GMA LIVE (07.12.13)

Check out the week's best moments from "GMA" and "GMA Live!"
7:10 | 07/12/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.12.13)
Say we want to welcome you do this edition of Gmail live it is well Friday edition where we think we're back to. The funniest moments we've had all week long. We'll -- on this program and the big show Good Morning America and we he was always. Not forget log on to -- live every day right down 9 AM eastern daylight and -- -- and enjoy the show. -- -- -- Could anything have George Stephanopoulos forget about his political savvy the first thing that comes to mind her son. George if your -- and beautiful. Very slumping. At least one person interview with a little bit different look for someone to the times amused but not quite that -- -- Reveal his hand Bob -- college and take your eyes -- actually -- Society doesn't actually I guess I'm probably a good -- video. Viewing -- -- You know -- do this job didn't go okay. Has just added more athletic and run. How about putting clothes on finally for the -- Everybody in the Algerian -- yeah. Yeah. It's about time travel yet. I don't always -- different. The return on the twin -- posted sentences that -- have a shelf life of 45 days as opposed to the -- 26 -- off like they had under previous owners no official word yet on what they're. We'll do we can make those -- plus a much longer agree you know you're getting into any -- could actually get half a two year. I remembered back to you out. I'm -- go from there. -- -- -- freedom -- perfect snack average of the top news. Popcorn obviously but is accused of -- The delicious food from my go to plays Harry as strong islands he added that -- -- I. Be not like it ballistic butter and everything in yeah that's. Absolutely absolutely -- to -- Lutterbeck. -- -- -- We got jumped on -- -- -- how are all now. Well I'm Naomi and -- they found offensive linemen not actually stolen apparently brewing -- me on the hair -- all of it and it let me say today. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good news CNN newsroom -- -- -- Sunday -- -- why don't you take these. Next season will -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- look like he's going to run. Now look at the weather man. Inside the basket. There's maybe a little bit about my day. You got my. Number -- yeah. In France. And -- it. I -- -- America. I. -- -- had to defend at every comedian that was in the -- walk -- go back rather than. I didn't want to have if you have a quick -- back. I don't show it. Not matter what happens. Thank you want to -- that's not debate you won't find me -- -- -- a lot of -- want anybody drive into the neighborhood making noise and I just. It's okay. I'm grumpy yeah opting out of this and give -- my site -- -- looking -- I ordinarily -- -- I think women wanted to. In the latest first pick in the history of man I'm she's working -- idea. Oh yeah. I know why I got car and we L find out wow he is an adorable he has not copy of -- Paul. He's not a fan of the dreaded dandelion -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna show you what I love from my hometown. Okay. Well speaking of speaking out. This Saturday is national press Friday. The reason posted Jennifer's working at the college president wanted to try to do this will be walking your -- and -- I want to switch from being the college president's news conference Friday accuses. Great idea laid out cheers and Jennifer she gives us a good thing tonight but he had a fight as -- What could I suspect that the people trying to typically we -- that was from -- want to. But that -- -- General and -- amazing basketball different shots were guests like I didn't hear all he knows me. -- -- -- -- And yet -- you know I love this news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well a I didn't know and those of -- Turns out Jimmy Kimmel wants one -- tigers missed several shots and he played it -- -- -- -- -- to have edited himself. -- -- -- -- -- -- Everything a -- now I have. --

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