GMA LIVE! (04.09.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara celebrate Free Cone Day on "GMA Live."
17:09 | 04/09/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.09.13)
-- -- I hate that I go and I although he's -- -- -- The long show kids that they did he had means that dungy is that sometimes you need a break. The -- major -- over there is as Lara can. There an -- Dolly that view it's up -- is meeting nature it's happened that made it actually happened the other week. I might as well and actually -- did you really -- Tell them all kinda out of -- we know that I don't know but I had to break out by the way happy I gotta tell you I've hated you for months yeah I -- I'll take it all back. But now and now a bit but we got a -- automated calling because it's really not spring it's like suddenly summer -- some prominent. But it's all the primary here -- -- -- Did he tell them -- region for me now. Eddie is Eddie with the -- That's it's not true. It's -- closed. We believe that you look at the growing and I can you can eat is clean up come here. And -- is that what -- reading cue -- yeah. It was all around the edges he -- oh boy that was looked some. Kinney I am here by an I don't know I don't want if I was I really need to have good reason we finish -- -- two -- broadcast and. You gotta go so I just yet because -- inspiring so late last night because the game went into homes midnight and need. I think it definitely 93 line you spent the better part of the evening accounts. The debt to I was -- -- kill that we don't have to go there we should probably -- I heard two different things he doesn't necessarily need to Wear killed when he watches basketball. -- -- -- -- What and that's what I. And very -- -- just did a fund raiser. -- -- -- by yeah -- -- is Josh is Scott yeah I can get their will or won't run my hall plaza. So to get out there were a lot of people. But it was very early in the show -- so I hadn't actually had anybody who'd actually gone out there yet. The sort of matters -- so and I asked him what he did. Did you get stopped me in my -- led doing down there and boy. Those runways it feels like forever yeah. These are the wanted to -- -- I don't model railroad there are here this afternoon and then I wealthy and I don't know what to do here -- it to get. I don't I was on. A little bit of a quarter turn. I -- and the prime the worst part is that god is judging Condit asked what everybody's wondering yeah. Why would she got on -- I was. May have been mired. You're married barely see where -- mean he let me take we do -- behind the scenes -- -- what happens behind the scene the fashion shows. Yeah turns out -- really really everybody you gotta you know. Sloan got it then you can see everybody -- every -- or not it's -- -- -- and -- in the corner room. I think there's only so many places though that a gigantic. Human being can hide it a little bit and obviously I'm just saying -- -- the other Braveheart and the contrary it's true. And this is a lot this is now I'm Diana slowed. And why in the ghost of the democratic not what my husband why not keep the -- -- and global didn't win. They did they did go public and I know is about to get on -- and it can handle winning and at a place. At -- latest to broadcasters all around the world please it's not Louisville. We'll say -- say local global -- I love you'll I love you more barely its nearly two syllables right yeah. We'll. We're sovereign spring next PI and a big lie that looks so great on the -- your name and suddenly it was like a Disney from -- it made me comment look at that. -- If we need in Maine for because -- is it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Someone on Twitter -- I SRI wanna -- credit but someone that's drummer and I don't like I mean I think is from Missouri grief about when certain states -- And tomorrow and then it goes back to -- -- I'll look -- -- and I noticed that he didn't Catholic. It -- tell us what we have a lot of flies out. And I -- now. Aetna dot some exhausted Eddie -- you know you -- I hear -- was incredibly excited about from a bird perhaps at any. Look at them -- yet he has happened some fund over the whether I never saw the sunshine face and everything. Found that scouting what do you do have been no -- An act of butterflies in her parents from a we have a little bit injuries on this. Free cone day by the way at Ben and Jerry's -- -- really long day and the reason is because there's no -- celebrating 35 years of ice cream making. And so they want to share that love everybody and the -- And Atlanta more than a million iphones worldwide all okay however we are Ben and Jerry's is completely frozen gas like completely let nobody likes what no one. I don't think I can't even without tiger isn't that I just tell his handgun and R&B and Jay Leno and late. As we got turned scoops some out camp started and -- in Vermont medical waste a minute -- -- -- up in the area Vermont tonight I need Burlington for mom. That's a great town gap that are here is a great town Lake Champlain -- lovely can be not Kennedy agrees so it's very very hurt very much about philanthropy I love this company that -- a lot of really