GMA LIVE! (04.17.13)

Josh, Amy and Sam check out the Compliment Gram Bullying Campaign on GMA LIVE!
14:28 | 04/17/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (04.17.13)
-- I have to tell you. I'm sending a tweet about the Boston children's choir that may have just given us. My favorite musical moment in just in the two united they just covered U two's pride in the name -- -- if ever there was a time. I think we all needed to hear something like that. From exactly all of you acquire representing fifty -- Boston's -- and and you guys could I say they might have been just texted me -- few seconds ago and said I'm crying that was so powerful that myself. -- yesterday you know the especially on social need is for central. Deep deep -- power. Of symbols at this point in any indication of -- whether it's the arts. Or whether it's sports when the Yankees announce that they were -- -- sweet Caroline and Yankee Stadium. It Eddie -- now so I wanna -- like fifteen minutes later was -- and was number one trending topic on Twitter. I saw bunch of people who I know -- things like. Didn't just reading that made him cry it's it's the little things the healing process is not. These huge it's not if it's the little steps and there's so -- to visit. Yes we know -- from Capitol Hill on downward we're dealing with. You know gun legislation right now people are on both sides of the -- these -- the moments for people just come together yet and they say it all of that right now doesn't matter because we are united and and that's what's going to make -- stronger and no one wants something like this happen but there is good that can come on and and and you have to think that. That we can become a stronger nation. Together because of moments like. You just have to hope something you hope something I mean EEU I love to see the people. Who are saying you know -- -- go in there and help I'm gonna turn around when I hear. Something terrible going on down the street I'm gonna turn around -- hope. Go help you know those people to me are amazing -- and as we said on the show I want ten million more of people like that who will go in and say. Whatever the hell's happening I'm gonna go over there and help -- I love the signs I loved the flowers I would. Everything every little thing that so many people -- -- like that's signed right there it just it makes you feel good that people care and people are behind. The people of Boston -- not recognize enough again. There are people who are paid. To be first responders there are people whose life work it is to be first responders we think. All of you for making that choice but for all of the others especially on in those fateful first moments on Monday. Who. Did not think about themselves who. Who did not think about their well being. Who went to help who turned and did something that we say oftentimes when journalists want to pat ourselves on the back we run to the disaster. So many. Not at all average people did that so I think I'm turning can extraordinary people parent and out of the state. And just -- conversation I mean you know in a situation like that just trying to keep someone. Together from panicky because it's it's a horrifying horrifying no one can even imagine. What this -- gotta be like and the fact that someone has the presence of mind to stop and give love and give support. I mean it's it's makes a -- and -- it really does it got got love. So we want to thank you again thank you for coming through the night Boston children's -- thank you for all wonderful moment we will not soon forget about it. I will invoke my greatest Monty Python and now for something completely to completely yeah. But you know what let's -- this happens show we are glass half full show. Bat behind the scenes here GMA. When the cameras are on us we are happy and thrilled we added that -- Fox find this spring though and not just -- the rosy cheeks and send. I didn't want her not to buy those I -- of that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah wedding -- what we -- we should I guess now we should any help us out here and -- up right I don't the first elevate the -- like it's outside. Jack it's 300 today is the miracle early boys and dress pattern of his all the closing shots but. Sam gave me his jacket and Josh -- -- his jacket so we were warming in the hands because the indians' offense I mean we I -- I was a little -- you're but I did try to make announced that he -- -- 50% nicer to me believe is littered throughout. But I will give us by the way we did we -- Warned us -- six. That -- glad I -- And attitudes that -- -- -- outside of yeah that's them there aren't that. Here's a guy OK -- now we'll. Yeah. -- either captured Broadway -- It would -- all rainbows and -- in the world. OK so it's well it is the political there are still winter hanging on by a stubborn little pinky so -- -- captain. A Rottweiler check this out -- few weeks ago. Nearly half. It is a great American who happened to her head you know this reminds me of my dog they -- Artest added. -- -- -- -- I use it is undisputed front on I don't know what again this is phenomenal so that he -- and tell me he -- that no way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- popularly know anti OK. Let's go time. I'm just gonna make my person happy and -- he's -- he's gonna. And. Yeah. Yeah. -- -- Buzz Craig I headed -- -- 82 two yellow loves you can't actually. It's -- you can't slept next to them and you can't actually swim near them. Because they want to retrieve like your innate desires to retreat and to help the medicine -- experience letting. As this horrible disaster has befallen me -- -- second best. -- -- Max will be will be along -- 900 pounds of them trying to pull me off this led to safety so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we actually have a pop acts for this is a serious twist to it aren't we spoke out earlier there's not forgotten legislation going