GMA LIVE! (05.03.13)

Sam, Josh and Lara celebrate traditional Mexican holiday Cinco De Mayo in style.
10:36 | 05/03/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.03.13)
-- -- Everybody and. What a great day wildlife show I don't care elderly woman he got some I haven't got. I don't care idol -- but the panel learned at. So don't let everybody and got like we should say hello Atlanta and I. -- -- -- -- -- We rolled around the country had a big purple bus when asked about that and I got was it is not a guy you listening to that song look. I was just about to do in the last time in the last couple weeks that songs I mean that's the song -- -- -- Soledad I got. The song of the Arlington as a college but now I don't know -- know what may be in September will be talking -- -- about a -- That idea are great you settle in and out there you can't say I don't -- can't feel bad about yourself queen. -- champion down when -- didn't they cannot. -- -- -- -- -- -- totaled early this morning I retreated energy on this show -- -- -- -- an absolutely amazing it was one of those days where. -- -- to pinch myself because I am so hot with a shot. I -- everybody's there champion. -- award was given today when Elena went did you regularly. -- -- -- -- thought they -- -- Indian fans Basilan island on an irony irony -- a has a -- -- without -- -- yeah. And talk about until it. I mean it's it's it's a really nice -- Bob Ward -- listen the -- the first show like sea rescue I think there's so much good thank you -- as for the folks who dedicate their lives and and really at a moment's notice will go to help the animals may trouble from. Yeah and and they do it they do it. I'm so proud. To do the show and just it's so good to put that I -- not watching it Saturday mornings with my -- it has become appointment television trucks are allowed. I -- -- TV it's not like you're just showing up redo -- ten minutes in the way you -- -- and she wore pumps -- works incredibly hard. Every word that every line. Dialogue and copy I'm telling you what you work. Incredibly hard on the -- I am both of you worked so hard armed on your shows that you do apart from this. You know. I'd I'd like -- but in your work ethic what -- your respective programs it's an amazing thing to watch because it's hard enough. To do this job the fact that you guys are out there do what you do. -- well deserved it doesn't have its energy Louisiana he's I am I I was trying really hard to like forget that moment but I kept seeing there are people inside her Erica I don't -- You got him zero audio moment I was like those legs so you're familiar we love you we love you got -- that I. Over yourself I don't know I don't know all of you is because it's almost as a single god I am. Okay. Go from -- -- this I was this does feel this is the. Something of a regional law as a Californian I think -- here he really was a town you've really got to visit I don't. I -- -- quality it mom peg the readiness recruitment program on. I can't figure out over your favorite features that these are articulate views now they are not take -- sprinkles. Yes they he's he's not you arc -- didn't either want to you know you are good -- Okay here is cheers -- were great John yapping at minimum I think he tequila. The total lots has nothing on not that we didn't know how lonely you all know grandma or -- -- -- -- All about well I'll tell yourself I'm good. On the road when Yahoo! hosting a mobile entertainment music and innovation festival -- There was showcasing all the new innovations for Yahoo! like the new weather out which of these seems incredible news and then putting all these big concerts and -- you live on and she's eleven years and Kendrick Lamar Max -- of the problems on the running game like county and city every day I don't you feed your -- to you look up I don't like to donate Mario -- -- we start tonight with John Legend and -- in every city every -- different city every day and download Yahoo! app you can find out overcoming your town and can't make it to the show on the -- dot all this doesn't -- -- We're giving away tickets to fans -- to be real fans there. Had taken them the music festival experience and -- learning -- red hot topic like you know shot. -- -- -- -- Haven't learned that good on uneven debate cupcake -- really good I doubt about it relax I didn't matter that he'll end up front I don't know what lessons. Put it what the third. