GMA LIVE (06.20.13)

Josh, Sam and Linsey try the new watermelon Oreos and check out a 3D pen.
15:35 | 06/20/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.20.13)
Hello. However here today because I'm not I'm not Josh his -- -- the -- first of all I'd like to welcome our love -- studio audience for the program. A lot of got a lot of central valley teen summit here and again if you watch us on ABC 30 in the central value keep coming out and you couldn't. Spend time with a certainly and irascible Sam Champion. That morning. How can you know why you wanna blame me and I didn't wanna play your mechanic and I first show a couple of pictures. An effective manner by a little bit but -- -- making sure that on -- -- here. BC and one. -- on how old -- -- one part that's Lara Spencer cushion at all law long table. Full of friends and family last night you see him can you see -- -- can you see she's the one setting up on hang on I'll find a better one. Can you see that -- can you see that one. That is yeah I think that's Josh -- Aaron David. David is the lovely there is on her husband -- of Lara Spencer and an amazing man I've known for. I don't know easily more than twenty years happy birthday happy birthday Lara Spencer and that was Josh who kept me out too late last night. This is not true he's to blame for the red eyes -- he yeah. Q Lindsay about it today don't -- I just decided upon Lindsay come on -- Lindsey Davis and firmware you're. I'll that's let's just -- here and I you know tighten up when there. -- -- you definitely right about that far away -- -- had a city to -- happened -- -- Spencer house on Monday night and public. And I will admit. Because we're very conscientious. And we weeks we had a single a we had him -- the last night so we stated -- bears outscored the debate. -- mentioned only well after the fact that she had a -- on the cover his. Yeah. -- yeah that was tall at the -- the area. After we are all -- were all dealing we're in this to enter together according to celebrate. Morning we're -- driving to work together -- Fine and that -- dollars -- I'm not even an -- -- you know I'm gonna stay warm and comfortable in my -- and -- will get -- -- will -- -- -- -- Tooling around in their kitchen this morning try to make copies that was a statement like that they hold show we could've done -- -- trying to get that call when you make a lovely couple -- it. They just you know with a little and -- what you're looking for the frozen -- he's just. -- -- -- NIC I don't think when I -- I know we don't actually in the real I got. Yeah. I didn't I didn't may have I may have calmed a little bit of a throbbing head without a bag of ice this more I want to get. The bank -- lights on its head. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's actually not -- did though it's not because it might use it might be my definitely it was a lot of fun. It was a lot with a lot of fun and it was worth it that was -- -- -- -- yes. I think you know it was it George set it on the big show earlier today. Nice to say the area here in New York yesterday in the surrounding environs. And and it was it's beautiful I just think that you know way when you get a chance to spend time with friends and family and celebrate something like a birthday and -- you know just having kids out everybody's around. It's a wonderful wonderful thing and we don't get to do it -- on this notion you know and we don't get to have enough sleep -- -- -- -- bonds breaks more arrests lately -- are or -- obsolete. I want -- -- a minute because what my very favorite things here and the last couple years and I've been here at ABC news has been to work. I think Lindsey Davis -- I think you are. It is so fun. And as for the show exists it's plays into the skill set but didn't. You can do everything you and I could tell you it's been wonderful just to see. This whole thing to spread out -- for you and you negative knock everything out of the park. Defendant to join us -- -- pop news I want to know how how was today however saw the right she snatched my address. -- -- it's funny because actually feel like we watched you grow up -- you know here before our very eyes because. You know you came and then and she was just kind of you know this this kind of young go getter and then all of a sudden. You get you get this. His blossoming amazing news reporter with -- great sort of humor and this gorgeous look and all this just kind of like it it's it's it's. You know I. I'm so humbled and flattered. I have to say genuinely -- people on TV to say stuff on TV because there on TV and -- -- -- -- got friends. But I have to say that it's -- Sincerity and how genuine you guys aren't that makes me feel comfortable -- -- made me feel like I could have blossomed. A little bit -- -- a lot of