -- controversy to rattle the anybody rushed to anybody even thought for 12 she couldn't think you know she I think she just she's such a performer you buy everything in my house -- -- -- -- but the Super Bowl party. Everyone's talking -- not paying an -- halfway paying attention to gain. And they went beyond they came on. Could have -- -- -- everybody was mesmerized by that was his wife I've got to show. With -- stage with video screen them in the video screens lining up behind her Destiny's Child flying up out of the floor and looked amazing by the way. And they all other dominant that were unbelievable we talk about the fashion. It was just I wanna be -- our -- across -- like they are like superhero and it will never be by keeping these critics who is that who is that don't know whether he forgot what drama what who who was the -- situation -- -- -- -- -- -- that do you remember I don't remember. Rubin on the -- -- -- Rubens and her the last name now this -- front of the runway show because if that's from his runway show that's his -- you're wearing nothing. Thing because there is no. Nothing to that I think you always remember the runways you know the -- in the real way but the inspiration is this warrior this nordic warrior. Some Cherry Hill new improved to compromise and improvise were real close the -- But they're actually might be some fabric -- right. Boy -- -- at -- body look at every piece of that had to be sprayed her through her body but they're still trying to appeal that outfit -- beyoncé. I think -- -- easy did that yeah yeah. I wanted to you know I I had such a girl crush. I really was like. I couldn't stop looking -- your face even when she's working so hard. I heard her voice -- her confidence were really her hair was amazing. Pounding that don't forget that she's dancing and doing all that locals that we and we actually have pictures of Jay-Z. There yes. Back to write immediately -- the got beyoncé out of. I think he got -- -- I should be now we played we played an Oscar trivia game. Today -- I finally tying for first place I have always lose I was very congratulations you face is on Sunday or it. By George today I do rituals like I don't know he wasn't in it to win -- Very rare very you have -- nothing free about it we can now -- -- yeah yeah. We almost didn't introduce you -- -- -- because of what happened backstage scene you know it's like TV. Stuff happens right and -- and and Sam wisely Alderson said fleet week long -- and meet us here. We haven't explained the audience why -- there -- she's there but -- your -- now -- country her great joke but she jumped in on the game and it was really really hot and there is one. Big Twitter. Fiasco going on -- -- Florida right now and that is that we couldn't give the extra point. Because that we we asked for the first I think the words of the way I don't starts now so deal. You said and so did the -- in the early -- Zenyatta when it comes on the idea but the problem was. There is always a little -- well that in the Broadway where she found -- says. There was a time when then what kind of -- -- the music you know who happens and then she is so what isn't real first Lionel where there really -- -- I don't know if there there's a big debate on what I mean people -- you -- think it's. Yeah. Has the lead -- I think. This time on line or -- -- men at a time when men were behind yeah each candidate there was a time when -- kinda she kind of like talks and -- Think I I don't know I think that's not dissimilar and there -- I think it is I dream we did invite you did not get not a war that point. And -- -- because its content from. Yeah it's controversial and joining us now and joining Oscar on the road are -- and believe it and Angie green -- to the -- So I had back. You know here's here's an untouched -- but I think we've given away all the -- -- may have did you may have to leave it yeah. Yeah with the greatness only beginning to calm. Any good guys are traveling with Oscars was never. An unbeaten one right now this isn't you think basically we want the fans across the country have a chance to take pictures off -- -- You know make -- -- speech do whatever they want -- that. People who didn't do limit right how have yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Literally scared because I don't and -- -- materialistic. Yeah. I don't care about not totally back them up fundamental sort of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- DC and we're going to Philadelphia we're going to Houston Chicago Phoenix and people can patent cities if they reckon they -- that. But following a mutual ally yet -- -- people across country and if they follow are off the road trip on social media they can. It -- let's -- lot of rhetoric I don't know if this I want another birthday party at their wedding -- everything we know we cannot. Hillary Clinton Oscars show up in a motor home that is true. It's going into this girl really got that -- had been. I would like to show up -- like this. The closely with the regional theater play. -- -- we're getting diagonally against what the dot com again Oscar real dramatic come Oscar road trip dot com. Do not. Miss it and you got out -- thank you haven't already got a lot and he. He got a great. Great -- over the weekend and so we were celebrating it here this morning apparently because there's. No wrong time to Ukraine now no I don't -- -- -- just for that. Thompson wanted to thank everyone for it's -- -- on don't want them while -- across the street really really fantastic thing for your time. -- -- announce a thank you and I don't want to -- -- we're asking you what is your favorite clean feeling hot chocolate. Hammond teen who was dropping explosion tell all of the -- quality of yeah an intelligent beyond our means you really shouldn't say that I'm a big fan. I just found out how to prepare gold is what I Oscar is the case then why did he acts during -- -- cities around the queries and announced. Let's go to our social media producer and who spring out with a look at what