GMA LIVE (08.15.13)

Josh, Lara and Ginger share amazing video of a basketball trick shot and an epic stare down.
12:57 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.15.13)
-- -- -- -- What I understand I asked my ability me is I'm not. Now is idiotic quote did it but the my breath smells of meat and -- -- Wednesday Thursday and now the show him again. -- the Internet is not scratches them well -- Alley -- days. The outrage because they actually start in the 6 o'clock hour you can George didn't see you goods and that -- chest -- have been the heart races and such a good -- he is and she's so funny and -- She -- she's a great comedian she knows exactly how to -- -- because they have been together a long time and we just lover I wish you could see. What happens off camera -- in the let me sit there crying laughing it was and then how about Cuba Gooding junior yeah I am I have -- there -- -- wardrobe -- -- he -- -- all of sudden when -- -- a clip -- -- -- -- his -- Cuba -- senior. Who's saying -- society sings I was singing with them. Ed and if things that would without any minute sometimes I was -- I'm not saying that you know. There -- I know sometimes I think the run and then she's so he is starts singing and then he gets up and -- grabs me and that's fine that's -- and then he wants to do some sort of dancing historic phenomenons I have been wearing. -- there was almost a party on GM. All she's panty party and that's let me get us Harris -- yeah. There's that and then yeah I admire. Diane Sawyer was commenting on your ads. That's like Freddie that's that's I mean you gotta feel really good about that many it is today in fact it must. Perhaps your disgust -- fairly fog rolled in and around the world ranks yes it's a career is that you know someday the Tom -- a moment that there are so many it was just one of those really Hyundai also our intrepid Samuel. Me in fact be somewhere. In the -- Caribbean. Area and yeah yeah yeah yeah. We have -- we haven't TS certainty -- -- -- entities that -- that it -- generally is what I mean he'll tell you speak about somebody that's because it's not a tropical storm Aaron reforms. It is now it is now about pointed -- had been Elliott it would have been TE SL. I really flat -- Bob -- -- can let you know what look at. I'm working for you I'm doing your when you're really haven't gotten a lot of -- and hear from us again it's obvious serious. We travel every time that you know strata of seamless. -- -- -- -- low pressure systems get it is Sam -- is in the -- Happened again is he is she gonna be okay he is completely fine -- is east of that tropical low which is gonna go eat at Mexico -- right there are analyzing the gulf got a he's. He's the -- he is -- -- way yeah. And then the other thing tropical storm Aaron is that we're talking next week so isn't it -- -- -- -- in terms of our viewers. Are we gonna have a tough. That the follow -- for all the Atlantic -- or do you see any of us where more than normal as is making -- nervous does -- you're all just not more than normal but we certainly have the potential to -- average or above average for numbers her but that's not land -- yeah for the study scarred by sandy that was so scary -- -- my neighbors got -- really bad it was. In one area of our town like. Ten houses in a -- fourteen houses down down and that it was really really telling -- anything about it you in Connecticut a -- you know of the coast there -- elements -- each other. It was a glancing blow. We can't be compared -- -- we only got storm surge from a storm if you didn't actually even hit. New York Peterson right about Jersey and need to think about ending what happens that I mean you again and that's I think we're coming -- that pat ready and I adding I didn't want your -- really don't look forward and see whether or not you see -- sandy tech storm brewing out. You can't -- that you can see how warm Atlantic as you can see that factors that play into it but now the -- I'd love to -- farmers on the at a downtown. Don't get enough matters money lately there was another we've -- my god -- -- all my gosh -- my fashion I didn't I want to see a duty to retreat to that oh my god Shannon love him more or less so much. He was just -- Twelve year old boy once bonds just minding his own business and Dallas Texas rehearsing for his -- and who now Sam as you can see. Here is probably not just -- man but he. Yeah yeah. And this it's just. That's what I'm circling the saloons and his soon -- -- Broadway dance center collapse helping us out and mentality he Schoen. Oh yeah choreographed it is it looks like -- -- you are right it is turns. This. -- -- -- You're absolutely right I just this is the -- -- -- this video went viral I'm not John John Brown at number one you. Video how many people. I'm getting -- -- will young didn't. Well and now it's got to be more pleased that -- you guys like you guys and brought -- on site and by the way a gift that keeps on giving pentagon and make very rarely every now begin the day before -- -- -- going through bobbled Kenya. Will there be something real anticipation to calculate and maybe -- comes in overnight we'll fight this one was -- it doesn't matter what happens in the world. This was going to be gleaming smile it was. And it makes me smile every time George side you know George is really very composed he just jailed him like that that kid is so adorable but -- so lovely little kid. -- young man a young man young men Molotov TU. MR I thought we knew how -- -- rapidly disappearing Tory Johnson with us today. It's not about and we didn't get in here you were just gonna disappear on us all -- -- -- Lately as certainly less than at any of yeah -- I think -- -- -- I want to go on line drawn -- and -- -- -- -- an extra so I didn't prepare anything -- -- -- you have not been well said the -- in the right flat on his visit -- wrote it down and main thing like all in one series -- -- island and -- that this -- it's great for our first apartment a small apartment you know sending -- not the content or frankly if you're -- This fall commit to just