GMA LIVE! (02.26.13)

Josh Elliott, Elizabeth Vargas and Linsey Davis discuss the season 16 "DWTS" cast.
3:00 | 02/26/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (02.26.13)
-- a lot of. More -- here all that although. Springer -- -- -- figured out because we're live on GMA I think we communicate I think it's a mixed message we -- Traci. Pizza wants the contests. OK opening for the -- the -- need to look at the list and I keep if we put your name. -- -- do you think we will I didn't enter a contract that it'll be a weekend with jobs because a. Okay. Only I didn't I didn't -- Angola V as the yeah. -- actually Elizabeth stock Mumbai and a special guest appearance. -- -- -- Is not only. Good cracker Jack he has the -- cracker Jack correspondents -- -- -- -- an average -- -- -- totally is but also. A bride to be march 10. -- -- Yeah CI -- -- you happy I am that's terrific what does that exactly mean anything it's downhill it's like an elaborate show the people go on a reality show the picture wedding dress and I have no fashion -- so you basically bring your little like fashion to funds and that's along -- -- you think the dress that's. So it remains to seen I think contestant. OK so how are we -- are we right now for a U. Nervous he too busy to be not like what I know -- playground really super calm and I'm thinking I must be forgetting something I don't know what I don't know. Because you know flat first and you pay your front married again because when -- -- -- a at a what -- -- could absolutely nothing. Crying I destination we don't have to give away the destination it's going to be on Long Island. Policy yes -- it would decimate our. If the traffic committee could be a real fascination -- the traffic is not that watching them. That's oh congratulations on the news it's great and TLC yes contessa yes definitely a good -- march 8 at nine you know. -- -- had quite a morning on the show and first of all. I came here from ESPN and every now and again between teams or players win championships big races big athletic events they would come -- Bristol Connecticut where -- -- home offices are and what we would put them through what we call the car wash which is. -- up sundown you -- and every show every piece of media -- originally from there. How exactly. As Jimmie Johnson Daytona 500 winner second -- -- stop buying so good to see him. And -- since he was talent -- he actually lives when they are not competing he lives here. In new York city -- the last few things hit a NASCAR champion just exist here it was unreasonable in just about you know I've noticed race. It not true that he -- that mean he is set upon and one of the great guys in all of sports as good as they come itself it was great to see from. And have a televised shoot around he has today and the food co they even when they were out there and I'm -- unfortunately -- the magic of television the metal eye opening Robin -- -- -- -- his last time she was in the kitchen she's an indication everyday bad. Clarified she -- -- cooked in recent memory who weren't at the White House why do you find it stands. Exactly exactly but we also have a lot in our pop extract this morning exclusively we revealed the new cast. At the upcoming season of dancing with the stars and Good Morning America and we want to give you recap of some of the highlights -- -- remember. There's Kellie -- with -- half they've -- rehearsing their. -- we just ahead comedian Andy Dick who came out and reveals himself to the crowd -- probably -- yeah you're gonna. -- -- better and aren't -- call him out of breath and let them find out who the bad news really really great my I love my hand. Dreamcast. -- drinking camel. And there's our Super Bowl star Joseph. -- -- -- -- Asked terrific Gil you know it's funny they asked who who thought they would never do this and everybody raised their head who's nervous everybody -- and except for Jacoby -- Now economic and locust grove -- in the -- children Ray Lewis -- he did a great job. And I have to say because they treated this -- when I saw during the panel was -- I -- it I tried. To have Matt Hamill haircut when I was like I DC and we can yeah eightieth it was -- and -- -- that. Is -- that only one way. It might -- this is a bit about Campbell Linehan last spring I -- -- -- caught much. Why would like yeah -- you -- crash. -- -- I didn't realize that -- stepping on the -- of Alamogordo. Yeah I actually have a slim but I do not. And I more or extraordinarily. I'm just saying it it it's not working -- -- was there's I think at little that in my zone. Eddie you wouldn't you want it to defend bigger hit cut its reports that look at that film. -- I didn't. It's awesome to you I'm just saying it also happens does kind of energy boom I don't know -- bottling knelt -- -- panel bought -- exciting new. 2013. -- Pamela Harris wins that fight night when he got testy wasn't working so well I was he's -- this is my it's nasty it's not all they don't want any. I don't know it's just a nice cup of -- And it was great white -- -- deadline of the morning. When asked why she's doing -- that you want to get back to her original -- of eight pounds and fifteen ounces -- -- terrific show has been very open about her battles with weight she DLQ it'll be as entertaining a season and we've seen. So good luck to all because right now you are all winners. Speaking. Yes do we have time to bring -- -- social media producer armed