GMA LIVE (08.26.13)

Sam and Lara try out gourmet meatballs and check out an extreme bike-skiing video.
13:02 | 08/26/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.26.13)
I've always said you're my spicy little people -- Fan and you and your mind. If I doesn't need olive flavor what I -- -- -- would you be. That's a good look at the people stuff was here today -- could -- -- shop was here they made us do. They -- it was -- that he's spicy yes you would -- -- nobody says hot tamale flavor. I don't you would be something warm and elections and just cozy. And I conference I'm UV you feel like a Swedish. -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- this Dave Dave they brought us these these are the buffalo chicken -- who and that is phenomenal and analysts. That's the -- -- that's the -- the grinder on the hat in the -- shop. Whichever one is begging me to take off because I'm apparently just now they have all the other during the reason and -- exams don't slap brilliant and it doesn't AMA's. You know AMA awards. I you know we are doing and what a crazy crazy crazy morning -- avenues DNA is a had a lot of great moments that we need to talk about an and we had technical glitch. Oh where ya been the most of the country they will have seen that yet that story late last live TV drums and we had a three apple. -- used by Danny and Dan on the parents and there was no -- so we had to then all talk about -- which actually Lund knows him and I love that attitude live TV and what you get higher. Yes and yes a lot to say about it Elizabeth got a lot -- so. It was really I'm it was nineteen big hit an eminent meatballs and a hazard and -- death had prevented that I have ever been peed on by -- impossible. -- see exactly all the time that happened. I'm sorry yeah. Can I know and then the guy what was his name Casey Casey Anthony Anderson an ideal while -- -- he had just tell everybody on here that well I mean I think you have to. Too because at some point if you're looking at this like a little radio possibly who is frantic by the way anyway because he's just -- like you know -- thing. And they are so much fluid from -- trying to be I don't know how much -- is just so much fluid flying around out of this thing when he sleep when he is like moving around. I think you have to address -- otherwise people like what in the -- World is going on there. I'm amounts idea into conversation him on. But then there's also -- very sky close call because odd case also decided that it would be a good idea to bring a skunk. On the block on the shelf and that's don't have enough Indies to do so oh with a lot of yellow -- -- car and and so -- Casey goes. He goes you don't wanna be on this side of the -- and he turns it fully. Back and like I gotten please help me like loaded like and I and -- I'm like milk I really don't wanna be on that end. I'm -- he's gone I guess why he wouldn't matter what and you -- on -- fat contents can't. He said it can shoot from -- into the studio all other like you can't avoid -- it's like. Rain -- soul whose decision was a different a loaded I don't I don't know the same person who decided that for the tease the bear should be the -- We got -- -- yeah I was like well this is fascinating we get a shot at Patrick Dempsey waving and then they're like we also have. The -- guys on and standing right next to the -- -- is a baby -- And that -- next to them got holding biggest all of us. I don't know I yeah I mean I guess it at that moment -- -- -- like wrestling the bear and the need -- the -- guys -- -- dearest closest Larry di bella. And a -- like her. I know if I'll yeah I was and got -- -- I was one -- those days just another manic Monday I don't know I think but that was just my. We should say we missed Josh mr. Johnson -- Robin what they thought -- -- is -- Very exciting Robbins back not so much Josh has taken some time this week I've been holding on the forehead I'm not taking any gains because. I was allowed -- yeah. Good care within weeks Soledad adding -- -- Strapped to that chair like I don't think you left all day I -- you where they're out all day -- on my voice and zone isn't sort of got it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean -- when you're sitting in the chair it was my first time really ever doing it from more than the -- a time and -- nice to -- man -- so it's not like I. Don't how to do it but live TV two hours. George is just like. Very calming presence I just -- very safe. Yeah in Columbia south. That was nice inning and it is nice because no matter what happens. And and and -- we've just explained today a lot of crazy the job that has happened at a show. George is always like. It's -- very level it's all fine he's elderly and sick and -- I'm getting money he's also like the Big Brother Mario like who wish to -- to stop now you know. But you're just come like you know doesn't -- a little bit -- -- -- found him -- So it got I -- some business -- it we have business you wanted your pet of the day first yeah honest if I write letters out of it. I actually believe we have in honor of Joshua buffer for the -- today -- and in case -- one is not good enough for you if you need help waking up this morning. This -- we'll give you a little necessary jolt some people say by the way. That -- -- cats were like you know credits her car and it's like it's like. It's like it's a congenital taciturn -- -- -- -- but what you kind of love it. I mean you would like adult did I leave the dog he's trying to chill out using a pillow about it -- chill out yeah Africa -- ironic. I. I mean that -- support John he's trying to do is saying look this is definitely a morning -- it's definitely an not a cat is like harassing the dog. You can tellers but his dog person I know and you really cat and they now the cats on the -- -- -- out via a its high putting me on this exact -- look I saw this play to the dog -- really -- like leave me alone yeah. -- at Bethlehem that had asked if yeah -- -- that are here that scenario the jet not. I'm not sure I'm not sure but anyway. The. And we have a buffer for -- in case you needed another one may be something that's just a little calmer. This is lovely this yellow lab named Bailey and the best friend is Mason. Bailey was around when Mason was born and you know a kid and their