GMA LIVE (06.21.13)

Check out the week's best moments from "GMA" and "GMA Live!"
9:25 | 06/21/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.21.13)
-- -- Stand a Good Friday to you welcome to GMA alive and because it is Friday that means we're gonna bring you some of the best moments. -- alive and -- made from the past week so we hope you enjoyed your. Your summer weekend and we see you back here Monday at 9 AM eastern. All kinds of sudden here in the studio as well maybe. It's for Brad -- Maybe the -- Pop -- ahead. Good night Soledad -- live your strategy you're really left there. -- and then to predict. Your next move so really the only way to beat it is to be so bad that you. I'm completely on vetting requests I just think so. He challenged the real bombshell in general -- -- see that robot I doubt that come here one of us this war now in new bad. Forty show this week -- check it out. What is still an August I'll be right back. What I want to know is -- can Washington get anything done. Yeah great question that's exactly what we're talking about today. Michigan get back to work in -- -- I got this. To action Sunday morning to -- that hit we have an order yet so the question is why can't Washington. Why aren't you wonderful. -- are so good I'm actually -- Sunday. I -- after. Nadia benefit we will -- -- we're all big -- that profit. The -- and again I can't tell the stories -- -- in the words or a Blackberry got married I would love -- all. I'll come right -- all -- -- and she. I can see you in the lead role -- -- -- loved -- -- love America and either. I RE. What he put in. -- -- Gephardt there I think it isn't it great asset. Did you know half members of cardinal not particularly -- because it'll be all rolled -- I don't know what they. Then there's going to be what you normally. -- the people who want. Fragmented but got. She requested a case where Laura wearing her graduation cap and take -- -- however -- -- in the study. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Says new trend album is according during a lunch hour -- lunch break not just for. Lunches anymore Freeman gave party happening in New York about to -- nationwide a one hour party you're giving a dream ticket -- that lunch. A free license as they saved -- What kind of power lines yeah bad idea of how intense. Hard to contend this. Okay. -- -- -- We'll discuss this side of be -- -- We have a we have a veritable -- -- -- here got here on. Canadian let's -- -- it's today. Not only if -- are no -- without any you have to appear on camera there you go veggie. -- -- -- there's Robin Roberts. Time now. God I can't I can't I can't believe -- -- the whole thing on your son your parents that's right and I was the only -- -- your picture Neuheisel. This -- I'm speculating -- regret I've got enough. I think that's a -- judging me he's like he probably got. Really no book -- all of your original -- -- isn't. Yeah you look at it and god that's so do you recognize that it's been fifty years and got him more taxis out there now than. From what I remember and Rock -- has changed since worked for -- and what does this Rockefeller Center right and what's this route to. I'm unfamiliar with -- -- Whether just like I was fifty back. And I'll say -- there are a lot of can't accept what is for a Grammy nominated and welcome to the -- it's great to -- -- that's terrific to terrifying power of mother -- baby. Don't know I hope we won't know what rove put all the acceptable side again struck the mother had occurred to -- -- the world. Monday California couple did what -- money not only have -- -- Sam. They have vacant themed wedding hall was beautiful improvement here we are vacant vacant deprived -- case. -- -- -- -- And they can -- Just -- -- in New York don't have that -- -- -- they didn't. -- -- Gridlock they didn't wedding and now they funny in a suburb of Baltimore the -- capital of the world for the unacceptable. I'm running others say. In the that's what -- Yes why is -- the big. And I'm mad at me so called -- -- ratio Magellan punch and -- actually be commander crunch. It takes -- strikes are becoming captain. The serial selling semen and I'll have a final word on fox. We end. Here George. Didn't think we did of course on the -- it until the close the mega man from George badly. They would want to go to whether -- -- doesn't seem to have right now. Guarantee -- Carla first first of all it doesn't matter where there the commander captain that's the most delicious cereal here yeah we're good we're celebrating. Your birthday today -- -- has been told that we're gonna happen. Pulled off on the celebration by the -- -- birthday get people. Now go to a brand new trend didn't female bonding Lara might want to think about doing this is a birthday celebration. Women -- okay never mind that witness shedding their clothes are. -- -- They would -- who -- behind me and I can't see what's going. Oh YouTube on commitment to live where I won't happen given that lovely thing hotter -- -- -- No -- part of the exhibition is art history so we have some hard history pieces here. -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- -- let me get a bigger bite you politically let's. The fox who made the final cut first gold luck. -- -- -- best friend showing up for the camera. And -- the probably working out that maybe we spend too much time on May need just need to spend four minutes maybe that's what you're not doing right. Just four minutes what we're gonna look into it and see if it actually works well. I don't know meanwhile Pakistani maybe I'll -- yeah. -- folding laundry. It's not exciting so let's do it on national television -- We watch T shirt and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- okay. -- -- -- That's a that's a no everybody take notes there's speed -- -- -- my -- hey. Thinking hey hey you go what did sit here day budget that I want to give SC. Beat it to -- -- -- -- pick it up. I'm involved and then there and then there there you go out. Actually ganguly got pregnant you what you really -- it -- I don't know. Slow -- slowing down I can't tell NA OK so everybody today with a left hand he was the right today who are taking AMD a look at what can change. -- -- taking leave of -- magnet continued down that the city. And then lift deck and then that it's in the lift and happened to a well I don't know disqualify the -- and waited too long getting elected I'm. -- -- -- -- -- -- that -- seven let me then all of a sudden we put and we. It starts now. What is sort of a soft launch. The -- Abrams -- We don't do a lot of pop didn't do a lot let's don't -- and real tight. -- we have fancy graphics we can actually show you -- after what we expected to look like although this is what we're concerned about any degree concern. And really connect yes I know -- know -- then there are some very small hole.

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