GMA LIVE (10.22.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara check out gourmet sandwiches and a dad's reaction to a good report card.
18:11 | 10/22/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.22.13)
Good he could -- waiting room. So WI. And -- doing an interview walking out of a -- -- -- Milwaukee with Josh Robin right now on -- We -- talking about Donald Driver who was on the big show right today he is a champion on the field and off. Off the ball and the ballroom as well and it isn't so confusing to me because this is the show after a show about a show within a show and an interview going on for another show how could show the original site. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's -- like -- on good anyway it's going to share a gallery and meanwhile I guess we need to talk about what's going on hi everybody how are you. Harris here hello to our gorgeous audience I for hanging out yeah. They announce soon announce that I was upstairs Ross I hear -- upstairs today okay. -- you're here you sit right there you to have -- hot summer. -- if what I am so excited to sell food or if we do is Sasha Michael -- Michael in my saying outright. You're saying right aren't where are you how they ever got. It's important thing. We love Paraguay -- so what are these -- pastels right this yeah Portuguese. Yet this is this is that so you can imagine paying. Frame relay and a flaky. Salty sweet and of the players into the -- yeah Adam and I can't wait to taste it as a public -- there yet. You have been living out of an argument -- -- when he gets -- ongoing -- of their parents should look exactly yes. Yes I did that yeah and I and journalists and editorial a little less than an -- powdered sugar it and -- -- now go for that. And and again -- that nice OK -- thing. Right. Get hit it was a way to -- insulin that is an amazing yeah what are called economic and business. While this now from where kids back -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now the real dangerous not. How many hours I don't know that -- gone you know this is my -- not to hate -- and wearing a badly beaten up. It will later in the -- You are good we're a big fan of -- around here thing we've had your sandwiches I I think. More than I've had almost anything else in my area. Thank god -- -- also delicious Johnston and -- down a little later he was Joseph daddy and I haven't you're gonna show let's talk about them which is rumored to talk about the questions and all -- don't have we are gonna have sandwich. We. Yes -- sandwich at fan and a half I always it's a Long Island and I don't going to be a -- -- -- that's an ignominious on my -- because sandwich -- second Josh sell it -- you -- Anyway Texas and I just don't -- season. Analyze and I know I see they had -- -- yeah I thought I really don't know standout prisoner in Manila. Texas and it's because I'm from California unlike like Allen Sam much -- and I was the got it right these delegates are nice and I was able to some -- -- -- -- the -- kind of to substitute on the senate resolutely nice -- allowed to -- -- your best showing that you have that you don't worry we'll ask him. It is just as you can -- -- this -- mild flu yet month food enjoy well yes and yes there. You know whatever -- -- -- mean how hungry dog shop and I have little addicting -- -- Talk about how grateful we are gay web by the way we're country obsessed with putting everything on -- sandwich there's no doubt about it exactly it's just pick up and run pick up and their what I know about your -- -- here in Times Square. You mean your -- is -- exactly right about everything that you do here is all fresh. This sandwich choices are phenomenal and you're not just a pile on the mail pile on the mustard run the sandwich out the door -- this is totally thought entirely -- how to -- -- I know Jeff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For some sort of I think everybody has -- in the house well right and what's most important of the sauce -- -- we're pretty much. Substituted -- the sauces and yogurt. Sauces or olive -- base and I just I showing us how easy it is to make these sauces and when you're doing something at pumping dynamic capacity was -- I think the condiments here is -- problem -- he changed. That on September -- -- yellow mustard away. Even know how that got started as well I think you so much about it I don't know if that's -- -- He had only OK so yeah. -- got hot. No element help -- -- -- do what I can tell I have got to tell you I think this is -- -- -- them don't actually -- plain -- and a kind of happy. And little bitter mustard to that pay little counties money out there that don't like I have. I guess a little bit more good mother -- -- -- of the drop perfect okay I had a little bit of money and champion OK yeah. You guys who sat out a little harder to yeah that's -- just kill them of that movie and that's a sign of Kurdistan and expect. -- do you like this -- this -- this is our. And I really don't wish him examine