GMA LIVE (07.19.13)

Check out the week's best moments from "GMA" and "GMA Live!"
10:12 | 07/19/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.19.13)
They we want to welcome you to this edition of Gmail live it is well Friday edition where we take a look back at the funniest moments we've had all week long. Both here on this program and the big show Good Morning America and we ask -- was always do not forget log on to Gmail -- every day. Right down 9 AM. Eastern daylight until then enjoy the show and your weekend. Cleveland indians' season ticket holder gray -- -- came away from Sunday's game. Not one not two not 34. Foul -- -- I yes way and I'm not going anywhere thank -- for it one game that's part of -- he says he wasn't actually sitting. In his usual seat he -- -- to say after the game. On one of them I ended up sprawled across a few rows and I got some -- on myself I would argue that made it even back. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah it is I don't know if you caught -- -- balls you reach out to Good Morning America miss them so much. -- miss them so much ladies and gentlemen but what they are now back. The twinkie is back on store shelves but not before we get them here first on GMA and there's a thousand of them the Times Square miles -- It's all around for some reason I don't know what's happening exactly and did they are all around half -- really -- and -- is gone now. That was just need about the paparazzi shot. I mean he is really windy and I got heading out to dinner and. You know compared -- little lightning that it had. What did you -- Google. And George Stephanopoulos and -- and. You guys that are up for this wanted to -- here invisible for an -- what do you do. IA -- On the studio. But when you're giving people legislate can't do that -- -- good. When you pick up next time that happens we'll know we hear me finish this sentence. I wish I could start. I wish I could start the channel that only showed check -- out. Will be successful I wish I could stop. I wish I could stop people talking about -- The campaign began here on GMA and I cannot live without -- Look at I don't want that offers some good because we thank you don't think a lot of my parents. The deal means -- want a nice peaceful quiet afternoon. In the yard right you know the sprinklers going and he can't let them informing me that there's -- -- -- existence of a long more. -- -- laughing child a splash in a pool and then all of a sudden this it's no longer like the cute it's this electronic. It drives down the road on -- -- And never saw and is one of the market. I don't check in Northern Trust me how America America took me out with his dad I'm home I don't think he -- so now you're you're you win -- and actually we got in got beautiful tableau that you just donated hours of the underground well -- -- go up. First the law and -- hate grass and all. And a little kids splashing it you hate. Little children here. I've seen you. Ripped -- ice crib like it's going out of style I get. And so. The senate is different now than it is. Here -- And -- I can't imagine message it. -- and don't know to evaluate do you trust me America we call last week I had a field you are just horrible now mind. And ultimately we'll fly you and I have were out -- -- In this -- I see you out there -- -- back there lazy dumb do you recognize this face as I yesterday during the news during the very first news. You know you've -- moon walked behind me yeah during the very first. -- whether women alive with -- back. Loved your -- I guess I'm so glad I got to -- and everybody my latest that there forget Matt Damon forget him and we'll. Yes and you know. Don't -- not all guys see. My name is ginger right and with this feel like that. Here. Look at Josh -- -- the face on just. I'm -- it's ever been brought and actually that I go -- yep it's -- pelicans given approved. Data model of a. The vault full focus -- -- can be a large thing that he was an expert yeah I don't know about today he got the right. -- at a lacrosse tournament at Harvard when you pull up to learn how else. It's like the -- like in late trading update the athletic -- There's lacrosse -- I got. I -- related a lot of airlines railroads I think I think kids from all that place that their sticks and like plant alternate lightweight it's it's really like us at com via letters -- is what. Wrap wrap it up wrap it up not funny not let it go letting go it. Yeah you know who I -- We'll -- -- you know who actually gets in his stand and give them. All the time like this isn't usually what happens. Let's check -- -- Sam for the weather to start doing a weather -- I'll -- -- -- -- all right so so let's understand whether Sam thank you Lara. Rat rat rat rat -- we're -- 4543. And -- the yeah had not heard tall grass like -- both in -- in the light and a rap rap -- will grapple with the full time and what you should do a bit. The next time they say -- -- and stroking. -- -- -- -- -- Okay. We'll probably not a problem until I swear to god it's it's like it's. All of a sudden at the end of that first half hour they find out every morning that we have no time. Sam actually I'm gonna have to ask you strike that posed for -- I don't know if you can get -- and strike -- No -- no. That's all of them. -- -- -- -- -- The real old. And -- showing. On -- -- you. -- -- -- -- Is jumping in the US -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am -- you -- has your back when you. Even -- Johnson stated analog stick or we'll work on. Second on the last Channing Tatum plays Channing Channing Tatum died -- name alone. -- -- proves he's not just another pretty face taking on an estimated sixty million and you know live. You can really all what we're sewers I would use it wearing night that you're reading this you -- -- yeah. Eight. We will crowds -- -- super hot we want everybody we're cherry -- some salmon volunteered where Jerry reds beat out how high got a nice. -- -- -- -- -- We -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know Sam began coming out of nowhere in the neighborhood with a little brown -- again tomorrow Cherie bank and small town. Minnesota. As a -- that and the can't read can't drive has named out of school by what niece -- tops. He may be our only four year old mayor of its kind he is in fact the newest mayor of Dorset Minnesota -- academic and Bobby Larry. Demand mr. -- he -- a random collection. Even -- in the 22 -- town last year and in two weeks he's running for reelection. In his time in office he has been given the -- in the city and he's made friends with county sheriff right. And the man -- present -- -- has also played cops and robbers school can't. -- -- For a very unlikely friends playing together a baby champ. A baby wolf and -- baby tigers -- there now and right now they're saying a lot of good to hear again and -- -- friends this is not a good video a lot of well there are right now I didn't -- all along the fact that these animals they're teaching is all valuable lesson when there are no boundaries in friendship that. -- sound like these animals are showing us all that we can play -- that we. Those who -- also it shouldn't surprise you when Hollywood's hottest hit the beach in a bikini rocking the bikini while real women's day. About -- in the two. Sorry I think there -- flatter and I'll know -- AME. Never reveal these -- after QB is blatantly. Yeah I. Sounds like we have a segment here. How do you -- to get out there and get some exercise they -- while. In this case you really don't you just have -- use your exercise equipment. You know going viral online this little Fella -- authority terrified yeah. Did not go to the economy you know yeah like he's he's not terrified dog but yeah. Aren't you got to Shanghai and I he's getting his work out no word on what happens what you know when -- -- with the exercise part Jack. Taking care of had never -- -- -- I'm not -- No because you can't get the -- -- fast enough it's kind of under the officer you know I'm just and really we have just say.

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