GMA LIVE (06.11.13)

Sam and Lara enjoy burgers and shakes from NYC's newest burger joint, Fatburger.
11:54 | 06/11/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.11.13)
-- -- You may live contact Larry -- out we're not. -- and yet he's he's in the back hi everybody Ottawa Ohio. Yeah so let's talk about number one goo good dolls syndrome extraordinary here you're doing you're right you're right -- they're going you know can you guys because there's another song I know coming gonna play and you guys can get it -- -- log on their they've been around forever and they sound fresher than ever and their songs resonate with me in a way that I can't really explain. I don't ever demonstrating -- I -- I mean I was basically trying to garner some and Denise Richards this year -- if your friend. I loved teammate -- -- -- -- he had a great morning because niece was here and everything went beautifully. Well yeah I mean and more importantly she's she's a 100 tight budget and -- -- -- Tony how -- is Aaron and on many African gone right back but ready for -- -- How fine -- so on everything -- criticized in this thing and we know it's it's incredibly emotional decision. When a woman has you can drag is a hard decision and and so we have this thing where she has to choose the dress lives so that even top having such a hard time concentrating and didn't fit I don't if you're looking at pepper -- -- -- FNN and address didn't fit her budget and so big surprise to us live on Good Morning America. That was I was really wonderful actor so I don't treat me about my dress I want this is morning shows because I got a lot of tweets about your -- today I have no idea ladies -- element. Why you ask me what Larry is wearing my easily because they know that we are actually seeing her get up and ignored bin but that was so. I'll tell them how this comes out -- happened I found -- fat in this state now. Fabulous lives it's vintage from the sixties his bag this woman and on so I -- -- obviously and how to get it. I want to recommend everybody to greatly rescues like we -- so -- -- Style fifty stop all the dresses out there and -- -- -- copying this designers are going with this sheets -- people to think out of the box. Something to -- this it was eighteen dollars very Lara. Dollars looks like a million bucks and probably would be hundreds hundreds hundreds I'm sticking a dollar not the moment. Nick -- just appropriate I don't even I don't. -- -- -- -- very -- -- as this is very new at this is something that people you really do all the things that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You actually do -- you meant them it's a huge thing people see he had flea markets yard sales all the time so it's not a mystery but I'm you have yet to get you -- -- you -- terrified the nation. -- I thought it's just that sometimes places that small little moldy. I have I have I don't believe you know not just a stereo -- and I know -- -- I -- -- I've not. We didn't know we don't I do you -- shake and I carry -- Whatever -- you might find me ladies and gentlemen is anywhere anywhere horn is opening a brand of fat -- and it's not saying I mean it's coming come on -- -- How are usually get very. Mike if you would argue want to -- that you really okay. Still it's risks novelists -- persecution. My parents I don't know what it then later this is on the -- -- -- East Coast. This is the first New York City Baffert who regret but Hollywood's favorite -- to your -- -- -- to join. I remember one in the Jack Thailand's like fat burgers reminding me and become your hand me but you know it has one that you brought him -- look who you're really this is the -- xxx challenge is that how -- -- heard it right. Wow. -- have a back again you'll get an earthquake to hit the -- to get the -- -- you got to look yeah. I think they're very -- -- because there's nothing. Neat and easy about this murder on the hook slide show of unity right what -- fat -- different. So these are burgers are made cooked to order right in front -- you -- -- fresh -- -- it's right there he had all the -- -- the different -- -- wanted to write a -- chili -- anything you -- it's your heart desire in -- -- this is the latest. To open up. I saw them in LA gathering New York City are happening across country -- -- -- sewer 150. Covers around the world -- 27 countries and 75 in the US. He -- also amazingly enough we partner with Wal-Mart to serve. Hough Rosie hamburger patties by a woman to cross country. Right now so. If there's not a fabric and you're there you go home didn't get it took an hour here on the back burner and we're gonna make our own back burner how to mean really how we do it at first I didn't instructions with how to cook -- put that she's honest with abundant hosted an avid hockey in Seattle needed. You know it's great that it's available everywhere. Of course and elevates your I say -- -- this. Alabama I'm noticing that there's a lot of variety on the is like you can choose your Bundy did you at all all -- that -- -- -- -- computers music -- digital -- -- all kinds of -- -- of course -- -- six -- -- what -- -- about -- Two of strawberry shake -- -- -- Oreo cookie shaped right chocolate of course and user hand stupid to realize screen in just a few calories. Yeah it's just didn't you like just a few -- -- thousand adult industry here in a hurry all right -- so -- -- -- we won't we won't -- you don't want to thank you ready you come up with concepts of -- -- six dual brand started in Los Angeles. And I've run the company for the last ten years we've -- all over the world. And do you worry about connotation of