GMA LIVE (06.19.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara marvel at LEGO master Nathan Sawaya's brick replicas of classic art.
13:47 | 06/19/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.19.13)
-- would have yeah. Hey America -- -- Aren't there and I -- by the I don't hear birthdays I think it's a degree. I didn't help a couple of -- yeah I can say -- on Monday we had Dan Abrams here who actually brought word of lead of the birthday song losses. Yeah this going to the highest court apparently. Did the folks who own the copyright right have it's actually got into my -- is going to be like a seven million dollar seventy billion person class. Tbilisi is unique chance again I don't -- -- money that is a patent pending analysis. Let's do a little a little -- happy birthday to you thank you happy birthday. To you -- happy birthday. There -- happy birthday. Steve and an anti -- -- before. -- and -- -- that didn't. It's just been a little time with him downstairs and it was -- -- -- -- trucks -- ball -- -- -- -- Sheridan telling them I regret not yeah. Hundreds and we got your lovely that you -- you don't read a lot of -- -- -- I work Keller road terrific to Italy and by the way Kelly I know the Heimlich -- -- -- a look. People -- -- -- -- about -- -- now don't -- Kelly and choking to killing a yeah okay Kelly -- lovely telling role in Iraq about how much I -- Sumner meetings happening first law everything's beautiful and Kelly Rowland on. He's just been out from the from the beginning I mean when she used to take the stage with Destiny's Child I was I -- oh she's. -- -- -- -- hallways she just she was really infamy the united Oslo and let you go -- probably let you know what let me go that grabbed the -- because there was a different account there was an. -- where she was actually try to get away even. But admit that I understand your side of the greater security capital roll call the police report I'm not -- -- are not just. Tuesday's -- -- -- -- views -- -- -- hip -- I understand. You'll branched out I don't and we have what we dot. So in Travel -- -- in June 20 fall off a half men -- food behind me and Robert Kelly we co hosted and we go around the country and we need food that. No way that's a tedious -- audience that. You get a job that I mean I told that I enjoy food and they said okay what they -- guns because I enjoy enjoy it you. That's amazing and do you like food Josh I. I hate it I. Get clarity and -- can point you -- is happy aren't constantly be on your show you -- want to grow Whitman we can we need some flats off. That's it thank you do what -- blow up 9:30 PM that's all right. It was a it was yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay and I. Within -- commercial -- food. He was great sounds a funny show there's a -- on my concedes there isn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What are you doing down here okay okay. Not a Trace he -- -- opinion -- up late -- hang -- -- you -- -- can you pull up the read the captain front -- and populace to work on to huge. News item -- -- a huge it is simply have to amend its -- just you know I don't know what's audiences on her yeah gasoline and great evening everybody I'm really a lot of Reading breath. Essentially what happened is -- somebody was eating cereal and I'm. None on and on and that we really I'd look for somebody noticed a captain -- -- gallon I won't really saves in wet when I'm trying to kill time. Somebody -- that he only had three -- examine our military expert your dad was out and see my dad was galvanizing -- The system that he's not he's not. A captain contact grab a -- some guy that's -- I'm put on the Internet and it's gone totally viral of people -- like he's a phony and that he should be you know written up front into the -- what do you call in the navy when you were bragging -- -- gone straight to break walk the -- -- walking us yet we so -- -- -- that he's an obviously our story. Yeah and he lied his cheerleader noticed yeah. I have started an Internet pilot S Captain Crunch only three starts on his arm which -- terms -- on you know captain. The captain whose name -- so called cap and I should say his name is Horatio Magellan crunch and actually be commander crunch. It takes -- strikes are to become a captain this serial selling semen and I'll have the final word on the puck from Murphy. We aim here is George. We did of course sonic I didn't think courtesy of the clothes that -- -- man. George back to you. -- -- -- -- First of -- it doesn't matter where there's a commander captain that's the most delicious cereal here yeah. Why -- having had -- I don't understand at all and I believe -- didn't let I don't know. Believe it really commander -- -- or that his name is Horatio yeah. Having dirty I was -- and not know. Now yeah. We are hearing you don't really -- I love it you know the U giving people grieve about being dirty -- -- which is the equivalent what do you need people wanna ship was the name of the people of this. I didn't know that man. You bet theater but then I see if -- SA. -- sailors a group they're aliens brag about all the -- I just I I forgot about that sailors I forgot about that I learned. Other one came to mind Bernstein. Happy -- the birthday. Outlets apple apple is in the broadcast popular anger at having been blessed and I can't get -- -- -- a -- Do we have a problem we do that -- inside -- I didn't -- is this is a surprisingly I -- Hardliners we'll all watch this together relations element here is your of the day here's Snooki that -- doing some agility -- a cat. -- -- Why don't like I'm never -- have a look at it at that time that he had cats usually. We have a black -- -- usually late earned don't know you jump yeah. This game bad -- Kelly that's. Snooki is like Willie. To move look at that or is -- oh oh series that was what helped me I love