GMA LIVE! (03.15.13)

Josh Elliott, Lara Spencer and Sam Champion chat with Miss America and relive a funny GMA moment.
18:34 | 03/15/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.15.13)
They may have started available. What really happens about sneaking dvd here. On helium. I'm only a little Irish so I -- -- line. Its own continent was a degree geology in the so happy to have you back again John voters out I -- Their -- -- where all the yeah yeah. Last night that I will say this regardless. You know -- -- -- -- not. To see something like that the spectacle on the -- -- That. Couple nights ago which feels like. A month ago was. Unbelievable -- did was -- on job or you're gonna cost struck back at us is thank you it. -- to think distracting those last moments Britain comes walking on the balcony in front of saint Peter's. This is a guy. Who that morning could have walked in street clothes and recognized them through the streets of Rome and he was about to become literally. The most famous man in the world at least for that 1 evening it was. It was amazing I -- when you pointed that out too because you know when you when you're flipping around watching everybody's coverage. You were able to give me what it. It felt like there and has little bitty things letting me go wow this is kind of momentous moment. As a personal moment I had my kids watch it because I say this is you -- you're watching history you may not fully understand it but that you couldn't help -- can spot yet. It's very rare that we -- have history you know schedule in this job and -- people asking about it if you. If you didn't like that assignment get out of your connector not to the church or other church believes it is kind of a historic spectacle that you. You kind of thing and no mistake they're still -- are tenuous times that Catholic Church there are many issues on the grave -- they're gonna have to face and so. Well look here's hoping that they made a good decision. I think -- guess I have tenuous times can I just come right back. A little bit video -- know don't nobody. That -- but Jack Hanna who we love is always you know as in the house by the way and and and there was a moment if you'll notice Josh is becoming very good with animals but just. But notice this moment when there -- -- sound behind us. Just yet there's that that there have what -- -- -- called II era when the I can't remember I don't know but it let Barry. Got comfortable -- Yeah and hundreds -- and take that you have one should look good. -- -- have this big stinking thing on your lap. Yeah. Jeff since -- dividend to -- any point it and smell right immediately day. And let's just say it may have been in a very distant advantageous position that it had a reaction and so -- that's because it was -- -- smarter over apparently not known when they put that big bird back in the -- was not counting down in Baghdad. That. We did your animals now I heard you saying that at this hour the force it had a robust. I think it is not a listing current robust -- a little like speed of -- on -- yeah -- we have Tom Bergeron on today thousands daily threat last shot at. And it turns out to tensile strength of our desk is such that he can jump -- -- -- yacht went down that and here's why they. The things I love about Tom Bergeron is he's good to do anything so Elizabeth just as Florida goes a little lower than a young woman. Yeah probably engines like yeah -- Ask people to come in and sit on the desk this and you there's no way you can get to that chair by the way there's so much stuff and as everything a little higher. But trust is a serious note that was -- he had he had some very funny lines we already know you are -- he really wants us to get our very special gas that someone you know very well Niger meaning plenty on an ally it's than it ever. And. -- -- Don't -- you were outstanding. And you really stood out -- and what a group that was I had the pleasure -- that twenty funny special. And I I thought -- this is a tough one for the judges -- I was in the position -- -- -- -- -- boy is and -- confident and -- your real role model for women -- thank you and I appreciate that. What I loved about him being a part of the pageant is all and -- a lot of them ladies are here today. And what I love is how tight you guys are as a group and no one really kind of gets that but you guys know what you go through yeah I know what it takes to get. There are people people actually always think that there's like this -- rivalry and that there's bickering -- and there's really. There's really not like -- so many of the girls that are here today are are here because. We are close and we really interesting -- and I don't -- as American girls who have their bridesmaids are. They're Miss America -- contestants I think about Super Bowl let me it. Your statement together twelve -- -- there's so many you know today and it's like it's