suddenly -- -- -- again these. These I think -- can -- at home in two minutes and I guess it's basically just that use the mayonnaise yeah benefits are testing the use -- diamond some of the main things to give that -- shot. Yeah and now back. These aren't I want to -- guys -- -- -- Yet we have appeared on the salmon jumping here is on the Gary and fell the senate has been named after people friends of mine because -- sat waiting Sam yeah I was -- the current congress and the one -- -- because there's some missing here you know I'll visit I don't know if she -- has a little bit different than -- politics this -- well this -- This president has that here's our athletes -- I'm gonna I don't have you are in -- didn't. Whether it's administrative thinking inside the brain I always do -- hasn't -- you know what it is OK I -- -- and tell us what else we need to know about. About your take on -- club with a very real quick cutting capital management chicken and parents can give you an idea of how we can do these outages are packed -- that the -- -- -- an extraordinary public in these things you don't need to I similarly don't put some chicken and there are great -- -- hands it could -- -- children -- as a Muslim led. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not entirely out OK right your feet it's incredibly tight credit tune your of that inside I don't just a little applications like China is anything beyond that highlight an -- -- -- -- would have been a little bit of that I think he's supposed got -- tie -- organized -- there you go and nothing like. And in the end but that allowed us OK well we're glad that -- -- -- of -- -- this is how this process. President Eisenhower McCarthy who apparently like the tomatoes and tasteless -- -- he. -- here. Yeah definitely if you wanted to do were behind the sincerity and analyze what evening news coming -- -- good -- back again but what -- What do you mean that I I've I'm envious of the -- and you just want and I don't know why. I why -- key right are you sensing that I'm very relaxed series and I'm just not -- and -- It's always been land he really -- Hey I I decide to fastow also want to go home that's when you have been on the -- -- is -- art I had no well yes this is a little bit of and I don't have an agenda. I've been a little bit of afsane middle ground on top of this a little bit about might -- something -- is gonna get -- local two that was when your -- and there you go okay. Again not intelligent about actually all of that mean he's not doing that now you're having the Portuguese smoked -- the -- that that. That this -- -- were using it. Well the foul you know as well just to get an idea -- vs sauce can be because greatly -- -- Anything yeah Portuguese in front of it. It is dynamite yeah. Kind of and delicious well he's not doing it to you how adventures -- -- -- -- -- I -- -- at a -- -- -- pop -- the only -- -- and you know -- -- I find out -- and that it was. Is it just. The Turkey the mean I have yet another -- that's Turkey and Henry he's there isn't much better and we did you think -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you when you come visit us you can we can give you fresh produce from the. -- -- -- -- I have a hard look at what really good -- -- harvest the pattern and he -- -- dog noticed on the big show I'm we have been harvesting patch. And and it's that we've got a -- -- -- apple that we like to say it's a bumper crop mean he's this year has received. -- to want to try it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll make another one because he's -- in -- him now it now. Today a little -- the -- jib jab at Harvard all of us as like cartoon. -- -- for Halloween and Josh as Frankenstein class -- wrong. -- -- -- Why did my I've played I was the mummy but I sounded like -- -- steam. I didn't know why left. Vermont Jockey Club can we not clear how did you guys hear -- -- -- very dramatic attack. You're Dracula has on my fabulous flowers. But he's selling real life. In real life you don't think you sound like -- fires he never right. That's so wrong -- another audience not just no room you look good that would. LL. Still no idea -- go Obama. I want to that you know you don't fix it you know look at -- program. You know -- that's her other that's the other -- she does you know expands you fix this that Pervez. These gangs and bad. And we cannot -- them. These these -- -- planet we -- now we wanted to. This I think there's an issue was sentenced. People who meeting we have figured I'd imagine we're on the Mattingly -- I'm gonna -- network and I mean I'm okay I'm mad as. The fact now get anymore you're honestly -- he's on the bridge show. I know but we both Internet this lawless then -- -- the -- Electronic -- here but I don't know -- own rules on -- -- and work rules here like deadwood like what do we do waiting couldn't like that idea. Well me -- the -- dogs we have -- spoken word happy birthday. Well you international rules and regulations involved in rights and clearances