GMA LIVE (07.10.13)

Amy, Lara, Sam and Sherrod try the latest flavor in the Cronut Craze: Bacon-Chocolate.
13:10 | 07/10/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.10.13)
We have got fat fat. Its broad from an -- -- yeah. Aren't popular -- -- and does not part of Georgia and -- He's -- in -- It's as we have a new robot with -- -- -- And I'll answer a small that's right I'm -- I don't make some -- Have -- regular Wednesday bingo -- Wednesday. They you're going to be our -- our notes that it's Wednesday at the middle of the week gets home day we're getting -- through it might -- how many. When you have gone to yeah fused yet -- and immediately make samples sample thank you it's time -- we tackle by governor everybody that's right but why am -- wearing. Did you just -- something. New miner who needed and everything that I. Do I know what it. Robin Handel measured don't know but -- -- is actually some good how are currently aren't. The future is tracking you tell everybody rusting -- yes. Let. How would -- even earlier that. I don't -- Travel Channel and vs food. Atlanta. The New Zealand to use the united think they have -- every Tuesday at 830 -- yeah. About a thousand cable stations a near -- -- -- -- Another publicly relatively quiet I think the basic if we we do need to say histories he was trying to tell us this the crowd. Seems like -- -- craze has some new flare up and I -- Indiana and why wouldn't you add bacon to your -- I mean. A doughnut and now that he's -- -- -- -- runs on the -- -- -- -- bakery in Brooklyn from Omaha. Your opinion look at chocolate oozing out of the doughnut by the -- with bacon on all right let me just tell you I'm gonna do with. Aeneas and I -- you want yet. That's not the bacon one. I no -- -- while online are cutting. A lot of New York. I don't play. But they -- it -- -- you're not. Hang around the time and again I'll guide me and my early in his -- yeah absolutely I'm. Narcotic that is you know -- -- -- everything -- now -- chocolate way to -- and the I know I always say that but I did not think this but the good news and. Did you do that here have been trying to solve a big mama I -- -- yeah getting. That is. You know after that I don't know exactly what -- Easily end up at all one. This is I have not been a part of that -- thrown out craze I basically was I'm gonna fight it I'm not -- -- be -- part of it almighty god I'm telling you and he's no good. An American. The -- so that. I -- Rihanna no they're not like it is like really really chocolate oozing with bacon on on the list -- don't -- a lot of what we're I don't know but you. Good to be some time -- -- -- -- -- In my it. -- I don't regularly -- the -- says -- -- and OK yes. She did what he had pointed -- hardly anybody at. Go ahead of Miley and Billy and I added that I rise -- an idea -- chocolate baking in -- -- right up. -- -- Okay so today. Today ended -- Georges -- basically to do the heat and -- so we all like twenty Ghana he had been kind enough. And then Mario was here -- -- -- Marlins on when you get me an opportunity to take advantage. Of Mario but -- -- -- view zone save it up because you're gonna you're gonna eat every bite -- that I. Really sound healthier and I'll go but he was -- I'm -- -- twelve don't have turns to. Like constant food we walk her dog was here yeah. -- always have -- all I'm. Let me -- numbering about everything but yeah. Examining -- -- to me or does not do that'll ever again why that we -- any. I don't again yeah. All the grown up in his own -- and made him does he stand around and I'm not is up stamina I'm. Yeah your blue why is a good lesson about living you know you like extra -- the dining Roscoe. I'm really delighted flooded into what the yeah if aren't like start slot and then get darker hair did they get -- it's weird. -- Except that her -- And it -- covered bonds -- You know what's really funny that you know the reason that I am -- I gotta say this news director bill Applegate. Hired me from Florida and I was living in Florida was out -- the beach every day. And you know whatever it is my hair was certainly lighter than it was then when -- came up here you know little natural I might write whatever whatever they -- But I did and I -- my ear and an in the my boss what's actually in the hallway after yet it was a -- market stopped. Take the picture like global back caught so -- see what I mean what they in the hallway and of course what you're getting darker because I've now lived in New York for like six months and I think he's done and because you weren't you blunder when I hired you. Well I thought I was like. Reaction IRS and -- I immediately went. Took place on the east side and for the first time became a real. The air goes blind and then from then on I was on the -- -- can there wasn't -- you know. That's what I gotta get a -- Columbia graduates are missing a couple of is that I don't wanna -- -- -- -- thirteen -- yeah yeah yeah. Marriage came my way to -- the -- had you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- Erica coming up like yeah. This is the big a video crew -- -- don't want on some people are born to be lines there you go my life. There it's there. -- -- -- The