GMA LIVE! (02.14.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from 'GMA' and 'GMA LIVE!'
3:00 | 02/14/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.14.14)
800 CNN live always have a whole lot more and you get -- -- Behind the billions. Gaylord audition for the -- -- -- -- -- Yes but couldn't care with. The Rick and with that half. Always bring the -- -- -- -- But what happened. Behind -- in the GMA morning menu is -- news Josh I have. The magic -- learning. About Channing. What could that be there an excuse to play traffic across southern coming in this morning -- everything is your last. Side really your backside no -- revealing another 60% of -- at fourteenth century. -- -- Jesus in injury chosen in the last Sunday -- last science writers and he's got. Doubt we'll last got to my -- is controlled by the wife got a lot of greens you know. I do that. Until additional I think ask yourself which way that I naturally -- chances are. -- -- -- A lot of that's seen one if you live thousand I think seven of them were okay. By -- do exist in New York City -- going to be using -- and a few minutes and for those of you watching that don't know at a pay -- -- here's like yeah. Guide that -- that in. Right now. You don't. -- he was. Okay. Last year to associate 100 when he -- -- something as you can see. -- -- -- and she's gone later today to visit the kids at the right down. Okay. -- -- Scenes from the moment I mean it's incredible entertainment that is because success if they did. And -- got this great lover Gabriel heard a passed ball handler and it's all about the relationship between two. Showed last night. He had been looking for trouble -- -- you know what matters usually not very much -- are -- that's a real box. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- This -- that does that count as a serving of fruit -- that's fruit and veggies you know OC look at how we can't -- eight right there in the pizza. He ended Friday and the candidates -- had a today because it's all about animals here on GMA -- Three year old I'm getting booed -- The -- there yeah. Wednesday keep him from getting enough -- there. -- You know honor Christina and then nothing making love more than a road trip and a feeling of England and -- You don't even know who gave the speed limit -- -- keeps your life. How is my favorite at the about it and the way here is out at the right. He loved it that aren't the only way Obama. The channels and much much. Yeah hello I like it 170 -- -- -- -- but it has nothing on. The -- you do have a kindred. Spirit I cannot imagine doing that this is really going -- the grant so that means cellphone screens for a little or no calls no -- no apps. That's -- experiment experiments and variants -- -- -- -- -- -- Exactly they had slipped my mind everybody's gonna. 01 good thing yes -- -- part of the announcer. Now make a direct vote think I just want my -- badly where -- plastic. -- -- validate today's Wednesday survivors of domestic my wife my mind has been going a little bit like Galileo team thanks Kara when I now. I'm yet but -- common sentiment here -- A lot of people take to -- looking back and it's really an point three. -- -- -- -- so much for the it's really hot here I know people -- But it's not good when you have extremes on either and so it's amazing here I can't believe our crew did not think to bring air conditioner. The -- are studio here but apparently we're looking for them now because this last right here is exposed to insulate us from the cold. That's succeeding in Manhattan and putting it back from the signing. I think I was trying to act all Winter Olympic heat with my little car and I just I started growing at all -- I took off my bill. I rolled up my I know. Laura you are -- that -- It's fair to say if market conditions far superior as the Angel its -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- right now. The comeback kid looks too good to eat yeah -- -- yeah surprisingly thing. I don't have it all back -- -- I can't I think he's a butterfly. And -- great cast a disaster I. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm of the opinion -- sweetheart -- Well I have around six teams we have I don't know. Yeah they can't play tennis -- -- I think. I -- working soon and I think we're going to be. -- yeah yeah. -- about one -- I'm finally upon news is accused of could not break twice today and this happens like today kings and -- shop playing. Thirty mile in forty minutes they -- they do it every day. -- exercise program to -- optimism that. And obesity. During -- We feel like it's good you like your penguins. This -- and that was back when. -- -- -- -- -- -- to him limping when she got day. I think I think we -- And good. You hired -- those -- -- -- -- the moment what does that. -- -- -- -- Yeah. You know what's happening you know what's happening. After an unflattering picture you yeah. That's the one you glue that he would. -- Ben Bernanke is so much we really appreciate you're gonna do is leave his kids -- Any religion man -- parlors the -- air stages like. I want gold medal and I get their second shots he's got a -- -- -- -- -- it's our version of curling it doesn't milestones and ice sheet and brooms. Not to use any of those -- actually get a in the bottom line is they each have a stone and they're gonna get it down the ice somehow they wanna get a closest to the -- You want them to be the last man standing because the people come after you can to try to knock you out will be enough to -- -- a -- close examples. Let's find out shall we let's -- an Olympic competitors. And Sasha Cohen -- be go. -- she might still be a lot. Stop and bounded up. -- Finger has a monogrammed okay civilians injured. -- I don't know how you get if he does. -- Okay. -- -- -- -- -- Initially -- -- They're winning today was going to be much more difficult particularly. We're near the colors -- -- -- the other. You are giving -- bigotry -- today once again -- erratic it's totally not totally. Here we -- I nearly went. Okay. Okay. The winner would get. Think we know it's the only guy. And analysts.

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