GMA LIVE (10.09.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara chat about karaoke and revisit the highlights from today's Pop News.
14:24 | 10/09/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.09.13)
Okay. And yeah shot starts getting you say you wanna be a special gas and you should probably show -- Do we really do we really get bomb yeah while we wait is I do -- -- -- C we've seen three of the five Katy Perry -- Contest finalists thus far. I just want to say three -- of the way and I feel really good about where we are going. In the future as an Aaron yeah I mean honestly we didn't CB an article exactly. It would just say that -- -- for our jobs together really talented widgets is they don't even think about it counts. Yeah they are high school -- and then on -- -- Jim bachus and that clarity and the depth and the story telling and the. We should -- Katy Perry judging them. Videos from hundreds of high -- as they came in on October 25 birthday she'll be performing. Concert at a concert live event here on GMA is there are there on gym is air America safe and. And involvement and we don't know and revenue. I don't usually there's I'm Diana we still have what two more to -- -- we've seen patting your police are reneging on -- contact. So that's the way these things work so that every day. -- outlined in the head man at the end of the week we'll know and we were promised another one tomorrow and -- and she's. Eighty is speaking out to good morning is not as we three weeks I daresay I want to thank all three -- not. Where you I would -- I want they're -- way they all can win something we all need to win some things I -- an idea making guest host GM MI. That's because. Because we all do. They -- and we can go to their high school's -- karaoke. Woods is almost a whole -- now enthusiastic applause. I want. What's your karaoke go to -- I'm gonna tell you it's what a -- -- I know it's illegal. And it's actually -- it's the husband of a colleague and -- -- Mark Cohen walk in and it's really. -- think like that. There have been hard this -- hubby and kids yet convinced its. Yes it's my guess you do do you do to help us I -- won't -- -- I wouldn't read not just from this period I had we did you heard something. -- is that you can just get all right general. -- -- -- -- Now he really wants us no no because I -- -- I have never not once have I ever done period -- a life honest you're flying at -- -- YYY. It's true. Unless there was -- moment it came late one night when I wasn't aware that I. I'm all knowledge and what are the chances that. They're not generals general and -- -- does anyone know. -- then that. -- Sam I can tell you. There is there is an establishment here in the village in New York City calls Marines crisis yes. Where you can go and zany fun night it's sort of like a group karaoke entire bar. At a bar and we -- a lot of Broadway standards. -- Sam sort of peace -- this place on the way downtown all he. And then as he is like up on the on the day. Every -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Notre. It's just I -- -- do any news -- business. -- would probably out of work and I'm very excited you notice there's something missing that's used here and Brian we're almost tried everything I don't. I was gonna get it today -- -- this evening Brian I think you understand you were hired to get -- to -- okay. There -- a probationary period tonight. Let her be and yesterday all on moms and everything he's good but but I am really only. Failed to provide these terrible healthful diet -- I did -- NC yeah. Because I want and I would also take every weekend from the audience gets -- -- Less -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Every single socket that would do if your real companies. -- yeah. The Pentagon regarding -- and it worked -- we got home. Here's where do you Israel exactly and every single day is national something but I know it is all -- accounting policy. And finally on local vendor and then Wednesday we're gonna celebrate your place yes I -- -- -- to see what -- -- in the you know you are so did -- -- I. Underneath your -- -- that he -- can't. Yeah didn't seem -- Rich Harden -- -- people will. -- some legal establishments. Okay. -- straight quid pro quo. So it -- yeah. I -- is how we -- undoubtedly. Well tomorrow I swear I got to retrieve guys -- -- audience. And I -- Henry -- sleep overnight. By the way. -- developed -- -- -- -- -- -- right now is down -- another producer or so we did you know GMT ME slumber party. I. Alicia like we usually in -- -- My -- appointed Bed, Bath & Beyond Iowa's wonder like do what it's like -- -- -- -- them. What will play this week in the store and run whipped what bad what I will choose who you -- yeah. Tutsis and -- right now here is yeah. I the F. This sounds an adult I have. -- -- sleeping bag maybe some -- to write lots of luck to boot camp I -- some smaller yeah. Hot -- and got us -- in 1940 who. Yeah. Doesn't want -- body and the what -- when you don't have the right now we are Krasnoyarsk Chapman -- right now. Yeah. I don't. This and the way I don't. I don't -- god I'm here on their lives down here and there -- I need. They're loading it up what is going I'm gonna runaway mouth I am glad he signed up for them. I love it. But now I know. Food must have -- -- yeah sorry. But I did anybody -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- NN com. I think it has it has fruit flies on had a Eddie -- -- to some hot sauce I don't know zone. Not gonna cut it at hot button pilot gives the business from the day mysterious British he can't even opens -- -- OK let's. The trade on the track -- -- keep the train all the added. