GMA LIVE (08.01.13)

Josh, Lara, Sam, and Amy share some laughs with the "Impractical Jokers."
16:16 | 08/01/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.01.13)
And. I'll have these -- you why did the UK you guys first of all what can we return and -- food -- -- can do this thing you can grab go grab the greatest -- we've ever let her. Grammar and only torrential don't know I'm hours you got hot New London I was so -- -- -- -- the best. I mean honestly you wouldn't pay its Iowa's have a -- sick American League most of it is not even an incredibly -- we speak of course. The day. That little painful little not -- yeah. Little prince George. Yet arrived and took and you guys were monsoon we -- so we we're we're awaiting an -- about -- around 1130 and I sit look at that fat guys that. Black clouds rolling -- right -- when I arrived I brought the black with the it's an easy left the time. I'm yeah. I'd tease because I -- now we have. There are dark -- honest about it come it is literally -- telling him he's. Yeah clearly had -- apparently there was on one mining. Let out an analyst and they -- -- -- my feeling is yeah it is yeah. -- really literally -- black cloud and it just as soon as they can do little don't look naturally emitted from. On the -- and I have these are just how we hear there's countersuing Laura on location yeah a little earpieces in America they went -- -- -- all the lights went out. Terms so -- thank you it's like big white block tonight we'll get to that next oh -- oh. She just winds. Yeah I -- get to -- -- literally so so I was like someone holding a flashlight and you and I were on cellphones -- each other and then and then the best part was once the -- went away and the humidity came in our hair and then yeah. -- -- I -- my hair you know I think you don't always notice these things. But you did notice that that day you guys a lot of good news for a grounds and spoke to kind of very like -- -- -- but both are. -- a -- held together as we yeah Coptic solidarity but -- migrated and normally if something like that which one could argue is something of a mishap. Have happened we would have redone it. Spot for the times -- an American League West Coast mid. We didn't read -- let readers is that this was how we're gonna receive for the future heir to the British ground there was an agreement to cover the Daily -- -- yeah united splendid and it rains a lot in London -- it's also part of the story yeah yeah yeah it was -- it was great -- -- Grant Hill had -- -- like like a good thing now so superhero Iron Man got angry and he might well wow yeah now I'm getting. And a little net and out some yeah I've never been accurate and under -- sometime or any of you. We'll know maybe you're gonna -- Sure is like I don't claim you are you telling us up to an ultrasound pulling it -- as -- -- These long term during her series -- today in which -- He has big white blob moving across the African plains or whatever it was it was sent from Africa it's a big white blob shoots out into the -- own blood -- -- -- that was blood mountain where it is okay okay. Will say you're graphics people are excellent and they did this on the flies out of that I read it was very last minute all the -- we -- -- cellphone and and here's yeah do you honestly -- in the entire the entire team upstairs because it has to go into another building and then come back to us. And we have to put in the system for -- just drama but. You know it's a very important thing as as to -- -- Samara is the activity he and Arnold. Sam I'm not gonna argue the -- I'm just -- NSA said to him in the commercial breaks look at that. We're not swirl of Modesto I think comes across hit it yeah. I would have a sonogram -- the Canadians especially look -- -- bitten. Things can get a little light on the in the studio that I just can't get -- I just always had to say I just have so much -- I lowered us the next time and -- -- he's getting angry meal every. Wouldn't Saturday are enjoying. I enjoy whether -- you see ya I'm enjoying. Park you know what do we Iceland's images -- that there rumor out they're not all we got this lassie national holiday. They were killed it's like you know that you feed to bear -- -- -- alone -- He doesn't know they have -- getting. Reading exam which is this deal -- Yeah. You could we did steal until you could wish I seen damages yeah this is a -- -- collections -- -- Well you know you don't own collection literally that it is only. Is that you don't get a so there's a great at this I'm still very ugly powerful superstars. Who are big fans of this line unlikely. Johnny. And Shakira. More on the -- would not it's spunk collection so there's where does Johnny -- where his wish -- I don't know where let me. Anywhere near and that wearing that's a ring. Okay that's a -- -- he could where does that figuring advantages like sent the