GMA LIVE (02.18.14)

Ginger Zee and Lara Spencer discuss National Drink Wine Day, student-run philanthropy at PSU.
3:00 | 02/18/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (02.18.14)
Ready for -- GMA live. It all starts now live backstage -- GNA. -- -- Everybody and welcome to you may live where I'm still wearing roller rinks and day. We'll look we just -- and got our -- -- by Sasha and patent -- -- -- I now I mean the woman -- Olympic medals and has just taken us to town every single bag but she did have two left -- sons and I know they tried they tried to give her handicap and and given to left skates and no break and -- still. She schooled us a look at that's -- -- -- you gotta get my form. Thank god for Josh just caught assault with -- last night Rex is -- now they're coming on it now really coming after you I think all of England I think pushed -- -- pushed me. Guy's amazing. Really shot I can't I used to seeing him we have planning we -- This is really any between -- -- -- what do you know I'm like yeah. Didn't know there are members Virginia I was and we see it. Recently they cannot afford to be -- there and they games -- Sasha Cohen by the way what people are 18 while boarding had begun to move -- -- by. But watch went to see -- -- does a big comeback which is the very impressive she did a little swim move right here yet. Look at this he wants it she was -- -- that I'm thinking how they can. Ginger pushes me how does that -- yeah -- like we don't know they're antagonists like -- a photo finish and on the did you vote. They call you deserve a medal. When that didn't well thank you you know what -- -- I might have been -- A gorgeous. Thank you you know ledge public there's been -- while the national lined the national crazy white guys like he had to tell me -- love them the national very interactive every day as. It's a guys wanted us a special little some. I promise I'm gonna -- -- Measures. This. This is Traci. I'm -- Traci my whole life she was in my sister's great school with me. And she was the Maria to my county in West Side Story on. In Latin you don't -- and I -- and that I. Don't I want to say it was I was in seventh grade you were in fifth US summit appears never to you don't learn though some like that anyway she -- six. Yeah anything that was -- -- there you go now so as its. It's great to see and this is her fifteen year old son is selling you know not -- -- say -- over that say hello to the Internet fill -- -- Andy. And I wish you hadn't -- -- I want you -- Welcome and and and how well we were not allowed to -- us yet but it is not what we're not -- -- this on campus on. She knows and no land but -- we have beautiful food -- visiting wineries including guys and executive chef -- -- had winemaker. David Clark. Do you -- the home the gold in the fifty at the end but going into the theater. On the use exit -- Because from February soon. A lot. No budget numbers -- it wants me -- the -- Thank you so much we what are we having -- this pizza is one of your signature judicious. Yes that's wild mushroom pizza with coach she isn't -- -- -- and we're actually use by product of the winemaking called -- In the NATO action parts nice flavor. It's really spectacular. Viewing during the process a program critics of fish and I've and you'll do you stop quoting dom we -- those used from -- got to Japanese using doubts were -- to -- An entire staff is getting kind of creamy -- who go. That's like taking -- -- that led up cycling recycling today Mueller using everything -- that you've got excited I'm always all about that it's really really delicious. And you guys -- -- nationals and wind yes absolutely. -- -- Do you expect brisk business before it. We are very serious -- and -- -- -- to an -- wind being one of my top yeah I'd say yeah I mean we feel like it's our duty as Americans can -- celebrates. And we like to say thank you for all YouTube making beautiful lines which -- one what do you think the best when he never made it that would be forever be three -- has -- -- -- us Iraq. This. I'd like to try to renew its contract what message to present -- 2000 denser -- city city winery near exit very -- to a New York City tell everybody where you are. Grown very Karen van -- trips home in the west so yup very -- neighborhood so if you are in the city. It is a lost city in the -- wander around and work off that -- -- wandering the streets of town. Tony and I think we have action plan. I think -- thank you happy children blind every -- -- -- -- he's your accounts and nobody had been -- -- and yeah. -- -- -- you do that -- yeah. And the -- talk about a pet because I can you smell it like certain things like -- -- mister -- -- just bring it up because I couldn't wait. To see effects on the notes that we're going to see him again there isn't an update yelling yesterday and that's -- the cat and armed. Well you he -- his owner said he did he attempted the impossible in the true Olympic spirit he. He pushed the boundaries and tried to jump six inches. And dignity in the world mr. yes -- -- symbols apparently. Getting them the metals and and needs and you know what's going to cook. -- -- -- -- ice -- that was yesterday and then it is owner posted a new video. Where he gets closer and he got closer as a key block that six feet it's the agony of