GMA LIVE (06.27.13)

Josh, Sam and Linsey check out the inspiration behind "Seinfeld's" Soup Nazi's new food truck.
11:41 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.27.13)
Hello there hello everybody it is quiet and I am it is it is. Steve mean it's an all that knows it is -- soaking wet visited moments ago but they still. 22 you don't we'll review no -- -- air air dried everything. Did you have the -- have you tasted it yet it's actually delicious it is -- -- well yeah I -- got a letter -- chase ended Sunday. -- yeah. I went so hot. But this is -- usually people blamed you for bad weather. Because they should -- I've got are got its act delegates coming on right now yeah. Josh so make sure that avenue is that like it's because it is it a visceral reaction that you -- For millions of people who hate you out most people -- people are much nicer than you are John Elliott. -- -- -- Actually that's just say hi they don't say mean and hateful things okay I'll most people pathology lesson -- Josh Elliott actually. Your accuracy -- this -- -- Lindsay Taylor. Sultry that is behind this week for pop news yes as well I'm sure -- Today hundreds of special preview -- it. It is this wasn't -- you know. Hot news what's it like -- about this. It's funny because I normally am doing like death and destruction and missing people and murder and so fun just to do light and airy and you know by the way this isn't he might be interested. I feel like to you get a sense of the show here. Almost deity you get a complete sense of -- how you know the changing of the tone and how we that we dip in and out and and -- everything together right and we end with a flourish here. On GMA life. Let's go to our lovely studio -- lovely you want your little one look at Mozilla. And then I don't know there's some fabulous women in their forties has anybody seen. Look at -- yeah. Because they've been well advertised. Welcome everybody to the program. Let's see what we have here today I don't know we have a play in the day before you have yet -- It's dizzying I'm told -- OK so this is in London and -- -- to go pro camera. On as he -- -- 250 foot -- all already knowing already that kind supposed to be climb to power in. I have a feeling not. And then -- it. Committee hangs there is this kid is it. Now all -- law -- No no no. I yesterday on the -- London rights -- the right I want I don't know I don't know I would as I'm pretty sure that was not a bake off. Care but I am also certain that that was crazy and you -- have not only -- This is one of those times where I feel the need to say it's because I'm I'm I'm an old old frank not -- and how many don't -- At home and don't say -- those videos anymore do not and has been isn't people might have to it because we'll show them and then everybody else wanna get on TV and I just this is true -- That you are what -- -- show Miami what MTV well it's your fault by the way. What's MTV show it would -- yeah I can't say that out loud I -- -- the name of the show Jack. Jack Jack Jack gave blank blank Jenks saved yet right -- you know. Asked tricks and districts astronauts. -- Yeah. I don't want to personally be another one of those people who says nasty words he just. You're also just cranky -- if -- cranky. -- hot under the collar. I'm sweaty I'm cranky -- -- much lumpy I would like to -- for those of us here in the studio and for those of you watching on the Internet. Apologized and. Yeah. I mean I mean I think we can really get -- -- IV -- perhaps of those yeah. It did Sam cranky -- name tags Lindsay thank you really -- -- in the what did you think of that idea thing what did you think about that storage agnostic to capsules you know of vitamins and guns yes he can. -- An important -- In case you guys are just joining us because you love -- -- live and you didn't see the real show. There was a story on today about how people are spending. Hundreds to almost a thousand dollars. To get this Biden amendment liquid change that I will only cost ten dollars to the doctor right now because -- in Aspen told us that their costs hurt to get it. Ten dollars and then they charge whatever they want -- it's a bag full of liquid and. Vitamins that they immediately to into your veins and people say it makes him but then she also she went on to -- it's been a lot of those people who do that then immediately. Passes -- so -- -- -- for hours and she said that he wouldn't 30% of the time you're only feeling better. For absolute placebo effect. Because you think you should. And so I mean -- people who spend their money however they wanna spend their money I have no interest in having a needle ever stopped in my body and that's it is. Absolutely. Essential. And -- there is no other way to get what ever it is that's what passed through that needle into my there's no other way to get an enemy. Fine putting needle in the I think I was short of that. Him no no thank you are not you know I'm choosing up I have. Choice and I. Right now you can -- she's but you know. Well you know me and -- I can't even watch it like I couldn't even watch someone put -- -- -- your arm or your market -- I think that you returning -- -- showing how -- -- can't can't. The standing. Hot you know it's all hot and everything else. Yeah and altogether Ireland today. But as we all know it is important to stay cool during his hot weather and I agree take a look. As a black lab named Ellington were