mob and then lobbed an overview. Of the Big Dig what I'm. Yeah I'm Terry who did everything I shall I don't know. -- their mind the best Johnny's dad Larry's wish bone. It's. Yeah that's. -- -- you yeah. Yeah analysts say adding that the ring yeah there's rings earrings and content Clinton race Clinton you can choose Rollins and -- -- -- depending on you know what your preference on him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't -- -- think Johnny Depp wears those I think you'd look great in those. -- -- -- -- -- I don't re finding out now I don't know I don't and a senior thank -- -- that -- guidelines of -- anything anything you want yeah. Should Sagan lot under New York on against the run in that and so ridiculous serie a opener and no doubt open window yet you're not going -- Atlanta -- note the -- wonder -- not comment that I'm Yahoo! so. Steel. Wheels by steel yes you -- right. Normally 12500. Billion dollars slashed by sixty -- wow. Party at this actually stronger as it is a great gift that it and they're actually beautiful pieces of artwork yeah. I don't think you gave us today for the show me some -- person would back and I -- your show was more than we would -- -- when you're looking you have around them hey I have into the audience I was -- I had an outside the audience there echoed throughout those bracelets were great to hand back their great I don't I let things -- -- -- -- and yeah -- some personal stuff thank you so much territory -- yeah. -- -- but I. Originally Johnson's book I don't know ordinary men and really who were only a few and a movie -- -- -- That's. What he did tell me it was too -- about four months and you written to -- -- looking Daniel accident like you're like earliest book plug and there are you -- months if not now this thing out and it is happening on the -- Philly next month yeah. Discussions and what is not being bonded it means you have to do change of mind for a better life and so for -- in -- changing my mind is meant to. Losing a lot of weight to that thought I was gonna lose my job and even know whatever threatens me that I was gonna lose my -- that's what I hear yeah so -- -- got my act together because why do you. Ari you inspire me every day now -- positive energy you come out here. You are so great on television you are alive electric and loneliness so -- -- What you. Get better and give him a hard time again and there is not about -- any thing and you -- don't sell -- -- yeah. -- -- -- if there's someone who can tell that story and and make it resonate with the -- you I would by the wealthy yeah. It's like all right. We're gonna get on board on Monday and findings -- I sat on our website and many American don't come on Yahoo! and not logging into more -- -- codes and -- problems on election. We'll tell us right so when you're done watching this last just around us -- of television history opened a separate window and -- -- and -- open majority your hearts and Sam Madison. Receive our -- our -- as well well why don't we you know we hear that you may like to have fun. We often do you. Crazy things may -- -- -- -- -- but we have to people who can give us a run for our money. They're joined -- we are joined by members of two TV's -- hit shelves in practical -- -- this popular series follows. Four friends who -- each other do outrageous things they have a third season on the way and even had a comic book come out of comic con is that true also look -- -- Brian -- quit. So is this is this this is what -- practical -- Got a great -- what kind of dearest you give each other. -- -- -- -- as we go out like one of these due to lower your peace and the other guys in the show my some reference to 23 years they'll tell me what I have to do not yet like. Now did you -- on -- that's a great -- can't say now we didn't he say no you get punished like. A hard thing to do it on and it hit the thing about which go Menard yeah lowest levels in episode in the and you get punished and they made me teach my parents sex at all. -- and they put the slides -- I had to explain what have a little problem now a mother goes to church three days a week or so we've got to. -- -- Hello radio collar parents are not like that I've got a he's out of season when he three years ago you've got how to define -- of that appointment brush -- high school and I. Now -- Another island I don't yelling yes. I tell you the very leaves from right -- Hair growth figure yeah I want to value your immediate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- whether or not did you do yesterday gets a look -- to remind -- -- -- help deliver. 