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Check out the buzziest moments from today's "Good Morning America!"
9:34 | 03/05/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.05.13)
I think Karen that it could I don't think about it. And -- these these are reaction to first on Good Morning America once super health -- and one world debut Robin take it away. Remember about two to two -- -- yeah it took to Giuliani -- admission that yes will but kids that we need sprouting on those but these figurines. They can be the key to a diet breakthrough that helps you lose weight -- George. It's being called a news super -- -- -- this -- this please -- is the assistant -- -- know -- and -- notice that drink and it. -- all -- lot of -- a lot of to date wit she had to your hair -- you usually don't always -- it makes sense doesn't it we actually were taken he's never really gotten -- what brought. The other way and really yeah I -- think you. You didn't like it but they say this is not with the help and help -- lose -- -- but it's part of that's techno and managed. Fascinating aspect its really its its interest you know I didn't drink -- Jews gathered eight. So this is mind. The parliament got a group but this is really take a business news ask you this is you can wash down near -- drink. Quit this world exclusive Starbucks has been kind enough to send over our friend in Times Square. Data -- ever -- permanent and you -- to the -- and a long time this is it isn't the first ones or reimbursements Triad is that it will not my piano. -- -- Vanilla espresso taste and hazel not on top in the dark about ice it is good and it's really good this is really get to George. -- how it really yeah. -- didn't do it it might -- also ahead. Paris Jackson. As an -- new welcome we gives it up. That's that he that's -- -- this and meanwhile a prince Michael's acting debut which Jackson relative is behind it all. We're gonna tell -- but first things first let's head uptown to Central Park it's been awhile since we've been there it's fair to say if not the summer concert series Sam what. Are you doing in that. Below him. I I am actually really admirable orange us good morning get part of our on the -- and -- -- We're gonna go up in the balloon. Although one that the wizard goes up then. But now we're standing inside as we get -- don't play and if you turn this thing upside down you -- -- 90000 those giant popcorn tubs -- here. We're gonna see what happens when we take this thing. Up in the sky by the way guys back -- -- -- -- Other people all these drinks -- yeah -- -- -- everything yeah ear openings in your morning with Susan -- -- do it. Relax sit and enjoy everybody and we begin with a sequel to it. Anchorman and it just got even more incredible. If that's possible in addition to the perfection that is the cast of Will Ferrell Steve Carell Christina Applegate just to name -- Yale. Harrison Ford and Kristen wind are now set to appear in the film. I mean that's gonna -- her I cannot wait plot -- being kept top secret we'll have to wait until. The film comes out on December 20 yet keep it collapsed -- yeah. And I don't know embellishment. What taste -- good to see Barbara Walters -- yesterday welcomed back Barbara. We were so happy to see you on the view you probably know she's been out since January recovering from. Quite the 12 punch first -- concussion. That was discovered -- of the chicken pox which. She never okay if we understand have contracted from. Saying -- well known there seemed ms. Walters gave Franklin's -- -- years -- hug and kiss on the cheek. Not knowing that he was not come down a case of shingles this is her story everybody. And it's the same virus so how did she pass the time during her six week recovery she said that she watched the view of course and a lot of Downton Abbey. Welcome back Barbara DA Barbara and and great she's really good. Still had -- her yap. Mila Kunis is busy promoting her new film on the great and powerful she plays at the Eudora the becomes the wicked witch of the west but at a press junket -- she was anything but evil. So sweet to his star struck -- rookie reporter -- name is Chris stark and backed by the time it ended here he was mile. -- -- -- -- -- Listen. Think the police -- what's -- well but well I believe that 900. I've never even had a is it I can't you finish MV abolish -- -- blue -- how quickly can achieve that upon all pretty fast -- to -- I support kind -- phone wants but. -- -- -- -- How quickly can you -- a -- of the I love that turned to the two never really did get to talk about the movie when -- a friend he said listen you should probably have some talking points I -- some some things about the film. Chris also interrupted that asking you like to go to a wedding look -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And finally guys -- turns 59. This. This guide turns fifty today who moved back everybody on -- sixty years ago Hulu was patented. An estimated 25 million who live -- sold in the first four months of production alone. -- hula hoop after the hip gyrating Hawaiian dance of the same -- Of course the -- did give way to the next cool thing when I went on to create hits like the super ball the water wiggle silly -- slip inside and who thought that the the -- some enjoy this. Vintage footage that you -- yet still you because you've done it probably aren't good you are. Had their -- I might be doing it right now. I'm not be your -- -- this down or not they've -- -- -- for after the -- -- online Fijian -- -- really love it entities contract let's go to sandy take offs them. Well you know -- You would know that with the giant believe the note I'm that they. And Central Park we're not exactly sure how many people -- we have other thing right now -- -- -- 1012 -- If they like golf it will feel like a scene out of the movie -- has betrayed and marvel of the way -- our parent company let's get on board. It's a big boy Aaron we're gonna see if we if that win comes down we're gonna try to get this thing -- that what do you think we think we now we never really gone well we don't. -- would have knuckled street or. -- let's go back to Times Square. You're welcome Sunday morning media check Twitter you couldn't believe what you are reading -- -- -- -- Dennis Rodman joins George Stephanopoulos on this week surprise interview to be sure the only problem was great interview lot of people -- -- hadn't heard Dennis Rodman speech had some trouble. Jamie Campbell. To -- that. -- did an interview George Stephanopoulos yesterday it was really fantastic. Some people have a hard time understanding what he was saying but I happen to speak fluent Rodman so I -- Break it down for you it helps if you see it in writing he said. One thing about that you know what I -- look at all that right there. I -- just. What he's doing and I don't condone that I hate the fact that he's doing not. You know what. That's a human being. He did one day to me being a friend. I didn't talk about that I understand now I understand that. Okay. You don't want to do that you don't want to do that. But in -- -- small like it. Monica. A diplomat I don't wondered. It. Three he would. -- putting got a call across America to find the perfect GMA look alikes. Look like or know someone who looks like Robin George Josh Lara Sam -- -- smiled and OK maybe not -- -- -- -- Good Morning America dot com and send us your picture you might end up right here on Good Morning America C. Like at this death. The balloon and Central Park -- say can you can you bring us up to speed what's the latest. Okay. Don't. I don't want to talk nice things don't ever thought about it what is called a balloons daddy. I mean you can't you should've seen the team of people trying to hold this thing -- We got up in the air but I'll just say there's a little bit too much -- here to keep this thing up and steady we wanted to thank the incredible team who has tried to help us do that -- the great and -- -- -- -- -- We're not done yet to put this thing -- we admit it take tomorrow we're still be here tomorrow -- gonna get that yet they act air bags and now Sam -- -- -- about all of -- done doing. Like I'm gonna make you buddy Samuel.

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