GMA LIVE! (04.03.14)

Gio Benitez and Becky Worley meet Mario and Luigi on "GMA LIVE!"
3:00 | 04/03/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.03.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live -- stated she. Good morning good morning welcome to. I love where there is DNA home they are -- -- go -- with our great audience here and. Not -- until they wrap up -- and I are on the timer fragment. If you didn't bring on the the girl with a computer science degree to help -- couldn't -- CNN live and limits on the Internet. You know I actually to register them. The move -- of food as and. It is really. Mario -- was here earlier on you man big show and now we're -- we're about -- -- -- -- moment. If that on the same -- you no I didn't know. Of the Cuban restaurant -- the -- in the right in the chicken. I know all about the rise in the black being exhumed that this is -- way to Miami yeah. So -- what do you like to -- usually what I like. Well I have small -- snow you know we're still the stage where we eat separately from them so there's a fish fingers in the case India's. And then we get the real and yeah and they are and I don't know that they have their real food to me now and not -- -- I'm on to Miami Edison -- as a Mexican villages if you can make had a that is not obligated -- Yeah when you look at -- The it took a little bit -- a little you know just the you know -- like just some some some. As simple meat and veggies they a lot of vegetables -- violence and Miami I had a lot of this. I mean a lot of us Exxon -- been with the effect Palin got his hands yet. Now we do have a few really important news tidbits to dig into an as far as I'm not sure that the clintons this that that this holiday falls on the same week as April Fool's Day but tomorrow. We celebrate my absolute favorite holiday of the year Ron Burgundy is absolute favorite holiday and that's right tomorrow is national. A little like a matinee. -- the -- today. Yeah yeah. -- you know -- we do have some special you know folks that are gonna come out and you know really really speak to this this holiday. So -- I will -- Don't know up McVeigh and honey well -- the wall on the I think -- more they come like these guns. Are there any manner and the. -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- and yeah. -- -- and off if you get -- you can do it yeah did not -- follow up it's okay I'll take. I think I was just -- unsalted by that -- -- kind of the childhood dream come true is that. A little bit -- do you know how many times -- guided you through those unless. And you -- -- -- -- here because I Nintendo has some new games coming out for the greedy ass. Disney magical world and yoshi's new island so deal will accept your hugs and he'll be playing on his country again -- -- as an accident that sent. Think you guys for coming out and helping celebrate. And Wednesday the -- yeah around thank you figure that out area. Yeah did you say they don't those tunnels and Scandinavia can. For the love of god tells -- cyber pets off the so how -- a little. Extra here on May look -- -- I can move on to that getting older. It's not easy you know and -- -- the NL games. Really. It's when -- all my god. And now yeah I am not allowed to be on television napoleon's disease he already given me this anxiety and I. I know when -- -- angst hits one that little girl pretty hard took the south. What's your favorite thing about the injury -- Several you give you were very that was -- special. Yeah Atlantic -- did Disney -- didn't live at special. What you're pregnant -- that they weren't. -- -- -- -- And at. -- -- -- And -- -- -- -- -- don't have -- Yeah. Saying the. -- -- -- -- Judge me when it's more but and I -- that -- video as the twin brother sitting man who moms asking -- to laugh at her. Iowa and through all. I have boy girl twins and the boy we'll just sit there and wait for the girls to just put her foot and then those -- laugh and I can see that dynamic -- start at an early. For those -- you know -- should know it's -- The man this what have they just they weren't ready to letting -- I'm -- because -- gone to Disney World history she wasn't gonna get to do -- and -- I'm now paying an architect of the -- days segment the -- life isn't so bad for dean's -- the job. He really knows how to enjoy the finer things in life check this out he's got money -- yeah. -- -- -- -- They're. To drag and he shared no advantage builders stated that -- -- If it is -- -- you die in the social media world. And it's obvious why. He and if you think you should see the videos online classic this guy's -- -- -- Bakersfield Vincent. And I don't know which is a better show -- the dog or his hipster owner. It's. Now you know I'm -- I'm interviewed booed the dog can now -- Onassis and then you've got grumpy cat that's a full time grumpy cat. Right then -- it. -- get excited you're when you sent that note let's highly unlikely signed it. I don't I do you know what it's like me from because I've held on weekends angle in the lineup and sold -- -- I had some things back from the well they -- Get over him he. Noodling that you hang -- and now -- it no not here not here yet we can't bring myself. Maybe Brian kind of producer can make that happen and -- -- -- arrived there think -- had done. I -- I was so much attention off on our own health care these days we should also remember that our pets need to be taken care of as well. So visits to -- -- have been on the decline in recent years while obesity diabetes and arthritis are steadily increasing for animal companions. So we thought we'd do a little myth busting when it comes to war pet's health so let's head over to the GMA social -- -- five. And. How are you go ahead