GMA LIVE (08.19.13)

Sam and Lara get a visit from a talented young artist who mixes media to make stunning portraits.
16:20 | 08/19/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.19.13)
Yeah. I'm Josh. Johnson was was taken down and I mean practically taken down from -- sick exactly why 640. I got down here you're going -- Promos for all the affiliates yeah and it. Very quickly it went from like my back -- -- he suddenly could not hit any -- he was having totals thousands of media and -- and he couldn't sit down we couldn't move him now while obvious I think it was like yeah I know the six foot five whatever that. Bad that it is so so he's right there and we -- is really about terror and we all had back pain so we now at the worst like -- yeah I -- you can't do anything so we we do as soon as we could stabilize and we got into the door via YouTube got him set up with with the company chiropractor who's name is doctor hands ironically. -- -- So I'm Josh we live view your -- now watching but on -- you're all wondering where he was. He started to shout you talking he came back -- top news and I really really -- yet he really couldn't do anything just couldn't help -- -- mess we know you wanted to your when lady got out. Relax let's just she's out there she shows up in this car Latin will be -- gorgeous yeah it's like the baton. -- -- -- All and write down in the middle times where you guys were some of the folks that were out for a long time tell me and. Laney and the other hand -- you meet him Johnny Spann cat and Kelly and -- cash -- -- -- So you guys. You guys were right up in here when she performed then and so how did it feel well -- them. Among loved ones of a lifetime wait wait wait wait wait that Syria is unbelievable -- see her in the fashion -- -- -- right there in front of us I know it's it's crazy right is she's like tiny. Beautiful but has and that's when -- know why the Sally -- sweetest thing. And so did you guys did you -- her while she was. -- the same way. But I'm always you know tonight. On its -- The -- Lara Spencer. Well yeah I want. Well I think the mustard budget the mustard on the I only won by eight here's an amazing I got out yeah I -- -- Elaine I'm very excited hasn't been done. She's one of those people that honestly. And there are there are some that you can't talk to because -- such big stars and their they're focused on whatever it is that they're focused on and you really can't catalytic. She continues she can talk and have a normal regular conversation and enjoy it and love it. And it's just like a real regular person can't tell you really great -- stories go -- so we're down here with first you do an interview with her with a gang. And that was really great to sort of -- the insight and number one how she's feeling. We got to hear about her hip that was actually broken on that was really great interview that and we de Georgia the one upstairs saying -- that's -- choreography for teenage. I should be like -- cat -- right. Honestly we're working on Broadway tonight on so Georgia and go upstairs we get in an -- -- right -- -- and -- with her family what turned out and mom. We got to go to the route to push a button to start the video. We push the button I was sitting there were chatting thousands of like I'm moving army. And then we pushed about again and not moving stock in the elevator thank god we -- commercial break. The security had to pry the doors open I'm not lying to you -- she's gotta eat -- Cincinnati I don't know what the -- -- -- it it turned out perfect that we literally just -- -- And I'll be. We didn't just walking and we ran and ran a kind of and we made it they said we're on we're -- forty seconds. When and and the countdown happened I was I was a -- it was. Amazing. -- -- thank you. Anyway yeah. Thank you and -- -- -- -- Yeah -- if you -- I'm not. -- so here's what I'm hearing what I'm hearing is the control room -- a total panic has on mountain time square. And the like because you know we're gonna start with then -- into the count on the video and then I hear that we're gonna start with you. I don't like Idaho wolf what does that have the video when I don't have the countdown I don't have -- I don't like what in the world -- we gonna do you. So you I don't know would figure out you're the best Ly CAA. But today was a great example of live TV and how he's -- it can be it was any talk about and that -- night. He's glad I had -- hello hello and no I don't -- -- your current times. And then on top of all that there's a lot of pressure is in the control room there's normally like you know. You know our our our crew that puts the show on the air and occasionally there -- some in very important people -- big bosses VIPs Denise. There was like an entire room there was an entire room full of executives. Around you this morning right there where there. -- -- -- -- Yeah actually find. The Disney the Disney game was debuted as well on the dog