'GMA LIVE!' (07.28.14)

Two college girls battle against each other in the Ultimate Dorm Room Race.
13:11 | 07/28/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (07.28.14)
Ready for some GMA -- it all starts now live backstage -- GM -- Yeah. I'm that way. -- picture and -- lastly we are getting a good laugh about and it's actually in the -- in Atlanta where did they get back and look at the pirates kind of limelight and and they had grabbed it and put it on a map last week what I am so excited I think it's just meaning CNN's and that's what it's like Bethpage why you look like a -- what are they take the -- spread like building -- I don't notice any openings EMA live. -- I don't know I know -- -- that's happened that's a hot shot it yeah like a pink shirt on it's. It's some announce I'll tell you that it's hit it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I think. Even pretty subtle about this the topic of what can I barely mentioned yet -- getting her -- at the she got Mary. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of course have a proposal. And here's one that is raising the bar and -- a little bit Taylor Townsend a big fan of Cinderella. Not only that she even think Cinderella are -- Mississippi high schools musical production. So what difference at Connelly is trying to figure out how he was gonna do this whole proposal thing. He got -- planning a -- me elaborate Cinderella themes he just turned her. I think yes. After that she better say yes he made up -- that I mean. He did on this as a play to have -- China and the appropriate -- -- -- glass slippers in front of more than 100 friends and family. That's how he did all that that is a pretty true fairy tale I wonder if they'll get married at this -- for Disney World. That would be an option but that's the question like what you do now set a wedding at -- at downtown. This girl I the next hill -- I -- every man asking a woman and I we say it's not about being elaborate it's showing you put thought yeah. In making personal. I think -- And that and may be a picture can cause that's the thing you -- remembered David Williams Wright Eaton MIM nightly talk everything like that might bump that yesterday that -- in his -- and then at their rough picture of -- -- completely not true. OK I didn't study revealing that couples where the white is better educated and earns more money are far less likely to divorce and not surprising reason and the American sociological review suggests that couples. Who adopt a more equal model of marriage cut -- chance for divorce by a third. The study goes on to say that when an increasingly have more education and men and that today's husbands are the first generation not threatened by a woman earning more. Does think that that sound right back here. Seattle. Yes that's and that's -- Catalina needy half. He -- happy life I think the idea of women being -- power -- confident -- not eat in Chile and security threat arguments. And don't seem to care about that they just do -- -- Spain making winning weather. Your whole life changes when your confidence is down -- -- affects -- things I think when you feel empowered and educated. You inform yourself you're just gonna leave a more or life in general and if you share. The work responsibilities from work to home like Abbott and all lifting his editing is when you are serving as much time in an office you have to say due to -- -- -- I like Tyson serving as much time. It's people sometimes -- -- at -- -- -- to be here I'm thrilled to be if you -- that hit -- yet -- -- -- later. I'm and it doesn't this thing -- men prefer a more educated women. Maybe it's because from a young age boys aren't taking their education is seriously -- -- does not like a fact obviously but. Yeah -- -- back -- and apparently things that reading is ridiculous. He can't contain himself. What little I spent bridge are not bound and the level of you know losing record that's something that. These I think that the end of -- Saying hello Larry. Same period. I don't he can barely every. Good -- unlike Saturday. Get -- he -- never felt more confident in his proponents. If I am the great audience of one you -- -- in the lab but annihilate innocent. -- If you remember when yeah entertainers -- -- sure he added. -- -- But I'll bash at least that was as funny and he is easily -- eighty look at that simply is not amused if you ever wondered whether or not come walking cat. Check out our -- of the day here on in in. Who -- only stay cold always sits on the other dreaming of a life on the outside they got -- and artists and -- god is simply not. Having it -- after dragging him around the house they -- -- -- walk on his own it now mop the floor but. They even try standing him up but only for him to fall back over in protest watches bed come on. They get to the top of the stairs to head outside what what -- -- setting up first. I think the only people -- -- just link pounds each and sometimes I feel that way on Mondays I guess it's a harness the bailout debate that it now a days. But just as you think he may well -- -- He's up to write Baghdad don't have days like that film. I just wanna be pulled around. Well I just wish someone could -- me out by the way -- -- might. I'm functional -- in and now and that's where -- serving your time you know my observing time and the -- -- -- out of the office is the Draghi and that tells me fiscal -- -- that. Yeah goodness look at ocean it is the dorm room yeah I'm I don't -- I'm super happy showing -- my parents to work. And -- remain have a lot of laughs. -- -- and or kill and let me -- the competitive which easily evil. Well that's a pretty heavy at a school let's let's let's introduce that donated yeah. Got a Charlotte and Sierra just saying that tops I had -- University