dog. They do you everything together. And I can't I mean it's been Lara and her thirty dogs and came up -- -- -- and arm. Things like is this -- shelter. Like I've walked ice I seriously walked in and you couldn't see the kitchen floor for all the dogs that are running. I thought I like it is true there were four there this weekend is my mom's was -- I think. I don't seem like thirty I know -- -- in -- 130 I'd just. It's thirty or 58 years -- someone's getting intervene like some federal agency is gonna get anywhere else. And start pulling heads out of their just simply should -- volume there's great -- and earlier Wednesday to say you are all well edited great. Apple we I'm sure we have a picture -- -- -- -- many of my rescues are rescue dogs and and with Sam one day was over last year and Don. Sam decided that I should have a shell that's call Lara Spencer Doug Warner yeah. -- Doug Porter it takes -- is in TV got a mix all the things that -- yeah so everyone loves a -- show and everyone loves a show about dogs and everybody loves -- and that he's ours may sell Lara Spencer I want to die on the order Lara Spencer dog walker also yeah. This weird -- -- if we're saying she -- stocks and that's great and everyone thinks that's what great. But all of them have like -- Harley -- under -- things. I adopt dogs that nobody else is about what is they're busy they're just not there a little off looking they're they're nice they're just like a little quirky beyond their -- there. Like like Scott. And and or you can not -- not -- -- not -- themselves say you know like -- via sky ha you. He's got I should say some things that you sent Munich while we're on the air more -- you -- I know you should not familiar should not should not. Lot lot lot lot lot lot lot of it's not that much of the behind the scenes show that we can get arrested and and we'll get arrested and is an -- would call for comment. What would you have but he had I have no idea what I call them. This one moment -- see if you had a moment I am speaking of his picking up kids and animals aren't alone. Take a look at this program the Virginia Beach. SP CA which -- and she's cool kids to be mets' spring I -- I wanted to yes. -- as you can see these kids spend time of the veterinarians of his learning how to take care of animals doctor -- want to dealing. It's clear from the pictures here that some of these kids will probably one day be so inspired by this experience that they too might become. Hello Virginia Beach asked PC as -- 90% adoption rate. No thanks to me yelled thanks blah has not made the trip to Virginia to pick up all the -- -- my family is from Virginia and I do have cousins in Virginia Beach hope so this is very different now we don't we're but this -- in a new generation that we're seeing. An animal caretakers and we love these pictures thanks for -- yeah. I can't trust -- play of the day play of the day extra pattern of the day play better -- -- -- for some of -- got on the day Scott -- -- about a moment he got -- moment of the day I got a moment that could be could be. Ford and -- moment of the day or -- -- The -- -- show Samantha is the reason that any other hand on TV at all. Because I don't know who plays him big -- area but but I don't know what's going on at any moment the day I don't wake up but -- physically don't wake up until like 10 or 11 o'clock. So normally I'm enough fog and a cloud as -- well now Sosa met this like stand here. It's raining stand hair do that -- so. Thank you -- -- -- does. We'll take that up with the ABC brown. And I don't do you should be telling them that you're basically sleeping on the I am so I'm sound asleep I'm not a morning person I don't think that's not -- that is honestly I look across the dusty union are likely I don't know I don't know that's not fair because you wake me up every day -- comes in every day and it's just like it is completely energizes me to -- yeah cheese. She -- the vessel today we have found we're looking across the table and each other and and -- a lot because he's been -- not soundness mr. terribly. On the one you do -- the day -- and even though the battle go out to our meetings OK it's it's because we did it because we did this show you work all day long on this thing because there's meetings that -- all day because it's -- two hours -- said live broadcast of the little like him being in a rodeo. Com even though it's a beautiful summer day here in New York City for play today show we take you -- a place where snow is -- And -- Did you ever think about combining a bicycle and a snowy mountain actually know now -- somebody did and it was probably the place in the Alps. It's not exactly a -- to falsely development but it is called this means that got us -- we. Just kids because of it's called mega. Avalanche -- beach's almost 2005 I. A lot of people I know who hunts -- had decided to go Biden's -- and Susan. Not look like candidates say you're -- got on the Boston is ultimately. Really don't actually biking down there and there yeah -- yeah I didn't do it looks like. And then Minnesota camera that was on one on -- -- of one of the competitors -- -- strapping -- -- You know -- Australian right asked -- on Monday night. Honestly and -- the first one together -- that are Australian the first -- to say hey let's do -- I know let's let's let's do something crazy mom. This is by the way has been -- the whole way you can see -- actually do -- Do and that everybody else has not been able to do -- the guy with the camera is the got to put your money I would like to try I guess what receiving bailout why. I'm writing this -- yeah. That's right yeah yeah I know there's a clip on that side. Yeah I -- to anyone on the -- like the snowy soft I'm still it was so they don't do this at home. Yeah I think is an -- and. I lot of and that by the way. -- the day hikes and really now because until I to -- thing for me right now congress is coming up very quickly and but I want ingest. Please defend myself and my dog choices with this picture as we leave you. There is scary now that I Harry standing everybody happy when Danielle -- there's DNA with that really odd -- -- Yes he has a very large -- -- -- he's got also very large cards OK and that is it for us today -- -- --

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