GMA LIVE (11.11.13)

Josh and Lara discuss the veteran who proposed to his girlfriend on "Good Morning America."
8:53 | 11/11/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.11.13)
Okay. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To service and her women who come -- and I don't regulars -- -- -- -- Let's first of all meet meet the lucky couple whose yeah. You -- hand handed down so to say hello where you from where he's stationed. Everything. Chief Thomas Hammond come from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We on the USS New York in New York City. That is a spirited my name is Daniel tree rather from small -- belt city Iowa. And probably serving on the US's New York which ships being York city have a great -- -- thank you both -- -- serve arrest and enjoy. Food and you are now about -- the magic happened yeah. Ivory that we and Larry and I were wondering why why are there to -- -- -- of the -- that because we also have. A newly out young couple that we just -- -- -- engaged on the big shots -- come on out against the. -- hasn't sunk in at all you know and -- Been shot back with. I think that her job OK so I would give every time this happens on the show it always inspires -- this debate afterwards like is that something you would actually want. Your boyfriend -- could do to you on national television. We -- we worry Sam I talk to you I thought you earlier than. We had no margin of error -- was good right but how did you think this would -- had anything it would it would land. Well there was -- -- very there was very and terrorists. Just doesn't like to be in front of a lot of people can't get enough but of America. I'm the idea that my girlfriend and I guess she really shy surely we let him on -- you know -- -- on national TV. Millions of people I know you probably haven't even had a chance to see it's let's take a look -- -- -- we want to -- Jason to rule out by the way for being here. Seeing me ask you marry me. Yeah. Let me know we can't -- the song -- like -- -- have -- -- actually have knowledge and budgets. If you're coming in in your head that -- -- -- -- I see any number comment I can just say there -- an ally and a single in gap we do have spoken word but. So. Is this. Total shock because we were wondering all morning long we saw you getting ready and we had taken away -- -- and nobody can contacting news thankfully. But we did you have. Any idea. Now I think -- -- and they -- I think my son and -- makeup musical. Then again he media and I was kind of added and I'm not really -- Admit it when they got that agreement -- has pushed me out van. If you know. You know on on -- Later people are saying this -- mantech people need I was really beautiful. Saddam will make sure that you see at near their little bit on camera gotten a few. Actually -- -- -- -- but we we're so thrilled that you that he decided to share this special moment nothing else here sincerely English and now we can depend also thought they come on here. Yes she asked me ask -- things -- It's not Italian honey you're -- right of the -- -- yes that's not a nickname that out tiny house if it. And it's because it does bring back -- -- did the neighborhood -- yet. You generations before you know somebody they went down they -- the meat that you -- more than unit that now in this era of the big superstores. That it is an experience yeah. Johnson you're gonna miss you that you bring it back here we do we do and we grind on premise daily we -- -- -- sausages. We cut anything big -- small we -- dried -- So and we can tell you how to cook and I think that's what's missing -- that hospitality. I'm telling you how to cook that -- we have on Friday was some easy orders you can do. The morning first Thanksgiving in DNA. It's what -- the big clothes are big most Barbeque sauce meat -- wrapped in being an option we will not NASA Kato's. We also have -- speak in maple. Vermont maple -- Pumpkin. Pyrite there is this -- -- is that -- and a it is a sprinkle of -- -- back yeah I'm just just yet concerned and we have a Canadian bacon. But don't dug up Sox need -- assists. -- house marinated tips and we put that right in there we also try to find a local product costing about injustice and it's yet this is this is -- street legal -- -- -- dad. Call up and running that. It is it's terrific it's really it's great and I do like the idea of the personal experience because it's not just getting to -- it's been taught to do with that we that try to find local unique product you know to the local this one's right next summit store. Brought that in for -- and I'm Josh and the chocolate glass bottle chocolate milk you gotta try to right fresh from the farm communities. Try to. Flu free products high chairs -- us. This is and got to tell you and it's a pleasure and honor to be here we just did a banquet for the Marines on their birthday the other night. And we do an operation thank you if you go to our website WW dot the -- house dot com. You'll see how we fees. Thousands of people every year and all goes back to chaplains really fun that's awesome thank you so much. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Obama who I first I do just -- -- again we do it we can't do it enough. It is it's it's it's like you choose and you choose to defend the freedoms. Cold beer and it's choice of service and sacrifice one that I got to see firsthand just recently but on behalf of all of us here at ABC news. Thank you enduring -- and enduring thanks. There could do I guide you also want to talk about our different Alley in your pocket today. So -- move today shared the news that what shared with -- very recently that she. Has breast cancer. And she will be choosing an aggressive. Form. Treatments -- in. He spoke at length about it it's in fact the diagnosis they came about when she. As a part of ABC's pink initiative -- -- ABC goes pink had a mammogram. On television here is a part of the show and it was something that she did. I'm willing -- but certainly with a lot of trepidation at something that she had been a little worried about doing. And. PLO's and that's where they'd ask both of us and we were both uncomfortable with it I just -- on so she and she'd been putting off. And so forty years knowledge that you know what I've been waiting waiting I -- I should just do it plus it's -- she says taking one for the team its public service if and and Robin counseled her so. Wisely saying look if -- you getting mammograms can help one person have the bravery to go do it. And so she she went out there and she did at an -- counter nerve wracking thing to do -- for yourself out there and and and especially having never -- it. You know we all sort of wonder what it's gonna feel like -- 101 won its first -- I tell you no big deal. So please go do -- -- and this -- less than enough for all of us to take care magazine he got news that. Was us. Does does he asked -- all of -- I do you wanna say knowing her as we do. There is no one stronger there's no one tougher. And she is going to beat it again and that is the end of that discussion but he me we're here for -- our love thoughts are prayers all with you. So you know what today I think that's gonna be it I want to say again thank you -- view. Thank you John this is terrific. We will be snacking. Think a veteran if you have one in your family if you have one in your life -- on on the venture of families of veterans day hidden heroes who sacrifice. Right along with them. And all you veterans. We appreciate it we. You appreciate we'll see you tomorrow.

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{"id":20850922,"title":"GMA LIVE (11.11.13)","duration":"8:53","description":"Josh and Lara discuss the veteran who proposed to his girlfriend on \"Good Morning America.\"","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-111113-20850922","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}