jealousy but -- -- -- have -- The first alarms so encouraging positive things are saying nice things -- -- say I mean -- news can be extremely terrified holiday isn't it a tough one -- -- -- the tabernacle today as well I mean it was a tough turn -- -- so well also to come -- I wasn't trying to fill every student assistant U regulated grain. -- really hate these homicide white. Let's Evgeni I want you can you give us that brilliant professional journey to stop me speaking what was and I agonies. -- -- speaking of hot news we have a lot of valid or I would think you -- moving right along those duties is right. -- -- want to Illinois this really thought you were outside to go I don't know Jensen -- get a little better. Taste like what are known except for -- Jose Guillen and I don't mean listen I love the Oreo folks for joining us tonight and I understand extending the brand. -- -- classic warrior guy and not and even double stuff is too much for me. The ratio -- with the windshield was rising mudslides too much of that report -- what with -- -- dumping what is it what the white screen telling you what they're telling. -- I thought you -- -- them. That's the California. I gotta say now that tasted on the purist. -- -- Oreo. I love the Oreo I'm not sure that watermelon. It doesn't right direction no I just I don't want -- my -- I wanted to be many things I don't want it to be refreshed now yeah. Now met the same time and my husband and I say -- -- -- you don't get they were doing in a matter of -- have offered right -- high -- prisoner. It just makes enough from the summertime you know the sprawling. -- -- How do you mean you are you might notice what -- -- I always twist it off and I -- this I don't scrape it off with the teeth actually he didn't like. To where there's almost every in the -- on the bottom right on the spending and keep the Muslim guerrilla war that ever -- and -- now -- the -- -- just didn't -- first altercation. Now that's just not a good look up. When your six years all the time he's been with the team not all the -- yeah. And I think -- amounted to federal right now Lester another cut again about how. And you sort of scare. A little bit about actually the ultimate girl's nightmare over -- nightmare is over you have to -- -- -- Roberts in the village was probably. I have to get in c'mon guys let's. Can you try the watermelon oriented team had devalued editorials. Community to make sandwiches -- What's your name and he asked me you just like your first -- of a watermelon or. It's it's women -- and then there was nobody what's -- first. It's and just staying the night. I ever wrote I -- -- -- -- that -- got -- it's like identity as a good personality. Your name the airlines Caroline's. You can now enjoy it one of the very first watermelon -- has ever made. And your first time it is. Defense spending gang is pretty good look at -- -- -- -- however and Katie. Katie what do you think. It's an artificial hello. I -- -- the value right behind ladies think you guys -- next month. Didn't make us. Car makers of that -- no seriously that's. I mean she's right quick hey yeah I hope to Oreo stopping I mean that water most of it does not exist you know in the that's that's -- should -- Watermelon bubble -- in -- -- about its. Along -- on we -- -- we should we since the first by the way this is a first for superheroes. And we have them right here in front of -- -- It's called -- touch. And she Hulk by the way. If it's all kind of like bringing women its offices into superhero characters -- and power and -- -- Heroes and characters. -- their struggles with romance relationships just like normal humans and that these books we see these vulnerabilities in the differences that set them apart. -- saw each other and other women. But yet I talk about -- all the time but. Serena is no right now treating -- age where she is. The fire out you know -- watching game she asked where the girls on diet I am flipping channels and. You know she can pick between two a cartoon -- -- the powder puff. It's like she is girl power right now and this is fantastic. This is -- well in her twenties who exactly this is this is absolutely terrific and the young. Fifteen between let -- young adult lives and our good friends -- at bats and of course leading the charge -- as -- but this is great broke touch. By Christine Woodward did she halt diaries by Marta cost to keep -- -- marvel. On the common that's terrific that's great. -- head of the day. -- have been one of the guys. -- -- yet gotten he would let -- -- -- -- yeah -- it's good people vote to burden our first bird. Will include we have we have a name of the -- we don't -- -- give -- a -- with a crackdown on her -- mind. Tylenol. -- -- -- -- -- Wind -- -- come on that is -- -- It could -- -- Britain's