GMA LIVE! (02.07.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from "GMA" and "GMA LIVE!"
3:00 | 02/07/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.07.14)
Defend his role and strategy as returning champion Larry does estimates -- now that his opponents. Don't start using his strategy right I agree I think there's something to -- you so much land site and I know. We have to Wheaton city. Bouncing around category -- that's fine and you got -- -- -- -- get a daily doubled its hired to close at the top it's going to be -- your question it's still reflects the dollar value if they can only. -- -- -- -- -- Be smarter than me you've got onstage and taught -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- Credit George we haven't -- George and Humana yeah Mike you. I have not I have no idea where George's no I mean I might have -- at a time in my well. Shake the memory you know flashback when -- -- Jimmy Kimmel and had any chance I get to it and host chair I don't. You didn't -- there yeah. And those who took over -- let's get -- idea that you didn't that we couldn't unaudited. -- -- -- so desperate I didn't want to gag -- either early in the morning. George just don't look up your newborn to the inbounds. In his career and Intel that don't look at that rocking. Norma -- have all of the we have arts is going to be with the stars of the real house night wives of New Jersey I know you -- this all the time that. A recent joke I mean if there's a slug off I'm looking forward to talking -- -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- You may remember -- Clark friend's home Cuddy to -- job comes. -- -- Not real it's not real well tell me did you sit and he's got a little competition from Allison French pulled. Event movie doesn't. Actually else. That is real time -- okay -- outline. The bad badly as you may be no vote. We have a second video that shows. She -- -- quiet down when she achieves success. Josh why do you have paper -- your face like yeah that's -- how disturbed I can't be viewed as a -- peculiar things that's real. Oh yeah actually I I think -- really. Can we give them in -- the -- what does it take to -- the Bulldog Bob Roberts and the real Bulldog until I got to find out what I talk -- -- Yeah. Now the problem in my Harris is on Weasley in the kitchen watching where Eagles dare for the 150 time and my wife's in the kitchen watching you have. Some uplifting Jennifer Aniston movie -- I'm guessing. That's bad for my marriage indecent proposal. Brainstorm I mean that. As the movie's about every day life and relationship to what does that happen every day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I haven't gone -- Thank you so much. Our power Matt Damon Kevin Hart Regina hall -- our Twitter -- this morning those pictures already showing up on idea advocated and picked out there have a good time of America. I don't I'm laughing and. Let's look like Kevin as the Paul polygamy people complain about this weather but I grew up in this way I actually like to go well you can stay you can haven't -- -- -- do you believe that's why you like -- government. Well you know first double what I did to Bernie was. Making great. OK and you know I got to -- -- commandments so give me I mean there's the first time mentioning that dealt. In a movie you know I'm a grown man have emotion -- -- levels and I take my shirt off in this so you're going to be at. Yeah at about what exactly why they're gonna go cracking. What are these artists I'm 36 minutes seventeen seconds. For a transitional it yet so you're welcome America. People have left to go to get a sixth pat yeah he's big on the record that is totally where I want -- that. A little -- little game for you you down you are black -- dampened -- are right so here -- this is -- Valentine's Day -- don't that's right around when the movie comes out so here we go first on couples massage Regina do Valentine's -- do it sounds I do like coupled with fat. It depends on the -- he had the ball back enough. -- -- -- -- Kevin proposing an answer Graham like he did he -- he did not just have put up that picture of an engagement ring. I think you have to do I'll post everything duo but Graham. I say if they're private moment you'll -- it it. I say down American you don't call a male audience and this is -- want to do what did you know I don't -- -- see it not don't. What it -- yeah -- but. The -- you can see this movie might work. There's no chemistry -- all here are at a couple more breaking up the day before Valentine's Day do we do what. Break up the day before get back together they opted to meet got a free day no gifts no didn't know nothing you can chill wind -- -- And romance more than that. -- part. I and then out we have all been talking about the ultimate date night when -- -- you cannot wait to take you behind the scenes I announced I went on a daily storage. However I was -- some stark reality. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can bring engines -- show that fifty cent record is worth at least 20000 dollars. And then. Not a lot I break spring garden I'm frankly I guess -- -- Red -- -- -- I didn't think -- want to register yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anyway that's. That's good luck would be saying they -- yeah he's well not drink the water. Great news this morning -- you -- yellow miserable there should be another adult I want to see -- Going to be very. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Okay. OK. -- -- Okay. Do you think having Macs leaving him because it's like you know including one start next start and then and from. Robbins is finished if they're being -- and and Kevin starts pitching not a movie. Great idea hit you glorify. I don't there was stand up for serious I did -- I was like. How do you people collecting them is yeah no Connie was going to be and it is that -- yet they are gonna I got. The distinct impression of the starring Kevin. Ginger and I discovered that we haven't gone another common passion and that is a little film that we like to calm about last night. In 1980s fashion aspect it's something that it's like they hadn't seen for awhile and then when I -- -- I don't know. Real leader -- college and then I'd really gone down to yeah and then something I would and moved to Chicago I would watch it. Regularly regularly lied I -- an -- aren't -- and I understand it -- I remember the first time I -- did I -- I really -- like this is what about this. And Bernie played by