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Executive yeah. Charlotte where we're up about comment around and we're just you know we're -- to -- cupcakes all -- well in the world. And did you not yours already know what it's up so -- ID UIUI it's not probable super. Okay you got them pointing out all my stupid cupcakes and chickens and a lot of -- Got images we've -- -- -- But hey it's very very interesting what other young men that -- light -- yes I do. I'm I do I like to eat cupcakes by taking the bottom off again making sandwiched as anybody else agreement that the quickest -- never slice of pizza portfolio that -- I don't always seemed upbeat I've never seen that -- -- Eisenhower had been president so that every bite. Has some might you basically Oreo at -- unscrew the cup came down it upside down immediately and I am talking -- I have never play I don't and that's the standout has ever done that that is -- the cupcake and how that is crazy like a fox -- -- -- cupcake. Amazingly dirty but could actually -- -- everybody part of part of a new viral -- is giving new meaning to determine mugging for the camera oh boy here -- -- it's called baby mugging and it was inspired by mommy blogger. And an advertising. She's also had an edge creative director -- happened advertising Atlantis is pretty. Charming she didn't try to revive -- -- floor coffee -- perfectly positioned in front ever creating the illusion that she's in the -- -- -- Clever -- an apparent leaders and coughs like husband and. -- -- -- when you grow up do you see mom what are you doing so angry when her brother. Their anger than -- -- It looks like they're dancing in a month. Ultimately. Aren't -- there you know that was up -- what else you got tenure up -- -- I. Internationally for comic book fans everywhere Iron Man three is in theaters today for those of you who wanna catch up on the latest adventures of Tony Stark and I do -- that the best movie ever. Ironing out tax audit -- worldwide smash earning over 300 million dollars. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know -- -- not me. Are you looking at how likely it really really got it's really. Do I can't I can't I've heard -- carry the movie for like a second and a half. Kerry the Phillies can generally don't -- -- motivation. Her character -- -- thought long and hard about it and this moment in fourth grade. That no we're not we. Wow apparently got -- really you know. General say that's when I look at I I was like. Okay there's a lot of I think I'm advancing the plot like I don't think they can get rid of me I think they need this at some point that I think of men -- -- renowned bass pro. You don't ask anybody about -- can give -- to you in many languages. -- -- free comics have been get over years and you love the -- I -- every comment -- are taught to tell us all knew everything about his outburst but. Allow me to introduce David Sandberg. -- yield -- solitude com and -- that was for you right now. I hear comic figure I think comic drama and you definitely get a sense if you log on the -- -- -- coming on you get a sense of what it's not an underground movement. That's right it's a -- report. Totally yet free comic book day tomorrow so any retailer comic book retailers giving away tons of free -- tomorrow all play editor Bob -- -- right sit there and show you. The secret -- in the Soviet -- beginning -- the baby to be the saving rate the -- -- just is big are they just as big as they were when I was a kid you know they went there some troubled times infringed their lotteries in places that don't have retailers anywhere near them that's kind of the reason we made the company digital comics -- right out. We support for an entirely we love free comic book day -- have tons of free -- on a comic -- comics that. You know and it's just you know look at album titles and everybody knows about green -- Walking Dead Star Trek true blood and most people don't know that they have. I want it to me legally -- Walking Dead -- accidentally as a -- -- and that's the big one has what has -- move especially in view of the Marvel Comics the Indian what does that. That done for the industry. Yet the moves have done an incredible thing for the industry. Unlike any transition to digital print is actually going up. Really they're selling more print comic books more digital toppled president collectible in the -- and that's it there's there's a part of its applicability of of people Britain's -- the stories of wayward boat and prevented them. I was like to say this when I was a kid my my brother's best friend. -- accidentally. Had X-Men one. Next man. -- that's pretty good that's pretty -- I will be held Monday might throw it out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Where do we rely on us now more so if you go on today the App Store brought all of them comics audio comics for free comic book day it's free comic book day dot com awesome David thank you don't you -- Agreed it -- and yeah at this early happy -- below. -- -- Yeah. It's a hot Monday. -- am eastern daylight everybody had a great week.

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{"id":19100576,"title":"GMA LIVE! (05.03.13)","duration":"10:36","description":"Sam, Josh and Lara celebrate traditional Mexican holiday Cinco De Mayo in style.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-050313-19100576","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}