GMA LIVE! (02.14.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara discuss Valentine's Day and "GMA's" surprise flash wedding.
17:06 | 02/14/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.14.13)
OKV. Feeling -- yeah yeah. Earner families that it. Happy Valentine's Day from us here -- -- to -- of -- and what -- -- What a day much romantic Valentine's Day I think ever we are now. Roughly three and a half minutes into the when his life yeah. Omar's of art you leave -- road they got yes. Analysts and Brian. Yeah. I had no idea what -- had no idea what has happened. I'm not happy adventurous -- that is what is normally is there. -- -- -- so much fun and all of her friends were saying this is over I haven't like this we can happen like this would be just like. She would really love something I -- to Fiji two reasons there into their relation relations -- that's an. And I don't believe movies already in every -- -- -- -- lot of political saying. Can we tell -- Jim. Like this is -- -- first let's say that that I think you were wonderful enough to do my wedding but -- happy with great king Larry you guys had this service in New York. And non what you do as you go into that you're going to -- for consultation and use it. They have all this -- that you can taste -- is actually I was -- empowering research free account well. You choose what your cake is and you choose you're like you've probably layer and are willing what you want to look like you know -- in the day what -- -- that I -- can. -- chocolate chocolate fudge -- a little thing I have. Have a little Joshua guy Buddy Guy yells I'm not short and raspberry I picked one days you -- read bill I got I got friends. And you know since. You have red mountain where it right now we -- You know all of them being able to cover -- -- -- -- -- consultations is really lot of fun and -- let me tell you itself. That -- -- really be into yeah usually a lot of times like. They don't care about you know don't see the flowers. Patrons they're not gonna -- -- -- -- what they're not gonna -- do -- but the -- The guys get to -- the candidates it didn't -- first book your place smells like heaven while I can only imagine that's what -- smells like this when you walk in place stop is making -- I mean it's amazing and there -- That's what they did it went yeah they look at this Allen Mike -- -- yeah. Imagine that they went diving like two or three weeks in of their relationship in -- GT long trip. Badly and I can't -- but over a lot diver didn't. The bottom I love that my and that's kind of away don't like you -- really get to the -- so that the -- kinda like -- -- it feels like he's part of it you know it's made at a modeling chocolate of course what about his -- AM understood to get really good -- to -- Still -- yeah like Tootsie Roll from. What you know -- today brides are getting so into tying and their personalities. -- what they're highlighting some really become so much more accountability and it was an address or of the party -- -- -- killed -- the ones that are on national intelligence of national as a question and hasn't been such a romantic morning wondering what how -- any special Valentine's Day plans. I drew relevant -- that my wife she makes me like a really good lobster dinner. And then I usually take her out a couple days later -- -- the restaurants are little to like my great great today I'd rather just -- -- with intimate nights and all the sick you know. -- big guy. That is -- with a four kids were around money. Now I have -- in a reservation for better but because of our schedule we're literally had going to dinner 530 -- -- they have. Yeah that's what happens that's what happens demoralized army -- -- -- by 730 I'm I'm into the -- Serena. From school and I'm told there's a big special Valentine's big prize should not surprise waiting. -- -- Because of our schedule we're having to daddy daughter. -- -- -- OK. That's. -- -- -- It's great this is. You know it would this is our first Valentine's Day together -- because we just got married. In sir if so we. I have plans at home we're having some people over wall tonight and Regis yeah we're just we're Doubleday went to we have plans at home I don't know. -- even got to start a tradition here and I don't really know what to do. I saw it on the letter I got an idea you take -- -- case what you write yeah. -- -- -- -- -- I don't have a little ball at this. Your ideal Valentine's Day is. Plus we have two choices going home cooked dinner dinner date. Night on the town out with friends sweet -- watching romantic holiday off and -- guy they're all good or. G all of the above so we want you to vote we'll have your results a bit later in the vehicle. Anne and Andrew we'll -- and I just -- America. -- -- -- and Seattle may -- -- -- happy to have -- singles awareness day. All -- all -- river alone board. Anybody in -- East River span -- -- and pleaded buddy and says that he wants a piece of cake in 2000 while the faith and we'll see if it'll be my Valentine. Improve housing -- -- -- if anyone can make naked body ultimately I felt we are asking who is your Valentine. Today our friend Amanda. -- treated and very sweet very little Valentine write about it. We also got our friendship opinion that has her fiance jobs -- to love the photo. And -- we got this one from K and you. This is one of -- -- time in front of the great -- let anyone of the Valentine's or the result would amount that. I've been out they never got below -- -- -- we have benefited over do you guys. We've got wolf -- Carl's birthday is today he didn't return to. Today so now Valentine's Day you know whatever was -- me -- my wife is now cheerful response. It's really -- possibly outsourced jobs as well I -- -- trust me I think we're all just coming down off weddings in a flash from madness. Crazy idea -- you so much friend of the show I'm. I'm not -- -- side and he's got good good. And I'm really good actually aren't sure that what -- I have right over here I have that span. Spanish -- Spanish fort Alabama they OK here we go. Sam I I just I had a witness up for you. I. I -- I was -- that's a good one. Let's go ninety you know one of the things that we didn't get a chance to do today because we have so much going on you guys make signs. -- to the audience I love the guy loves him but yeah if -- -- that level and are you -- -- -- Court for all the folks -- come to Times Square did is tell me your name I know -- -- Sam very nice. Are you guys to do this for us in the morning we -- hi how are you we love that you do that because you make our morning we walk in Times Square. You guys with the signs -- Coming that makes our whole