Jim Belushi was just the funniest ever and -- -- seen in that movie I would I would. A -- and then there had been that I lived in Chicago yes -- once you start carrying a see things together and then when Rob Lowe when I saw him for the first time and GMA. It didn't do we daughter session youthful self stockings I could not stop peeking my head around -- -- -- -- -- -- That it like -- eventually was on -- yeah. She still looks like he did hang out in about last night -- thirty years ago I feel like he he ends and John Stephens heard the two. Like what are they need to preserve its yeah -- -- reading all -- -- -- there have head. That his -- first -- someone -- you that that can't wait the -- -- -- we have that video that vacuum that we had to play the day. Because I didn't get a couple of of that accident that bad right young people because he -- -- pony tail and activists. And we route I really is about not -- that their safety and I'm PC with a rubber -- -- Iran to drag on the host. Such perfect pony -- That's -- denying it as a lot to handle -- a lot I mean I don't know I'm loving husband yet we don't care but I -- -- who. Ride at valley plant because. Telling your parents to. To cut my hair of the Valium preempted the state and I Saudi bomber's legs have never anybody who used it well welcome in the midwest updating its. Despite everything that's an easy you vacuum that hair and then it would cut -- -- that same level -- McCain's. For several years we're cut -- -- right here at and we can we get a shot that at some point you bring that -- head of the pack will be cut its special and then he would put my head wave that. Every -- doing here is that the police tell read my head is suddenly huge 10 and am I I love your father there's so much about my loving even after ginger on Gilligan's Island. He used the -- will be cut your hair -- need themselves can't quit. We get Bob I'm hit some announcing an alias he bottle anybody else has seen it looks like and your name is Bobby Allen yes trifecta we're gonna have to do it -- presented at some point. Bobby. Filly -- is a bit yeah -- yeah. And there is no reason his hair is flowing in very much like the length of mind our -- wow so there. This gets fatter and fatter in remarkable escape. From one Jalabert driver in Moscow because -- have -- -- and Russia could pick -- cameras in every car looking incredible footage. I -- yeah Allegheny heading over there little high for so many recent so he's driving way too fast and decides to and he sold lucky that he didn't just get absolutely pummeled. By the other cars is they're pleased and we're gonna let -- is caught on tape we'll. -- that -- -- I was his parking -- probably not on purpose he's a Hollywood stunt driver mom. The mountains a 183 its slide just straight and there and you decide if he meant to do it or not. No one was injured so that's -- remarkable escape. From one drought over driver in Moscow because really had great -- in Russia to pick -- cameras in every car looking incredible footage. I don't yeah -- handing over their little high for so many recent so he's driving way too fast and design -- he sold lucky that he didn't just get -- absolutely pummeled. By the other cars is -- -- and -- we're -- there is caught on tape we'll. Now that he's part I was his parking -- probably not on purpose he's a Hollywood stunt driver mom. The mountains a 183 slide just straight in there and you decide if he meant to do it or not. She's not a couple yeah. Yeah. Pop up up up and -- You want to give it -- Mexican -- somehow different think it's good. Well I -- languished CNN time he has an idea of those nice white eyebrows easy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This survey about not -- yet adorable. This isn't. Play of the day -- this is the one that didn't quite make it onto GMA this morning. And so we have -- very special GMA live version it is -- zoo polar ocean park in eastern China. Is a little kids take a -- He's getting a bat from eight gleeful beluga whale I don't see the -- -- -- all that. He and looks like he's smiling but it looks like his parents. Very enjoy it even a little bit more they -- quite get the bad but they got it all on camera looks like yeah. Totally clean water -- I ever had moments like that you know when you -- -- something like that that is that is a dream come true. How much did we want we are at SeaWorld or wherever the money to get -- Snyder act on -- That's where you sit in the splash zone he got a crane -- out. Yeah. I wanna be closer to the -- gas. And the OK that should have been enough for the -- of the -- but we -- We don't look at a day and of course they love puppies but he intensity that these cats -- toward Tukwila paper it's frightening. And may be inspiring. Palau so all these cats have the same feeling any involvement by united. Around the world. About -- -- but they are they all love it. Interest I have I have a cat and the cat has never done that now let me -- them but not take effect side. In the end I didn't say I didn't -- that we just that a lot of toilet paper adds it would have been a lot of -- -- touchdown would it would of the practices it's offensive to the obvious is like. You know this is like posturing right now that just shows shots -- right now did you notice there's no truth to -- they're bad they're battling over -- -- have to motivate them and you guys. This is what you're fighting over so that either all or -- you to like get spending cuts down the sink an Angel and the end any -- -- -- that you think. -- it's like yeah yeah sit down them with streets and -- my pockets full of bacon Vidalia. Now this by the way Michael -- all the time this would be huge foul illegal fornication yeah. So yeah. -- and I -- -- -- and within the size. -- -- and their attitude -- that would have been a touchdown -- Yeah. Like stats right everybody's a winner tonight for them and -- -- I I think. They act. It's a great -- heat because man. They have a lot of different things included in them know what's going on that the food. Well I. I will connect nationally. More I solemn. And quiet and add enjoyment in -- yeah. Yeah. Yes you're announcing -- if not wondered and a slim -- in the exact same -- I say it's a tough 19 I have so much fashion -- and Italians could try to get it right but here and it ended it flaps if you don't and it -- ten and it's very. I'm glad we're having this experience -- better than -- -- --

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