GMA LIVE (07.11.13)

Amy and Linsey get a special visit from YouTube's favorite basketball shooting toddler, Titus.
13:07 | 07/11/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.11.13)
I would feel so far I don't let -- her. Everybody else have anything except for awesome -- there and certainly nothing else to get better things to do about where you are so what did they -- -- Where there's more GMA all today. And -- -- showing you our favorite moment of the morning what goes on behind the scenes you know that you know you've seen -- now. We've been monitoring some of your comments -- -- show this morning. And we're and -- -- most of all along -- it has seen a profile of our -- all morning but women monitoring -- -- Cummins has been a lot of chatter about the ice cream -- story. And a story about -- and -- song. Blurred line so let's take a look at some of the comments people we're fired up about the ice cream truck controversy I can understand why pat. Green all of the time. TN we're live now all all the time ice cream truck music annually -- -- -- -- come on. It's an ice cream truck -- used to love the music as a child and still do. And another person run. I love mr. softy please don't stop the music -- -- should be -- in the break rejected tell you because he thought it reminded. Him of me as a mother which I don't know I think because if anybody thinks true I. This woman said well I I just tell my kids every time into the music that means the ice cream trucks out of ice cream. And that's why ruling from -- -- that is I know I mean sometimes you have to be -- I do know what she's -- Every minute. See -- like I'm not. But anyway I'm all right -- them all let me I -- -- just to be on the record that I do not think we should bring it down I as one issue that funny -- -- Aren't we also have Robin -- -- creating some controversy it's become a these song of the summer and you know we're hearing people saying -- that song that's all it is a song. Hash tag chill out people. And then someone else writes one of my favorite songs haven't -- -- plans for our wedding and a few -- you know integrates -- -- -- -- sometimes it's better just a -- your -- a bit. Stop focusing so much on all the details -- just dance I didn't want to put on YouTube. Well it's like -- -- -- -- as a strategic -- were they and I they're not really there again I say that's why they can't play on you and I understand that I understand that. -- deals and steals joining us now is Tory Johnson with a GMA live -- Let's go to guy -- now you don't have to get up from now when I -- I mean -- yeah but you don't have to aren't unless there is this is called the ultimate wonder chic -- it doesn't come in on this -- in house Minnesota's -- mob mentality that holder and they had episode I thought yeah I had -- -- older and you can't have position -- Any direction that you want to -- It's incredibly lightweight it took less than two minutes to set up so it's portable dividend aren't Dana stands it will there's some little heat is that you can put in there on the heart in. It could be at that at the park where every watt. Content comes in blue -- in bed so -- call hot and it's a pretty amazing also normally sixty dollars but exclusively. For our viewers is slashed by more than 50%. TG twenty not -- that's how I'm yeah look at the link in the problem code for this and broadening did you see our will and bill pool party out I saw this morning yeah the party by Atlanta did an amazing party the accusation -- I'm sorry not an anti news. Go very fast -- right today we have a. -- today both our. Let's start Alex the Golden Retriever. Who apparently has the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Spinning wheel not good that he can stand up like -- human you can also do -- -- called the -- costs and I like I like I was dance -- have been named. But -- isn't for everyone sometimes your pet might just wanna. In Geneva we got can't do this -- a lot of rests inside look at. All com I was at a -- thought -- was not even real person that doesn't even look like and a commitment that executed incident Kremlin actually really Hugh Grant women. Audit that -- there's a matching pink pillow and see they're all facing the same direction -- -- -- that is I. -- have a nice and and well I think we have phones we've all wrong really high auto accident holiday so you. And their big pillows no less. Well speaking of picking out this Saturday is national -- Friday and here's how does. Scott newly way that I say that right no way so don't go away okay -- like driving. So we this is this is the top part of the job when we have to do that read it right things -- and is safe asleep and then I am actually curious as to what is oozing all over those French Fries. Limited let me start -- is -- first. Still French president general I think you have bad rap of being unhealthy for both it'll be us because they are make them -- -- -- -- and here's the view and I'm have to be. They don't and that's our look at flooding I guess what kind of unit -- -- -- -- You've got our Fries or zero trans fat was zero trans fat oil -- -- MO no evidence he's ninety five's -- well. Feel do something about yeah. You don't want to you don't we don't wanna know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thanksgiving. This week this is Thanksgiving because it's sweet potato Fries and -- -- I -- this is actually named after my wife -- difficult -- Jennifer. Yeah so those buildings and wait wait what is the -- but I'm -- The taste like -- It's like potatoes sweet potato that's really good woman loses -- -- so that's actually kind of a marshmallow and cinnamon flavor that's that is why I god. The recent posting Jennifer's I was working