GMA LIVE! (04.11.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara call a "GMA" audience member's friend to see if she'll go to the prom with him.
11:18 | 04/11/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.11.13)
Yeah. A okay. -- -- -- Coming up -- yeah. Not enough delegates at -- -- on his involvement either -- very well today before our well dialogue or these are very well against what. Did you quit do it will believe if -- -- -- -- -- First of all robust studio audience -- Crowd outside -- That's some of the streamers and we yeah yeah. Okay. Point during the show I could not hear a think -- that anybody was similar tastes so wonderful but so did exactly yeah a lot of. That's how we view this and it's just -- show -- Natalie it was not only would I I walk on hot coals to be reviewed to. I on. Literally I'm not kidding. I -- -- May be that means. Definitely traits that made me made me. And -- CIA Antarctic. But -- all I got a pair me with his audience makes it all worthwhile added. Represented. I have this kid's Bosnia around outside and look at what's in it. Jack is boss me around outside yeah we're in and -- needed just -- -- Mom recently she gets me we have a sauce yeah. Shorter hadn't got out written to bring you you want to give it -- here yeah. Okay. The show. What's holding up at the line and Eminem and be with them and their NFC that is so so what does not there's no question he I mean isn't isn't a question and yeah all right let's do something that only we can do let's get on let's get on the phone. Or telephone. We also -- album. We out of court before a chopper went up. His -- father Larry or -- Brady and -- Yes -- who did so I was I think and I driving and its biggest thing as a little time. Power broker you all the -- Yeah good. Okay. Good -- yeah. I'm -- all right so I really feel like we should let you do well and the barbershop quartet at any time because -- at your disposal because we want this to be the way you would like to ask don't go right ahead and I -- so I think we're gonna let them sing your. OKV. Car using these okay. Being. Okay. Hi. I seeing. You raise the and yeah. The U don't I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. -- nice job. He's being given up. I know you guys do us a favor and tweeted a picture of where -- wrong dressed up being. Get -- -- Probably won't make the -- person. Maybe it will citing eyewitness W problems that you guys -- -- is a picture. Yeah because in some ways we're all going to the prom with vote. -- -- -- -- Is that honestly doesn't on the planet -- -- -- -- -- I'm that's been we've -- there are no deals -- -- -- to steal and we are stealing money from Tory Johnson and some lovely company. -- in here aren't getting any day and what yeah. You're already -- logged -- already today -- give tall -- what you hope to open -- a new window. -- and start buying this right now that's gonna go. I'd have been so great ads for -- this is secret special just relax so it's just that it's like it's full right Mary what do you like getting ready so watch and the you opened up just like today -- -- -- -- how these. Yeah I miss my hand and yeah. I. There's already let -- like he would you can do this at the beach in a backyard as long as there's. Its -- behind the -- -- aren't happy about how do you think yeah and in that. Thank you hear how much this costs this is in Spain -- from -- home the company is called fire -- at this stainless steel notebook portable grill look. Not normally seventy dollars -- for senate out of there really good yeah see how and why didn't give me my baby and west classic -- -- 66%. Perrier. Okay. Hands off my barbecue. We have good might employ yeah. Deals redeeming in my and he barbecue. -- -- -- -- -- Not good. Yeah. This might be logically advanced and I can't just in time and this would be a great Father's -- -- Yeah. I really I have -- how does not -- -- I didn't remember yes. You may ensemble falling off the air I doubt this is what this is what you -- child is -- -- to get you the killer Paul fathers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We also want to get OK so I'm swaps and -- to help. -- -- -- Community -- -- -- now and you haven't please have please don't let you have it we just Alex please don't come back to -- while they fight please don't ever come back to the show Alex not a member of the has -- -- and yes let's get over there but let's go. Okay. And Aaron itself Alex has Alex want -- -- The new iron shaft. She's -- -- judge on the Food Network she is. Iraq on -- she is an amazing woman and she also. Has a new cookbook out old school comfort food. We could not get you one of the greatest -- ever seen in my life in my life ripping Carmel and chocolate gave. Do you wanna for the yes I do yes I have yes idea what I did not -- -- and by the way just a follower when a -- of the novel following are literally you guys believe this and I don't know hundreds -- -- Yeah just porous and it is right -- golf still if somebody -- happened wrong I'll find out. Okay. Yeah are. Com why you don't count that -- are you okay. And -- saying right now this is upon them believable but and then it's it's hard and pardons yet -- -- -- right away kind of cool yeah. And then you get this this is my top yeah. This is that yes and my momma did for the camera automatically. Think spider webs of love and hope goodness. Really you know your inch shaft is coming -- -- playing yen today I love all looking. You can show us how in the hands on the picked up its -- and we we have the recipe online yeah. All these recipes he had over the video it. Because the reason we're doing pathology and their lives this is the glitz and was doing with all the chocolate on the big ship -- well eating club and -- all of us. We need to -- -- am I you know -- -- is an alien -- no -- to convince you learn not having a good exam grabbed the little cobweb regular drinks and starting to go into and triggered a student on everything from South America snow insulted chairman of course. But it cuts of this nice course seesaw. Yeah that is feel -- -- -- again technique and -- unattended. Nuts. Right to pay out while we're -- joint -- yeah nothing is better little sweet treat and little wind coming. Kelly start next time it. -- -- -- we love this is a new product out -- I think only six ballparks across the country for now yeah -- -- These are individual wine glasses that you can order at baseball games they're about -- about nine dollars and -- into the little steep. Doesn't it feels right now that we'll have used the wire hobby enjoys it here you -- you sure aren't well watch a little B ball everybody wins put. Their parents their legs. Is that these will be available this summer these are individual red or white they're called this is -- -- crimson and the suspects are quite happy and they're held -- I can't forget that -- -- ABC has some standards we have not alienate the Seattle company. Yeah but I got to look at just how you what you do in the Arab music and doing everything that he's in hot well that's -- -- we decided hundred cops -- we also have. And we are are you. And I want. I have. Believe. The man. Zero. Moon -- I'm really. -- balloon and barbershop quartet singing and celebrating the -- barbershop. Society and threw back in nineteen are ahead we're so happy to have them choices you mom got them here. -- So well in Illinois. Today is -- clockwork. Appreciation. Day narrowing isn't everything you again I'm not on our -- -- a couple of years old school comfort food and you get unbelievable stuff like patents in -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- Okay. We like. We thought it. Thank you guys for tuning in each and every day. Well. See you tomorrow I'm -- I. -- -- A.

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{"id":18932040,"title":"GMA LIVE! (04.11.13)","duration":"11:18","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara call a \"GMA\" audience member's friend to see if she'll go to the prom with him.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-041113-18932040","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}