GMA LIVE (10.03.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara check out an exclusive deal from Tory Johnson on "GMA Live!"
17:15 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.03.13)
And everywhere today because -- I've been told that anchor it was television is -- -- -- I -- How would view in -- whole drama I heard you a little drama you run run it just runs everywhere and the hello Jim -- why where we don't know let me studio and job. And start to talk about today's show where you even start actually you know what it's it would this is the behind the scenes shot me give you a little behind the scenes like go upstairs and talk to -- an entry and and after -- introduced the song we're gonna say -- gonna play offense during the song. Walk up to side of the stage and a -- bears Kerry Washington -- scandal premieres tonight. Fan -- write up a front row rail burning with her iPhone team get a recording at all moment it was often drag up onstage everybody wins that now admitted he -- K -- I feel -- -- -- Are you kidding of course -- -- and I sent a -- her -- said hello to you my friend. -- -- Got pentagon shell a heck of a show upstairs. -- when there's so many famous people. In the studio. And they all want to see each other in the all want to meet each other -- -- it's really kind of a cool thing that only happens in show one -- and you know it's funny too because we Alice. We'll tell you in the four minute segments like how -- some and others. -- watching -- is a genuinely. Just lovely moment like a really really -- and and -- you know there's a reason why game last. -- get up I would argue intensely because they're good people they know they -- keeping their fans well -- -- there. The people who work with them well oddly collaborate and now we -- forgot this but you know across Delaware Florida Georgia line. And crews this year which essentially has been something of a country hit -- crossed over so. -- I gave you good good people all -- and you and I -- yeah can't you tell Gadgetell wind wind a celebrity is like really wonderful and genuine. I think you can't and the end -- she is -- What exactly what is at the top -- even if she wasn't on TV -- you would want to know her. She's just a lovely lovely we also want we had about -- some personnel. -- changes if we did staffing changes course there. -- -- -- I thought I was climbing. That's a dramatic entrance quality -- done that quite wrap what do you go. I have an angry about. Garnett that's it's easy -- easier than that today that the Vietnam -- around. But if you want and we want to introduce the lovely and talented bright -- very. Okay. But. I'm so sorry because your life and career was going so well until. You know this is shows up and excellent opportunity and so happy to be here with you guys and you know right I think I realize -- -- reminded today that -- Probably failed on my first day. Without live without food you know Larry thanks for bringing up the good Christian man lives Jason supply how short was distraught he drew two drugs aside all it was my now. It was authorities. Pretty amazing all but you know I mean I had to push everybody else on the way the minister Brian what do you from. I'm originally from Westchester County just north of here in the us yeah and islanders in my -- level. Tom. -- -- -- Today and then we'll start breaking -- with the hazing -- -- seven -- what next week. -- it was so -- I was guided him -- we have a very. Special guest female athlete -- the control -- look at me -- who has spent. Oh look good. Only. -- -- -- -- -- -- So and a man. You're like wow that would allow me to. -- -- -- -- -- He is the -- garden when he almost twenty months be -- You know it's funny parents like we hang on -- the months until he until you know the and it -- my -- tells me grow so fast. And then suddenly in the nineteen. Equipment -- breaking her holidays and on the other fat. It's not your teenage boy he's lovely daughter and that's impossible that's not -- because I remember when Brett was born to -- would still be a bit about this big so the fact that you brought it -- -- baby double. Because you. You have a -- -- Think of what America is what's left Kenya year old he can remedy read exactly he obviously you miss him it's -- you do not have any other day it's a similar views -- -- -- -- double. Had done. And the real -- brand -- -- Let's let's move you have to wait a little while and -- can't elaborate at all in all our planet and it is now. Okay. It's just twenty quarantined here that they be according Chelsea's cussing though that an invitation only just talk to show and we didn't just a little that we got her talent he's now. Eventually I was glad I was I -- -- that you -- I was a similar ban on -- stopping -- that lovely person and I would just tell the story when you know -- was performing the reason she was the most dangerous to say -- on the big -- -- is because she was. -- over issues like in the front row with her right Catholic it's like we were saying a really level we always say how -- nice people. But she's a really lovely person yeah isn't the release is that she's good she's good she's good on -- super super stoked about tonight. I'm I love the show I also love her I love her personally I -- think she's she's she's everything. She's my everything. Guys really like her and that's why yet -- fifty feet from. And our restraining -- Legal technicality -- -- -- So I knew I know we should we do have the business. And added this Allentown -- are here watching since we just touching you don't actually we have we have a big time GM here don't win. