GMA LIVE! (03.29.13)

Josh, Sam, and Lara's doppelgangers take over and Easter candy art.
15:20 | 03/29/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (03.29.13)
-- -- -- where there -- more GMA all day for showing your favorite moments of the morning what goes on here behind the scenes. Great to be -- and we even seeing double all week here at CNN I cannot thank Jesse -- the lives. Here now he might know -- -- What helped me a little weird -- -- and I'm really strange -- so well done. We love the doubles hope -- got detail we sort of lived in fear the double stabbing how we're not a good idea who I was it was quite a little nervous. And I think it was really really fun I slightly really nice and I -- there was no real similarities region aren't -- -- in -- weird. Banana connections what I love most is that they have been -- -- -- nice people easy to spend time with just really really nice little nicer -- got a really I actually wasn't all it. And -- what is your day like today it was what are the -- I don't. It's kind of I think you'll look really think we even think valued -- three and -- like we usually do want to hide behind a -- along yeah I do are bad -- are you -- Texas. Look at that no actually that's of course if we go back of -- that's great that's great but that's where to look like yeah. There really are looking in here -- well. It's always fun it was really it was really a lot of fun and I we'll see you guys are right standing in front of the -- turning. That is a nerve wracking moment or two yeah my within our -- for you don't behind him -- Atlanta's other spam code. -- -- -- -- -- -- You've been crazy from the -- that other Josh did you love that -- -- -- -- a lot of fun yesterday actually -- their -- New York Fiat -- we've -- -- -- -- -- romance live like keystone. I think you have to adapt to other jobs growth and equipped Rick could commit three hey yet another tailings are being -- -- I'm really I'm comes art. So. Again did you did you make him do this. That my -- has -- I think you've got. Maybe you -- just like you and limited did you watch the show no I get. -- -- but I don't want to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- other jobs you actually you can get news and sports suddenly become clear. You know -- my whole career but it's not a bad thing he's he's kind of a great deal -- hair the hair yeah -- giant like Chia head yeah. He's yes god this is Jim is we're loses loses -- with the. -- I love that we're -- -- from Kentucky Tennessee and we are just finding out that all lot of my relatives are from our west Tennessee and near Jackson -- -- actually thinking that we are probably. Somehow DNA -- I would say yes he has properly snatching the may be right -- -- -- Hey guys what I Matthew and other American yeah and by the owners. Q what -- all we can get bitten by the into the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Coming up until and monochromatic with my kids eight at bats -- now everybody's OK look it's us thank you yeah. It's a great yeah yeah. You can't measure that we should get a picture of after the show we'll have that three and ask her about -- yes. Determined that on Twitter -- -- what I want outstanding. I think every idea of fun with your pizza that -- is -- the idea on how -- -- it -- all right yeah. Play. Without. Buzz feed. Every time they come to the show -- come to play remember they did the 47 and yet that's although they are correct I just want to thank everybody from -- you guys every single time you come to play. You were right the pizza was -- the people really easily and Eminem who doesn't want a piece of art made out of peace sign that things about -- really really good. Your op Ed page chandelier. How long does that last -- I'm gonna do I don't know commute might have -- And record all really I have to -- -- things hatch out of starry night it'll be. I mean this is incredible. I have to can -- yeah I'm gonna hang this this is -- I don't. Can I I I know I think I'll certainly an artist Schambach got -- -- we all love peace. But it's not -- you know -- capitalist organic food in the war I don't think I'd probably David -- first of all I know is an angry and I'm not sure what else is on the but -- but sugar is in there and sugar will drop aunts and we are in Times Square by the way which is like you just you know -- -- -- -- -- -- Where you know he's he's right here -- -- -- adding bright and loudly doing their right -- actually tell right now I everybody did get a new Easter Egg Hunt yeah. We -- we are inside. You can't be so I had some of those jelly beans eggs jelly there or jelly bellies which by the way brings us to our next segment ladies and gentlemen how about that. Red jelly belly are now. I don't know -- I don't know how to get into this one California woman. Takes jelly beans and makes them more than just a sweet treat -- commons as matters turned jelly bellies into our -- really mad elderly. It's like the Mona Lisa what kind of a starry -- to -- after -- The that the -- -- -- earlier campaign after he out what. And Kristen is joining us do we have them on always honor -- wow how old incredible mountain. Well what are not -- It is valuable lesson on -- witnessed today right hook that got Kristin how are you. Christian -- do your thing Harry you know it's very nice to meet you back. Thanks for coming -- the big show and armed they're beautiful they're beautiful on this one of those take. I'm each. 150 hours from view from start to finish wow now did. Does -- the first time -- get it when you decided to go back to be telling Daly dean. Well -- the academic affiliate had artist doing it than the 1980s that -- -- the more reason why they've got an. Collection of art portraits of different kind and then. Historical political that it's so beautiful part of me over the years -- we're looking at. The girl at -- earlier hearing and it is absolutely beautiful now it now help us with a question here because we have some. Peeps art and when you mix up front out of -- are good can't. You can you actually saying that it had a -- doesn't just become something that attracts little little creatures from the ground. Well it. I'm -- good -- didn't feel it probably would. -- -- -- -- a little Atlanta I actually did feel what are I had -- over the top it is completely off field and it last three years. I actually don't play husband and her and almost thirty years old it. How wow so -- only got