GMA LIVE (09.27.13)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from "Good Morning America" and "GMA Live!"
12:42 | 09/27/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (09.27.13)
-- -- -- And welcome to another edition of GA may live Friday we're gonna take a look back at some of the best moments from GMA and -- live this past week so you can all enjoy them. All over again we hope you have a great weekend and we will see you right back here Monday at 9 AM eastern daylight for more GMA Iowa. Imagine a guy that's all the graphic that sometimes look graphic. Having -- not been seen. There's no -- I did not that I'm trying to look like weather and how they don't they don't sometimes that they don't look like whether we know they don't -- Is where the -- I want to address the underlying their -- OK for all of you Paula. Who received thirty images. Remind people. So -- had a little adorable -- the snow -- actually in the four year old the ukulele. Top that Spencer have now handed people not one not -- but. Or one dollar and. We got a problem every half -- And baby -- is that the famous Chengdu research base this -- The breeding -- in China's seventeen made news recently born there at all following the existing family of 128. Giant pandas still on the critically endangered list struggling to -- because of low sex drive in new. Fertility issues so look what we have not one but two. The important because -- -- who have engaged in arms races he. I have -- -- throwing in the towel. I -- I know I'm doing it. And now we turned to the -- -- couple out of the ballroom on Dancing With The Stars they flew all night to reach Times Square and it isn't true. -- -- -- They're coming. -- -- That's what I -- zero hour. We -- yeah. I learned we may have -- Batman did not this business Sam Champion today has not -- the -- Sam. Might we see your goal -- and we radio on the. We were captivated by a new. Music video. Over 51 million hits and counting for what. Thanks to you to know. Which was. What does fox say. So -- You have to yeah. I'm that in the box and not -- -- Not many doctors right. I'm that. This is what the box. -- independent. At fox sound like this region. Thank you -- And you. -- all night -- yeah. What are these pictures books and that we -- -- was going on all. -- we'll talk. I'm gonna -- I'm gonna go here. Tell me if I'm wrong -- the copyright Colorado -- people -- I know. -- -- But so does not -- I don't want -- McAllister and. And you're not. Biting into the area that's. All right I don't know all of you all. I know I eighty I guess I'm gonna get crazy hard -- male cadets and all of you people who -- off. There's a fine line between what you -- what's just. Yeah. We're. -- And hurt her. Me sorry -- here. While playing out of the -- the unique talent. Look this is Metromedia. The painting more smoothly -- Of course of course unless of course thanks. I knee injuries sidelining onetime champion rays were actually adopted by artist -- produced deep conflict -- -- -- miserably for some unknown reason. Suddenly -- -- And now the worst -- 20000 dollars. I wish you -- -- -- your website. My -- -- -- Thank you don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll see you tomorrow on the big show -- doesn't. By the -- be right here every day and I'm feeling fine. So there's -- all. Doing a live 3-D cameras -- teens and -- guys standing behind him frozen like a deer in headlights he's just stay there. -- notwithstanding is so -- good day for wasn't really like just being in the wrong place at the right time which happens to -- so much can we talk so much on live TV. This morning we may have some answers to. Twitter -- idea -- comedian Paul Greenberg you know we're rolling -- and I won't wind not actually is totally embarrassing moments according to Twitter but more -- -- finally. Performance art the ms. pretty on the heaviest is. NASA that's Q and the GMA socialist grievances. Yet it was learned that well last night so much was going on on social media Carrie Underwood performance of the beatles' yesterday actually -- game. 171090. Tweets per minute. Which is a lot if you've ever been on Twitter and -- -- about that what she was mentioning that she got Paul McCartney blessing this thing in the tweet read. The coolest thing about seeing yesterday -- and eases this -- letter I -- from Paul McCartney giving his blessing missing -- High -- glove industry and they were on there yesterday. Actually Jesse Tyler Ferguson was -- heights -- -- and we'll -- Daily -- check after the election clashes which like most of us by gluing them on and on into the -- about food. And had people thinking given that they've forgotten their speeches like -- cup -- was on there. And that you guys -- breaking. Actually more thing to watch when you've got Twitter going -- -- TV right in front of isn't it gorgeous weekend around -- -- -- -- out your week but it's going to be dry and sunny high Intel. Well let's not go network. -- -- -- Here's you can expect -- Keep on getting married the -- get production -- her life. At least it's a little chilly in the northeast and your call now. -- -- called legacy here are. Dissolve that -- struck out. Below the belt region. -- fortunate young woman who was in the wrong position. Did not agree I yeah I could not. -- me for five minutes and yeah. He that was curry look what I did have made the -- working with -- even though the camper -- like trying to get your desire for greater than ever and so they basically didn't tell me what I don't get it and then -- and then. Got an -- I don't whether the only child with the they're huge and -- my hands that I had been broken yeah until I took myself out of the ground right who advocated. Story and I -- you know what I'm gonna go the other way and be okay good that's what I do about it. It was a he would have worked for us now we come back to you he would have worked for us had. Back so I could even. All I didn't like satellite big -- on again off my right and then I've been something about getting married for you're going nuts right -- regularly and -- -- that yeah. -- -- -- -- Entering -- not and that's not counting -- So I want. I don't like Ellen Evelyn and I thought you know it was the CD if you don't have your cabinet cabinet -- -- -- -- isn't I want this. -- -- -- I. -- they got a lot like ally and -- lap dance. Clever -- to their signage and it has captivated the Internet and the local area. They're wasting any messages like that you don't talk your -- cat -- Let's see more of the other lab facilities. There are several of them that I love what avenues we like being really likes big lots and we cannot why didn't. The club what does this Wednesday hearing your. That's not. Got to stop it right -- I don't know. -- joins there's still another a lot of -- where there. They're really they're leaving a Bentley looked like we're monitoring. Look at the -- in the morning remove.

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