cooking more preparing more sort of help people that -- -- mean isn't this -- let me let under the you are left I'm not commit Lara. -- -- -- -- I'm so if -- lenders acting -- Makes his grinds risks blends you can do everything from -- -- -- to making like guacamole are. Pasadena who literally like anything that you need for -- for any of these items sorry I'm look at normally 78 LS slashed in half. -- yeah. You're sure the -- because there. This is actually just -- on -- side here you'll know I guess this is a Stanley company. And take a look at that that's this is actually -- part of it. Packaging Dana you need to family and I'm sure that's must've been drawn by -- lounges on immediately ground them. Yeah definitely I thought the test it's it's really giving up on an all the -- Good Morning America that -- I now. Com the -- that you wore in our little FaceBook picture saying this -- he had time and the possible. Feeling like crazy and that you can use that and then you and then filled -- -- -- -- yet doesn't really get our economy and it can now we are what like bees away now. About 45 any claims that it is such a big Democrat days the -- -- grade and. Being -- self empowerment self realization. She does it all she also believed to be. You bring and a great deal -- you cannot afford not to get. -- -- -- and we thank you very -- kind of car. Check shots in our purview if you're going to play basketball. Why not play basketball trampoline. Involved -- the kid. This is Kevin the Murkowski. This is the same -- -- buckets of -- you guys this -- that he was on aid that he was on his trampling the big trip. Ended he said it took like five times we've got -- never. That's yeah. This crowd -- so -- it's a tiny little trampoline I won't say that this is a personal thing I realize I'm in the minority I'm scared him. I used to -- and I trying to -- -- I now on I sort of used to learning music properly at -- savings of citizen myself some and you wrote adds frankly doesn't learn how to die and you guys usually -- their first before there's -- -- your popcorn -- -- hurts a lot last. And on the but in doing that he meaning not afraid for my kids reaction haven't in the -- it's great form of exercise its -- and then two to only allowed the same time and he just got to have an adult watchful -- -- -- -- sometimes I want to see an. He's -- a lot of promises that I cannot deny them -- Serena and I realize you know word. You know she's just in their hot and daddy gets a leg gets a little too excited -- I can assure them that hey yeah I'm not a little yes your -- from the grounds right. Arrived at -- big flare. We love you. I'm so. -- -- -- -- Candidate candidate. That get that we we've skipped yesterday you have to -- -- staring contest it's dozens -- hope for is -- true yes -- -- -- looking to -- Matilda and Walter. This is also blown up on YouTube. Although I don't know -- I hadn't gotten. At halftime not look back -- -- -- not -- is that you don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How do we know how he these enemies you know that that the addict I love the -- -- and then again you know yet there's literally my uncle. We'll look at this is much more peaceful contacts when the -- for as much -- there. That is a little puppy -- to allow -- -- do you -- down. To quit yet die down and -- data access. Don't need to look into the -- chatter around yeah isn't that. And then up -- -- -- -- any other known as cobra right. And -- that. He's just not just looking to go after this it's this is our army did not see childhood and this is on the at all now I can't -- -- -- that's my bag for the. I love it this is why filming me again. Yeah no right to stand and explain them or exhibits -- -- that money highly critical elements with AMOCO. Can't you and Alan day -- here here yeah this is down as you look at Thomas didn't -- -- yeah. I loved the head of the -- and beloved -- and we can check out -- though that was nick and honcho. The this is testament and the man just say I'm more they have -- -- -- more incredibly compelling YouTube videos one. Well opt CN summer got a very good morning that is again he's getting good stretch -- -- -- Trips. -- yeah. That was really think. OK -- we he. You know what I do hope. You know with the big show tomorrow. Matt Moore Louis are you excited and the size. That's not what -- -- it's -- -- and not at all not just because it's like a perfect day outside moral perfection what do you what he has anyway you know everyday this week this is what -- girlfriends marry me she announcing that we -- I'll have not what I want I don't think -- -- -- not gonna -- got our. Tom -- As -- 8:30 thing I am and the like this morning show that I had -- -- -- continent are some and I think our. And then in my house next door I'm driving scissors and my. I think is that -- -- -- until. Yeah oh my god -- what do you know -- suits. And they need an anti navy. Collared shirts have been thing they did not wearing shorts or shop that's been shut learn a -- -- you probably the thrift shop -- -- that's how my whole wardrobe -- a gigantic you know. I can't challenge you know I go to load the good wells and refineries are -- -- have -- a primary where it. And it won't be embarrassing. Please if I go to goodwill today and needs to -- and other and other -- it -- -- -- -- -- really got fed up ahead of stickiness that's enough is knowledge you come back with a -- but I could tell the high water we're gonna have -- we'll have our lawyers drive. Well can it be a very complex -- did he include him in the email and then yeah exactly and that's all legal everybody. Great day on -- painting in great day she games. This -- how to break down -- dogs. Doing down. Was it 9 AM eastern -- --

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{"id":19967922,"title":"GMA LIVE (08.15.13)","duration":"12:57","description":"Josh, Lara and Ginger share amazing video of a basketball trick shot and an epic stare down.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-081513-19967922","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}