the word fat but it does often have a negative packaging Williams started in this sixty other cities -- -- was big fat juicy there was fat -- -- that city and that's what it meant that bad right so. Lewis that call themselves stoppers you don't need -- it's a big yeah. So it's -- me it means just like robots are sure. In every way -- and -- and damaged is learning that first. How do we want to thank you so much it's unlikely if not yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- want -- going to be very long. -- murder you just make sure that we get ended. Yeah nice want to make sure we don't have to wait -- lying you can't do everything I think he's racing to Africa brought on Ankiel isn't it. So good and we got some of your I -- -- that -- on here. Clean up your -- -- while you. Used snack I like to do little pop after offering that you've got online and you -- -- me everybody I'm -- were not easy enough. Eleven year old twins -- and -- and started with a simple fall apple being to get into the Guinness book. World record of all the typical they their friends tried everything holistic campaign -- already got. Setting records from out of our but we tried that -- we -- -- -- well. On after a few failed attempts at record though look at Ryan realized the group didn't have to set -- records. They were the record as one of 24 set of twins in their school now when they set the record for most -- -- in a single gray block away the old record sixteen. The 48 record setters have submitted their official -- application and expect official recognition in several weeks that can -- sometimes the answer is -- Right right there on and something is definitely in the water because that there's there's something -- all of them remind me not to drink it yeah -- Yeah. You know I don't know this for you are not -- hot topic. Here is easier big baby would. Wouldn't be back on CMI well -- -- Get ready back I think -- and address. And by the way what's coming up what are we gonna live now about -- -- you -- -- -- you may see this is an Internet -- I think this is an opportunity to eat breakfast. Because we have been starving -- we didn't happen this morning. -- do that I know how you're. Back to us it's the two hours now -- to -- -- area. It's lunchtime said that surprised as anybody the alarm clock was early so are -- little tiny outback Berger why not why I'm playing an anchor of -- -- extra. It did this was -- Josh is played today on the big show today take one look at a lucky sailor in California got up close and personal with the what are. Sea lion hot swimming roughly about that right could be a sea rescue -- column devoted about 1030 minutes hanging -- with the -- Oh my gosh this is my dream and and I'm -- a -- -- doesn't serenade my happen right. And and and they're very they're usually very friendly they're usually very aerials I don't wanna say that if if if they wander up to you. -- -- -- if they do have sharp teeth but but this one seems to be very happy and very easy. You should use common sense to gauge the happiness of said sea lion senator. Shouldn't walk up to you but that's what looks perfectly content I'm a little worried I'm -- back as the wild and out of easy seems to really enjoy life on the lands yeah. I mean -- he's he's got he's not having to work here you -- it's. -- at all like god says this is awesome experience. Oh -- Slated to go back to Canada and Nazis and at the problem the problem is that our aleris vote but if you live -- -- living with Larry her -- -- -- Gary don't. -- -- -- So we have -- candidate till we do ask what happened today which by the way is wildly successful we have had such a good time with this moment there's. 100 today that I really I'm not elected to mention on -- child. But is there any chance that we can PO Cody just bringing god didn't move -- -- in the studio I want them to see they're focused -- Cody the screaming god. Everybody off slightly higher after her which by the way has gone everywhere I've seen -- the screaming dog I have shows all I know but but you -- it -- first. -- -- Yeah. Every time. -- that we've -- asking going to come on the shelves right he. At this point. Argued that someone might never -- -- and I I. I'm thinking that's gonna help things -- we're trying to book goodies screaming -- today however. While not as fascinating as Cody we do have a cat he just can't get the hang -- worked out here. -- -- guns. Prohibited equipment. I don't now. Well I was -- -- treatment -- now here's the thing about cats cats are so -- they won't take long and in this cattle have it all figured out the -- be operating in volume and everybody else they're fairly soon. And it is incredibly cute. And you don't need to -- -- extra cats always just leave the treadmill running all day. -- That is we needed that by the way and bad record -- that's -- -- -- may live audio. At. We don't -- we're still in the studio asks whether or not yet another next. The almighty -- -- -- -- or just less fans are. Just for being gorgeous. I got all -- things and everybody bring some sunshine please I'm gonna work on it aren't you are right thank you have a wonderful then -- tomorrow on Good Morning America we've got a hugely self. You stay here and and that. The burger -- have a very -- Okay.

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{"id":19372605,"title":"GMA LIVE (06.11.13)","duration":"11:54","description":"Sam and Lara enjoy burgers and shakes from NYC's newest burger joint, Fatburger.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-061113-19372605","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}