upper income. Something that the -- This question this -- next season. So different game tonight that's -- yeah -- didn't do well -- here who. It I mean I think is very cute might be a little annoying after you know first thirty days and hours and hours and hours -- -- we're we're seeing the biggest of the -- and I. The kids you may have washed wish to your drawings -- pop out from the page twelve. Your childhood dreams are coming true thanks to the tech start -- company wobble works they -- 3-D ten. The allows you to take your -- -- the third dimension and with -- is co creator Max on this -- that's oh -- right -- -- Or. Many great things here first for the kids number one. It involves something that Colin gun in the chew stuff and it looks -- who caught a patent we call -- a pen that but. So so -- -- and -- this is this is the what are we doing so these are different versions this is the actual. Closest -- the final prototype I've -- we're going to be receiving -- but essentially what you do you just press down and what -- do is you know you can draw up in the air. Oh well we. That is really about an 800. Kayak slalom a little bit slower. But if you hold. Who he told -- about the -- -- -- and I just holdout and the mood with a little slow it's a little slower. Actually now what he's -- what are we looking to -- it obviously so there goes the other way and you want us to get into the the paper that will do a little Lewis finally the idea here to actually yeah it is hot it is who aren't. It's pretty -- that -- -- -- -- the idea here -- -- children so I did not include a lot of your a world. National it's a three dimensional drawing -- that the idea it's you can -- three dimensional drawings with the three -- -- you're turning plastic. So plastic he's going through the -- and then coming out -- and I should stress this is an -- this is an adult life and so you're you're able to with that. Make something in -- yes the entire 3-D dimension -- and take it. From drawing to a real working model right and if you're not very good at drying and can't do something and we also include a whole web site that has all these wonderful stunt -- on. Right so he's Eiffel towers for example were done on a flat surface. And then peeled off of that surface and then joined together using the three do. All right so you would then -- would so you would draw these things they would be flat images that you put -- side by side and you can actually used you can how to stop learning. Yet like almost like solid -- like plastic welding guns essentially and depending on your figure talent ability you can come up with something like Big Ben will sleep or all of -- -- -- so you actually don't need to have that much skill -- talent to -- -- I did. The portrait of you. -- But that is a view that is me I don't care and the -- and unknown to them that totally died. And the way through and then we're -- one of jobs. Now -- had jobs that you. And it's I mean I just went as far away from the once again we just use a flat piece of paper from the regular print there's nothing special it's this kind of like I've been seeing these 3-D -- 3-D I enter this is the same idea is that right we simplified it and the real big part of this is that you know it's only -- hundred dollars right it's available online now at the street you're dot com -- cut. And the key is that you don't know that we need to know any software. You don't need -- me about three Ukraine seeing -- plastics and like that you can just pick this up and he started -- right or making 3-D images out of your drawings are not so much for married he's good in my. There is definitely the other at your fingertips as it does how the hot tip not Josh -- -- area right. Bob lots -- dram -- -- possibly be wrong simply. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Most of my -- completely intact which is get out that success on him -- life one could argue mom thank you this is awesome. While they you know -- that it's just as sad. Even in 3-D -- world my job is still absurdly judge you have. -- now pronounce not a lantern it's like a typical late lamppost it's ridiculous. Marion man and you hear somebody your parents now are that's very funny that you are the mirror and landing a plane entry fee or you want us to think of -- -- America today. Don't say it to Bubba Bubba. -- Actually 9 AM eastern daylight -- should have recovered by then we'll see it and I'll feel so much better today.

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{"id":19445278,"title":"GMA LIVE (06.20.13)","duration":"15:35","description":"Josh, Sam and Linsey try the new watermelon Oreos and check out a 3D pen.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-062013-19445278","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}