GMA LIVE (05.01.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara celebrate Lai Day on GMA LIVE!
14:07 | 05/01/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (05.01.13)
Okay. At night that what a beautiful -- and a beautiful audience that beautiful studio lot. You know distill this other sentinel. -- tell you what we had a heck of a show today panic stricken and there you are. And beyond like I knew when you we just announced the on nighttime and daytime -- -- and -- and we all oriented to divvy them up. And salmon first and -- costs Sam -- do in live TV if he doesn't have any idea of what's coming I can't imagine. -- -- I am I honestly hate -- you just take a shot of the prompter. Yeah does that bother because I hate reading prompter so I don't get a chance to read it very much and I hate reading cold yeah -- you did well and I got to tell you from. -- -- -- -- Hard look at the outlook for there was money and I looked so good about -- we knowing aren't you saying here's the other around naked snake. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your great good again either national lady -- the audience smells great and. I think it is -- -- visit I you -- I -- it's not. Senior editor social media that it ABC news time AM I have and I try to get ally I have a great -- where he would. Gateway brand name -- a way. Email thank you -- and how to do. And and now officially -- thank you -- have -- -- -- -- my friends yes. Violates yeah. What are we have the but you're going to difference I could ever fixes no no no plainly glad to answers throughout the show yeah they might -- -- -- you never know big big news this morning everybody. -- -- -- -- Look at death following him -- last night we had. -- -- That's pretty and I don't know -- can't really celebrate yeah. I -- it could end. And -- I had -- And then spent the night so -- -- -- -- are just. -- how are you try to continue doing our job. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sometimes television to tell me. Taylor and Senegal who. What I what I don't know and can't find then yeah -- they've seen it. Estimated it love that so many want to engage we thank you for engaging with us. Every single day across all of our platforms here here printed an idea let's face and a lot of the things when I say welcome to our friends from the Columbia school of journalism -- -- behind yeah. Okay. The crowd. And that's what do and that's why Marta Colombia with how to who right there that would Taipei honest -- yeah. -- -- Well that's great -- there's -- Diane and that's the deficit that's all we have. Instead I got I'm widow Lisa -- -- on the opening lines when I was two million dollar granddaughter yup and about yeah that I. We -- there was a lot of there -- a lot of I didn't. Knox is a lot of conversation around and out -- what an -- link. I mean and it would -- what I think that and there are a lot of people last night who saw different -- and when an -- -- -- -- that rob didn't in New London job we'll. I got Robin did an amazing dad -- and that I was actually showing these guys around I was not doesn't hear from a until I was gonna say you seem to be dancing -- really don't I mean how could you be allowing evidence -- those kind people away -- -- That was amazing really one of my life goals Shaq actually. -- -- I asked I actually did and before we see them again and I sounds like where they were from but would you guys tell me again because I forgot where. And anybody that. The -- Chinese cultural year old founder and and it celebrate -- -- -- -- late day right. I know this is the Rio Vista and I wonder if she felt plastic so relaxed within days in the big show they -- -- -- it was incredibly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Take his for -- -- the show that he was mean don't we go he -- -- in fact an actor wearing an I'm wearing it now. We can -- -- but yeah -- -- has planted -- what we got -- to make some plays and none are all about that a lot of one. What do you what's your what are your alarm clock. Salado. -- is on the -- -- that one that's like. Gets the gets louder and higher that would value -- This sort of -- Harlem. Isn't I weighed -- sort of denying it starts Chilean minister it's bland and -- -- it -- scares me an -- here's my kids actually have -- -- get me off the -- at night to go to -- in the -- let me get -- yeah I don't have a man -- Fluffy like well what's your sound on the idea on the -- -- -- -- -- -- We -- and we we -- at saint. What I would -- eyewitness what I would practice and -- ever wakes you up a copy of the largest against you like personalized weather fans if you -- do. We've seen in a loving way I like to have a morning tomato I get I get -- -- she gets up in towels and water the flowers and make coffee on -- Fluffy like -- -- heating season of -- -- -- the house and make sure I'll just make sure that everything's you know still pills -- fly off to. In all of oriental market and help clear an incredibly made it pretty incredible man. Google is animated Josh is -- -- I don't know I learned of them in the comment out from under the -- in the polls kind of but didn't exist it Monday the windows -- I -- -- certain kind so. The follow that's low that's and that's an outside -- -- -- That's a low. Lying I straddled