great things for a lot of great charities yep I'm down. And so celebrate with us today -- yes OK yeah week -- springer and springer -- volume and I don't know. All caught on Andrew. Let's get let's let's let's let's I don't know what the Israelis what is your -- your favorite ice cream how labor I knew that was gonna happen but it. It is it Jerry Garcia. Is it chocolate therapy that would give it what -- cluster. How things are in this -- the -- yeah monkey. Another fish food. -- coffee. Coffee was I don't shutting out -- Hezbollah is -- in Europe where he had chubby hubby -- the back window but without anyone like to know about her role ever again. -- you but it marble but should -- think it did. Apparently those letters -- coming your stringer we miss you I love my buddy boat that went on -- -- and that had a lot of money that apple though. That would lot of brand from that was a lot of ran from us we -- friends and not been fair treatment involved -- actually acted out where. Back on -- I love this suddenly summer I don't -- from that -- coal mining technology. Yeah this from a astronomer -- us -- -- something and coal mines. But I do like suddenly -- perhaps we don't ever forget what you look if -- lights suddenly some. Yeah network -- yeah. How are well we're not hideous grammar the social media guru editor chief and -- network president so we actually have given a benefit to this spring pictures. Take a look at this is from Massachusetts and I our morning. -- -- I'll the plumber right there might not ideologically motivated Hobbits and that war and -- in. Were you wearing yeah Thanksgiving well it's Tuscany wow I'm actually not a and that he really just an interpretation is that really doesn't think that's -- that's what my friend just live your life said. Wanna just liberal Lucent that didn't just walk -- this is cemetery lots and Max not was saying today -- you sat on the -- going out that. Sure about is is -- -- tomorrow. I'm so afraid -- Max by the way is our very talented artist and meteorologist. Two doesn't want to start until tomorrow is like ninety and I'm so afraid that you know these things are on us. Burst open and then fall off the trees so quickly. We got one -- pictured here this is where reality -- was from Florida. Right now here we should be and we take the show and around call -- -- we love you. Thank you setting up a -- picture -- drummer. By that I wanted -- -- audience guessing you've picked a good day and if you get a. -- down lately from monster hero I evil abroad freezing out there people until about 5 AM. In eight layers and I always thought chicken little ice cream actually you know so I can tell you have to get leverage I would yeah. I am and -- and thank you by the way for coming begins and truly you got the best part of because most people like Bob let the miserable rule out the kind of house. There and I was saying to Sam I during the show we blame you wonder whether or not very bright and we celebrate you when the weather is good and -- -- happy from a foul. Saw. Actually it's -- we blame you when the weather is not good. And then when we blame you for other things when the weather is -- Terms of the way yeah. Also while we're tasting I just wanna do mentioned the Daniel whom that -- stir something. Because those flowers. Really are delicious and -- one of those things I know some people know you can -- flowers. Like I knew it but I never know what flowers you can ask what ecology found hanging in the construction zone and a good Jones don't -- really got except for that we. They're little. Yeah. Green after. -- -- -- Updated it tastes like a little like a little let us and that has a little -- finished -- them are kind of right without. Yeah yeah I love -- you I would I would rather -- seeing -- -- -- -- he is not -- little -- yeah. Yeah I'm ready to get get ready cheers. Josh I don't. Because we can never let anything go around here and because it. -- I know I said bring it back but I didn't really mean bring him back Denise we're gonna try one more time now we're gonna try warmer -- because Amber's fliers and her prom date Cody. Not necessarily know he ran into prominence when I really love doing this ever try this one mark taught only -- -- on the back of their -- day until. Yeah our stand and tell -- Hello good morning. All right so when we last left off amber you were in ninth grade with an art teacher who inspired you to make duct -- draft prom -- -- looks like you also -- code -- talks as well. What inspired it. Our teacher my silly on she just that was creative and -- days then. I was -- that would accomplish some ideas but I can't is take your summer to hold time. Not let an -- that was actually violent currently that in ninety showed up at prominent -- -- I can't tell you amber I had low expectations when -- when I heard that this is gonna be made -- duct -- I thought oh it'll be great to be metallic this is lovely it is absolutely gorgeous. The detail on this look at that. Then that that what is this called. Look -- bolts. That were on the body this and then was there any rushing involved is the only other -- -- what. What has happened to that show was. Well -- about