GMA LIVE! (03.19.14)

Ginger Zee, Josh Elliott, and Amy Robach sample bagel balls from "Bantam Bagels."
3:00 | 03/19/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.19.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live backstage at GMA. That's -- I'm WW and Vijay and. You needed become strong and. Came strong hunt the argument -- -- some -- this -- -- but a different and here's and then you guys on my record it happened. Temporarily cream -- and act and we often found no matter -- don't know anything including radio and currency. -- -- parents they've got a little something in the middle and -- they ceiling and he needs he later so the only scooped them. By having a month in Atlanta billions -- I was having -- -- half. Hi everybody. -- -- Jim the bush and -- -- didn't -- for its bid prevails here in New York City as a friend of the program my mind. But there ought to do what -- QVC didn't aspect is what they're making. It's giving them making their debut on QVC. Later today everyone at home who happens what they want at bats and to have them functional. And -- everyone -- homes and want them there that sent. Didn't sell its first involving Tommy we just had mapped out in just two miles from spreading its in -- Did you totally you know I could easily from a -- coming -- my guys might watch a night out at Congo not the Bus Cook. Felt. You don't have yet flattened look why he was in red tails and up from -- Tuskegee -- -- have them. And you know what he did was breaking the performance where. He acknowledged the people whom you love it when our reasoning that farmers. Are not just out -- singing -- -- -- like -- o'clock mom and dad and they aren't happening -- just loved the movement and love the people lining. And and the dancers behind them and I want every curve all the -- -- -- like this is the. This -- pilots out something about Puget -- funny I don't. I love -- are you just how the sister Laura about having a smile for -- and me is so good look at him he really hope that I have someone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Eight gigabytes of day it went in I was just look at that morning -- -- sand salt and has really got was again I'll just let them. Yet -- primarily -- this season and he keeps up fun. -- -- -- How about about. The -- but that isn't. Well this is preparing social west -- -- -- and not not. We're officially ready for the she's Easter Egg Hunt in New York City. Yeah what Emma this year though -- Condit has now. Probably -- acting seriously you know what I haven't picked sessions -- Josh I I played it I mean -- your grandma and my driveway I have a snow draft which is no longer -- it is an ice block. It was now yeah. That is about as high as. This text. And and today's the end of winter it is mostly flat out what killed on the kids how -- there -- you're saying if that's not gonna feel like spring for awhile -- It's an end of march it really takes us at the end of -- -- -- -- -- -- Yet the -- of Vernal equinox. Right. -- yeah. And he -- what are you good for your personally I think while we advocated. Every little thing. It's gonna do not miss the tried to what does it is that the Vernal equinox Rican stand -- -- got apparently didn't think that's the right. -- -- -- -- -- -- Usually no money to -- -- immediately meteorological. -- That you know that the axis. The earth is all aligns perfectly with the -- world oh my goodness and even -- one right. All right up right up their -- -- a million dollars. Listen -- anything but I got -- Are -- -- Back to you for counterpoint as well some in the -- world -- which speak. And north Orleans store -- It was and that -- than Norton nordic -- world but you know -- -- around so you can -- -- negative Vernal equinox upon itself. Only the -- -- the long way. The short -- can only solace yet -- you know that sort of by definition you -- -- realize what's in the performance yeah and whatnot you need to -- -- to just follow you around and and just be like after you -- -- -- yeah yeah -- need that. Anxiety that they have machines they and it. And I said yeah can be tethered to any of them. Yeah. Hey that's beyond high end I don't know if you watch the -- but I struggled in the seven and his cast a little catch her. Interestingly the -- -- cost is going around out in force I -- it's really bad today in advanced course in tomorrow's. Men's basketball tournament rest of us park -- it's not a nice party which are to come. Two and at all what we found out I was born and sparrow hospital in East Lansing and my mother worked at sparrow hospital and delivering a baby she went -- -- -- -- me to announce my mom went to Michigan State all my friends went to we've sort of -- the lead up you're not there -- -- and you put out. That's going to be the reverend -- -- -- it back. Yes he delivered babies in the maternity ward and I was born hearing and that they certainly interesting you -- what what year Ellis did she do point rocks rocks and tolerant -- we can't. Can we -- he's he's -- on the phone. Lets -- update I can't say I'm in my body had zero work do you remember are what you remember the shift -- you're born -- I'm glad barely hear that it sensitive -- -- at least 1973. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even up. I is Warren I believe the military time yeah 77. -- three. Away. Exactly at the right guy so that's bombs or send a guy so -- get on the phone someone here about the birth. -- -- the labor ready when he gets -- but interestingly she is having a child of New York. She's the child of a pirate and a trucker. So I really want to hear all my data to Michigan State -- -- Holland Michigan State we have a long -- part in our house and there's it's. Really loud when they do well so my dad's very excited by this weekend even it was the big and that's -- -- -- -- Michigan and the like. Like -- Spartan spartans. There is now you're you only know one went -- -- thought yeah I'm Helen of -- -- -- left behind. So let me let me another way to -- and you're what you're looking for -- beauty you know you're giving -- -- As -- -- just parties aren't nearly sparked you know -- you're gonna really got a good heart and is it going to be and it button all the way arts in general are that way I think and then that the only time the American flag comes out and -- -- against it is playing and we replace it. With the state flag. But there's actually in Michigan there's -- there's a celebrated football recruit I don't know if they've worked out yet. Rust and -- for me after that there's -- got kid who I believe wants to go to Michigan State isn't great he's like a five star football recruit. His mother who wants -- at Michigan. Won't sign his letter. And now technically need your parent's signature on the letter of intent to go it's a tough time right now he's like college list splitting Clarence -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you tomorrow in the sky nine and it meant to -- but went -- I -- -- all right -- -- from that to this fantasy nerds rejoice and by that I mean join me treehouse top and hold. It's not just childhood dream anymore. Let's take a look at this. Boehner and unite has designed this that he has love that freaking awesome. That is awesome that -- -- -- for sale in Arlington Virginia the treehouse and cost 20000 bucks to build. Please -- is it isn't interesting it's a transitional question. Situated on -- it is on against -- around and around the metro monks and 150 year old oak tree. It's 200 square feet roughly. Comes with a 53 bedroom house and -- -- got -- by the way. This is amazing. But it doesn't seem like it gets -- on the tree that's I guess who but I guess you. -- just you're really buying -- -- is really your pine tree. With the house attacks to the hot -- hole that was -- -- think that's how hot it that's what we're Hobbits if Hobbits real and which is a whole -- You know it had clinically and hotter as well suburbia I'm -- -- -- gas -- -- its editorial note sorry guys. That was supposed to be the how that -- after the tree house. Are bad are shockingly dropped leaflets that you ransom on the wrong -- yeah yeah. Mark this -- -- -- -- -- this never happens ever. This is usually I actually we don't know we did our attraction and you may what the common -- have the ground entrance yes yes yes we got lucky and some of them that that's what it is using English using what Jack what kind of be like I did not want to have had that green moss on top of the this is made it seem very poverty which -- like miniature house -- very suburban site was. It's not that he had done here -- that's America -- to another place yeah -- -- let's go over the facts are. This reliable soccer this morning -- Senator aren't there -- -- -- -- war is knowledge and that I wonder how right how one high school. For you. It was tough time welcome -- I -- I had. I was a total fantasy -- yeah so I -- -- dragons throughout you know the Gary guy acts. Dungeons and dragons like the real legitimately to read here's sandy any books that was one of my favorite authors and magic land of sand but that -- that. Can tell Ottawa it's like that's how hard it -- as. -- it's an instinct thing because again to sum up. Star Wars episode seven is now property of our company and its -- it's on the way we have some news today RT DG it's officially trading. The other young human leads being kept a secret. They -- there were floating out looking and young goes yeah yesterday and up -- a wild. It's great yellow -- -- and that would be and -- very -- Oh with that. -- Oh well I thought well I tell her an assistant Don about it. Mama tell mama -- Josh Elliott DNJ may have arrived flanked -- party. You know one of them rather well. You do you might know another one rather well. So Don you actually delivered babies -- -- sparrow hospital in East Lansing. I didn't deliver them every vindicated them somebody else could deliver that and and I would -- The -- that. Outside -- that to -- She was saving Wyatt is yeah I'm glad I was that's