going to be seeing that wouldn't -- -- -- -- once eager to take -- related. Yeah he has not only -- -- -- eyes but also items. Doggie day with -- can you get off for all the American things done he hopes yeah. Isn't market up. -- -- -- -- -- Ed good. Yeah that's exactly. Only what I needed in Times Square today a bucket of cold water I think sandbagging this is good news understand and I stand guard during this -- while this is that's -- That is. It's a competitor yeah. Straight ahead of the -- that -- complete disdain for head of the day we kind of like musicals what should it be. Do it yeah well now old. Something like that when it's like he's really. -- -- I didn't a lot of. The sound and has -- makes it easy to. Jon Keller they had. That feeling that sentence -- got his better. I'm. -- -- and what comes out of the sweaty mess hall and Johnson. All night. Here's my heart is four days and I carry this would be right now we're saying about -- and by the way Lindsey lead lead us out there Tom. Sun -- -- I'll definitely remember this guy known. We didn't hear what are you reading that card fanatically yes. He heard customers along through the line. Saying something like no soup for you don't I don't know it's no different yeah. I didn't watch the show the black. They've moved him. The bring one store took four -- -- in the front -- by the way here they are joining us his life Sherman and gas. Of the original -- Nice to see if I think we've -- out nice to see everybody. Good morning and yeah I'm a little nervous about the little wellness and if we have to -- we still at the -- to ask what -- -- -- this child why you are you gonna have you tried the most incredible lobster -- best yet how -- all those years ago and if you want to show this president this was Jerry's favorite is that -- a lobster. We're going to be much nicer then everyone's on the show you. And give them. And that's the same kind of locked that would put it out lobster roll and that's what it's all about is that delicious delicious lobster okay so we're -- -- -- and was in the box but. We talk about the drop I was out about this truck is this is not note when I think about it -- travels it's because you really. There's not a lot of on site preparation you don't want Saturday that is absolutely correct it's a great opportunity that would make -- available for the first time it's a gourmet food truck. That -- it. As a national brand that people can get -- for a small investment. Get out and we've -- it yourself really that's absolutely right so in here in New York City where do we find other than the plight of the establishment where he doesn't already changed locations like how does that absolutely you -- change locations -- the first one is just being rolled out with you right now. So you have to understand this man and he ought yeah at Morgan patio where you're going to be with a truck to -- Seriously -- -- good because there -- connection because I'll get in there right now. Again I don't regret is -- -- got a lot. America there are. -- and people wonder. Because you do all around cheap -- social media social media must says it. Seems to have now yeah -- can make sense that it would it would have received revolutionize the food drug industry could be culture. Phenomenon that we that would that's been created in these food trucks are great areas and cities throughout the country giving lots of people lots of opportunity price of great food have. The -- and -- us -- -- -- -- and that's what I mean I should assume that's you know about the and -- it is -- and that's what's amazing because we've found a way through technology. A Ted argued -- going to be able to have that in we have acknowledged supermarkets throughout the country -- yeah. -- Thank you yes you -- It's about the anywhere I'd rather funny fifty highway 99. That's that's he's wonderful. Sammy you know -- -- has gone and I'm -- -- Would you like to teach you feel -- you feel that Sanders is it is serving -- well thank you and that and that honestly how you feel as a 100% what I believe we all believers who. Is what condition not to expect right out of the supermarket and -- I am not threaten that's correct. Absolutely correct and that's that's who haven't been I -- There's a lot -- -- you can have your bond you could tell me it's like a lobster roll and pop. It is that good I'm telling you rather -- congratulations this is terrific and again as he mentioned. One of these can be yours yes if the price is right. It's very reason so to speak very -- -- reveals that red dot com you'll find it very reasonable original -- man dotcom job you are the un original soup man Sam Champion -- I -- I have one -- air conditioned who wanted to -- -- on your concerns have been -- -- and and a great lobster best it is delicious we wanted to thank you guys and -- -- it's a real good regular regular volume -- that you never needed it. We want to thank everybody for joining us today and again we will be right back -- tomorrow could not an AM eastern daylight. That's the show enjoy your day. And --

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{"id":19505781,"title":"GMA LIVE (06.27.13)","duration":"11:41","description":"Josh, Sam and Linsey check out the inspiration behind \"Seinfeld's\" Soup Nazi's new food truck.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-062713-19505781","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}