to do is get Larry feel that I'm UCL -- he hasn't seen DIY that yakking -- that's what's your sealer -- -- -- It's a product from happy W product that I gave it popped into the park resident al-Qaeda might be the only tragedy on brilliant idea reading that's an important point. You wanna see listen congratulations on I think being an incredibly talented artist and and whatever medium you use is there are a future for that's like will you be shown in galleries and selling your work for thousands. Yeah yeah yeah. Actually yellow Italian hammered together quite often doing Activision have today when I'm done and -- -- series is -- that things aren't. Every dollar that they commissioned right now it's more reproductions of nothing. That's great credit that he's several -- Jack leases -- just like saying. A very nice very nice bringing you groundbreaking heart right out here on Gina -- -- do you know you really don't. And -- -- -- not nearly done I mean seriously -- police look at this beautiful little audience yeah he's. -- -- -- -- -- -- Juan have on the go every day as well CNN do you guys I have I have the the -- -- big and taking it one of. You're welcome to the La. Would you like anybody want -- yeah. Obviously nobody's doing -- Gentile. That's why Ellen and I am I. Confused -- so I had lost family is aren't polite host we're -- you talk about happy Easter -- off. Sadly -- such a great audience beyond as we when you woke up this what kids think you're gonna be the people -- You -- ability. -- -- -- -- -- So much magazine had -- comment. It's a pop acts dry if you like starter David Bacon and you are not Sam Champion and yes I do and fight on -- you don't have to wait to -- best. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Making -- in your mouthwash. And tell us why did not know at all -- harmed in the making of this mountain Washington not you know actually banking unit. Just a vacant flavoring. Now and yes I'm Cumberland knob on thumbs down on the bank and -- Oh well I -- As much as and I do love has as much I love me they can use now -- watching. Again ran out of them they can smell yes well I'm I'm guessing that if I'm guessing that it's an April fool's joke my mom seventy. Can't see anything and I don't see anything in Ireland blank -- -- wait a minute what you starting. Net and yeah we're -- wow yeah it. Other what are your opinion about now you know -- Josh beyond that I think all of us yelled out we -- used vacant house posh. We ask you can't let us know yes I can't get enough bacon or no change the -- for Brack fast. And lunch and dinner I mean I'm okay. I think I'll actual consumption -- -- an all time high -- can't rents out that to the flavor of bacon or the smell of bacon with more than you can rent out of smell of garlic with a smile -- that now that just makes it Garland he vacant. And -- as sounds delicious problem and we're very well question to you want to really fun to play with by the way could well -- certainly. I think we're putting out these aren't aren't you -- Iowa yet because they have. Please stop they have these like beady little bikini bottoms are now -- you can just. That I'm Bob Bennett -- did not mean they're the I want film I've never seen it before and I didn't know them. He said stuffed animals I'm just saying there's so much so many flatly not even -- god I think he should mind. About our play of the day let me ask an extra one. -- for me. Young -- obviously care for the choppers. But there's one teen who seems to have a very very special relationship with her. With her -- -- does that have occurred recently comes at a -- recently got a wisdom teeth taken out and she was. The little emotional about it after her parents turned the camera on her when she -- -- -- -- -- -- Out -- that don't do that -- -- Bigelow. Yeah. -- my aunt sent here I love you confident. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Mountain -- that is so unfair parents because you know that I don't know. Still do but back in my -- -- put you completely -- card that lets parents. Literally the only no. Don't do that I don't turnaround in the PM on someone whose favorite just -- -- it is dry day no commitment. I believe that the here out there are fully recover now. Have been. -- on behalf of all of us here Good Morning America live. We want to. We want to wish condolences to you didn't the that lets -- know this and how -- How one pair of that is for them to turn the cameras on you when you are not yourself. I mean I'm asking you work it. -- how many and when you idiot like that I was. Actress Ali did so do you see you -- -- and school do you remember that all do you have any meddling have. I'm not. Were you surprised by your deep emotional connection to your wisdom to. -- -- -- Good every other thing and it's really did the David David after dentist is one of the great -- original all time viral videos arguably. Video the single video that put -- on the map -- was David after that -- I would say Allen avenue you have raised the bar. I learned to cope made -- Cheryl. Ultimately yet that plays -- rely on you that's a really really -- -- doing the filming was that your parent. Platt who was doing the filming. My boyfriend -- that was heat we didn't it was he just was he laughing hysterically throughout it all. -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's amazing all right Abbie thank you so much here at your gamer to get up and join us today and best of luck to you and your team. -- want it -- she asked right back that changes everything. Without it the greatest thing -- that we that was letters actually outstripped -- was like. Another crazy GMA live guys -- yeah I agree GMA -- happy Easter. For those -- is -- available. If you have that one had the weekend -- I'm Burgos -- in traffic traffic dollars and upwards of entrapment. Fall in love with proven over and over -- we're driving out of Washington you know. What you -- about a five -- nobody did. Are you good you are you an idea to greasy burger mom I think when you do a road trip that's important to stop at what the -- -- are -- -- get a big greasy burger and he. In the car yeah. You know what makes them the California. You know -- I'm Ari does the -- did they hand out where the -- now have divert air -- at a burger heaven. I wish that we should probably stop fantasizing about -- currently -- of state -- we have here on my.

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