GMA LIVE (07.31.13)

Josh, Sam, Sherrod and Lara celebrate National Mutts Day and make their own pizza.
3:00 | 07/31/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (07.31.13)
Dish yeah. I -- and I. -- happen and we'll hear. -- got under way so for those of you watch the show wonder if this is an actual working kitchen -- yeah it is actually as well. After everything is in order to improve his upbringing and -- -- that's -- -- -- -- don't. And you're wondering why the -- that's a -- -- -- us. Here are really win the -- -- -- view of the -- I figured -- -- learn something else. We want to start -- show here today if there's an interactive element here again as Larry mentioned it's called blaze pizza. For those of you who watch -- a member wind wind Cramer had the idea to make your own pizzas right out and that went horribly awry I'm hoping for a better results. Today well but what you're doing is -- from founded by the Wessels pretzel creators right been in a mall or an airport in America you know their adolescence. It's interactive basically customers coming to -- don't put little mini pies. Favorite -- -- sauces -- greater -- and they take two minutes or you can really go go go go go and so. A company backed by folks like Maria Shriver. Producer John Davis Red Sox owner Tom -- They are in and so are we today Brad can't -- So proud of it sounds as it sounds so easy even we can do it oh my you're gonna. We'll lower your expectations. So people come up with everything and obviously you have everything towards -- yes we have over forty different -- -- -- economic what do. Are there -- -- -- what's the most popular what's the strangest. But most popular people that blaze that restaurant says -- their barbecued chicken pizza yeah for a dead meat eater pizza. What would you both good the mediators on. Lara blessings on stage but don't -- -- it's the strangest thing I've seen as you have. Someone asking us to take a salad right -- -- -- the pizza with vinaigrette then put -- in the -- And they -- salad potato salad wrap top of the film also delicious looking at we encourage people to do whatever they also we unity now we making up pizzas and I'm you know actually jobs for -- -- would make a better pizza. Trusted so I'm -- How better it's yeah. Even though Lara is already on it that I still OK so yeah you got -- when I got what when folks what do they walk ins and rock in the blaze yearly -- I have very friendly person I -- you. -- what you blanket that's one of our signature pizzas or down we assemble a pizza to your liking. Break down the line. -- so let's let's get started his that we obviously was to decide what to solve aleris has started with -- saw -- WI. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As a balanced approach to balance the ingredients just about one layers what you had targeting here -- -- -- doing -- -- moments. I guarantee of the most popular item when people say well thought strategy consultant you really so it's like that Margarita -- library and Aaron cheese pizza and then they go from there are getting creative is at its peak of their life. All right and so just whip one up here guess so -- -- in the restaurant it takes two minute I'll have the good and you get your pizza. Yes -- you guys that like super hot. Super high does the name -- -- right really and and we have the other end here on this not definitely isn't a restaurant that we can't have what flaming here but this is -- -- Josh is on what -- what did you choose by the way. Finally found her Margarita. My stamp on -- on design with a living will move into -- -- -- on Thursday night and beat follow up yeah okay. Yeah there is not immediate selection on the table that you do not have -- that be the oldest cardiac. We don't have Netanya and Josh what are you don't you know you consider -- little. You know we'll I don't know. Nobody would put to rest Kerala. -- -- A little -- and -- I could get an IRS car -- Likes the idea is they want you to your pizza gift shop but in the -- that we don't have their blazing hot Evans here that you guys can -- these. We'll give you five minutes and I and that's -- look like that have you guys let's go to the table will do the rest this guy on the bring over -- fresh pizza and. Okay. So we can't wait. Its case fifty -- all that well. I'm not supposed to be Italian maybe it together although I -- supposed to be something. Everybody take my. Job I don't like that -- -- -- comes from the. Good -- god I want a morning good morning down the program. Aren't you know I wanna talk very quickly as well about social. Media and how can impact the lives of the folks who like this program. Because today he used she's still here big frank to get -- -- -- -- tonight and can I get a handle. