GMA LIVE (07.08.13)

Linsey Davis and Paula Faris check out some cute and quirky animals on "GMA Live!"
6:59 | 07/08/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.08.13)
Vietnam I ever gonna show you what's going on behind the scenes Lindsey Davis. Alongside myself I -- on mice myself Paula there's less damaging to give a great holiday week I did I was -- -- to spend some time with the family mansion everything that was lovely and we want to welcome all of our studio guests we have. The I am not Maryland and Pittsburgh represent heat and just a work week before we start I want you opt to take a look at this -- everybody in congress you know please anomaly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am what is -- -- and dynamite lots and yeah. How the union the allied. In a pop -- -- filled in for John Elliott he's vacationing somewhere yes and -- in the rest and we should I sit down here -- in -- Monday. Clinton looking a little bit more pop news here's a pop -- extra if you're sitting at home wondering what to do this summer -- -- inspiration from -- the African pygmy hedgehog. Yeah video and loans in the venture let's -- we're bidding goes he travels all over the Pacific northwest. Hiking scenic trails climbing mountains. -- -- him. He's adventurous he likes swimming -- waterfalls. Visiting historic monuments sometimes. Until -- the doughnuts yes I think that I might have to. Hey anything is likes to kick up his -- little legs in the last. I don't I don't -- yesterday mr. Graham. Apparently accounts yeah do you. I do and I don't know it read my address and -- embedded video and then maybe I suggest you should -- that you meet on Wednesday Graham. And I think about it they just launched their video virgin and I still can't figure out. Yeah I guess I'm kind totally did not mentioning that -- it's just want to share pictures me bitty hedgehog I believe it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And what could be the greatest first pitch in the history of mankind that -- South Korea over the weekend. I game between -- do sun bears I'm she's working at look at. Oh yeah. I know why -- got that part we ill wind down wow that's. -- have -- a -- -- Nestor name is -- is Susie and she of course added that own twist. I want it it it -- but only -- pitchers could pull that I don't think so. But I want that was actually good toss -- let's look at doesn't really matter we know now that. Macy's is look at hit a great lineup -- they should get the Max speed with that did you ever -- -- never now I you know I'm actually pretty athletic but I smell like a girl that's one yeah. Yeah I never I never did any sports -- really terrible wrong. People. I girl wouldn't -- it stated in one instance it's not good thing. I I think I played fast pitch softball and I was literally instantly the six back up if we had known -- -- if some guy I had beat out heads. And I remember I got in one of the gains and act like I had never in any round hole around every time -- fast pitch and I literally wound up. And I lodged at writer mitigate. -- Again and I was a good little face -- And get -- scrappy but pitching really my abilities. Wouldn't that never got into -- one -- maybe you can give me some experts and rally that. Probably at that looks like it was. Down the play. I think this is and snow and Preston. Yet to be quite flexible I would imagine. Among -- and snacks are -- -- lightning. That's like this in hair let's wrap up the show. We'll then took off the right is -- time is that the times. So -- yes -- up west line I don't know what is the difference now that's -- I agreed to do the show that -- there was food on the segment you yeah yeah. We got -- because -- is not here they did no food we have worked with under these conditions that you really. Connolly. And I'm so proud today there really. Is wow -- -- I suddenly have a cat it is a bit of a pool shark. That we take a look. I say they have little billions. -- -- Hello I'm very diet and we need to to -- -- eight. -- back. Don't try this at home it. Yeah. Yeah. I -- a pet themes in a downward its front in the toilet paper normally -- is not looking like Clinton put them back ends in the garden doing giving something. I had account isn't our club segment thank you catch I would supposedly nobody could pay a catch up. Hubbell yeah. We would like something to spread this. I hamburger Fries -- yeah. Maybe we actually have the political. Every every yeah. Hey you know what. And where we're just coming off the bench apparently ran a red card like no food insists Lindsay Lohan all along here. Yeah. Retreated. Rock you here's -- -- time. Can we check and we want some answers about why this man on this we we want an explanation. From from. -- Fans. Yeah yeah. Look at wedding I didn't really yeah. I don't I want -- I want buffalo chicken wings yeah. Laughs yes but the point is -- -- yeah aren't bothering -- put it opinions are mine. When he -- Victoria what do Lima I was just looking at Ross ago what you -- and -- it's about run -- and I wouldn't easily -- some -- -- some yeah. And. Watches out a little likely to greasy chicken things like I did Ben and Jerry's right outside -- -- -- -- let me talk agenda they have the coffee. Buzz buzz across the -- raises some like which -- a morning show -- -- -- saying. To get an idea like Atlanta they are is its members surrounded the time to get and -- Okay.

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{"id":19604331,"title":"GMA LIVE (07.08.13)","duration":"6:59","description":"Linsey Davis and Paula Faris check out some cute and quirky animals on \"GMA Live!\"","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-070813-19604331","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}