20050. Pigment based only on the weather report based on my watch and wait doubts 2000 all you're kidding me -- -- forecast and -- -- -- got a hold all of the the group that got them well enough I did -- -- yeah. Well I I I apologize. -- comic con -- Every guess we have now for whatever reason is coming from comic on this is a hardcore thing that we complete. But wildly means -- really was -- like for you guys in the week we met a comic book but how wasn't. There was. 800 -- insane it's like overwhelming you know I'd like. Superheroes running around them -- not superheroes spandex running around it is actually -- here and there. My first year as a professional thing like use I just don't -- I'm -- -- -- -- team we're constant I don't but that you don't wanna see him a constant. And so amazingly like businessman John drawn -- Sharjah day started as -- -- -- everything yeah. Also when DC contacted us about -- couple of every fight. Got into TV to write comics I'm still trying to break of the comic so -- -- -- -- defense of birds. You best friends and Staten Island get discovered for -- -- yeah. We are coming to -- the tenderloin it's. And we -- that right at a high school friend we've been going had ever since in Staten Island DA we -- start sending it to Hollywood or did they find you we just worked a lot we we did shows like every night for years and years and years and then YouTube YouTube yeah. The guys and young kids out there have been listening here to ask you. You really is an -- -- all levels I want you kids -- I don't -- settlement but -- got got -- -- -- development -- -- -- well we're we're excited to have you on the show don't forget to try to watch. And catch it I -- actually Monday's hearing -- gone through TV Thursdays at ten the end and I I felt I had not. AIG did that you check in my -- on the idle question. Yeah we do something on Good Morning America weren't like these guys do is certain to do -- -- Due to -- -- -- yeah yeah we don't even have to on tape could have. But you know what we actually -- as we should let professionals help her. -- that humans -- -- and I wanted to know what why not vengeance will be arguing that current. I don't -- -- -- that much left. And that -- -- yeah. Other students have been funny even if they did -- take each and I think I don't like and that's I don't know everything missionaries from remodeling its current. There's no -- impact -- is here. Nothing during that because I hate having just -- on an album that night you now -- yeah. Also I hate playing -- -- -- people because I feel bad I don't want anyone you know. I actually -- -- constable made -- -- tennis players through my yeah and I was printing real time that you run my tennis you can fool it was -- second of all I actually like. Heard it from people like -- -- it was really amazed and so -- items from side. It's great to be. You know I've never -- -- -- bonds and seeing her feeding. No my mom is the biggest practical Joker of the launch of -- -- every year on April Fool's Day and every year she gets me so his weird because it's like it comes every year and yet. Somehow my garden gets down at around 5 PM I'm not thinking about it anymore and not every moment our minds yet -- also an English you. Well let me she's coming out early on when I was younger storming out is being audited by the -- -- also used to bring a little White -- our economy. We're coming to stay with me for maintenance and help bad economy -- she doesn't love you love to sit and I start to sweat it. I'm so sorry I didn't -- honey she should really get to that one mentioning is that she's being pulled over for dean why. I'm not incursions like helping I don't know what I'm -- that she admits -- As funny -- as her mom like -- times ten (%expletive) what you see them together you're just like -- -- this yesterday. I'll make that this is a lot Larry that -- she's been a great Mother's -- -- number hot item or I was thinking maybe I can just get it might not apples and that's -- and I have an idea but I can't -- she probably watching. Current but I have a green brainstorm all of and and I -- do you -- and to have gotten back thank you don't -- -- this kind of contrary and it really Leucadia but really -- we have a lot of kids and that yeah. And we don't much into the water during the laws that require them audience you guys come on -- it sure must go didn't look at break break break. -- that any less than look at -- music on the plate making a little turtle out of it very nice what's your name. Mara area and -- on every front they compare Spiderman -- ran off to. Do little to community and wounding candidates very nice to meet you think you become we can't can't -- two weeks to do everything that we pulled off. OK and told me. Yeah yeah. Some you know it's a big Broadway Show you could be a star in that you already are starting -- -- -- behind. A big deal you should at least five people now are. I'm committed an art. We want to thank all you -- for watch didn't 9 AM eastern daylight true tomorrow GMA live returns until then we'll see. --

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