a done what is what was that. What was the pirate -- to my left like when she when she came -- -- the. And -- -- not talking about me not -- -- right now. We'll believe that that's not my -- did she issued she didn't crying did you randomly she just gave -- -- hundred. And I think it. -- -- -- Not me saying I like promise the I I just smile when I was born I don't want to bother anybody to smile. Beyond my peaceful way -- I know that she was not working. But not -- Until you also -- we be rooting for the spartans there do you. He oh my god yeah. You just funny. Yeah -- -- yeah that I have I have planned -- I have -- I have everything ready. I love that. Here. I knew I hear the Michigan under the hood. -- so yeah yeah. It's -- what's great is she's from Long Island that -- important and I'm you aren't enough time in Michigan and that he would have flat Amy they need Eric mom's -- and BT mom. Yeah. Owning only holy macaroni and that's my dad he's -- -- holy macaroni. All right I don't. I don't think we solved anything -- -- -- was -- in the top ten I'm established that I was very peaceful pleasant baby yet exactly. Lies -- As well this is where the tax cuts are definitely BJ's -- where the facts enough it's. Some -- -- yeah spring it's a great though there aren't. Yeah. -- -- I'm missing is artisans. At the -- Fashion Week ended -- our. Springer -- -- magazines yes we are not -- Manhattan and that -- got Smart fashion -- if you didn't didn't didn't we get up and even ten from Lucky Magazine here. To give us a few more tips. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Even if you're comfortable do it for fashion do it do it -- I'm gonna do it. -- suffer for fashion. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lucky Magazine -- So what clothing trends should be given. Rid of not -- street cleaning went like that I mean I'm a big fan of storage just let him move all those winter -- southwest optimists. -- really. I don't really believe in getting rid of turns ever -- fashion is quite cyclical -- what I'll come back and so -- you have the space so if you Harris made story. Fine what'd you -- -- is there one thing that was big last year that won't be -- this year you know I think. Everything is coming back again you know so it's like it's good to have candy somewhere company -- certain trends that we love right now we love like -- -- we that are not TiVo's or having a moment. So how I isn't here and that and I -- up behind the weather was like I'll write a huge huge caseloads comfort is cool right now paying high incidence this is okay for -- -- the I didn't make fun of a lot of my friends I didn't Wear the Canadian tuxedo often. Atlantic from comments he actually it's cool school what you you're saying we do have a look that maybe isn't the right combinations -- -- right. Yeah yeah. Yeah I don't worry about an unknown -- and this is more homework that lucky with that she's wearing she hasn't the Texans at the -- she's attacked us. But. It's a really cool look I think the key to wearing -- I'm done and is having a you know breaking it up a -- so floral shirt. It's patchwork so -- kind of like breaks up you know. The head to toe look it's not the Britney and Justin looked. From the MTV awards affect many many moons ago annual -- Don't -- down and cowboy hat but that's me yeah you know and trust of the -- -- -- -- and minimal jewelry that's exactly keep it simple it's all streamlined and it's so -- and knows he'll say hey I mean -- they're similar -- look like there's utter. And the Hyundai Accent and I believe they're from soliciting dude yeah England's -- and their -- society we live in -- issue right now I'm into the I think three out of four of us are wearing kind of of the dark place dark -- -- -- isn't expected different illustrates that we do have a picture of what went. -- from god that we had. We're gonna say that out right help oh and the Indiana yeah yeah I -- yeah. Out of Iraq and that literally -- human can come up and what not to do what not to Wear it's. It's kinda adds I still have nightmares posttraumatic stress you wouldn't even need to say why -- yeah I -- Arizona -- I don't know however it wants a moment in time. Yeah old couple of days -- and Britney. Fashion moment. Advertiser you remember that I remembered it exactly OK so that some basis to keep in mind but she didn't look great so I'm so glad that he had seven and you have to look at supplements don't cool and so many -- OK we have to go. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And senate right at the waist it's a little bit empowering them which is flattering encompass both of you don't get you sentenced. Never been -- since we took -- That is it looking for being there is an Atlantic magazine -- -- ten thank you all for watching GM Eilat -- right here 9 AM eastern every today. Obviously working the Sox Josh she can you read fast may never have thought they had a -- -- a little more friends and.

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