as a college president when -- decided to do this and when you walk in your wife and say -- -- to switch from being a college president to selling French -- that she says that great idea we don't cheer and say Jennifer she gives us he gets into -- and you this next one of these agents first -- when that same neck. McCain -- same day that there is named after of course the legend Mick Jagger of -- little brown -- on here. There we go. Yeah not typically have the sweet illnesses would be different rising sweep of -- organizer and start. The lots of different direction we can go to -- franchising all over the country so we're opening up and Bob statin. And Texas in Philadelphia and seasonings and flavors sure would get fifty plus sauces places insults here -- Doris. What actually was the word we're gonna go into all different areas but there you go there either -- sports -- -- mobile little different kinds. They candidates who doesn't like making a -- aside for a regular -- Everett the friars finally. Soy bacon bits but now little black truffle -- -- And I can smell -- on here -- Well my hope you'll be snowing -- -- played won the oh yeah I guess I look I'm happy I can't all he knew that portion yeah. -- -- -- fights I lost -- -- but don't take silicon monoxide so glad to hear that that's what -- Jackson meanwhile also here's just. -- -- -- -- -- -- practices is getting really really what systems are an -- that the key to trying to typically we serve that would Romo wants -- on it. But a -- -- in about -- all these other other options on it you can take. That -- to displace. Wow that's placing -- there weren't doing this before -- do this -- go ahead and get this don't Gloria. But before you taste this now this is goes pepper salt it's the hottest in the world. Oh wow right to know if not you're gonna put a little bit different want to let you know a little bit of difference -- -- pepper. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Start throughout with a little -- here to -- -- -- our homeland strawberry lemonade. The Atlantic tonight is highly more chicken fried -- and oh yeah I'm glad -- like Daniel don't know -- -- well and and that's our house when strawberry lemonade too. My favorite is a truffle well Natalie -- don't come -- we actually. Heavens opened here we have these are so fresh -- so we have the garlic parmesan with a black -- salt knocks it out of the park -- the cheaper. Which the prime miracle until -- -- no beef flavored taste exactly she's so where could be right now -- bring now we're we're all over Florida north Florida we're opening up in the next three or four weeks in it's the Texas we just opened up in -- but we're -- up in Houston and Boston. Over -- Massachusetts. -- Louisiana. Boeheim know -- don't eat everywhere everywhere I -- -- -- was taken home weakening tropical I know pop pop pop of -- right. They did -- -- that we please can't. But right having. This is great we haven't extra special plane today -- drop for all of you watching on the Internet do you remember -- hiatus. There is -- -- two year old who makes amazing basketball trick shots -- guess what type didn't hear all he knows we kind of name and I think he really. And 85 from olive -- there you know I love your sixth. -- -- yeah are you here. Can you think I. What's that he's I -- -- -- shoot basketballs he'd get an economically and at a basketball. -- issued a basketball obviously well. -- Nancy originally amenable you want to show you can be great elusive titles. And her hand specialists that struck. And -- Okay. -- try again without -- both the flu. -- Okay. I could -- had this talent. Low humidity and little close shots -- -- -- Then when he made all the way across and would -- heat. He got to do -- It calls attention -- what happened was we what are we did some shows in New York right when the video of the week the video went viral. Gas turns out Jimmy Kimmel wants one -- dismissed several shots and he played it he's like this kids streets -- not edited and -- We admitted responsibility -- -- body. Ramirez blogs video challenging him because how does that I think is really good so. So he accepted the challenge. And what happened was we went out and -- against -- in February and then. We thought oh what a crazy fifty million civilians have been and then the next -- politics we didn't Zambian specials. -- -- -- Shaquille O'Neal is the best one GOV to -- to zero. Yeah actually we're in town to do -- -- talk show and have a cast of growing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I love isn't that exactly yeah off feels there and we're excited because well between his mother and I would be me coming in his own -- -- It's funny because she knows what he's on to -- good. An occasional appearances that -- nozzles to move from shooting Bob. A little bit off due to their -- Every single -- -- don't tied into the. Nancy Gibbs and trying just I don't like French why -- excited a lot of -- -- -- -- Okay. Yeah. I mean I just -- -- yeah yeah. -- -- -- Jimmy Kimmel Jimmy Kimmel even agreed to your cameo and it's all right yeah. -- conduct comes less Joseph bastion on line that's mine and it's my YouTube channel five -- I did close at some -- the got about 12100 views now we have about thirteen million so I needed it and friends it away now like. Your waistline right yeah very -- -- -- -- team has ever.

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{"id":19637167,"title":"GMA LIVE (07.11.13)","duration":"13:07","description":"Amy and Linsey get a special visit from YouTube's favorite basketball shooting toddler, Titus.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-071113-19637167","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}