with -- and anti American morning and -- -- He have been well real quick Michael Rainey. Seventy till you've probably seen her weeks back he just wants nothing get a shout out so you give the -- -- out out -- or at least seventy through. Thank you so much for joining us here on the Internet and Ireland Australia each and every death and I want to know how much you -- -- his failure to ask the I haven't actually about a charging for that -- a prop up until now I'm going -- I know I think -- wanted on a website and vote. Good Morning America that come on Yahoo! -- nude dancing celebrity are you most excited to see that the sample the -- at -- -- what you know what you said he's been on the show he said he said incorrectly that Wynonna was blowing up Twitter. I pulled some quick numbers and actually the most we have this morning with -- -- Great great nation out in full force -- NFL is -- him in May especially coming off a big civil law trying to second must. But -- I think it would actually had a vet who was my -- I -- mandate. At -- I think it's clear that the show got a whole lot finance this season material that they antiquated and said that behind the scenes clips are going to be better than advancing I think she's right and take a look at that. Not there's already a movement to get me on dancing with the. Okay. -- yeah. We gonna do it if I get to dance with mark. And I think that way -- let's let's see some of their -- Not. Okay okay. Yeah. -- That's -- -- worst thing I've ever in my my. I'm not gonna talk though that I don't mean this is what I didn't I was saying this that Jimmy when he came on there is nothing like. Fan loyalty in NASCAR. So I tweeted just before it came -- Jimmy Johnson joining us and a couple of hours on GMA -- head -- NN. And every Jimmie Johnson fan leg responds back I've got eight DVR -- I can't wait for it. But every NASCAR fan watching our show who is not a Jimmie Johnson fan of the I -- -- I am stepping why I'm gonna hit new I don't it's. -- intend to keep them come and you and -- and hash tag -- springer. Because I want that to happen. -- before I before -- ago. Before I kick this mortal coil and history is on Dancing With The Stars all will be great world war. Have these levels of discussion I believe it's moral stature that in world season ticket Matt. Starting is also in fact Madagascar are stops today because of the -- -- definitely -- It has -- -- -- want this pig. Paramount farms -- I'm told the world's largest. Pistachio farm or. Is did you sit Astacio did -- announce -- discussion is. Have -- stock. This Garcia I don't know allergy would be well singling him on the phone and rolling out a series of brand new ad called it cracked up. Thank you it's got all your big stars. What the Khloe Kardashian and her husband -- Just wondered who aren't -- -- permit the -- embarrassing. And are we up. That's got tragic I'm sorry side. It was to oust them it was their Angry Birds of -- Broderick. Former GM -- guests you know -- you know Jim it I've gotten them with the globetrotters blew up. They were just a regional barnstorming team in the -- on -- alive and everybody's talking about Harlem Globetrotters -- -- you won't believe there. -- around her so we just take it made it to me just where that. Think big and then -- -- -- -- but audience members to attack us. How dispatchers and. -- I need to my credit to Mike the night not and I thought hey I'm like a leg up. -- I think if you might. The idea that the -- Get them back in -- in the control room. -- in the control room. He left his game is an island you left this you know I don't know I get if you -- I -- you've got to -- -- job. Reluctant no lag in getting adapted. -- -- Smith who -- fifth and -- get you like new but -- we're making well right now. -- -- -- -- -- I got my kids we have -- don't even get even moment in the. -- by the way -- I -- -- see -- -- that well missy after the ship. And in advance I want to thank you for all your efforts here on GMA life. Good luck in your future and other. All right so. Lets -- pretend like business. I bet your life I'm not really look at -- actually brings up the yellow. You like heroes -- He played guard -- targets. All right now let's meet our -- because if you are amber amber you're joining us from at Pennsylvania. And at Times Square veterans welcome. -- tells me Chelsea you're joining us from Columbus, Ohio. OK and you why Janet Janet from. Paula Kyle -- already we have a little interest neat thing. Pennsylvania OK fair to -- Big Ten country yeah and I left okay. Yeah she -- She's already wanted to. Some resentment thirty seconds on the clock is that right -- we're just -- shell pistachios and into a -- that's how -- -- -- -- in the ball again. It is illegal everywhere -- got to go everywhere okay. Good to make a mess as well all right thirty seconds on the clock please. Your time and begins. -- Okay. Lol. I love. What I gotta take us seriously considered this is true that I want I ever got here in Atlanta. 12 -- 345678910111213. -- he got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We own the budget we were -- -- here. -- I don't know if you're gonna have a hard time -- This can't be -- would like. Two drove the black candidate. Do you also want to give away my sweet skinny Mike and I would love you to. Okay. You're all letters and have the world -- Daschle. -- when he got to play it again I hear that I hear -- trip. It's -- -- pistachios is showing no. And it's not forcing the statue is on the nut allergic Linda Davis is pending before letting either. They allowed winners though it's fair to say we are being walloped as a nation. Violent her family -- and slows. And even the superdome for young ones. Oh my guys. That is the greatest passing grace -- that you of Sherwood Oregon. 