of Tennessee. Love your volleyball team I would say to -- idea haven't all the fassel -- close okay oriental -- -- in his -- yet anyhow he's seen me last time an intern running and they in turn sought out let me read to -- in my -- you don't have to talk about the trip he's so what are your Victor with a -- yes yes but I almost -- planet and today anchor. -- yeah. Off actually -- It definitely would have been and Tanya that tightening TV there's a lesson for -- of that yet this knicks played a -- -- -- whoever you want to do here -- we're comfortable with that because we are having a little music Senecal competition. Thank Rosemary I'm supposed to meet participating districts sleep crying yeah tell OK Brian Brian -- screeners Kiki. I'm very excited about this rematch disease who were very got very aggressive stance on various -- at the but -- -- -- so what we're gonna do is we're gonna do a handful of things that a lot of the college kids have to do in their dorm -- -- young people -- the young in Seattle and so what we're gonna do is the first they've they've been walk through what they're gonna be doing so what we'll do is. We're -- Undo this bad were allowed at -- -- off. And all the month civil see actually how good they are holding them OK so they'll with -- combined competition combined competition we're gonna have one person go at a time obviously we only have. One dead and -- one. Everything so then we're gonna come over here we're gonna grab the backpack they're gonna and -- the backpack on you gotta go to class right to make the coffee. They'll start that on the cure -- right and then they're gonna set up this chairs each one of them has their own shares okay. And it's called the butterfly chair to spot to chill and lounge and you know and when we're young people do short that's what they do apparently -- that's up from the -- yeah yeah yeah. And then they're gonna hop in their nice desk chair and -- has all these supports on them. And then they're gonna finish. Back at the that that's coming back all right art and see how many see how they did and what are they doing -- -- the -- prize there is bias and our lives. This lovely 200 dollar gift card from our sponsor -- -- -- We're now literally can OK and not -- -- -- it -- season and did little -- got -- yeah. Got any numbers -- yeah. President are we start to week and yet you -- -- college college ready folding sheets having an Intel got. -- yourself have you never made it before I'll have a I didn't want your mom watching and yes I did I teacher not a convicted. That's what you then you have this he had told the that -- -- renovated Israelis. Period. Yeah here yeah. Okay. I'm. That's just dumber be I don't know I got a -- one but got a one hello and we'll do we'll do little mom yeah. We're treating this like the army -- -- your cheap copies college of we -- ever make your -- and college that's. Yeah. These are literally you know noted that I'll tell your -- the second. Yeah that's not all -- -- really don't worry it's. Don't read my butterfly -- My -- part of -- Elliott. Loud -- the Cancun really didn't really know how the hell that its thirtieth. -- 1911 obviously the -- and large yard kickoff when he did you make you -- who. I never made my betting college I just handling the movie bedspread over rising as it off when the -- got cringing and watch them in my opponent may hold on the side of Griffin Hossa had an emergency better -- -- -- -- did and I. This saves you share for the victory might want -- evil hear his -- -- the bed to a new level. I let me clear this up how many sheets news you want me -- -- -- And I'll. -- what is caller yes but I imagine anybody. That's not the illegal federal World Cup and -- Cook picked -- the okay -- a little. -- gloom I wanted to talk -- beginning his female can -- Collins I do make my that it Jose. I'm so she -- now it's OCD -- yet I'm so OC BI can't leave the room without like. Making sure everything is fifteen clean my -- not feeding into the bulls in this right now I'm hearing that there. Your roommate. On very happy about that and how -- totally fans but they also an anatomy because I didn't handed down. Did you -- -- like don't be dirty cleanup writer mom making it making make your bed throwing out. No she didn't actually I'll -- you're acting out like I wanna be different than what. You're not I don't know my life's little bit here. And it all starts with a -- we -- and really -- -- -- ours -- supposedly at peace they're just -- if I had the I -- this. Yeah. Yeah okay. Copy and loving son may look like you think downing and we I'm gonna sit down and basic web site for the Tehran -- again. You don't -- yeah. -- everybody yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- All but there -- some differences in their performance bad artery into your past me I would not expect -- -- It would no -- -- it would have brought me up on the -- and it happened they're folding with the hearing thank you anyway yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah ahead let's look haven't split the winnings yeah I there enough we finally here. I went yeah. Yeah yeah. So nice pass in thinking -- calls right after sponsoring this -- Outstanding events and the prize for eyewitness any -- last time you saw competition in baton. The honest look at it can't broke up obviously a -- on the today -- ahead battered showed Friday featured indicted tomorrow at 9 PM eastern forgive me and I've seen.

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{"id":24740237,"title":"'GMA LIVE!' (07.28.14)","duration":"13:11","description":"Two college girls battle against each other in the Ultimate Dorm Room Race.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-072814-24740237","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}