on the today VCR little am trying to Peabody did and did you -- this is this something that gamers are talking about in the businesses as well that it is not just because it's our parent company and and we we talk about -- But also what they've done is you can -- On the fly. And. Any character for many movie want -- -- -- and Lara right -- any background. Any game. And I -- live you can mix everybody together and play this game now for kids. For your kids at home. The experience of being put in my. Your favorite character whether it's Ariel or whether it's captain Jack Sparrow falls whether kids and Mike the monster or whoever it is. That he's got to be a lot of -- people -- the Incredibles or in the middle of an. Yeah elderly -- -- and -- and then again one of the top gaining magazines. Calls it like once in a lifetime experience like pretty much about standing have are so. Congratulations and thank you are letting on that -- adding they look and strong. The images from Tron can come in and you weren't trying away UN Josh -- -- -- -- of arts. And I evil your weevil we will -- I know we -- -- Well -- -- we have an update on Josh. Is he all right. Dniester we have an update on Josh I believe he's resting comfortably OK -- just checking. -- that's very important how we actually have to go relatively short because I'm interviewing Olivia Wilde -- Milan went boom. She is so great -- I I just think she's incredibly -- -- And while. Name dropper as well as well -- got I don't Bolivia while I'm gonna be like I don't know pairing matching socks. Going to be making chocolate. He may -- I don't have another cup of coffee do you mean well as -- I don't hang on hang with a let me allowed but first up we wanted to pop extract. Time and didn't you run remember last week and is soaring pop news about the pretzel bacon cheeseburger well I'm so let me answer that Lara. They're pretty darn bad -- here they are again and the reason and that there -- following up is because. We're not the only ones who are in love with a pretzel bacon cheeseburger I -- you guys sales at Wendy's like their stock has gone up because of this one project. For now look what we -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I want to hear more from. They didn't tell these people. -- -- -- -- -- -- I love. -- ha yeah. What he's theater was spectacular -- and GA Emmy award winning -- -- yeah as an award winning show actually that think the music won an -- -- but it was an award winning. I mean -- yeah. There was no ward delivered to the show OK thank you know like forget all this yet because that's when his show it is true that she does he -- and -- Having the music for the -- Yeah you -- Anytime you can read tweets and if it beat practices and home just all a Twitter page and read in and a sexy voice we're -- like yeah publishing does. It's funny laugh out loud and -- yeah. I've ever done that I've ever -- -- -- home as well hysterical because -- ten minutes to kill do it at what's it without your gonna do monitor millennial violence I'm gonna be doing much. Meanwhile that it be leading hundreds -- contract set to music tunes but actually. I don't know it's the best I could do really and truly hate is what are we gonna do you know kind of the back of the day let's -- -- -- they'll have trying to find that news very young. Us try to eat right and exercise that's what I'm doing right now and that's also the goalie -- John -- -- today. The -- now this cat. May be a little heavy for some of you twice the weight of your average -- At a whisker raising 29 palms now -- my -- working on it by the way to lose the extra weight district look at his new exercise routine. He's doing. I'm not an underwater it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Either we're still. On the air right now I don't know me -- don't I don't know how many houses and it is water please -- And as for me because -- fat -- to -- Itself out of the water. Don't -- -- water and I don't know -- keep going. It continued it now today's -- like don't let me and I want -- -- don't put me in the water fund LeBron as the -- it does not -- big. So much better work but speaking of the work elite through just kind of cats like water -- so -- and. It was it was found an animal shelter -- national adopted by penny out of saint resigning crap we're now have a lot to lose the extra pounds. Even though there may be a little water torture involved. At nearly 32 pounds -- the Eagles lose one pound a month because we should all lose it slowly -- exercise and health your cat food slow and steady. Lazy -- men and not the make you smarter anywhere and they're pretty. I helped so go ahead and keep going what you have more happy now where we're done right -- We just yeah. There -- -- is part of it could someone tell me you would just. Tell you -- -- -- -- boating -- how you win and we're let me I didn't what are we here to do -- -- -- sit right here aren't. I am scared when