GMA LIVE! (04.02.14)

Ginger Zee and Gio Benitez celebrate National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day.
3:00 | 04/02/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.02.14)
-- ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live -- -- GNA. Oh yeah Kentucky. -- people here are all celebrating spring break and cellular joining us this morning things you. For joining us citizens GMA lively gotten -- favorite moments from the big shell and then of course a little behind the scenes. And lots of food as always of his visit -- little food segment here the peanut butter because actually my favorite thing about -- -- business owner who helped. We got -- butter company dark chocolate injuries although this thing nick his special. I have not gotten that yet but I think I will then of the problem is -- -- -- -- open it up get a strewn dividend. An all -- -- is what is this talk about -- is sheer strength and beautiful plotting how to and that you know the secret. This is how GO looks like that just but everybody eat a spoonful of dark but -- under a felony it's kind of health then yeah it's -- them. That's in good like how you know like -- you think you all right. And I love the we have carrots and it's a veto that about accompany them think yes well cared about actually like that and you with a click here is an excellent -- and -- -- -- -- I think -- she says -- Sergio. Mug from around the on the -- But everything on the morning -- -- You know. We know how much she loved the weather here kind of like the weather here right hand -- the there isn't that crazy weather going on around the country those snowstorm photos he pleaded out the other day we're just incredible what -- that -- North Dakota I think we have not. -- -- five feet. Five foot drifts that -- happening in North Dakota but had. When eighteen inches in some of -- six foot drifts max's in my -- right now we get -- and then in this this is OK so let's try to pronounces this is an ammonia clouds that -- that has helped. Do you -- and yeah. About a -- victory hey. And we're gonna try it. -- -- -- -- I asked for Mary and -- there only they look painted that's -- on happening a lot of friends that that you got some pockets of Pauline and then the this somewhat unsettled weather -- -- trying to stabilize it's really interesting happens lot of times. After the storm there was a morning after Moore Oklahoma which were coming up on the one year anniversary of that -- -- -- picture with David Muir in the wreckage of more. And those those clouds above and is one of those he can't recreate something like yeah this -- a stunning photos. We'll have to bring that up to. That's right at but you know it's amazing it's like you have so many whether nerds following you. Who sent you that stuff I got to do they name those clothes they chat or they'll gas and then I have that correct they'll they'll tell -- I know -- this thing and -- defending -- -- getting -- everybody and I am yeah. But don't ever forget Angela. It's a lot of stuff for us they've got -- let's go ahead the so yesterday -- -- higher April Fool's Day show. It was so fun so much might actually that there bid for but not because lesser known yet equally important national holiday anybody know what that -- Have to do it says. -- renaming it. The audience really did no wrong path so we are celebrating the favorite lunch spots treats everybody loved this as a kid and -- that now this morning -- -- -- -- -- -- our -- that peanut butter and company. -- right here in New York City. We -- -- -- that we get -- sort of -- look at -- there's so much going on here I don't know what's going on -- that by that looks like a dark chocolates at their high end market is at a restaurant. Thank you Matt Matt Mayo adding. Wait a minute -- that isn't. No -- she is how hot. Yeah. I don't realize how authentic and use vinegar. Don't really strict puritan at all if you would -- also ahead Cynthia. He go to peanut butter dot com we do have other varieties that GO RD so nicely up -- -- -- I don't think that's really good. It's that yeah. I think there -- -- share -- to get a little -- and there. Ha that it -- profit. I know. -- -- -- Up we will -- that extra that -- another. It appears that special plane today accept the -- out today at the sports legend here. Forty years ago in New York Rangers captain Mark Messier made a historic guarantee of the likes of Babe Ruth and Joseph name if facing elimination from the playoffs Clark guaranteed that the Rangers would win and not only. Did they do just that but mark scored an incredible three bulls better known as hat trick. They say that then he went on to the Stanley Cup and now broke the curse that kept the -- out of Manhattan for over fifty years. And mark is back at -- helping New Yorkers with a knack for delivering on guaranties check it out. You know it's running. Ever since then I've had this knack for guaranteeing things it's almost like some kind of superpower. I guarantee this guy here who's name was -- -- just. -- -- He told yourself. I guarantee these girls -- from the Japanese city of a soft. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This guy behind me he's -- order to hot dog with mustard and a pretzel. -- -- though some positive and a pretzel. Boy seven pounds six ounces. Car -- I guarantee it in three -- warns. Here's something else they guarantee each other new -- -- you absolutely love the ride. I guarantee it. -- -- -- -- -- The greatest hockey -- the ball climb market the messiah a -- CNN. -- Yeah -- butter until early I don't like -- I didn't had breakfast at a tournament favorite whipping cream cheese that look I don't really fun interviews yes you gotta. This is get a I want your power is depends I -- -- forecast that that like now casting yeah as it's happening yes I would like to have that real like myself. The power of a television commercial. No and then you have -- how well can well believe that I headed up the right time was again. Well I mean that's what everybody for the -- you're so known for that those that tell us of about that Lou how could you guarantee that. Yeah I think it to really stemmed from president has been a captain where you're really trying to do is have engaged in due to mentality of Virginia -- the car officers came on a daily basis there we found ourselves -- a tough series against New Jersey. We've lost momentum and made colossal confidence in this series I felt in my heart that we had to give it to good enough team to beat managers in -- going to win the Stanley Cup. And I was trying to find a way to instill the confidence of mutual and all year. Did in the intention was directed better team. And when it failed to think through was that every other new Yorker and and especially in New -- double we're going to be read the same headlines that the next morning. But -- -- point for me it didn't really matter if it is really was a -- trying to instill confidence and try to find a way to win that one particularly. And it worked it worked so well and it worked do you it didn't have a lot of fun with the video because of yes like. -- it was really did you know I've I've done a few things and over my career I always. To really tried to focus more so talking. But -- things they did do were long lasting relationship just commercial here was was really won't shot lot of people who were fun to work with and we're tolerant with me trying to get the lines -- and remember the lines I didn't have cue cards and all that kind of thing and so wasn't easy but it turned out really good and it seems to be just the rate timing in the -- kind of rating for this time a year of coming up on the -- year anniversary. Why don't New York streets -- I was struck tornadoes that we had we're in the -- we're down on. 45 street I think. Park avenues to we have -- through four different locations their photos through misery loves -- -- -- event. Yeah the the white frame on the -- fighters what kind of differentiated his funeral feeling of stability control because of that he has two wheels in front in this -- a single wheel. In the in the rear which. You know for people that of opener writers love that we can really kind of gives back -- And it's getting in right center without -- -- yeah with a sense. This is what's doesn't have an automotive technologies and its -- -- highly technical. You know. Marvel and away in the opener right. Possible we have a super fan here -- Mark Messier Malario. I -- on the way and Howard got this idea because he's an area. -- the one thing you until you. I was wondering if you could make a comeback Rangers he -- in the season definitely in front -- I don't fingering you need much trade now there would have eight and one runner whatever his or their play and best argument made some of the best -- the agreement also. I have that ship sailed a long time ago from -- I have but 1 thing I am Smart enough to guarantee that I won't -- -- a comeback. One of my idols and thank you very multimillion thank you very much objection to them thank you sir. The children -- silently cleaned -- a lot of so much for being that you -- -- -- -- obviously very much others due to navy's need coaching at a -- will -- with. We'll see what. Travolta who put that -- ethnic that it happened and what's up -- but thank you again and we think some social square and we -- have the missiles were the -- And sink. The cricket but I -- I got -- -- -- then apparently another. But still it -- we are in the GMA social square. And this is our special -- right. Here because really yeah here's the deal -- its. Great brands -- It is that this is let's Sony if you have someone you want to put out -- -- -- but maybe they don't do it again themselves admitted -- made a ninety that was my puppy but. To meet and you're cool granny. This is exactly what happened. Right here -- the. The -- granny grandma Betty and her grandson right there who put her on and -- -- guns. -- Hey. You -- -- going to. He has even. If and you want to share her what the -- Worse. -- -- how to how did you come up with the us home. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You remember herb Tyler coming -- different he is young and -- face the securities and and even media -- -- I knew -- order didn't need -- simpler. They'll -- usually. Probably remember and portable glasses. And Graham of that elite what do you think -- Yeah. You -- you have what 500000. Followers grandma Betty. The who. Oh yeah. He indeed. That's unbelievable yeah. They -- saying yeah. They did it -- Helps you love having that support that. And how how are you feeling batting -- the latest. -- Yeah yeah another yeah. Bryant didn't -- nervous finding the entire -- day. So quickly -- even. -- -- -- -- -- -- You are happy and we're so happy you came on GMA here yeah Whitney finds that if we want to follow -- -- to grant. Oh yeah. It is again I -- -- -- -- 33. Home -- and do things we can easily expanded web site. I'm really not that are normally -- -- our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're only three. -- Well this is. Doug Moldova -- 8880 yeah. Isn't is -- today they put us here on CNN live. Thank you -- so much hanging with us this morning that he can we get one more one more appeasement sage advice from you. Yeah the little unhappy and being you'll -- we -- and he. Love it we agree we agreed that I -- Friday morning. Hey I know a lot about an apology yeah that's right from the trip Eddie. And he also had a -- Betty here. I'll that it day that the rock is all -- that. Put on music get a little music and against -- Thanks so much for joining us here on the DNA that's -- -- -- -- They -- all right here on Yahoo!.

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