GMA LIVE (08.14.13)

Josh, Lara and Ginger hula-hoop and chat with a young man who through an epic Bar Mitzvah.
10:53 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.14.13)
-- -- Okay. -- I. Just certain really really fast freezing cold out still all right I'm okay. We felt good for one day for one day getting like eighty degrees for another -- I now this is where I -- This is -- I get very lucky -- -- -- back to a hot summer spectacular and I thank you. Gags come exercise whether you enact a batter hi everybody my everybody -- -- so who should get to not a time times on -- Josh is dry this. So right now all we are going to be joint CMO Horwitz and he didn't -- -- yesterday. By the end of the day you will. Bar mitzvah you know the -- of big time for -- -- It's when he becomes a man it's also in -- -- became. Any advancement -- -- global sensation because this is how Sam said hello -- -- Who -- you win. You win in ways I can't begin to describe to you look who we got out of bed and it is the -- and San Marlins joining us today from Dallas Texas. And Sam. I tell you live how much work win in June that remarkable performance we saw landed -- -- And really came through. Spring and let the mother. Women should know where there are so yeah yeah start at answer our -- of the -- -- An additional planning an -- and how did you come -- this idea was -- your idea Sam. All is kinda enjoy idea didn't meet and honor I saw cops are now. And the -- risky -- chandeliers in I was like. Well I was -- and I was like I have to indigenous people. Did you -- did you I am looking at the video little guys you tell you know what can you not Dancing With The Stars. Even language in -- -- Allentown. Really didn't have. Yeah yeah. That's nice how do you -- Yeah. I think sixteen berth -- I don't know what you know what seriously examined and provided to us exclusively -- whatever it is they're going to be dealing seriously. Clouds will exit broke what was -- bond. As it looked. Was it as fun as it looked -- you. Cox Melissa and I am sure the London -- -- wasn't the best in my entire life. Had mentioned may also be. Hey by the about happen. Well many of us everywhere welcome to manhood -- and Marlins is the. You are you are. -- you are a prince among us and tomorrow seven -- -- -- -- We have a man whose nickname is -- -- we gotta get this valley and where are you. Mr. -- you right. How -- -- they loved Paul Blair joins us you -- who get over -- you're -- -- a little master. I'm on you know microphone crop loss in -- -- -- hula -- that towered over two year old Allen has been already. Every week you ask questions daughter and I write off quietly spoken just give -- a standards. Lasted just so we're clear you. -- gets here has hula -- ball boy in snowboarding swinging a -- he is -- -- envelopes. With the 100 pound tiger OK so how can I don't started with this one. Which is actually not a group found no hope we -- what you'll video of you cool whooping that was amazing how do you see that -- will you -- you see the hundred -- Tiger -- -- -- and that has got to hurt all right Lara Spencer he has upped the ante focused and he does a hundred pounds higher. I -- I have -- and show us how you do the square. Was from back in the old days before they had circles. -- When I was -- who moved there warmup. I don't know -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Come on -- among the Amish I -- again as they -- have this on the for the -- up. -- -- May god give us boys and just who the real quick sand I'm doing Gmail -- we'll -- them out -- -- champion -- exemption health unit here we go steadily. Wait I'm pretty good news I can't -- -- -- I had -- -- thing we're missing -- mandate. All -- Blair he has to limit game against Atlanta it's one of the great Hoover but now -- -- gonna rob and you play by play for Sam's on the -- Okay. Yeah definitely adopted. What are we have a -- -- -- didn't do anything. Dizzy. You are okay. It paid sick mind my family. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Isn't the only way I can multitask I I can't do it any other way. Well this is really happening -- might. And while trying to make it would Mark Eaton and. You need really big stomach. Okay. -- Wow look at that. I'm concerned you know. -- -- -- Okay. I -- -- an -- -- -- I don't know what we do with the big one. Com all right -- you. We want we are -- bush -- time today but not so short that we can't talk. To some very wealthy women. -- Joining us today lottery winners all and -- all -- and so again. And I do I do you wanna Darlene again here I did. Because -- of the great things about you wedding -- millions and millions and millions of Americans couldn't -- that the folks in. Who just got walloped by super -- sandy. -- so I Darlene and really everybody and -- don't like how houses can change lives and really help lives may be needed some right. Now. -- mean on -- -- to. Finding a house for me and my daughter awesome and it's different my dog back -- because she's been -- out Pennsylvania. And I was able to quit my second job -- and become more with my daughter yeah -- and -- this probably say quit your second job yet but as of now. -- haven't quit your first you all actually work together. As of right now are you -- studies still are we going to be W going to be going back and I know I've heard that the that the folks have. Ocean county need need you but you're going to be going back -- -- next. Wow so Barbara under the bus waited some of these -- that. And -- what was it prior to this what was it like what was the atmosphere like their -- it seems. It was great even before you all could we have a -- really do have a nice working atmosphere. Might skip upstairs -- four women and we're like friends. More than work -- and it's it's a really great -- and -- share with all of these people on line. I know everybody. What's better what battered car accidents at the mall I would see this in the moment we all hope to have that I certainly will be knowing varies. The numbers are -- somebody watching they're being read it wouldn't have -- -- take us through it take a moment by moment by moment. By moment we got all watching and they. Donna's husband. -- on my side but each one of a cent a different story Donna's husband walked up the stairs and she was getting ready for work -- -- I don't think you need to go to work today -- and talking about. Does he just hit the lottery Rick -- And I and Kunming and and I -- my husband -- and I said I'm you have to believe that's. You can retiring as well he's talking about a diddley won a lot of this knowing that when I just got to tell you -- -- Some guys you play those same numbers for a long time -- -- quickly -- off CNN -- here living my dream because I don't have time to using numbers right. I know that you can really make that happen again -- really exciting about it and -- also Barbara. You can share with the folks on the Internet -- this is. If this was -- if something like this could be faded I know for you especially if it is if it wasn't lives. My father was -- the father of the lottery for New Jersey he was an assemblyman and it was his build -- pass to get that lottery in this state and when he was on his last. Legs felt the main thing in his life but that he worried -- kept saying -- promised me to ever Cummins a little money he left me a little money but. He's have you ever getting to enough money just be wise and be able to -- -- be Smart and. Thank you -- -- And holiday congratulations you're gonna happen is nicer when I. I'm well we do have a lot to get CO we hope it's been -- The pace has been breakneck but we got it done to you live and on short are we have a lot interest update according. Salmonella testing. All the time zones need what the East Coast -- today -- by the way -- one of the great audiences thanks. 9 AM eastern daylight we'll see it. I.

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{"duration":"10:53","description":"Josh, Lara and Ginger hula-hoop and chat with a young man who through an epic Bar Mitzvah.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19957417","title":"GMA LIVE (08.14.13)","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-081413-19957417"}