GMA LIVE (02.17.14)

Josh Elliott and Ginger Zee celebrate President's Day with special cupcakes.
3:00 | 02/17/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (02.17.14)
Get ready for some GMA -- and it all starts now. Good luck backstage in GM -- -- -- We'll be sitting here -- very very stand at angle of the sun is President's Day have really great things -- -- empire -- here in New York City and bringing us. See it's -- cupcakes all with presidential. Something. See that's funny that the cherries that would shout. Not I'm. -- -- -- You wanna -- I don't know how all of and one would go about eating me but please do grab one and enjoy and -- presidents' -- you deserve it. That's -- -- look -- everything to everybody everybody -- the holiday now. -- -- To take them you don't accidentally -- as. Well and and you know what we're also celebrating and a birthday and that would be rocks did you know what's Ross district -- -- Any end -- -- -- may had a -- he's got to -- Kate good and I did -- -- got mind much is happy presence stay on that he treated. And elect -- and Italian assets -- asset impairments -- the Iowa and harassment I think when apple would not when I think. But I think presidents I think we're outside very presidential like I get -- until you are did you want to see -- former former CEO Steve Jobs shrank back. -- he ran a tight ship. I was almost he threatened me with determination on -- that it wouldn't do -- thing you know this close. Hey Ross happy birthday my friend -- December 27 I'm sorry I was just god I was just fan boy. I would. Can I ask you. I thought you introduce -- and I. You are always the most amazing broadcaster at work but I have to say all you do that you you make television look great you've got kind of you infused listen. Nervous seven. Do you know I don't write it unclaimed certificate is do you have you know a few seconds to just ask you -- just a couple. Establishing questions about who they are why -- here. -- you want to ask beef. 181000. Questions like while I have you because I only heavy for a couple minutes and one -- -- -- what. You know -- it's an -- lucky it was you'll forgive me Internet. But Michael Bradley. The one without the hair he was he's great American -- great American -- he'd really. He had a real foothold in in Europe and European soccer at the top flight in Syria in Italy playing for Roma. And he made the decision to come back here to play. In MLS and along with Omar Gonzalez who's a great player for the LA county and chose to stay here is well instead of going. It's a huge step forward for the sport in this country that we can now have a domestic -- they can. Help to nurture a great young players and turn them into World Cup caliber player. And that people want to play for and that's and then speaking of the World Cup -- surprised said a few folks today by announcing it right of that. I have a huge I am I'm gonna be one of those this is -- the World Cup which is awesome and not on -- in Brazil. But no it's going to be I was if -- If you follow me on Twitter. You are probably far too aware of my love for. The greatest sport where to eat snow totals and I sleep. It is exhibit a if you thought -- I think more responses -- I don't even know what the hell you're talking about but it sounds also. There are fired up its -- And -- the -- and people can read that doesn't matter what it says I think that's so Siam I was late go to Europe that's OK there we are all right with what we said we have. Evidence of an incumbent from empire cake and then we have. The is. How we can eat -- witnessed. Got the -- -- here. Josh I think he's a wanna get a little work out what that can't even -- meal bars oh my god they really bar scene couldn't be working -- Walt you are eating. Built around jostled it and for someone like a cat he's he's not with -- pan. Can't come. -- ghetto and I love being on TV -- which Israeli and wallet. Yes I love your table yes it was -- were those presidential cookies is that the food -- that's about it out of business today. It is necessary change in the declaration yeah amendment and I have -- says joining making sure hand and make big spirited with a spoon. Affiliated with and they finally make its heavy snow is staying power able say it's my -- on probation or yeah. -- -- -- -- -- It's -- we have had quite a bit of -- -- ferocity grenade we have the photo of what we did Iraq the president elect had. Major barbecue last night but CN and I wanna -- the photo that's just announced. Yes -- apartment is not a lot of -- telling you have pictures -- I didn't have to mount the pedals and you know. Indeed just -- is to understand. Ross and -- to super tight ever since. I feel then back on Jan evaluate him what like forty years ago around and I want to -- -- it to look like connected they have. There's nothing better than when they both have a public can be in Nevada and they're going at each other. That's pretty much every day that I will try to insides. A blood feud before the day is done today. -- -- a favorite and that I all of us yeah. I'm Molly Shannon Friday -- events. All there at Boston -- Everett Stanley am very both of you wouldn't. -- printing out and yeah yeah. That guy because. -- -- he didn't affect this will be woodland. At all that's about it speaking every day that other people are doing guilty of taking snapshots of food although I guess the food from the barbecue didn't make -- if you pick. Yet giving out say here's food -- -- -- your food. Because everybody wants their existence ballot. Even when it's -- -- especially if you needed because that's his prize that's real pride I that is -- -- still in France. They find these pictures insulting -- of course they do and that's amazing a leading. A group of leading restaurant two years which is French for restaurant to a are reportedly campaigning to end the so called culture. Food borne student. I'm glad you're not want to do that I don't want to I don't need -- Hoping we are you kidding me they're beginning Smartphones from their restaurant that we want to pictures of their food. -- -- doesn't want other people to see the delicious