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm that they are really you know in the other case hearing yes I'm sorry yet. -- an an and an outward statement for -- hello everybody hello apple iTunes. Notorious -- I don't I don't hang on behalf reads you have -- revealed just -- but only if. You stick with us and quietly -- the -- it's for a great kotsay didn't want. That's collapsed. So confident that I can't popping up during got a system that's in an instant Vanessa Williams on Wednesday don't think pop -- -- how about that I would music video like the one that we suffer through a shot -- -- -- He got me curious about what goes on with. That and behind the scenes today is the dead air but has been an incredible him that you would vote yes you can -- There's some cattle like -- coming back from Kandahar by -- yeah -- The focus of the -- -- series -- by clothing brand buffalo. Yeah. Cameras kept tabs throughout their first ever -- -- the first episode in the five part series premiering today. On -- -- dot com have their own dot com hello James dot com and other social media sites. Looks like this summer sensational -- story can -- winter and -- shop by the way has -- over 430. Million views on YouTube and accounting. She's got to sit too because. Truly summer concert series. My -- -- itinerary are believable -- favorite single concert they are good human being asked me. It's if you -- -- Google Google. Matt -- Louis. Same love -- day and you'll know why I'm saying that those three answers items it was -- talked about it that he. Headaches that it takes -- and -- was really an incredible -- saint. Thrift shop boys and government 430. Million. -- makes you want to go want to -- I was say that's about as many thrift shops -- American -- a week. -- -- -- Finally my Antioch Friday night and a new one hour special agency name please everybody watch HDTV Friday night nine asks one hour special based on my book -- Rick Ferreira -- I -- -- of -- one hour specials over the summer. -- into the work and I think you'll be amazed I hope I transformation I will not miss it and as you fall asleep Friday night in front of the TV set. To Lara Spencer you don't want -- Saturday morning I -- I wake -- Saturday morning and watched the rescue funny yes you. And three starts all of your local in his. Yeah anything else that we can get out of the -- in his hand you didn't feel good about me as a person picked up at. And we. On Monday morning you can see -- -- the news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now I have. I eight I look at Gordon -- me guess you're an omelet in I don't know that yes football season full swing we have weak side coming -- now demand. Lot of fans get pretty attached to their favorite teams. Take a look at this is an hobeika this poor little -- -- this is Logan cowboys fan right. Double -- top flight test in my life. What can -- -- the giants lost do you. -- -- -- Rule. No it's not funny. It's just so I mean honestly I watch and I decided not to go with it for the big show because it was. There was actually cruel detectives -- your -- is -- giants and is almost mocking his four year old somebody was very funny and very funny way to verify anyway. And -- -- got to run in his eyes watching ESP -- the evidence. Of course you were accidentally -- on the accidentally and honestly as I would do resort style as you look at yes no right to that only she wanted a well it was. And so there's the -- discussion. Two guys and -- -- At a desk and you haven't talked about sportscasters pocket they're talking about the cowboys' offensive -- -- they're wearing chaps food -- -- We'll see the cowboys. Who hail from -- what city. Please don't that we make all the funny jokes that go here because don't think it's right off the examiner couldn't pull it off the Internet but so they say the cowboys a team the cowboys the team. There will always break your heart. The cowboys always get. Almost there and then they mess it up is that true is that the cowboys of the. -- -- -- They certainly had been that way for something -- they have their revenue in the early ninety's. And ever since admittedly. It has been. -- a long walk in yeah like there lighting Roger Starr baccarat and remain without Troy Aikman Detroit 83 cowboys were truly -- -- nick -- start stop back. I'm still a cup of Starbucks close look at this lays out -- we're having a sports what -- And a I aren't getting your thoughts. Or something but I will -- you know the cap