this -- -- -- -- There's so much -- and go on the this cat has no idea -- -- hot as anybody else unlike in the flops. That's great. Bears yeah. Salad and how -- do you. Plus one that was -- he had. I admit he has to -- College graduation season -- strategy got to tell me I graduate in two days ago congratulations. Slowly. -- -- get a graduate like twenty or I know Clinton but -- But look the -- -- JC watts and very special surprise. We've ordered a special -- for -- and got some special help having it delivered. Ladies and gentlemen welcome Casey Watson's brother staff Sargent Michael -- Law. He's. I -- on sat -- Keep on coming back covers -- the Marlene coming -- -- -- -- -- -- he -- -- what ultimately it's all different for the Marine Corps and for the navy and I mean it. This is a big deal what you when you look at the medals and you look at the strikes yeah -- the bars on the -- -- -- That's something yeah. I don't know will tell you everything but look at the chest full of -- -- -- doing this job and you know everything news isn't -- -- in Afghanistan again we. Handed over security of the country to. The Afghans officially yesterday these are now. We can only cope gonna happen with far greater frequency as we look at the year is getting an up and and the drugs -- draw down so again. An amazing graduated as a clear I think Zain thank you all for your service great -- we can never -- -- enough. But a pop up pop Baxter Dunn okay now -- that's -- and but I'm editing work on the -- -- now gonna send -- in a live chat with artist Nathan and only a way that's -- -- -- -- -- it was to land. -- the I don't know I love the yellow what. He's currently -- yet that fact is I wouldn't that is it an original original I don't that is. Incredible. To me that is sculpture worthy -- very special place in the home it's not just Legos -- those are all done with Legos everybody how to. To get into you know. Playing with what is normally -- -- -- -- what you know I was an artist working with more traditional sculpture media will say and I just thought about Lego bricks. For our tenants -- -- -- believe large scale pieces and now we have this exhibition the art of sand. Which is. Open at discovery Times Square so here -- anywhere in the hundreds of sculptures are battling a -- stripping them Texas probably people how. I want to take you to do something like you -- you -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are -- creating special -- for you a -- you're just going to that these -- the standard Lego bricks and we all can get at the toy -- that's so if someone does get inspired and just my hope that they can go to a toy store by those very same -- there and create their own creation -- I know this is your own creation and do you do more than one piece the -- man like would you -- is that is that an additional one and is that like. An incredibly expensive I find walk me through how to live by -- -- like -- I have some galleries that I'm happy to help you out beyond but when I'm creating something I don't really want to have to -- -- right that would be a little monotonous so I -- create new things all the time you have examples so which ones with just -- usually just one piece really that you made for the most part I just create new things every time that's how we have a whole exhibition of hundreds annular -- and -- let's. Well -- I -- Actually help unveil I'm afraid -- damage -- that part of the exhibition is art history. So we have some art history pieces here -- -- -- The -- -- gradually getting bigger bite him politically let's. But -- -- this is Rodin the thinker and has done one brick at a time that's that's -- second that is quite. The medical -- -- sorry and then there what about that whoever it. I'm so I'm so afraid and I know it's all good -- Lego. There -- The discus -- that famous this -- -- -- -- part of this exhibition is kind of teaching kids about art history -- I've done some -- of some of the most famous works of art history but out of Lego -- so there's a lot to look at the slaughter of original works while you. Historical works so much to see you don't. Also I -- and I did about Lagos and some might just found out accidentally -- stereo typically we think maybe -- guys -- we like to build things that senator. My daughter turning five this summer love Lagos number one place. Salaries try to -- attack. We'll leave for years that the funny thing I mean I think I was in the Legos from like three until like -- data and yet -- at 1237 just yesterday. This is all in Times Square right right at that discovery Times Square they -- to break we'll be running through the rest of the year all right so when you come see us in Times Square just know that this is part of our neighborhood and it will be here. And all his work will be here but said he didn't tell me just like. A general price range of. And it's over to Atlanta yeah. -- -- I'm very fact that I hit it. Yes you can -- I don't want to warn everybody. Com -- media birthday celebration tonight I'll -- gone just saying tomorrow. Just forgive us. Forget about it that night kill up to I actually would say tomorrow I would definitely didn't let that -- them. We could all -- legs pretty easily sleep deprived might tomorrow and that's always good TV -- the Taliban and you know idling and neck and down now Hans -- -- Atlanta. I wrapped -- his forehead in -- Yeah another -- they tell us tonight. Following an anti like they did -- everybody have a what are the it is easier.

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{"id":19435380,"title":"GMA LIVE (06.19.13)","duration":"13:47","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara marvel at LEGO master Nathan Sawaya's brick replicas of classic art.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-061913-19435380","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}