GMA LIVE! (03.22.13)

Lara Spencer, Paula Faris and Becky Worley play with puppies for National Puppy Day.
14:27 | 03/22/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.22.13)
-- I don't even know you may live this -- -- all on GMA secrets are told. We'll sometimes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I will admit -- secret all of the boys -- adults and yet -- opera boys weekend Sam is off to do some other stuff. And so it's it's girls -- Yeah. All of that I really it's played the role and let's Ticketmaster -- I love so little known secret another little one seems -- that we revealed I did not know -- from -- I was also propped up high and it I assume because it was Robbie that it was a boy if I'm. -- -- movie format but runs he had actually a sweet cat I didn't help -- -- -- that's pretty. That's me that's -- I think that she's not -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Anybody. See anything I know I totally theater avalanche same little ice today yeah who I we love our candidate and I both have great madness that getting limited and it's funny thing about fancied lobster we always -- and they struck because he honestly is always smiling he's an -- that has the best laugh until you hear us teasing him not being -- being crabby. It's it's the classic sort of brother and sister teasing -- and -- and like he just plays along with everything he's the best team -- right right. Yes and which is why on Friday. I'm that he wanted to leave today and we're happy to give him a little time not that -- like -- and I know I'm not. It's -- Leon accepted. We're okay. -- you. Belittling of the cat yeah. Would you not and cannot I'm not in -- did not know. I'm -- -- and I know I and I don't know I had these -- career -- LA yeah I get to meet -- the -- earlier. So I am right on top of the animal means kind of Maggie are now in our anger well yeah -- a computer science degrees and I can't you know let -- handle animals that are on the. Think it is about from the got that they've literally was one picture on Raddatz I -- wonder what makes an Internet sensation what it what it says that like makes things go crazy this is lightning in a yeah yeah and I think it's time today I can't say I'm doing this guy again -- they have a you -- really there's an emotional response -- like that you have that video of the dog that fellow -- billion hot news yeah the bone out of an in the Gaza. It's just up. Off now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On FaceBook. Thank you know everything -- -- -- have a rule if I see someone on the street and I don't have some of the FaceBook friend of mine and I'm not -- -- stop and talk to them then I. And I have to know that I wanna talk to -- one that's very great Segway -- I don't know probably. -- I -- that I got in according imply that he points out we're gonna bring in timer and he is. Our recent graduates of the University of Hartford and he is -- a campaign document. We all love your FaceBook friends you have 788. Friends on FaceBook you're documenting this and it's going to be a documentary -- decide. -- -- -- When I started taking pictures of people I reach out their FaceBook. And people in and -- the united where volume of interest -- not so much and hand. I got such a response from and I figured warrant to shoot everybody how veterans something that. -- -- Holland evening -- and it takes only 780 he had when did you start -- -- anticipated. By -- Started about. Two months ago and I've done about -- 25 -- -- -- so -- we've created. Tomorrow -- I don't question are you financing -- yourself but it's gonna cost you lot of money. It's definitely a cost a lot of money I am working part time as they wedding photographer and I worked my dad and I have a kick -- page actually. That it's. Flew out of the water I did not expect that we'll bring it all our people are giving he had -- -- into the project I initially started. Asking for 5000 dollars just to cover costs of film I'm shooting always -- old camera range and hits now at thirteen thousand. Are you imagining -- to become the bulk -- -- what's the end game. I am hoping I'm filming everything he hasn't doing it and I'd like to make it to documentary. -- -- -- -- and the most interesting person that he met so far and most interesting place he's visited. Com. Did I think the girls like this time I did want him to hide. They did lady I didn't -- up. I did one friend flew as a writer and he writes a letter a -- through a girl like in the notebook. And he does an old typewriter and it's really cute. Bonds. The decision is what he's saying -- Yeah. -- but I didn't think it's not and the that didn't remember this and the reporter he used to take the phone book and opening up to stick -- -- yeah yeah yeah everybody -- Astoria exaggerate and -- and I'm trying to capture everybody's doing what they love and you're asking the -- YE they White -- like sort of the decision different each other and you didn't know each other so why did you click yes -- did you -- I mean I started off with a photography business and I just had people coming and -- and -- never met them before but they -- my pictures -- I mean. Why not say yes. On befriended -- -- -- I actually have met my friends worth saying do you -- make it Franken you think I'm 110. Like we don't tell anybody and I thought about it for that kind of defeat the purpose of the project. I'm sure now at the more publicity didn't work frank you're gonna have to where you draw the line animal it like it here if it keeps -- in the forties thousand as the mandatory yeah -- -- I definitely had. Asia how many too good it's it's at 780 -- right now and that's where the movie's going to be enough because right now I actually have doubled my friends in the past them. Cooler side. The irony. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so -- -- about a lot -- anything. -- -- -- -- Our didn't pick up that yeah. We want to find out from you guys. How any of your phrase FaceBook friends have you met in person. So are they all of them I keep my circles -- I see the majority on a regular basis I swear form. Fewer than I'd like to admit some have seen. And in what is the right answer -- having anxious to hear your thoughts on -- -- it to do the pole and let us know your thoughts -- was an interviewer kind of sure that he would have lots to say on the Internet he's busy running the network now because. I can't even Macedonia I answer on Monday very busy on the and then you're filling in for Josh -- -- -- I played today that's right I am but it didn't Israelis -- drag is bent though is that ladies and gentlemen that I played today -- -- -- -- known now as the ice -- to act. And here's an -- He stole the show at Indiana Pacers Orlando Magic -- basketball game earlier this week. Caught under the Jumbotron denying. His girlfriend of light of this ice cream it's like the opposite of the kiss spam. Come on ice cream denial share. I'm only nineteen. The -- you had broken up with right. I -- yeah. -- -- -- And it all know what. Do not entertained I'm always -- watching -- how she got on she got lined up my mind but his white -- and I -- to Milan Italy -- Sarah might have might play I want -- after years past but if you want it -- yourself. He it links in the -- I don't like you mentioned reaches across like and I love my passing and sharing McDowell should take -- and -- -- I don't I don't like the -- that the redirect the major. Other -- and he can throw. I'm sorry I -- you daddy does -- do you know she is sorry to see this -- and I hasn't had. -- insists is -- big yeah yeah yeah -- -- one of the guys that photographer has is that you stick up for that guy that you don't know what happened maybe -- -- -- they had a current event. She -- -- -- she didn't want ice cream let them you know and government apparently isn't. Our video and three estrogen -- women -- -- -- Yeah severely lactose intolerant and he just doesn't want it didn't really know him now yeah mainly -- I. Look I explanation here -- Getting -- and get them. I'm hoping to have been on the -- and right here well I'm sure he'll have some say about that to another we love you guys our viewers. Come on Stacy and send -- -- -- girl on that was great thank you did you like Denver did you like I won't yes I finally got going to pop Baxter township I I don't get out. It's -- here who should be reading the vacuous billion cutbacks that it turns out. Pro Obama is quite the catch a golden doodle named Pomona is proposing marriage. First pop -- what I believe is a Portuguese water is that right yeah -- -- video that's gone viral. Now promoting I had a couple of -- yeah kids she wants to be the first dog lady -- first. My mind. But. That was made by the Oregon humane society and expect to raise awareness for their fundraising efforts for animal shelters so ball was also invited to serve as grand dog Marshall and -- didn't -- No word yet. Oh lord my White House I don't know way through the attack -- -- Ramona Ramona from moment to catch there isn't any non -- -- -- she -- the most pertinent here and I. I cheered and grabbed the political anonymous so removed we got from that this. -- -- -- -- To some cute little -- hunting -- how cloudy because this. This mining group here at -- animal ring visit I'm tomorrow isn't pretty significant day that's and we apartments and studio do you share that was -- -- -- -- was national cup. And now my god yeah. -- about -- lately maybe three days begin at the -- with -- we picked them up every day I'm get a million yeah I'm down -- I just isn't stable I think I got my dad yeah I'm there. And -- Do you -- my fear plays on the planet the north. I am only yet I now need your little rusty -- on bread and yes I'm calling domino college doesn't only -- -- full leather look insurers and their new gambling totally it is gracious you know I have a problem that it. Josh and -- -- they would check my bags. Because they haven't done corner you know live adopted three so far on -- -- -- I'm saying so far because I feel that once you have thirty it's like kids -- -- have another and I think I have five so I have great. Honestly I you can find a little space in your heart and if you think about having a -- -- -- lightning. I don't feel like you can do it -- Recommend from my soul nice to buy I never would again I -- the most incredible -- are all rescues they know the feeling that you think you every single medal -- initiative -- I can't hear all these dogs are up for adoption we have details on -- -- tells little bit about these attacks the specifics. He -- these days are all -- eight to ten weeks old. They all were rescued stranded on shelters in this album sales in all our children Italian and that's exactly southern thousand southern gentleman. Another on mixed -- we have -- -- is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It is coming up and she's so beautiful it is -- Pickering thing is no matter what size you're looking for -- newest member of the -- to be larger dogs we have smaller Don museum where every looking for we couldn't find the perfect match Korea China and -- North Shore which I love because he doesn't just the most wonderful organization but in your town. I guarantee you there's great rescue organization and tomorrow being national -- day we just like it was a great day look at -- you were illegally get a close up. Thank you don't have to unrelated to rescue I actually let the dog that I brought four the segment -- travel I ended up. Taking home a nine yes. That went back well -- -- -- -- none of us. And he doesn't he on the island lighting and traffic -- anti American anti. Didn't want to -- in this vital Thompson you have any young -- I just got a really great -- he does but a year ago a little -- keys to the airport. Yeah. I don't know they're very -- right now I mean we do they live week -- -- you're looking -- we get pure -- and extreme gas. Yeah I really -- -- my dress announcement. On the hunt exiting stage. Medicare a man one yeah you all -- and -- -- bad you're losing your drought I yeah you say in advance happy. National -- everybody and I think about adopting thank you to -- and -- thank you grumpy cat it was a great week here at GMA -- he really. If you yeah yeah yeah I have.

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{"id":18789507,"title":"GMA LIVE! (03.22.13)","duration":"14:27","description":"Lara Spencer, Paula Faris and Becky Worley play with puppies for National Puppy Day.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-032213-18789507","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}