food that you're eating so they would come married yeah just look at how awesome this food it is. There's a restaurant here in New York apparently you art advanced Smartphones and there -- -- -- -- maybe -- to not. Top on the -- yes our text and that. But I would I would -- I don't -- I would like it's a beautiful with its beautiful plant that would let let me take pictures -- beautiful plate of food share with the world and then prominently and now I'm that I passed up I'm gonna pass up the obvious. Get seriously do we -- food -- -- -- -- -- -- -- establishment. There's no doubt he'll get away food and that's -- I had already takes -- of the fire but yes -- of the empty plate. We have the next new -- -- -- Famous Footwear at this -- story as specifically though an iconic power late at a power -- and warned by an argument flight may be remembered back to the future to. 1989. Well now and -- areas this -- That would mean and now Nike designers revealing that in 2015 the company will unveil some -- With those futuristic places. That -- Apple Computer assume it's because at you know technology yeah I don't have enough time and -- -- ready apparently for charity horse ad but that version didn't have the power laces. But this one is going to an enemy apartment teens -- the -- goes -- go back and -- it back. His future or back to future -- if you and look at how many things. Can make an especially -- -- part two which is when they go to the future. Not back to -- to before they return. Tip to the press and the legal back and then what the western expect that -- but it is it's it's insane how many things they've got like the idea the hologram -- The idea and now apparently laced with no links aside from the -- board we're doing well had a list but as we get that honest thing I -- deal but it. I don't want to leave. I don't want to think this mortal coil went -- two things happen. I want there if there are. Life forms out the universe and they don't get here and time to -- -- hello to me and I will be so Bob if they if I only -- literally. -- just remember. Because although before you and then you'll probably be aliens and Atlanta's talent I hung on for as long as because I really want -- well I'll also -- land speeder. I want up. A lot of African land speed and that's what I want I want like if you could just be with them along in that would and I mean seriously. I think it's for a -- -- I want our technology yeah light -- -- let me tell you I wouldn't get a whole lot of that -- -- -- -- -- I think -- -- it -- an almost kicked off his own teens what life may have OK so we have followed this is this is awesome and. I -- I thought about doing this last week. But -- wouldn't I thought I figured I didn't. Would have the time to truly set up the subtlety. There's a five year old named -- Lives in Ohio California beautiful beautiful. He has autism. And so what a lot parents with kids on the spectrum both values that. It helps when there are routine for kids with autism love routines. So. Daniel every time the trash truck shows up and they it's one of those hydraulic lift giving in dump it put it back down he goes out. And does what the truck dot com and it is he basis. He says that -- -- -- the parents say that Daniel just absolutely loves it will last week. -- well. Collector in the truck gave him a surprise remember he stopped. Mid route. And keep him and his own toy car struck -- -- -- Just because Daniel. Is out there every day eating him at the -- It took him from -- this -- it's just me and honest this is this is also this is great and you know what. Also what I want to say about that well because -- a good human being -- and I -- -- say this people. You know Aaron Utley -- the other of them come up -- and they'll apologize for bothering. Before they didn't tell you how awesome thank you -- are. And what an amazing moment it is -- cant believe elicited -- huge and -- like stops and takes a picture. If anybody. That you stop on the street. Doesn't have time to hear how off some McVeigh are. And just could be lavished with whom it's not -- to stop apologizing to people who who you want to tell you love so much because this happened. Daniel and Manuel happened and Daniel is gonna remember this for the rest of his young life Manuel you are going to have it. Yet if you could put in a plug for me when you get there yeah. That was it. And then if you know anything about the aliens coming played -- -- there's a lot of tickets they might take it away. That's -- that was very -- today I think that we are -- everyone doing that because that's I think boys and truck. Kind of that not to say girls don't kill but in general -- young kids that any trucks trailers I don't my best friend's little boy. Heat dies for -- to us because they get to play and thought they get to be the person that's like. Career ahead very exciting -- we don't have today consistently that we didn't have to have a pet him in of course. And it's a panel that would -- grants at at play time we've been watching. -- -- -- One guy that's been. At the -- hazy it was and Taiwan since he was worn over the summer here's he is. It's about seven months old mount Roland. Past few times inside that giant will bucket. Which is for now the right -- but imagine. Not. He honestly -- -- obsession with hand. Molly Smith. -- -- -- -- -- Your thoughts on the obsession with pandas particularly. On American based morning shows is go. I understand it -- yak meat and didn't look you can't go wrong can you now. Now Ross and your thoughts I don't -- -- we got blood. -- -- -- -- -- -- we go all the -- -- at -- in the end that you're being just it's -- that we got bad and at the dollars and yeah. I mean roster -- Ross have you know -- -- really apparently. Coming in good candidate. I just again we will I want to thank you -- for some more thrilling television. We try we try to you live disagreed on fire you. -- I think yeah. -- -- -- you guys -- it is brutal out there and it is all her fault. We want -- that you guys not AM eastern daylight or standard where BR. We'll see -- them. --

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