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Today three cats we. Eddie didn't yeah pop that's sad mysterious British street artist thinks he is performing a residency. And I quote here in New York City this -- -- Each day he takes a different neighborhoods doing original piece graffiti artist mark is really amazing unless -- -- he has. Do you conceded marries images on his website they see and live dot com and there's not from the -- He thinks he dashed and dash Y dot com yeah also there's an 800 number I didn't -- insisted. You can call and audio got a longer on the streets bonds really it's like you're in the ancient -- Hot he has a huge following some -- by the way bringing that's two in general mentioned on the show here is keeping a running tally with 800 numbers are exactly. He hanging by some businesses are beautiful like the delivery -- transform into mobile garden school that is really. That is totally unlike any he's very very talented -- his true identity continues to remain a -- images weren't. His mom on across the globe some of his pieces have sold for former. A million dollars as of the graffiti. Artists which makes it very difficult when your writing the check to someone who's a mystery. And fires. A million dollars to you -- mystery. Mysterious -- and I -- you can't cash this check. Should reveal who you are. And I'll leave two forms of cookbooks are invited -- and I -- like campaign in like shadows his life and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- we've got a doubleheader today at which we -- -- -- -- -- For a do over and pop named Logan who has some uninvited dinner the dinner guest hung -- one of the chicken whose insistence on stealing -- food that's -- -- nobody seems a little confused. Logan is a good sport as most governments are well I -- two and they are they liked it really. They like chicken a -- -- -- here's the thing about government. They're they're either very -- -- though he's inquisitive or they're very very determined guard dogs they they only come in like. Right and this one -- the Playboy inquisitive want to instill a -- not taking -- lucky but I will say we he's got this year's big kids yeah. I I didn't I don't know -- -- Could the government fears because they're so expressive they get they get real I had the lady who -- such until from my -- -- ahead. -- -- -- -- also -- the volatile politically award for head of the day goes to -- -- -- -- -- demands to hold pause while going for a ride in the -- -- -- owner -- Douglas. Says Bobby hall shy and scared and -- can't imagine why -- but let me. Nice I've put this -- -- -- and Gelman may be. May be that poured dog realizes that your trying to drive with a video camera at an all time off. -- always quiet as petrified that you can't. He's trying to get the video camera out of your hands -- that he'll drive safely. Most of -- he's all know was I don't know -- so he's driving his -- right right it's I'm just saying may -- -- -- the -- -- smartest -- in the -- yeah. Thank you for your submission we should point you know technology just move it must be something else they must cystic what do you put me in and why is -- going so fast to this is not does not naturally all -- get my head out here I get a free -- -- -- -- -- Where -- those -- it's also a lot to work out. I have exciting news these plane landed and I -- -- actually I'd animal and if you were ever wondering what this phrase sounds like. Here goes -- player that it comes to us from noted squirrel enthusiasts. And Barlow. -- -- He's created obstacle courses -- Arnold. Steve's Steve we need to talk. Obstacle course is better known as the world at large yeah. I'm Steve. -- to. We apparently ropes and pulleys and levers of all time and no -- that's Grozny -- Evelyn but apparently that won't know that the courses are in fact named Tom Dick and Harry. After the eighties British sitcom of course you know the attic classic -- any British sitcom. -- -- -- -- -- Which I mean you're dead -- It's like it's like -- reference to the avenger -- yeah sorry I. Lots of tweets that -- I remember him appeal and John speed as the advent period as well hung up dressed up as Captain America from the movie like blasphemy you're going you didn't know that's what -- -- talking it's a Disney movie should not surprise you forgot. It was -- from nineteen outcomes agonies it was on from -- to -- You in -- so -- maintenance -- legend goes a long run we're all it was a lot run them. From 1980 to 1982 -- please register that. Is it possible for helping guide -- where does -- see it happening with the -- where you -- -- -- to -- a -- and the -- I thought I would like that unlike every senator New York chapter a squirrel -- accordions. We'll meet meet weekly in central and the karaoke yeah. And do carry out I want -- nudges the squirrel experienced this as an obstacle course or is it just think it's -- -- just climbing. It's like it's like the difference between walking on a dirt road in a concrete street for us it's just walking -- -- I don't care what you put in front of me I can get there don't know what this growth. I'd tell you what there's only one thing that can happen now we have to eat so we're gonna go eat and we want to thank you. Why is in the gas costs. This little -- Close up typically closes out the Wheeling of his mouth snide AM eastern -- alive we will see you all -- -- -- --

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