I saw those painting that you were an artist hold on let me -- let me get that's. -- so so. Don't yet about. No we did not actually I was hearing you know what wondering how can transition from Nike hat being announced -- on the matter I'm -- Derek is -- -- -- artists and you know you've created something for -- Anderson yes I have -- little bit about it OK well so want to show. Plug -- keeps I think it was last agreement on the greens being. Fell off -- well yes you were on -- -- yeah. Yeah during it was during your version of shark made a naturalized U. Yeah. But I was in shark made that was a scene from the movie yeah oh yeah. It was officially in -- NATO. That didn't she fell off the box and -- didn't I was working on -- bus and Allah and I like I've got -- some -- -- so what what did you do I hate that we are secure repaired it's beautiful so what what you were inspired to realize that. They don't report it you know -- It's a great oh gosh you are talented young and I think Josh has really nice and only wish that's really good thank you. I got cash wow you guys with -- column. You can really tell me -- any time to time until it's little and he would. You can have my yeah yeah. When we look so much alike anyway general. The fact that you've captured the subtleties of how Larry and I are different yeah my ankle just think -- the same kind of yeah yeah we've never been seen in the same plays in deciding the kinds -- on this show right now. And -- -- and his no. Here is here we're gonna get over -- it's gonna make you feel better bet -- they tell me a little bit about. Your process so I can see that you work with in the bright color backgrounds of the black and why not start off of the backgrounds -- OK so I'll -- lay out would you like twelve campuses and I'll start throwing pain literally. Right out of city in the basement of my apartment complex on -- the starts throwing thing. Candidates like collects and then. Telling design hope your faces so like gothic fiction and are designed to face using the photo shop and I can hand cutting the stencil the and in offline on the canvas after I think that. They've -- in the background backgrounds to your dry that's the real I love it slayer is cited a little while later currently due to mixed media McKinney note there -- it's -- acrylic. It was it was a wonderful wonderful wonderful surprise for us the the other thing I'm looking at now we knew when you look at Lara -- background and you see that it's like. Here you're throwing -- to him this new thinking you're gonna Polaris -- there it's like I'm happy you're throwing it into the. Yes hello and then I can get and then all the sudden though you get to -- you're like I. Angry you know. Bringing calm the angry callers on -- stem cell grouchy and -- be -- master. -- there's a -- that there -- icing colors of anger I don't know I -- Take it back to television and I -- -- I have no the we have a running joke with -- that he had -- out of yeah one he's he's it's true though it's how could you are. See your -- yeah. Loved him. Fashion yourself. The truth and that you are the one that we can count on Carlisle. All right all right let -- Trip Derrick Byars Weatherly -- -- and a trip where we find your work but he didn't parliament's again trip here I PP's underscore art. -- in a website which is hot our hot -- and somewhat isn't just my I don't know I don't know -- -- amuse me and I. The fact that you sir are such a -- that you would take your precious time to create -- -- I'm the very yeah thank you so much yeah yeah. Not just for secretary. We well what are we. We now we are gonna do really quickly play today abstract -- -- -- -- honor still on this gonna rub his hair while I do. This young boy did not this young boy but don't want to hear about to see was enjoying the -- machine at a bowling Alley. And he never gotten -- -- Yeah he's excited -- -- game that we need to get all into the shoots. But where is mom who's -- -- caught him -- yelling. -- -- because you know sometimes they -- don't happen sometime jumped on the company and sometimes get delete your child there for the entire two -- three day. What's. Which is that it might remain -- here -- -- yeah every babysitting. -- at the slot -- Yeah I he's got toys and even -- I don't know what he thought he doesn't know why you water rescue and out of the not only. Magic land that whose -- He would take him out of there is not fair to him it's really really funny I might have to use that. And negotiate alarm clock isn't just sang amazing -- makes the date on what a great show I didn't -- I get ready for Olivia Wilde. -- -- We want to thank check how did they check out -- save former time mr. Graham ripped apart and a four though the -- have been. Thank you for the portrait Sam welcome back I miss you so much when -- on the ground being there live. I really -- tomorrow night. -- GMA and -- and.

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