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There we are before the show -- right. And here comes that we into GNN. -- Can you guys turn and Wheatley but my wipe out the windows that I can go get a couple cars right. Look who we're live -- that -- -- over. I am just so we did and so you would you like to go get -- copy that all worked out. That's amazing did you drag you here today would be -- yet and -- didn't put makeup on and so I keep hearing about that every you know. Yeah. Yeah. Possibly seriously and they brought back copy for element of -- That was fantastic here's what you heard -- he dragged him here like these big -- you've been involved in little over -- -- -- You guys enjoy it and I think you react to yeah -- gagged on it from buffalo it. You know you get adequately and we discussed -- -- feeling good about them. Better than him in awhile but I think I think we're going to see from Colombia NI CU that's where they're delusional bills. One. Seriously I think it's so much thank you technically an event at the top unit that -- All things yeah I got all the also -- -- Actually better than coughing. So I'll buy part because what brings you get what they did as they brought us a card arms of my party actually nice -- -- resold them that was hard to -- They have. -- Starbucks has little gift cards. Okay here let me a lot of what you end to what goes on in the world in America today I don't know -- -- Starbucks I want -- the day my girlfriend that. It -- him it could know what actually actually I feel like a dinosaur -- I still have cash starved. Everybody either has the gift card or that -- yeah. Are kind of like well you're certainly getting hurt step critique she'd been noticing anything that would seem to be interested yeah you know that was in the -- and a. Somebody's was -- them -- have real basics so a lot to pay is and it I was the vets quietly privately impatient person thinking. Really I never like you've never you have -- You have cost our bodies are getting -- don't know lingo and how did I ever got rid of the little one that we do not do not Lambert's going to Starbucks -- there. Poll don't do it -- yeah good especially. Some some of us need our capturing Kenya or we'd be grumpy yeah. I'm getting your million dollars and he has not I'm all you argue and argue I explain that I had a -- itself. One of the great. Words in the English language we things sometimes makes its way into certain pieces of hours and usually with you know. Dramatic. Fire symptomatic dramatic flair and really indie -- describing. You know affairs of the heart OK and -- here is that you have tickets it's not just the other. -- said you have to feel it and enjoy access. Yeah so clearly a lot of news -- about -- that was in -- I've ever had not really knows the Princess Diana -- all that's right she almost ran off with the put their heart surgeons how. Fred Hutchinson somewhat I think you're with Josh -- while -- is rolling into the mid eighties while you got you -- -- Josh is saying so that doctor from Pakistan was. And then we always in -- we love that word and then somebody sad. Every time we say that -- on the -- somebody should -- McDonald's dollar. So revealing a whole kangaroo court love love love love love love -- always going to be something -- -- I gotta pay -- love -- out. But nobody was very good and the Lara was in the money but about seven seconds later while -- you -- -- Virginia. Guys stuffing your -- is -- they do is a good title of cross country is always. The -- south Broward he has -- -- well I didn't. We'll get a you know what happened to -- his isn't Ali asked to evaluate -- -- -- equipment that could mean I think really what. Fifty year old -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah go state for granted you know we met outside thank you thank you would you made my fiftieth birthday one to remember now the way I get it together. -- -- -- -- -- My -- graduate Tracy Tracy in the control room. Say hello it's C seriously zillow yes I -- and are you kidding -- grandmother you know you know evening had been made things. Hi hello -- Nice nice nice. And you signed into your sons and the sports media have him back. I'm side she needs money on -- past hurricanes TV in Kentucky that's awesome that's awesome want to find your mind that I. Fans happy birthday congratulating itself and I so much for being here that's enhancing it. Amazing -- Uga Uga Uga look like so afraid. You know my son's friends I would like let's go -- -- -- all the little. Cousin and 100. Usually my yeah. Not so I don't overlook the girlfriend though they aren't entitled to try that you've been -- everybody help -- -- with. And Mary not a bad with a naughty show yesterday our in. We just ordinary here it's only have a minute three -- and planes. All right -- -- -- always talking about. Great athletes of the day we might be seeing a future one Mir Ali in the expense of six year old from Grayson Georgia. Oh I love the smile almost in this for a plan that come -- six year old woman in one game and in one game. Five home runs and I want to say on five pitches -- -- first pitch home run -- in his own little attacks -- -- so already got two and. Let me get a little dirty knees and he's not thanks -- methods. Yeah that's that's that's amazing he was doing -- you. Louis you exactly. -- -- softball soccer and Eric Ross I don't -- -- -- that yeah did. We've got alliance. You know I must say that like to us he -- Marlins could not miss a shot from him. Zone I think on that little Spencer was in the zone yeah yeah. Animals putting a lot of political what -- all got to give it. -- yeah. Yeah -- swimmer as well. Has a nine year old brother. And this little Fella started first written briefs -- elementary what I have. -- -- -- I said I should we do better -- as well. I actually love this the day he had and you guys have all heard that all