on right now on Capitol Hill. And apparently you could earn a celebrity message. If you -- something you get involved so if for once in your life. You're getting politically active Tony Bennett could be calling because of -- each game yet. -- -- on how long would the Brady campaign is asking you to text mind boys. 877877. -- my voice one word. 877 yes seven sat and your phone and then can be ringing with the message from the likes of success and our way -- -- Glenn. Josh Groban and his wrist slitting their names and these -- Compromise is this the compromise bill that's going in this just requiring that there is that there is tougher registration and background that contract around the house and her though this is -- you know obviously a very long debate and public opinion swung. Sharply in the other direction following the -- shootings -- and it started to wane over the last few months at over 48% you know I mean George is clearly -- 68 -- good last week perhaps that they could actually have a major breakthrough bipartisan. Bill and now even that is starting to -- -- supports dwindling as it's good. To -- this -- these letters not -- -- I mean you guys you guys were both there he spent time up there in that community. Hot and and please let's not forget that community and how easy it was for government to walk into that school. Please let you say that and I did I know I know anyone -- I -- I'm sorry I actors are at us yet none of it is important to remember it is important to remember. -- -- now we also had something cool how much is it cost to end bullying. -- -- Winfield high school in West Virginia it will set you back a whopping fifty cents that's all it takes to stop pay at the -- stop hate club a student's consent each other complement grams. And the friendly -- -- helping create a kinder atmosphere at the school and help combat bullying as we hear from the students in this video. A compliment -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People -- each -- has -- really nice compliment. It's not just stopping going it has spaces it has people that are passionate about it and that makes it so much better. Affects people so much and makes me feel so good about themselves and have fun does. -- -- of the negative effect that people have enough and I really wanted to be involved with something that had -- the positive impact. I kind of fun and -- Actually yes and then why I'm doing -- -- paid -- -- when he -- -- every school can definitely easily update. -- Well for -- yeah. I'll tell you -- -- all the time but we're gonna try this live -- -- GMA -- that doesn't always work so if we can't hear you will bring you back every day until we can't join given Dreier there. There are good morning -- -- Congratulations what what made you get started with an idea like this. Well. Basically what happened as you know I was bullied whatever I was younger and it wasn't your usual schoolyard bullying I couldn't say left her that person pushed me down or anything like -- Com and I did not competence CIA you know. I just tried so hard I went just fit and -- -- -- realized that it and ordered should be happy with yourself. Yet to accept everything. So. I you know I got hooked up with Emily every gallon over the Internet she is the best -- -- I've never met she started we stopped -- dot org as social media movement and bullying. And so from there I got in touch with her -- started getting more involved with the program you know by July. This year I was actually in -- -- position and I thought. How cool would it could be you know we're reaching -- these kids -- computer screens what are we can look them in the -- and actually be in school we're most of it is usually takes place. So how then do we take this from from there from the local level from -- -- -- by how do we make this spread because this past the gate everywhere. Well -- Haskell -- on the hot anyone certainly stop -- club in their school. It's as simple emailing us is visiting our website you know for your were already talked -- -- and I'll eat it isn't meant to spread. And this is bullying on all levels and that's what's so great because you know we all know what it was like when we weren't school it is so much harder now -- with FaceBook and Twitter and texting. And it can be anonymous and that's what's so difficult about it. And you don't understand. When you're that young when your your age. That these people are bullying because they don't there's something about themselves they don't know how something going on in their world that they don't like you take it personally but it's damn acting out a bully is acting out their own problems. And so I hope I hope I hope. People will will join your campaign and make it go. Crazies is seriously think you can even come on yeah. -- to send us this she didn't -- and actually. Well be reading these. The had. He's carrying -- live yeah. Your care for great causes in the people in this world. All encouraging as -- never lose your dad likes while my daughter -- -- thank you. They're all very individually appreciated saying that I inspire women -- -- -- -- -- careers and be good mothers. Ankle sprain and -- says thank you for joining us in the fight against bullying it's -- total it's a cause I absolutely believe in. Your passion and influences so uplifting. Dot dot dot. And my grandma really like I -- not -- But you just -- tell you tell grandma that I loved her and I love her granddaughter and but he settled yeah. -- My house that's -- and bully it is an international scratch and -- -- that -- -- guy that guy. What might even make us feel about our. There's a little bit more from my favorite choir and America the Boston children's -- they're innocent -- up today. With -- nobody gonna turn me around we'll see you tomorrow morning at 9 eastern daylight we see the four. Okay. It's okay. Okay. -- -- The M. Okay. Okay. Okay.

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