so great to -- sued the visit came back came. -- -- overall. De Jesus Sosa told us what what are some things that we need to be thinking about when where today to get our paths of of that -- -- -- the most important. Is that people know how important annual checkups are for that -- We got to the doctor regularly with her kids that pediatrician for wellness visits to get our teeth cleaned and -- her car and so we need and not forget about our paths it's so important to bring your -- to the -- at least once a year. That's really -- fast way we have to protect patent. Against preventable diseases and and -- -- once a year but you know some people say. All got to do this every couple months -- mean do you think that's really necessary really that AT&T and -- -- recommend that pats are seen at least once a year but you're bright depending on the pats. Depending on their age are they have any medical conditions they may need to be seen more frequently you wanna run that fire veteran -- -- All right and so we're -- guys here this is tanner he has a five month old eagle Bassett mix and so -- -- On these guys are from the New York humane society I think -- that regular holiday adopt a ballroom. And then you have let's see we have now led down -- -- oh Danielle looked and her she's viewed as -- couple minutes so we have ready so. My pet stays indoors he doesn't need any vaccinations any parasite protection true false false the reality is even indoor pets can be exposed to a number of different infectious diseases. As well as care sites that's really important that they also see their bats and you check with your veterinarian about -- Immunizations. And parasite preventative zany. I know that -- with a heart warming goes beyond that in mind on thank you run them on the trails we have to get the leftist fibrosis vaccine and all those things that depends on where you live absolutely and we're not yet -- -- -- is gonna tailored -- immunizations. And also the parasite preventative is that your pet needs -- offense depends. And it indoor animal may need fewer immunizations and it's really important that people see their -- at least once -- -- tirades though if you are you know and another myth might be you know if if my pet is -- I know about it. Great that's a great question because a lot of people think fat and while it's true that you know your patent better than anyone. The fact is animals are masters at hiding illness and they can't -- and tell us when they're sick. That's why it's so important that you take them to the bat we're trained to the -- illnesses early. We also are gonna do -- complete physical exam attacking them from their head all the way to their tail and how people can say they really do that at home -- mean. Do you look in your dog's mouth regularly do listen to their hearts. Even if you did would you know what to look for that's why again it's so important to take them to the -- It's the -- suede interior pat lives the half its healthiest life possible OK so here's my other question is isn't exactly a myth but. Do you really have to brush your dog's teeth. It is definitely recommending you don't half to you but again it's one of those things where preventive medicine is the vast. If you can brush your thoughts -- you can help keep them clean so that hopefully they avoid a lot of problems just like fast we get -- at its regularly. The whole gulf preventive health care for -- Is to avoid medical problems down the line. I think have to put this dug down -- -- -- good thing -- -- on the put on the ground. I'm gonna have to take it home because it's what happened in the last time -- -- -- has taken an -- and I thought I while Anaheim. And I inherited. Of GM and let me Watson loves you manner as they accused us Tyler Ann who led a total stranger -- them in front of all these people and -- strains lives. Nintendo characters and how they don't have pain pills aren't -- Those are not -- John is this -- and -- this animal now a little bit I'm just wanna make. Are -- remember is that she -- -- -- -- is that annual checkups are as essential us food and love for -- It's really really important to see here that at least once a year group. The key thing -- yeah yeah. Absolutely -- difference just that the could you do nothing on the -- a -- Lady that don't add up apparently is here you know does look good news mandate right we have the newsman leaving here ABC news -- me I. Carney didn't like Bosnia and yeah. Not knowing who he. I'm Doug and Doug -- -- -- then got in October. It feels good -- -- We're. Really cute they're going to -- is that I want. In your posts on it is teasing the route to the digital side side will be doing a lot of video and writing in knowledge about stuff. Favorite memory here GM -- meetings he'll be need to -- I. Have -- grave -- No Love -- loud it's there's a lot of treatment on his I think yeah yeah probably be meeting Eddie. Now let's -- -- my first when I first days as an intern in 2003 was with Rollins and that Robin Roberts and that was like when my favorite like housing. It's Robin from sports center and -- it -- fans and Schwarzenegger and dive. Ever since and it's lieutenant in -- -- right now it's a pleasure to have you here I'm glad you're -- in New -- I know right. Don't write about anybody LeMay museum. I will be AMBER Alert. -- -- And the yeah game comes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I don't know on that yeah CNN live thanks so much for joining us we're gonna come back out here -- -- -- audience very. Yeah. And barely get our audience back on TV's. Its. Next President Clinton -- On another manhunt Kouzmanoff has experimented -- 9 -- Okay.

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