like good adult summer camp kind of Kenya without your -- Yeah I don't -- -- its moments of your early rain what's what's a moment that this kind of already in your -- Well I mean there's been so many I think definitely -- I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan and actually got to go to spent some time the Boys and Girls Club. And I talking about kind of reaching their goal setting goals planning and achieving and I kind of told them my story of eleven years in the -- organization finally hitting Matt. You know what I didn't expect it -- finally getting delayed as I have been working for. And then we already done dreams and -- we all went outside it was Saturday in street was isn't really cool moment it used to be and that position to be able to influence and get that one that's okay guys -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- mares and -- right now we met outside. The they have not -- -- perhaps we look at it happened legally back tonight lobby. You just meet people all -- how -- -- recall spending wasn't you know sometimes does not so great I'd definitely always try very hard to remember kids names because I think has a very good and pat I will always remember face. So I'll say hey good to see you again because I know that I had not -- I mean are going to be an invite you know that I -- -- I remember you are yeah. Thank you and Miss America I'm only guessing that there is a little bit you know about our country. And we thought we could turn this in -- to a game so why not go at him at all we're not competitive at all but why don't you set -- up and the way. Rogers is here to keep school. And this. Yeah. -- this cannot be -- wins this you know elect Clinton as America's outstanding teen beating keeper of the all right I. I agree whatever you want -- Collins -- -- -- you look at the gorgeous gorgeous. Yeah. And you need you moment -- and -- -- -- -- privacy has as anybody I have identical. That. Everybody. I don't know I would latest -- that is -- yeah there's going to give us some clues this. Eight days. -- -- -- -- -- -- We have yeah. -- -- -- Because he had not. You know Larry even Miss America pageant that happens in Vegas so next year when you go to Vegas to -- -- -- tell us tell as it's called this nickname nickname today. Part all right ready yet ready are you ready. So ever and never being persecuted gonna -- Tyrell Biggs -- First alliance not he knows what -- I don't I got -- small -- -- -- -- My thoughts are by the way of draining. The -- I. I have that would let me. I -- really -- are pulled out yet you aren't aren't just mark. -- whole. Terrible and I don't know you just. I don't know I. Yeah -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just wait until you're acknowledged as the -- I went yeah. -- -- -- beaten but you don't. -- -- -- -- -- but I think about it and he did have a look at this terrible re ready all right get your hand I'm ready for. Half this. Wisconsin who think that yeah. Okay you're -- city is he now I didn't -- yeah yeah. I'm just gonna -- on the stock. All right let me you have more confident than John and I yeah. I didn't -- to -- and I know. Oh yeah. OK yeah. -- Do not at all a whole lot -- It's not I -- -- about it guys. No I think that we do have a winner. Right here who get this -- days -- -- Okay. They can be okay I'll look at it and I -- -- okay. Doesn't grandstanding at lunch and everybody not -- That's why there's another problem I just want investors and that's fine I see that but I want that you whenever -- -- -- idea. Palestinian -- the -- they say hey everybody -- did you know and you guys have brought back tales from the last two patents. A lot of role models here so we -- like they are. And it's not only gorgeous women -- are a wonderful wonderful individual expect. You know the worst thing about that I'm. Far too excited to have one I announced that wouldn't say that's -- that I was very -- -- -- -- memorable home that got that was Somalia you won both days and actually do a lot because I need time to -- to -- I can't imagine anybody else here exams sang and I quote I think my dinner is broken. Well the problem is all that is why I think we want a doctor about or could it be okay -- the biggest -- and the controller at camp. He needs to win -- that up just -- -- we find that what we got an hour getting ready is running from the history. Always drive it out got a live one -- time we'll find it left. -- -- actor everybody let's do it I've really missed its. To speak read and break my worth being greedy here in the studio under the court's Sunday saint -- daddy and you website at -- where people can sell their craft items is in -- -- Saint Patrick's Day -- -- glue guns are out. The I mean they are what they -- dazzling like crazy on -- site for your paths here are some photos from items that we found to bring out your -- -- irishman. Yeah all I know