you're talking about online right now. So way to win -- -- they just do anything made public votes yes you apparently can't I mean I'm sure the academy has some yeah I don't think so and -- saying I. Eyes are now we're defining appropriate or a vial iron brand Stacy at a meeting -- saying that that's not right that people should not be allowed to do whatever they want without your. The -- and a playing -- Well yeah but we're door following are following the whole image thing we'll have an update on that -- I actually think it depends on what's in the -- around like you actually have to look at the sheet music -- -- So let him not I'm sorry but it Harden. Hey anyone who can without little -- -- -- are without him don't -- I have around -- -- yeah I was the second scenario might -- be -- right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that's what -- what's -- hot and Super Bowl party like we got some needs look at it from San Diego aren't exactly I can't yeah. Just there's a big camera and I. Of them enrolled him forward -- Among them that's delicious. -- you don't really -- -- the day were you just. Just it's an excuse to eat anything you -- -- -- integrated now I made the mistake of ordering a pizza last night what a terrible idea I'll thereafter if it was just a pizza you were on the good side that hugging -- not Joe's pizza. Last night on Twitter people were sitting recipes for howl of pain you'll -- with sprint that I'm looking at -- and we have buffalo chicken dance. True okay. -- not been there you can take a look at this this is emerging that is not there and there are get together down that it was actually in San Diego not the other one. We did this and GM. He modifying the 40000 layer there Honolulu 49 -- I. 49 that's right Ivan Boesky fingered and Jimmy -- and -- and he said it was delicious. This of course is the best Super Bowl party and we all -- you this is Robinson remote party yeah. Last night what you guys do for the Super Bowl where you -- around what I have pi no what Sam was doing. But what they -- him. Plus you know what's so funny I was so gonna watch it I tell us if I had it recorded why we are watching -- did you see. Don't tell me what happened if you did. He's on I club until last week I don't know what going to be -- at -- -- looking -- are you crying and -- I didn't think she -- -- when the lights went -- I thought it was ladies' doubles goes. That's just oh -- Oh -- don't go through and all. I literally get either cash -- really now. This wasn't my -- I -- an eleven year old boy I was not -- -- and DVR people hung up and I honestly when -- when the lights went out -- way to use that excuse down the lights go out honestly yeah I guess I just was you know -- sixty -- elected her -- still time though and I know you've had amazing Super Bowl parties to tweet us with his job we'll be here tomorrow. And I am sure we will have to could describe and discuss and -- let me tell you as always that is the that is one not to miss shows tweet us your Super Bowl party pictures or any amazing shots if you -- at the super -- And you've -- like here's a shot a -- walking in. And they have shots of all the celebs kind of like getting there there are some people were just taking this -- is putting them up. If you have pictures like that -- money here we want a seat on some of you definitely do that and even talking about. As I just think that catcher -- we have something that really got our attention. Take a look at Morton he's -- father of five. And he put his own spin on -- -- hit song sexy and I know it -- version is called him daddy and I know take a look at some pleasant. How did they -- -- yeah -- it's our hope that O'Donnell didn't know how it's always I'm now looking don't know why don't poison -- know -- Yeah yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- Someone. Yeah. Okay. Guys -- Why. Yeah do you guys right now for the coming -- Todd good morning Jack added. Yeah and he went oh my gosh that is so great -- -- first of all words get the idea of more than he isn't something that. You know you were just coming one day instead -- I can I can -- that what was it. You know every year we have delegates the party of the defense and find African people -- -- -- -- yeah right itself rather. And that last year we -- music TV news you want one hospital. He didn't even video and how he can -- it's just something Huntingdon Valley. -- -- your kids -- they're so youths. How all the kids in these -- leader. How old -- your kids because they are adorable and that's. But they did so miles within Canada and India held by -- and industry -- others -- when three month old they actually create jobs. Three month old triplets -- -- Well he ally usually are -- yeah. Yeah with that many kids we thank you so much for joining us live. I don't know we can do this but let's nominate that to be a real honest to goodness high in the what -- narrow the gap may be an. I don't know if -- if you're there but -- Eighty may be the GMA team can get you -- -- one more time I love that any you should show. I really do I want us unless its -- so we're gonna we're gonna get into the meeting right after this show and push for user. Push for you everybody on Twitter if you read -- -- GMA -- parliament you want this to be your play of the day for tomorrow as we think it's fantastic. Thanks -- -- don't think you. All right often that's a pretty huge smile and have the best way and the -- yeah -- -- you guys thanks so much for joining us we always hear him. I I. Come join us. On the label twisted. And global talent to hold O'Donnell didn't understand and control what is I'm downloading I don't know why -- -- -- I was no room. It's. True humanity.

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{"id":18399403,"title":"GMA LIVE! (02.04.13)","duration":"15:53","description":"Sam, Amy and Lara discuss the Super Bowl and International Crepe Day.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-020413-18399403","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}