act unless something really know I had the dream has. Very own -- -- for a very long time -- you know lack. He built his own field of dreams -- his own pirate ship of dreams. He did it because he was getting married. And it's a beautiful romantic things are. And married -- That's the -- are being built he built this. Yeah yeah okay -- married all the old adage you romantic date data ship's -- is not to be completed Tony Taylor are on course. Have a Caribbean themed wedding on board next month good block model topped have a great wedding -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Initially didn't build it listened to all the closets baze and he needed. You get married -- amended a threat to place it is very until about his studies at Coney Island so much a building described earlier. But I'm actually gonna spend a lot of time on this after remembering yeah. That's a big dog house -- first I think I think what is it with. Walt Disney company that we cannot -- I don't know announcement of 8 o'clock -- I am not I -- -- it's unbelievable. Just -- So it's not me two days crazy charges out -- -- not a highway -- and you can't have evolved into the -- -- aren't 200 degrees are. I mean yeah. Have other things should be sure what you're wearing a back because those batteries heat -- yeah -- yeah well I mild language so well now. I don't -- I don't want us usually my music I have my -- now Lindsay I literally have like what does it up ran burn act does it -- on the well he. Didn't do it on fire. Does something I don't think it is seven nights I didn't what do you -- -- -- a mountain out of -- -- does wild -- -- yeah. They can't -- him about the play of the day yeah. Yeah that's -- about piping hot planet that all right it's. Little extra prankster James Williams a longtime girlfriend has then he targeted his outrageous breaks before but this time. He may have gone too far here is attaching -- puppets to the front of the TV while his girlfriend is asleep on the house. Yeah. You can not even in Texas he did not I don't -- the I mean I'm angry. -- -- Thank you we here at home who do. Yeah. -- He is gonna need -- Basra five. I'm all right -- remember yeah. Stated that. And a book on that -- I'm not I'm not big on franks but I think it off out of -- but I mean really creative. Get -- she's -- yeah. That is the best. She's like -- think we Clinton movie the ring when the woman comes -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Denise and argue about her good going to have -- -- power you by the way let's just check in with humans human right bye week. We will we Norway but is the wedding coming -- and it is it -- -- -- day seven. Days -- build it up pirate ship yeah but -- -- does Davis know it is building. I just want to see Denise that was my own yeah. Since I just anything keep raping -- really quickly yes you have no tolerance for our selling gas to -- mr. Salinas did. I did is got. Things to do Larry she's at a wedding planner -- what -- Amy had gotten green mountain. That kind act appearing in Miami on snow so position just joking with holly I -- I -- relatives -- -- -- -- I'm like I shoved it into my mouth and then realize quite quickly that it was too much and then wiggled out of Philly I looked at and started having a -- at. But -- -- -- you know yeah attitude and a few what's there is stuff that no I don't let her know I just -- why do they get ahold of yourself without its centenary and I think the which makes it worse by the way -- -- it doesn't get a -- and result laughing. And -- yeah. Thank you Denise lovely lovely -- -- the other wedding is it. I'm coming up I'll be there will be there. Look at the day this is courage showed the adventure dog who made the most of his vacation by taking a dip. Long ago that amenities at the -- Tom's odd dogs got to work here. And there's amenity right near the bottom got a camera attached I don't know what's gonna happen with a personal I don't know whether he just kind of swims over them. Again that three this is what it is. As you know I don't know I didn't. I think sea rescue -- with the I don't think swimming when I know -- bit -- they China radio and -- to not needed because John was snorkeling with manatee and I watched like Madonna's -- filing. Yeah. -- -- yeah. Is that I'm just gonna ask your honest opinion raise your hand if you think it's worthy of being head of the day. Go ahead Richard. There's. Atlantic and to me that day and then. Oh yeah I hate your sorry. Yeah. Seeing -- hearing anything dog yeah. -- -- it's my aunt and think I'm the now that's a worthy underwater that we can we can. Equipment with amenities. -- -- -- -- All of that the -- -- thank you for being with us this morning looking -- -- this year may line up tomorrow. Sure I can you come back tomorrow just -- -- has kind of build -- talk about this is I don't know. -- definitely has been. Estrada loving sometimes I learned that you aren't serious they want your twelve jurors was in the -- one day while he adds I don't know what I'm -- You yes. -- right -- right tomorrow at 9 AM eastern for -- alive but of course we'll see you. Yeah.

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