a necklace that I remember yeah I was -- with the visibility greatly worried about is it -- legitimate problem. Thank you will never see button. It was much better and spoken word the current so alarm clocks alarm clock just. It says to pause let's benefit parents. On what your annual OK not buying gas -- Hear what -- -- Bring. Do you use I need your friends I adding those -- -- Mattapan doing something positive there was like I'll do it especially the collegiate years. We he never wanted to falsely -- especially around any other thing that one you just aboard both. But does that come -- for him markers and yeah motorbikes and a bedroom that makes have you ever been written on -- I may have -- count on that -- I'm here tonight -- -- -- yeah I was a case in Kentucky and that was like that was death. It could go to sleep -- didn't lock your door it was a I gotta gotta be honest if you lock your door but didn't -- your windows yeah. They -- -- -- one night went to bat and told believe did not know woke up going to class. Hey. They didn't they did. And had -- -- and was. -- That story probably won't do this to each other -- -- -- challenge bonded very soon rob -- probably -- -- it would they -- I mean for it is -- a day NASA JR. -- -- -- -- so I thank you all the Polynesian cultural center is joining us this morning them -- us all morning long on Good Morning America the big -- -- -- live. I'm showing us how to dance thankfully we did not yet on the on the air these attractive Polynesian cultural gap. Yes Mary very attractive Philadelphia that that the -- with the I now I'm -- there's just something so magical on sexy about that that hip situation. -- -- we're gonna worry about that right out I was ever going to make -- -- and we please start by telling us who you are -- of the importance of the late day showing. And -- found THI yeah. And thankfully say eighty at the ads celebrating -- day. And no insignificant -- electric -- -- mall that's. Love and affection and I didn't get an as a greeting and -- -- doesn't -- well. So evident in the pac ten sent them love a symbol of love it's a -- -- -- for -- -- -- and Kelly come. I looking flowers or are these -- kids. He is out and Caribbean arts and and is not a traditional -- -- -- -- -- any -- can be lots of different -- -- Allen Benson at least Myanmar as tourists and the type of land that we had seen he's I mean that you're seeing a fire. Seeing a need obviously this is essentially yeah this is there is this is. President and I think generally yeah -- straight through wearing a run this town needs the flower -- here is an. -- I'm only get -- Similarly masters its big fat to do with kids and he could -- I mean if you. If you didn't want you drop flowers you could also news you can do hit -- Larry so I take this once a little and went my proud to bring it back then. Up through the bottom until a little Chester England -- -- I talk to the folks that's only. Data we did we opened the the the the resort Gilani and there were some folks who are making noise and I said this is the most peaceful. And yeah -- the world when she said -- -- a lot of the times we think about as we're doing this we think about the people that we're making four. -- it's just like you put so much love and good spirit. Into this -- when you give it to someone it's just like this amazing. You know gift I'm thinking of you think you know you right now we I mean and I am gas. -- -- I want to ask. You know the dancers and let's be honest yes we're here to cracking down it's not done that can't be comfortable in pre dawn. It just -- that makes you happy I mean it. I'd imagine that just doing what it is you guys were doing for us all morning long here that you did couldn't do it Abiola and B but can you get tracing the idea that there and somebody -- idealist question. What what what what is it what is it to do I mean is it it wouldn't it looks like it just makes you guys is happy that makes everybody else. I think it's. The -- that we have with our culture them and it's also ensure they're they're going. -- -- and so and it is it isn't a dance that that does bring a smile -- face what at what age did you I'll start. To learn it. I -- in nineteen really. And I really -- there isn't something that we could learn I act. Or is it something I mean you start getting blood -- -- February -- her I've gotten a little. A woman she -- is something that. -- -- kinda -- right yeah yeah yeah yeah. -- like this. -- -- -- -- You have as a mom never -- -- -- Should she take issues off published. Carolina. Yeah now they should definitely -- getting constant glare got a yes. I'm not looking at -- -- lawyer of the that's -- right. But just simple and I want to do it yeah -- I think. -- -- -- I don't. Look -- is really good yeah. We're yeah. Earlier on -- and America -- Sharp knives on stick incident like hey you wanna dance. You know what it -- Everything is going on I'm sitting here and -- -- my hands in -- I'm not sharp knives and. Could you circle your hands I want to thank everybody yeah -- telling back to -- The lovely dancers and a Polynesian cultural. Related audio. As -- dance is because up. We will see you tomorrow from 9 AM eastern daylight how. Have a good one everybody --

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