the way I got amber amber and Rebecca -- comfortable. I'm is currently evidently -- -- -- -- body three top police say there a couple wants it got a -- only thing about they -- the hot but they were comfortable in the audience got here. When when when duct tape gets hot it tend to lose its -- ability and manage. And his -- don't you weren't. Well buddy can't -- give him saying is really good. Lipstick ability to word -- I want to ask you you've been noticeably silent. Who she says hey. Let's go to -- the only thing is you're gonna Wear duct tape your your thoughts. Yeah I got we should sit out -- -- -- -- nobody is. And they -- tell me about -- scholarships. An acid where he admittedly did because of go to college -- will be in the lower forced him. I was turning -- -- you guys did great -- that league high. -- am so excited that we can hear you and understand and that's all work today I'm sorry for making your -- to mornings in a row but -- now favorably did the one thing so wouldn't ninth grade year inspired to make this how long. Did you work on -- -- But as hours -- while well not -- and they. -- you got a real picture and Cody best of luck along forced many to make us feel safer does not your -- anyway but. Pretty deliberate yeah I got his. Glad it all worked out couch yeah. How can do you know we had to rethink this I think one will mean we should do it again and neighbors. Some -- because this was -- we saw this in the big show -- got briefly. Can you look at how little pop actress I give the -- just live in the -- isn't that just happens and Demi Lovato and when impaled through both on the show tomorrow. Very random coincidence because. All -- the Internet this morning you'll see it's everywhere some really cute pictures of the two reportedly meeting for the very first time -- an airport lounge before their flight. From LA to New York on Monday the superstars gushing over their -- -- on Twitter after posing for a picture to gather the monitor -- What if he is -- I did she wanted to picture we need to question -- Yes to me your fabulous and she did not apparent encounter his daughter apple as -- huge candidate pop star she treated out the picture saying quote. Apple exclamation point check out who was on my -- And we're so thrilled to have them but here tomorrow I think that's a really -- -- -- -- women celebrating other went. So after being questioned question. Cool this meet on an airplane caused me to honor the crew is cool coal -- -- up on an airplane did you next do know that. -- -- -- -- -- I mean anything -- and everybody. When herself coolest person you sat near our next -- on an -- -- -- -- old Iowa come on come Santiago you go it I'm thinking. -- -- LA New York she is so -- finally have the best time she's dating -- at the time she was just so -- and I got like lots of great infect you -- never -- -- anybody but she's a great girl yet you know mine because again we took off from LA at the same time you were on one air carrier I was on another and I tweet -- -- so excited I couldn't stand actually -- -- Oh my god you'll never guess who's on the fly -- next to me. -- Merrill street yeah. That's great I couldn't talk to -- I might not see I could. I don't like she's a captive audience that's when I think she's right to -- -- and all time unlike. I never to return be really respectful and -- -- read your body language but he found -- I -- -- newspaper she had reading glasses. She saw he's -- -- usually recognized you are set as a -- on the way al-Qaeda. Term yeah. The value of sweet news you -- really appreciate that and that was after the Oscars -- -- -- -- -- from exhausted but I swear I was on the from declared a public. Yeah yeah. -- who was iTunes top. Leary an insurance adjuster from Topeka awesome flight was credible and bath -- that and that. -- first time -- actually ever had who drank a -- on a flight first time. One Samuel. On the way to Chicago and back let me tell you this before you can -- clearly but none of this was not going to be the rollercoaster would just doesn't really like to fly them I'm not. -- that you feel like Sam loves it for sale at all I love it is -- -- -- ladies and in -- I mean that in the in the most nicest adult. You know the severity kids in the area and beyond them Mets are not concerned flying like snack time a little time -- catch up. What what I figured I could ask and think. About what. What I'm sir what do you like for you -- -- -- somebody you do one flight back and forth Miami -- that are you flying with the same people like a lot. Carruthers like they are similar cruise like they'll do -- they'll do rotation for awhile and then they'll. In the disappear while my contract slightly in one week they don't -- could affect -- shot -- -- and look -- See what's not good. If you -- the usual let's put that Isiah makes its way to the top. And then puts on. Pilot yeah. I've got the whole -- We get the -- OK Brett Rivera -- his audience in the land they got here on the first day as drummer. And we want to thank you for watching let's look good morning. Come on -- -- tomorrow 9 AM eastern daylight have a great.

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