defeat -- in the true Olympic spirit -- try try again pupils and stables is finding his you know what they say about cats. They not only do they have nine lives but they always land on their feet -- even when falling off me. He's buying new buying everybody so JK. Owner of -- Campbell's would love to secede. Another would please keep us posted nod -- you have news on JK yelling I hit a home. I can't let -- emblem it might get that we have another cat may be out of the bag and JK Rawlings sitting in. Yes -- -- -- that was -- thought that any and we did that it's still cool up yet not stop them from releasing another -- got to the alternate name Robert. -- break -- -- offense -- dated for would have be funny loans on them. I have to -- my will have to pick -- under the new who put him all up to the best seller the -- goes -- is calling. And a sequel titled the still quorum will once again feature this private detective. Poor and strike up. And it will be released on June 24 -- great writer Bob. Albright that he she or he is right right whoever that -- us now. A -- that extra gas on a duet let's let you go you go on enjoying and a meeting don't -- that typically. I'm gonna get them of the washer woman not to even sound Akram and he had next time this only hopefully I think might -- him out toddlers -- and -- playing outside. But Alexi scrapes -- her brother Levi steps in to save -- -- Okay. And that he is true love. As is our love for this. On national -- -- -- On national drink wind and we lovely city wondering thank you guys can be some very special -- yesterday Pete and it's cute and eight students are joining us our -- that day not. You say your last name properly doc about the day not talk about his mother Penn staters I'm nylon and -- that's and to talk about it really. Recall has found. The dance marathon -- the largest student run philanthropy. In the world so proud to be part of -- is the oldest dance marathon and raised more than 101 million dollars. In the fight against pediatric. This week and these guys are pumping through their fourth annual 46 Howard dance marathon I'll answer that. Nothing. I don't want to hear it was -- yeah I heard it six -- yeah. Yeah it was really fun he was Tuesday. He -- an international. Drink wine. On the television I don't pretended it was complaining for a great cause and you guys race so much money sits on -- -- about how works. -- I think young actress I think culminates and this weekend -- the -- -- -- no sitting no sleeping dance marathon. I'm says they did it one big party we have nrgreen and a -- houses about 161000 people. I'm dialing in and out throughout the entire weekend. -- more than 700 people stand on their feet for that 46 hours. And I'm really fun and not serious -- point three million dollars of that kind of that they get back at and said -- how much he raced out there -- ways and means you guys to be part of this cause. It's special for man now and -- -- come -- out. -- -- -- I'm daddy coming -- forty majoring in public relations congratulations to innovate and David and anti guys on main campus will -- -- Penn State speaking up tonight to bring in Samantha winning yet another. And Samantha all this is. Dangerous for -- -- -- that many lions wanted to bring -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think not but in my hands my best friends at schools and yeah the only thing you -- right -- -- -- a -- -- I'm. -- -- each week and the hugely and it's such a great cause can you tell our. Watchers how they can make a donation or get involved. -- -- -- -- Well online will be live streaming throughout the entire weekend attack that yes you can log on -- thought not or to be able to see exactly what we're doing in the BJP and really like you're a part of it even now he can't -- in the building -- there. Off site but out of an ounce on on aren't as opportunities to donate rapidly and yet and really strongly -- every little bit counts you know I've seen you guys out. On it with your with your hands them you know collecting coins it all adds up obviously over a hundred million dollars raised for -- pediatric cancer treatments so that's the block. Keep us posted on how much you raised an everybody check -- on dot org right THL and yet that's. Board and shall wait we have one witness just said from the comptroller Brian what is this I'm hearing for us. That night yeah. They're not just it's not but as the indians' four incidents of last year's dance that -- is -- I was you can give them a break okay. I don't -- -- -- Let's do it and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That we create that the hearing that culminates an event that -- -- the the tourism Lashkar I tend to stay here is -- -- -- you know. Stop making this fans stayed flat bed soon and -- yeah -- and it didn't -- yeah etiquette they danced. I've been up organic NATO -- and any minds already made by and then there's day. -- -- -- I call I'm wearing -- Thank you are thank you autograph and nobody got got everybody -- got on dot com that is our show today thank you so much for watching him. July ginger and myself around money in the eastern for GM -- -- and -- and they jump in the nation or immediately or knows what will be competing in tomorrow. Hundreds. Oh yeah --

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