the cowboys -- an arch nemesis of the giants we have we -- to happen. New York base could you -- who Traci. Because you're giants fans picked well you know I -- you guys have a lot of issues this year -- other than the cowboys what is happening in what -- Eli Manning. Academy offensive line -- not think you know. You got a lot of huge men -- -- -- chairman of your huge men can't stop -- those huge man yeah you got problems. Chung a bomb bomb up next on sports center hi I'm Sam Champion. I -- -- -- -- sounds like I've always wondered where now they prove I want you are on what center so badly. Sam gender etc. I am cowboys. That would be in the tabloid trash pop -- The data we have we run over time -- -- -- -- -- -- it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month of course GMA ABC news we all went paint. And our deals and steals today usually it's of it's an extra one but because it's such a big deal -- and -- we want a full full complement of go pink. Be ready to back so -- an exercise speaking headphones -- -- like he's not out so exercising the what's amazing is their wireless seven hours of battery life. You get a little laying inside the battery is -- regularly 149 dollars last. -- -- Several reports that it's like yeah -- want to. -- I -- yes now these TL watches they're actually another watch not funny just to go away but there's actually another one that somehow. Dissent heard what I had ever really beautiful mechanical -- -- that looked really you know it's not there's a lot of the problems. I'm I -- -- you went that way I am an idiot well you know and there -- source added I think singular that you are totally in the industry and everything Megyn Kelly how big a deal with Big Easy and it -- DC two 200 and I had does -- -- -- -- -- you do need a meeting last. -- -- -- 125 dollar watch like. -- well we haven't mentioned is that in addition to the money you save every single these companies is getting at least 16% also a very specific breast cancer cause that -- finally got a Good Morning America that coming out hotels and use campaign money but you also support an amazing cause and. By the way that is the big bash instill the want to watch and that's when -- -- blamed around the topic you can get that is such an incredible deal that I don't. Still the big look he. Editor of both to not just like yeah. I'm trying to I'm trying to get a job on not a just and a whatever it is too because I think that would be fun until yeah and -- -- -- send. No doubt about -- to look now Paulus now I'm it put together these -- exclusively for TV viewers that you can -- flash of pink did not cry on your -- -- It -- nearly 42 dollars for three but these slashed by 57% 181000. And you meet your hands and -- -- and various. It went -- for the audience like couldn't get their resolve these and the colors are. -- a beautiful night got a -- -- books this is you love this company he had -- you can come have a little notebooks main that you get to customize -- choose your cover you -- the end baggage is the spot each have so much as I'm with the company. That says Serena tons it may I only fourteen to -- I doubt these are also blasting city just seven. -- you've got to start buying stocking suffers already -- deal because -- ignorant October. Viewers are constantly -- to start my business shopping officially from deals and steal Wal-Mart -- to accelerate -- easy on the eyes and you're -- -- you're getting -- meter race everybody let these have all these different words on the sort of inspirational words that are empowering when you are going through something difficult Atlanta company -- you can also choose to have your name put into your initials -- you whatever you want any front really the -- a -- I had -- -- coming up this one right here. Amazing amazing company based -- -- I love that I'm not normally 112 dollars these -- -- -- 65% 39 lots for us yeah. -- Yeah look like that that's out locally with low. Isaac -- bring up and it only story altos to super hot pink bag and I love unwinding look at lining is. Is loving what I'm Larry -- pink leopard super super sign either an amazing deal normally -- 110 dollars he's a suspect 65%. 39. I would not. Every single what -- it's -- hit so you save money but that every company -- at least 15% to a cause that we list on good morning. Exactly -- you know who carries a bag like that -- anyone who does anything really important like my producer Darcy. We'll carry a bag like this and her hand back she's got everything in the world with a world -- life and the like and shoes so merely mortal changes and here I ordinance. If you're important it is signed you'll have the big big factor and you heard on the -- champion ESPN anchor yeah. -- we have not would go and think we're staying thinking yeah helping obviously a wonderful cause a lot on. GMA that come on Yahoo!. All here -- Johnson. Yeah yeah yeah. I love listening audience you guys were -- For watching. We'll see you tomorrow night anyway. -- -- --

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