23 months he wow. -- and her two year old birthday. Return yeah the put -- -- element. Who -- and she couldn't you couldn't stop herself from English. Yeah there's still -- -- a little listen I'm not saying. And home like it's definitely put the helmet on the economy everybody together -- monopoly on the -- I actually didn't see though the father behind justification under chilly. And then -- display. The NFL and tell you -- is my son started -- was three and they're all in helmets they make and that small and for the first year and Tyler as he without helmets and I dispute tickets to get -- -- and I I want. I didn't medals here that helmet when I see everybody it would help I have to get me you know what it's not because of your skiing it's because of somebody else out of the vehicle crashing into you have sent -- that -- The you could just jump out of for a -- Exactly how -- redirecting no I'm trying to find a big guy go ahead and talk among themselves -- hot comments that he also very important. Can you tell -- in the control room. Unless your last day -- can you please tell Elizabeth what you're telling me -- I was saying that you eat it has a five week old sister and mom says -- if you do. It is -- snowboarding -- you know we're out of a few weeks apparently I have -- in the snow that's gonna cut it six -- this athletic. -- because Serena. Resistance ski school over the weekend for years -- and -- -- with her helmet and always put up a helmet on defense I pretend nothing you know. That's an -- -- -- There is terrified but listen I'm glad he was another release gonna love the sport let's get a helmet on -- children. Like many of the tip my loved it did loved it looked -- she hated it hated terrified -- -- that have snowboarding -- belittle both. Really about what I it was time I've recently seen since I don't know because I don't deal and I don't do this note that under this I know I know not all. You know wow for a -- I am not when you think it's not a good -- eight feet on the slopes is not a good luck. I didn't not doing it I was the beach kid you're like my husband I'll go on as any weekend and all -- -- It's terrible and Israeli I -- I cook I like to cook this obviously nice -- you can now work on the crock pot I'll read books. I'm not asking that require for the best yeah. I took my emotional -- And I think I'm going to the -- and live Q what do Lawson -- reputable local. I tell -- I I took my oldest son Zachary. Mosquitoes from -- -- ski -- this -- begin dinner and after the second thing he said mommy I never felt so alive. -- intimately and others in I would just like and I treated my right between that you know my husband. That's what this trip worth won't let me series you never feel more alive when -- -- well. Laura you never feel like you -- define when you. Why not right. Yes I don't know why. I mean high incidence EU and I think back yes I grew up to enough. Not at at a college not not even if sales don't move on now find out if -- Yeah I'm so I don't hear I'm learning all right grew up near the beach -- -- of the pulpit what Hillary -- I didn't I didn't. It does -- guy -- taking the cold. And I hate giving up in the -- other limited job I don't know I don't know I've never -- -- Daily -- -- The most exhilarating thing that is hadn't tried multiple times. -- on the Blackberry -- I'm sorry where -- Canada is -- -- without it -- just like you -- it. Denise Denise home. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's still needs to be since the last day she's taken everybody went back to say she's selling everybody out rabbit it. Ask yourself what you with the -- what might bring -- Are in and out -- to answer oh yeah. Yeah. I'm added that he's -- you know he'll get -- Go back to LA and get this he's -- them. Blurred I think it's also given hamburgers don't travel everything's fresh that's why they -- the greatest things I've ever gone -- -- -- -- -- little thing. We'll present them. Yeah yeah. I -- it. And in and out in Times Square they can -- open 24 hours today. Acting would print we want to -- quite honestly they admitted they there's no contest with all due respect to -- there's no contest I'd love she checked. In a different way. In -- -- top of the parent that can only 100 you know California is looking a little bit partial no I think it's completely unbiased. Down I love it. We're not that it now and by the way I believe Wednesday writes in his Wednesday is that when the -- -- -- Wednesday -- you'll see my -- In and out burger on Wednesday on the big challenge him. Yeah. We should go after we see if it's. I want to know why didn't tell the Internet all right my god. -- -- -- I didn't ask what I mean what impact this -- according to you re right they ought to say hey let's stop and think needs. You're looking at -- endeavor we're all very excited. Down there -- -- you my fountains eat and get our special guest star bride to be star of TLC's say yes to the friends who didn't. -- until tomorrow hello I'm given. Yeah. Okay.

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