that cats is now I -- you. Employees -- now that's funny though that evidence I have ear holes the happy that dollar. What's the white collar greens in the south at what point out that -- down this to a doberman because the government would take off your hand. I'm you know one that John does note read you right if I do love that -- it's -- -- very cool site you can actually get antiques to let you know I love all things crappy. By John Rigas those are. All right we have -- -- everybody. I don't want to hear from you tell us how will you be celebrating saint Patrick day besides. Is it Fini and dressing up your -- but is not a euphemism didn't see. The -- -- is that really is a legitimate ads are. Well I know I would never have -- -- what it has bar -- that he's been out then -- or is it. Just an Irish coffee for -- a little coffee time reunite broke -- -- that's. Before we play that you wanna say HE TV. The big night debate. -- this illness is seeing. I'm so proud to be -- so. Happy that -- front she'd like never was she never slept I mean you are -- -- on the -- I'm sleep day job GM name priority. So we shot -- flea markets on the weekend starts in nineteen into case fifteen new episodes of flea markets it's great. -- I got to do it -- where yeah I got oh -- -- -- -- -- no against you -- week. Healing healing well but that's why I mean -- I want you what I -- That way. Come out to strong with -- -- that you behind. Bush -- about that yet a look at that -- and -- You want look at it we have a lot of we got a lot of people's choice both for of sorts -- Might be the first stimulus bill for. Take a look at this little -- -- who -- -- trouble in the kitchen. Double to -- Take. Heard the album. Protect -- human and my that's something that all of these kids get elected its going archer yeah. The violence like -- -- -- -- -- Now I really don't hit anything can count on that video that it out of there I want to point out when I was told this -- -- -- told. It's not good things captain obvious that he did a good thing both for both for. Daddy's little. Oh my god he. -- totally. -- -- -- -- -- That is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It and it painted Tuesday hamburger. You know we have. Have a big we have something big going on and not only is he back but that there's been some very big news are we allowed to talk about it yet. Now we allowed that springer again -- spring we -- Right now because someone is a very big promotion is not capable of firing all of us. Now. So I'm doing and her new role I'm going to be in charge of social media for. News that it. Ugly little Israel is -- -- -- I don't think so. I dare say that we major career young -- you remember why uses such as fun place to work I'd love. I get to devote my dream every day for -- I was a kid I won and it's a common work. And a network and come in every morning to you gonna find network lots -- so proud -- I'm guessing you get a date now springer. Our unaudited I'm working on an. You get out yeah. Temperature trend as an earlier I was trying to plan might what what the heck I'm gonna talk about never detail -- that cash out how to get out of conversations. Which is how the the show right time. Instead I had to go to the bathroom but that's just -- statement. My -- has broken right now. Waterboarding now pop pop pop -- Clark notes might step on toes so how do you guys got a conversation. I have to go home. Really. Send Aguilera were you when we're having like what I'm telling you why exactly it's always wondered why -- I was I was thinking like I'll let it doesn't. I really want to see this with you are usually the runoff flowing brown no now -- show strong I don't know it's such a hard thing. -- turn things you know I'm trying to think of what I think actually had to suffer through it than not that's not on how the odds are you what I thought you might view them. In most Indian Ocean you know. Invitation LL check out what your friends. It's what your friends very appropriately -- has prevent. -- that the Irish it must be very very -- I'll hear about when -- I don't have any idea Elliott healed my Irish -- that is does any -- this time however this is true this is definitely we're out we're all out as a group -- seven be right back. -- -- -- Right -- Gonzalez but -- leukemia -- get -- right now they're celebrating why not necessarily want what you know what we need go with what we said jeopardy does he had easy weekend. Let's go back to that. To that singular moment in the game today Sam. -- yeah. But. Kids who think he wanted to Jack. Yeah and thank you to the lovely ladies with the -- yeah. Organization who are here with. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- AM eastern daylight. -- -- Everything black. That's okay. Everything black. That's okay. Everything black. -- -- Everything black. -- --

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