GMA LIVE! (03.19.13)

Josh, Paula and Sam speak with a young student with an interesting idea for a math story.
17:26 | 03/19/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.19.13)
Okay. -- -- -- -- -- We're coming out of they're -- Do you still America let's just in -- -- -- -- ironic yeah I don't know. I think Jeffrey let me -- Full disclosure it. Loved -- -- alive -- fans night there's a window of opportunity the get out of that wars are not everybody. -- I don't part of this 9000. Wasn't that -- aren't -- But the big should make you believe Josh Elliott you know they handle it then yeah I have to leave. And I. And you didn't pay him later -- -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- I don't know -- Yeah. He's very close to my final four but there's always going to be a soft spot in my heart for Kansas -- in the miracles happen. -- -- -- -- I'd rather not say I love him back more with the all the you say automobile I don't know I -- I don't know -- Really -- cumulative -- got to change yeah. There's ever meanwhile Howard University area tell you got the nod did you did you I. A -- you know what I haven't. Yeah I'm just it's like I go you go back and forth on this why there's never been here and we'll -- -- -- pregnant there's so much pain there's nobody who can. Definitively say they know. Soul but I will be safe that couple that -- policy it's a great week over the hoosiers give -- our -- Can't write well let's start I. I noticed is a long way to start the show but I mean we -- so Robin had a kind of like picking up that -- palm pilots with the math problem if you will all right so you remember I was -- bringing had a and it doesn't matter there's an -- and a podium -- live studied them. It's like a pop quiz. So you're -- this morning is -- in your mind if you would. Just write a little -- story for this equation. -- -- -- minus thirteen inch equals seven. Right price so it's a little story for you know if if if not train was traveling you know like knows you know little a little story I had. Twenty pieces of bacon and write. Seven -- -- it. That adds -- second -- and the others and that's not that's not a bad one but I submit to you that nine year old Matt -- Have a much better one. He was given that. That assignment on a recent math quiz his third grade glass remember this now nine year old -- -- -- third grade class at when he brought home his mom also was looking over his answers and here's what she found. Matthew had twenty girl for yeah. Unfortunately broke up with thirteen. How many girlfriends does -- have loved to. 87. Girlfriends left. I back you ugly and mean I envy of all my friend and care to explain how this all happened -- crowded. His mom and how did you join us. Okay. Is that you guys here mess that's why so Roland why how -- Where did this story coming from the navy and where did this story don't -- We're at an historic problem that. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. And this isn't mountain. Yeah. So mum is this is this sort of par for the course for you are reissuing math -- there. I love it now when it when he comes home I mean every day -- -- is there something you know kind of funny that he does is that what you're checking all the worker you just. A diligent mom. And I this. We're. Something funny -- because it is. Top -- news -- -- -- I was there doesn't. Now what are the other -- -- golden they laughed out loud at this or did they just kind of go all out. I think that they did and it's. I mean you know usually an extra credit for showing your work in -- that might help review of the work. -- And I'm telling you sober and with Garrett who dig -- would. That was our -- plus in the offing here -- was there -- plus plus Matt in this sat out in this land of the teacher. -- the bigger yeah. I mean and lesson was learned -- can't argue that. Twenty minus thirteen always equals seven -- -- no matter what him. -- best of luck I'm sure there are Nobel Prizes. If other things in your future and boy we can't wait to see what's next and -- for joining us and we thank you for staying with us this morning as I can see by the clock on the wall it is nine to. And yet this where -- -- all right. Yeah. I love it got love -- got big stock yeah. First period I had my appearance on GMA line. Italian restaurant yeah actually I loved -- -- I thought -- just oh this is this his view that from beautiful so we have a little poll. Of course to follow this up well. Red like late yeah. Honda are right now in order for me to do -- I have to find the book that would get them all right what was your favorite how are we really have this many topics in the fall because. Is this is confusing -- but what was your favorite subject to no -- as yours wasn't. But that -- -- map because now -- it was a mass. Science. English social studies art gym for recess three -- None of the about it I hear they got from the audience you're like voting. Every -- -- that defense I gotta say English. Get -- -- -- -- election laws if you. England -- lover of words. Current editor we don't we are we interrupting your show I'm sorry I didn't realize that you -- got. Finally the whole thing. -- yeah. They -- their -- and control are -- slides control and hitting slides and I don't particularly optimistic that we -- manager removed from the -- It's if that happened it's an author and wow flat out all 100 got about ten seconds and -- -- I would have a problem. OK we do have -- -- at seven pop acts are now you guys know that Kelly Osborne she's on the -- she suffered a seizure and that setback -- TV show or let out very eerie frightening because. I think she's -- that was -- first students who had. They had to -- so young -- also do you when you hear people who suffer especially diversity. Think you don't don't know what's happening to you can't you can't -- -- hope she's okay. She is okay she's on the man she was spotted out about -- here's the photo over the weekend she looks great stuff but -- about Beverly Hills on Sunday. To visit a friend but she was released from the hostile. Last weeks -- thoughts are with her but had to be a frightening and. And I adore her love her because I mean on the Joan Rivers the fashion police show. Kelly is just phenomenal fantastic she's a lovely young woman she's got a great sense of humor she's -- incredibly real. And she'll bring that fashion right down to the real moment I mean she'll tell you if it's right or not right adore her saw him I'm glad everything's -- and -- that -- you know you can. No family should have to endure things they've had to endure here last year or so. -- her brother -- finding some some health issues but -- she. And all those gorgeous pictures of Kelly were from -- Magazines you look certainly -- it's it's it's being Minty fresh at least a fresh -- department hasn't quite easy. Could be in general are critical look like the argument and -- -- -- beautiful little to do on me. And -- could be a little issues like a nice cup team. The community. Alarms of the team warm soothing relaxing cup fatigued I'm sorry -- Utah area to hire somebody -- -- and that is that she's. -- -- -- -- We're out there else why hey we're going to tell I won't let us. Off the -- at today's argument are now we still engaged innings we still get back on his case. I couldn't I couldn't have her still engaged of those points about it. And amazing he's by the way he's by the way. Very lovely and in the end it's fine young man we sort of pictured him again please everybody else in the control I don't know you can hear me. I needed to address and I need a picture of prairie is off beyond now now all -- Did he did when this summer the most complicated part of the wedding planning right now Hal where where are we what phase are we -- The parents not helpful. Parents have been happy -- audience is not this is not you're not helping -- -- music that. Parents aren't -- I'm saying what all this family is lovely but. Pop pop pop pop pop -- I felt it pop pop pop and I spoke fondly what's coming up its funding if wired up didn't I I think -- -- it. Yeah yeah yeah I don't know what to do I want you to read your -- all the -- and now that he's got a -- great. Yeah. In the one hour. -- Callahan may live also let me know what exactly is the sticking point is still that -- -- -- -- -- you know we're on the -- -- right now. What is the sticking point here. There's so much love so much just that eat. Be huge blow that letting it must be going terribly. It's a good cop bad cop car rails -- what it -- yeah we'll periodically reject. -- make sure you're still in game. And that -- that says Clinton strike me a little musical sting could do. I didn't fancy graphics it would be on higher. Maybe he didn't he all right so we have tried for is this correct. Okay let's see it -- for plus one who all about the animal kingdom were starting -- been with could she know as an out -- not always easy for young Fella. Okay. That. That's. Unfortunate that is the -- Okay a road. Seriously the Internet I just -- cavities eyes -- saw. Because when -- -- -- and your your bullet is a little around handing you can't get down there tell hold that you don't roll over you can't. Seeing is just over all I do Sam -- and is speaking and again. He's up here glad I did not personally confirmed that when you're a little round -- -- -- area. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This was -- and I just was silly you don't -- work in the show. The producers of this fine program -- say it is we're going to be -- for Gmail labs a look at the US and so. I saw the little if and when I saw. Pain when an iPad to make out what can be done what -- -- -- we have of these guys it's California's aquarium of the Pacific compact and look at us. No doubt that pat and they're trying looking expensive -- -- -- trying to catch -- they're very few handfuls of. Which is I gotta get this is sort of borderline abuse any. This sort it's tortilla like adorable abuse because -- his modest. It's just computer energy cannot eat -- there's it's never gonna get back governors on the government's -- is that's -- That's a little yeah this whole thing -- -- -- -- probably want and the desire like paying that off that his commitment right there. I'll take an -- that's -- -- might -- our dogs Greg Knapp buddy we would take a piece of American cheese and you know rally. That he would catch it but sometimes -- Ohio State and the feeling the quake there. Burton got down a little torture that's old orchard he's -- -- there and -- minutes until it felt all right and and on the future pointed -- And I asked him if we get the efforts of video of the bullet that she's on the -- money hostage after. I'm guilty of putting a little peanut butter on action on the it is 800 pounds -- she would lick -- I'm a little guilty had become big and because it made me laugh out it didn't. And adopt I had but I have a six I think is still licking the peanut. -- -- -- And I deliver a blow. First dog getting in the Easter spirit they come at the White House. Hopefully. Yeah it's no campus the first dog that's we have -- -- like you know first off thank. The administrator Mary. Just one and from home. -- -- Right yeah. That campsite you know Latin audience I'm gonna apologize -- we -- kept it to a -- -- Yeah. But when we finally things out live on the Internet sometimes you know can get the latest you know that's that's all that -- ago it was -- important com. The before we go I do you want to see what he's. People would -- Samuel. Now traffic and wait -- wait till Monday. Without any good when you -- a very sure that no matter where he's at minus officially starts tomorrow and for a good part of the country it's gorgeous. What if we can do this show in Texas or anyone else I'm telling you it's beautiful right now let let's go but into the northeast around the Great Lakes. Even in mid Atlantic it is not let it. I'm not he got this Arctic blast -- they can't get down to the jetstream is just sort of trapped -- there is not any killing millions jet stream is as out of out of position so the jetstream mission I love I looked like he. You I love how you were doing that -- with your -- there -- that was. That was. Let me get a Matt you have an idea I'll beat this is this is the that is so you thought you like an Egyptian assets as of the jet stream as -- if you are we're looking at you America and the jets are in this is the West Coast and that's the East Coast that was -- extremists of trying to begin yeah last of the jetstream. Now that yes he's -- big East Coast has all this cold Arctic air. Exactly right cooler -- and we don't see any signs -- don't like to ask for them. -- and Alex Michael that would remove -- don't want to now we're just the East Coast -- rights and now they're hot -- lot of serious branding their pinks and whites and there's a lot of snow. I want you to know it's all his school now and I don't blame -- I. I mean like. It's another immediately after the next week about Trulli Italy -- what we CBS -- cold air that none of them saw this year I mean you know it's not all storminess but we've got another winter storm making its way in about the same area that -- this time they don't tell me well enough assignments for -- when you move here. That make these days like that sun is like -- halogen lamp and there's no heat it's just like a light ball up there. The judge Denise was like whatever Josh is saying right. -- -- Yeah happy I got -- and what a nice guy he. Lovely man who did run -- run -- -- he would. Not -- to -- we address the nation could not tell her the end the young. It's -- well because we were married this family my friend you get all of us to. -- holiday function. There -- two by the -- for about seventeen minutes every -- we'll see you tomorrow at 9 AM eastern daylight.

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