day amid anxiety creating. I mean I was okay. Can't -- yeah. Yeah -- You guys yeah. -- got here other than -- that yeah the om thanks but it's the the yes I am I mean look the hours they can be can be early sometimes it's because you guys get. The spirit award it's freezing out there. Yeah. Giuliani my new cafe writer very importantly who his -- club. -- -- It's an -- I think -- how come I didn't get an invite to the -- Bosnia and agreed nobody yet. Okay but still a little bit today -- the -- right now -- -- -- -- we are going right after GM and we. I don't know why you want to know you'll look how mature voters to bring home -- -- gets a minute you're invited you're all invited to Sam's house for an -- -- and strawberries and a -- looks. Here and -- has -- -- -- or people Jan Rebecca. Jessica and -- and have all volunteered on -- to be my Valentine. Okay. Thank you at a -- square miles look at -- hot shots in the target. Laurie you know you argue about. There I idea -- -- ladies and gentlemen who she is the toy insider mall and she's your heart welcomed by the way. The key is to get him she's -- because the 110 annual American international toy fair just wrapped up. Here in New York City by the way and she's got all the -- On what the big hot toys are going to be might do before we even -- I have no idea what that even he. All right so yes and the show just wrapped up by but some of the coolest thing that you see you later in the air yell and -- hacks not nano. BT news they aren't gravity defying. Robots they go up. Well they say out of town -- someday go look rides and live there or we'll have a tax is actually Nixon that you concerned that like a robot golf yes they absolutely are just like robot -- -- -- A lot of -- for wanted to. And that's at all. You're suddenly go to Joseph basically did what they do -- -- -- -- couple days ago -- -- and we will build and run around. That really placards and -- -- these have -- here. Except that's going to be in the vacuum cleaner the dog. Adam I mean it isn't laughing yeah a lot of our poll seventy -- him twice and shoot radio control cars. -- -- and we're having fun with the apple is all old. I had felt just like yeah narrative -- Very -- -- My chest you Zimmerman again when he's -- -- basically I know you've. They didn't have it -- -- and -- that I don't yeah. Another it was about it tells about because it did she look so it's a regular -- can tell that by pushing a button but what happens -- -- flat out. -- my kids reading series you are a few individuals. And I actually like. Little magic -- -- -- -- -- flutter lives and where to fly with the palm of my hand. Hands cool flash. Lite video -- the. Another Florida. Chloe and -- -- did I couldn't move her -- -- with the -- of -- -- She and else. Just can't read what. -- -- -- -- Finally on the fact that they they don't like her winning yeah. Well -- -- right away okay okay all right -- want to take a ride with me. Miami and -- -- I don't know -- there. -- -- Janet on the -- an electric -- I didn't -- yeah danger written all over the cats but it's really -- it really doesn't sound what has happened is oblivious as we. Behind need to get some feet behind us so that we don't have anyplace to go in the studio but well we're -- -- Are you go first -- -- to what's new -- Well. For. Understand what you go wrong yeah I know you're in the toy expert -- you almost do you know well yeah like -- get a little more news. Right now and I should get used to the break -- but again on the. I'm playing again -- That's like -- game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- President. -- -- It is and toy insider mom thank you for bringing -- Great today. Related matters. I -- happens again is excited. I love it the future. Into the right. -- These and other -- it and you run for the border so -- introduced to talk about introduced you to go to your local eating -- you. It was the net it was the -- it was that original flavor. Not -- but -- would you like Tom in stores like seven however. We have a little cool ranch thinking to -- logo good -- go but yeah. Kansas is strictly for reserves I can have fire -- on this right. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know I didn't decade it's too early I didn't -- my book -- I -- spring off and I. We're really getting grandmother top posts. Coming I have what I love Hewitt hired these are these -- -- these are really got pregnant who might not doing that. The what movement and -- senior producer well JC yes. Hair -- classic if I'd want him again hey there's not a good that would not reveal when I like democracy -- Control -- down. -- -- -- -- In his bedroom she's got you want -- Coram street so we'll go crazy doc I'll see you guys wake -- -- -- citizens -- won't be. This has launched is like lunch right elementary isn't whether there. The -- by the audience now. In other laws and Andre -- -- I don't know what it is we have we can't. We got a wedding -- to draw obvious Hugh Grant but a decade. I'm exhausted everything in my new ground was on the show and I don't know I think Anderson Jack and you Oscar nominated -- -- -- -- I had no idea that we now live. I don't know that it was brilliant and -- -- I don't. I'm -- on the next episode that is going to -- the debt -- that we -- play the general but we do know is that more we keep going. Yeah like babies are easily. Easily frightened the element of surprise of those terrific -- is scared. It well -- you know the worst isn't. -- because you're grieving and the biggest hearts cry do it all food and draw hot right please don't cry when -- got that. All are planning I notice that the now well I don't limit that is terrifying -- recent solo that like you know it's -- good for the poorest. That's anomaly get you can see how it reacts to give conditional on me. -- Since I've told them that it's not the best TV stuffing your face -- we're gonna -- about. Yeah I don't know about anybody Larry and -- Good. I don't we also want to let -- A gorgeous on. Okay. I'm doing okay. -- not thank you to do the establishment providing delicious Flores Juliet Papa on the -- it's lunchtime -- -- shares slid. Whether you're single or not. What should have the best February 14 to possibly man. You're in all of our hearts and enjoy it and we'll see you tomorrow.

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{"id":18500234,"title":"GMA LIVE! (02.14.13)","duration":"17:06","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara discuss Valentine's Day and \"GMA's\" surprise flash wedding.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-021413-18500234","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}