and there are several reasons that we cannot go into now -- how burying it was bands well out. Horrible always had no idea being bounced right in the middle is that we're not only does get right to our our -- -- -- spoken word. That's I want partly that we do Elliott Elliott OK if you're an idiot in trouble you know what I'd hate to get you have heard me. The Portuguese are here on the Internet right now I don't Internet where have November everything about -- -- on the -- but. Her I got they had BK thanks -- -- -- Well -- have what is the past Dallas it's. C. That's the maker of the event dramatic the appeal we'll have more rural route enjoy the woods pulled out he'll probably not -- -- -- -- -- like -- what I am. There was something -- -- -- your base and help from more than one reason approved. I have. -- Baxter everybody what do you need container for this want to update on it's a mystery that has bedeviled Ringo Starr. 49 years grew -- R&D is Beatles fans. Seems like yesterday he what do people Maxima cars on the but ring -- -- This photo in 1964 on the long and winding road. Somewhere. -- at a South Florida and that was put them out of that lesson -- they -- wants us to come together. Any information. He just can't let it be. These teens are -- now in their sixties the shots being published now in his new book photograph. I want you don't. No no no I'm not allowed now -- Dell Rollins can't. He has he has probably been more than 3000 dollars you -- now and then watch later this afternoon when they finally get this thing on the web yeah. I don't know if you don't want to take you can't cyborg that they'll all -- -- -- it. Now that cost six dollars for help when they finally craft this and put it out on an on line on the -- to keep on them by the Yankees -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So if you have any ideas if you have any ideas about the identity of those teens in that car no no you got it because we aboard -- Al -- Center and I don't let me down. Read I don't -- know their identity junior writer Matt and had not gone on her and sat senator. This is -- aren't going well. And then it just says random mean baby drive my car. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right but another we have what they -- -- -- -- get this thing it's the least a live thing on the Internet Explorer. It's apparently uses the training. Ground for all the prohibited but it is the cut the available but -- I think he has -- retired has collapsed and funds sell us the most reluctant fell you have to exotic that was not that was deem worthy. That was not to absorb it we can't wait indeed. In the hair styling school were like the people that show up and get like they -- yeah people to try to get -- the. Telling me that they use best we do this then -- uses to give to new people that have never edited before intent to teach them at a death. Honestly couldn't get any worse. I mean what we have fallen hard she we we cannot play music we have you spoken word for it is a training run every -- currently live. I never feel differently but you know what America the only thing that makes it worthwhile -- you. They're often but occasionally a month rise beyond. Eight million a month until Monday you guys make it all worthwhile -- -- after the show we get the chat about the moment that we love and you'll see this tomorrow when it finally admitted on. -- may not live. GMA and dead and I can't say -- hot -- by a rookie this. And with that -- and a heartwarming moment for our play of the day but let's not. I guess we're -- out. I know that you aren't they with god everything -- caught on camera do we need to say that at this point I mean that's a whole it's a visual media -- It's not like it was cotton all of our imaginations to gather the exact same way it was caught on camera picture this if you will. But this is -- -- aria Chirac Shockey. Failing math and dad really bummed out we -- the camera to -- -- -- his report card and listen. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Why isn't. But also met the Danny harnden. -- -- -- -- That you know I have to -- and -- a lot because I briefly considered using them for the big shows the plane today. But -- -- could it couldn't have been shot or -- it was almost. Off -- happening. No not like British Dahlia as it was we don't have to worry about the sixteen year and -- and write about three at least we didn't have the newest book award. I don't write. Follow -- bought time we -- lives. That LeBron he's advocates and I have read I'm an IRA is I want to thank and on the on a shameful addiction please mark this opposition politician and forgive us if you're watching us for the first time -- -- -- you know. I can be we have daughters and any time and the editing -- to make it all agree yeah I'm. It's not live. We added reasons for the first time tomorrow the bank showed off her can't even call delivers -- somebody -- -- you thank you. -- -- -- -- -- --

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