dogs go to -- However one dog is bound and determined to get himself they're all on his -- he's -- three year old boxer John -- ladies and gentlemen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah her dog that is it -- to learn about yeah well as. Thanks so much they are that -- in the world knows someone knew it was a proud owner of a boxer -- for all of her life adapted it. -- she and they don't need a trampoline and the jobs by the way they nor I can -- network and they don't stand. And what a trampoline inaudible international Arnold like -- stand -- this spring and I. Probably terrified I'll love you don't look at telling me -- I would like that he did not know that he's. I'd like to believe -- -- that. Just like you are 42 dogs and -- love and Al you know that -- -- and -- -- pretty well yeah. And which is -- to prevent -- -- -- that is what. The national Montana's -- that's not my day my. Celebrate all the diversity and the dog -- so lazy Delmon -- on the street -- -- Upon its streets its national flood stage 2013. -- -- my -- -- I don't know what you need to confront the snowman are you not you. Not many children thanks you know family village now. But that did -- -- line. If you don't -- You won't mind. That's the -- you -- Abbey national life I -- Not me not well. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- One -- that -- -- -- -- was abject terror that. Nothing -- -- people who wants money here's the deal though -- can we just talk about you going to a dog park barefoot. No other typical things in the pool you don't -- there's a couple things you can't go to a -- or bear -- seen the stuff that happens in the dog park. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- man got very upset that somebody can. Who say they start fighting about very angry about half would have -- it. Yes I just -- three we should say. I was gonna do you give me a shot I didn't do you -- -- -- -- us won't you. We had -- I had the victim now. -- right bill we should we should when you are of the view of Monrovia is in the park yet the Bruins wears when you agree about -- I didn't I got other very important duties -- -- church and we're yeah. And I'll be -- someone's got a mountain I'm afraid it's uttered want to show at least Larry we don't -- -- -- how she came out and it's a way up. Get Larry -- got crowned on that party -- -- We remember that you wanted to stop signs on -- stop light on what the sixth avenue heading up to the part she'd -- happened to do this it wants a little Italy violate it was -- a level we the very first time. And we were all kind of like really joyous about being on the bus and now we get we're all together -- -- -- -- -- Look how we -- -- it is a party I. You can you know can you tell us -- remember we've probably hadn't been -- but yet solaris turned around Josh -- facing it and then it in incomes this I swear to unify this long bar that has the traffic lights on it. That is about head level and work crews and -- street and we're just like. Big grabbed her and put her down and that thing just shouldn't pass is right over again it was bill now we literally as he -- -- he jumps over the -- -- somebody you eat while you guys a round -- it's amazing art you wanna sit around for some pizza and. He has done. Is essentially hand yeah. Thank you here's trying to get exactly yeah I think we home. -- -- -- -- Designer I think on roads don't -- -- we want to remind you by the way that blaze pizza is the place of work and we're test driving it -- this morning for you. You'll be able to very soon -- how how how quickly you guys gonna roll these out where they wouldn't be we've we've got stores opening in New York as soon and interviews check our website will be able to do everything is going to be landing -- In all over the country and about a 170 entered about -- you -- 170 restaurants and you'll be able to walk again build your own heats up blazes. Be right for you and about two minutes on the judge things and we got a prize look at the very best pizza idiotic mouth we'll visually. It's kind of right up my Alley and but she's not here thing. We go -- tonight and I acted of the hundreds of my brother we won't we won't allow. I don't do Ohio Mary I -- skeptical. That's really does anybody. Yeah. -- that his delicious it and can go wrong when it. Putting college level that was everybody's like block it appears that this so rotten. Got it right there -- -- that's classic classic and beautiful animal fat mozzarella and I -- I wasn't when they Larry. That if it's the simple basic pizza place pepperoni. I don't know we'll keep animals -- -- to -- -- realize that he's got a I normally you would have loved this. This is due mainly. -- Activision did not yeah actually got this whole thing doesn't -- outfield we got the reallocation opening Japanese consumers. But don't work out -- Yeah yeah. Up. And her brother from. How about that and I visit the village -- all of that. I also want to I want I want to wish -- The very best in his future endeavors this is going to be his last show -- -- I have been of the techno wait how -- -- in the morning everybody radio Linda's integrate it again. Its latest piece of me very much -- -- business. The regular lives and -- wherever you -- But everybody.

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